When you visit an outdoor gun range to practice your shooting, you should always remember and follow outdoor gun range etiquette. There are necessary safety and security regulations one should adhere to. Not following outdoor gun range etiquette can be bothersome to fellow visitors as well as unsafe. Each outdoor gun range may have individual policies and procedures to follow, but there are basic rules to follow at any gun range, indoor or outdoor.
In this article, I will discuss five important outdoor gun range etiquette that should always be in mind, no matter if you are visiting a private or public range.
1. Safety And Security
Naturally, safety is the first concern for everybody on the range. You want to comply with all gun range guidelines. Some ranges may even have a safety officer to make sure that all guests follow the guidelines.
One must always ensure that they remember the four universal rules of gun safety. Treat all weapons loaded, never point your weapon at anything other than a target, never place your finger on the trigger until you are ready to shoot your weapon, and always know where your target is and what is behind/around it.
2. Social Time
Your time at the range can be a time to interact socially with fellow shooters. You can also use it as a time to make new buddies, but one must be careful and try not to irritate or trouble your fellow shooters. Outdoor gun ranges can have more individuals on or near the line, unlike at many indoor ranges. So you can have your entire group out shooting with you chatting and enjoying the day.
Taking a while between shooting and target pasting and talking with your fellow shooters is a great time to see just what others have with them.
When an excellent shot happens, getting excited is expected, but one should try not to be overly loud and annoy your neighbor. That can truly annoy some individuals.
3. Stop Shooting
Part of outdoor gun range etiquette is to have a lull in firing. This lull allows your fellow shooters to go down range and retrieve, repair, or replace targets. You do not want to be that person that refuses to stop shooting for a few minutes. You want to allow other individuals time to handle their targets.
At the same time, you do not want to be that person that wants a cease-fire every 5 minutes to check targets. Bench shooters can get into a good rhythm, and if you constantly want a cease-fire, you will most certainly irritate them and most likely other shooters as well. Your best bet is to simply wait up until it’s time for every person to go down range to police your targets.
4. Clean up
Good outdoor gun range etiquette includes cleaning up after yourself. You should not expect someone else to do it for you. There is nothing even more discouraging than to have an outdoor range closed down because there is too much garbage and no one cleans up after themselves. Many outdoor ranges may not be able to pay someone to clean up. Be kind to the atmosphere and everybody else and clean up after yourself. Keep a garbage bag in your vehicle to make clean up easy!
5. Have Fun!
Outdoor gun range etiquette is in place to ensure that all visitors can enjoy themselves and have fun! That’s the point of our hobby. We do this because we enjoy it. Let’s to it that we have a good time and enable others to enjoy as well.

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