The suns out, kids are out of school, and everyone is thinking about vacations or hanging out at the pool. This time of year can make carrying a concealed carry handgun challenging to say the least. Especially when wearing shorts and lightweight shirts. During the heat of the summer, no one wants to carry a heavy full-size firearm. And let’s be honest, comfort really matters when you are hot and sweaty all day. The reality is that dangerous situations can arise at any time, whether it be 120 degrees or -10 degrees outside! It is best to look for other options for concealed carry in summer if your full-size firearm doesn’t work for you.

Change Your Weapon

We often hear people that say “we don’t carry in the summertime because of the challenges.” But in all reality, it is not a challenge to concealed carry in summer.  One must use the correct holster and firearm. For the summer, we suggest switching your everyday carry weapon to a smaller frame handgun. Something that is easier to conceal super easy inside the waistband or even pocket carry. There are many excellent small firearms on the market.  They include the Ruger LCP, Smith and Wesson Bodyguard, and the Kimber Micro to name a few. These would all be great for concealed carry in summer. They are small enough to carry concealed but also to be comfortable in the summer heat.

If you Change Your Weapon, Train with It

One thing we want to mention, if you do decide to use a different firearm to concealed carry in summer, make sure that you go to the range and put in the time to train and get used to the firearm. Small handguns are a whole different feel and shooting experience compared to your mid to full-size firearms. As always, training is vital for your EDC firearm. 

Comfortable Holsters

As far as holsters go, our Muddy River Tactical Soft Leather IWB Holster is a favorite among our customers all year long due to its extreme comfort that molds to your firearm and your body! We make our leather holsters from 100% Natural Water Buffalo. These holsters provide a super soft feel against your body. Not only that, but they also have natural oils in it that doesn’t allow it to absorb as much sweat and body oils as tradition leather IWB holsters! This is great for your concealed carry in summer holster.
So next time you walk out the door in the summer without a firearm, think about the little changes you can do to your setup to make sure you are never caught in a situation wishing you hadn’t left it at home! There are a number of changes you can make to make concealed carry in summer as comfortable as possible to continue carrying.
Until Next Time,
Stay Safe and Always be Prepared!

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