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A frequent question we get asked is “what hand orientation holster should I order if I am carrying in the middle of my back?”.  Well the short answer is that you would need the opposite hand orientation so that you will actually be able to grip your firearm to be able to draw.  The more complex answer is why are you set on carrying in that position and have you considered the multitude of cons on this carry position?

Some important things to consider…

Many times people get overly consumed with trying to conceal a firearm that they forget the basic principles of safe firearm handling.  When you have a holster at the small of your back (opposite hand orientation holster so the grip of firearm is facing your strong side) it is impossible for you to safely draw your firearm without bringing the muzzle of your gun across your body.  Im not sure about any of you but I for sure do not want my firearm pointed at me or my body at anytime, PERIOD!  Then you add stress to the situation and trying to draw fast and it is a recipe for disaster in a big way.

Furthermore, if you have a gun right on your back and tailbone area and happen to fall on ice or anything it will be a bad day.  You are very likely going to break your tailbone or cause serious injury to yourself in that situation.  You also have almost zero control of your firearm at that position on your body.  Your reach is maxed out just to be able to reach your weapon to grab it, let alone safely control the firearm.


What other options do you have?

iwb carry

If you are wanting to carry anywhere in your back region, your best bet is to carry at 4 or 5 o’clock.  This carry position will allow you to use a correct hand orientation holster and cant it forward 15 degrees to be able to quickly and safely draw your weapon.  Drawing your weapon this way will make it so you do not have to cross the muzzle to your body at anytime.

This little change in position of your firearm and holster will put you in a way better situation to protect yourself and your family!


Until Next Time,

Stay Safe and Always be Prepared!


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    1. No sir our OWB Leather holster for the Sig 229 will fit all calibers of that firearm so you will be good to go!

  1. Big fan of your company. Easy to work with. Great customer service. I’ve bought multiple holsters and have been satisfied with them all. Thanks for making a quality product.

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