Since our beginning in 2014, our goal has always been to make the Best Kydex Holster on the market.  We believe we have achieved that goal and are still pushing to make it even better!

So what exactly makes our holsters the best kydex holster on the market?  Well lets start with people behind the product itself.  Our holsters are all handcrafted from start to finish by hard working, blue-collar Americans.  We take great pride in employing top quality workers and adding value to the American economy.  We don’t believe in using high tech, expensive machines at the cost of getting rid of employees and  jobs.  Handcrafting all our holsters allows us to give every holster a personal touch and quality that we have become known for!

Our kydex itself is the next thing that sets us apart.  We only use .80 thick kydex on all our holsters.  This size kydex has proven itself to be the perfect blend of durability, yet remaining thin enough to keep comfort.  A lot of manufactures use .60 thick kydex to save money and make the holsters more forgiving.  When using .60 kydex the holster has more flex which will allow guns to fit without being molded  “perfectly”.

Next is maybe the most important aspect of all, the fully custom molds!  We use custom made molds specifically for our company to product our holsters.  There is no other holster company on the planet that has molds like ours.  Custom making our molds allows us to make the right adjustments, and make a fit that is purely custom to Muddy River Tactical.

Many holster companies use “blue guns” to mold there holsters.  The problem with this is that they have to “tape” off tolerances to allow the holster to work.  Well after they have been molded a few times, not only does the tolerances change but also the blue guns shrink.  Blue Guns are made to be training weapons and can not hold up to the heat of the molding process.  Once this shrinking occurs the holsters will become molded to small and cause extremely poor firearm fitment.  Ultimately this “blue gun” technic is what sometimes gives kydex a bad name for wearing firearms finish badly.

Lastly, the finish detail of our kydex holsters is the best on the market.  Our employees buff, polish, and shine every single holster by hand.  Finish quality is the most time consuming part of the whole holster making process.  We demand our holsters to not only be the best fitting on the market, but also look the best of any holster available.

At Muddy River Tactical, we believe in bringing our customers the best quality holsters on the market.  Our valued customers spend there hard earned money on our products and we strive to deliver a product that far and away exceeds there expectations!

When you are in the market for the Best Kydex Holster we would love the opportunity to earn your business.  You can check all our products out at

Until Next Time,

Stay Safe and Always be Prepared!

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    1. Yes sir. At checkout, just leave a note in the comments section that you need an optic cut and we will get you taken care of

  1. Just received my iwb holster for my px4 compact. It is a perfect fit for the weapon and very comfortable to wear. I am interested in a iwb double stack mag holder. Do you make one.

  2. only company I have found that makes holster for my xds with osp ct 1500 have ordered looking forward to getting it will be ordering more if I like thank you

  3. Just received my 3rd order today. These holsters are perfect, and even better than the last two I ordered a couple years ago. No complaints, and the first ones I ordered are still going strong. Thanks again for a superior product; I’ll be back for more.

    1. You have to leave a note in comments section at checkout if you have suppressor height sights so we know. Not all optic cut firearms have tall sights, so thats why we make you note it.

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