We are proud to announce that our FN 509 Tactical Holster are now available in kydex on our website .  When ordered your kydex holster for the FN 509 on our website just leave a note in the comments section at checkout that you have the Tactical version.  When we see this note we will know to make adjustments to accommodate it.  The sight channel has to be raised and leave opening at the bottom of holster for the raised suppressor sights and threaded barrel!

We haven’t had the pleasure of actually shooting the firearm yet but have heard nothing but good things.  We have had the pleasure of putting our hands on one in our shop and were intrigued for sure.  This firearm feels great in the FN 509 Tactical Holster and makes carrying it quite comfortable.  We suggest using a claw attachment if you are opting to use a IWB Kydex holster.  On our IWB Kydex Holsters for this firearm we leave the bottom open enough for the threaded barrel to pass through.

We suspect that our OWB Kydex holsters for the FN 509 Tactical will be a big seller.  The firearm is designed to be a “tactical” weapon.  It is not geared directly towards the concealed carry side of the market.  When ordering a OWB Kydex Holster for this firearm the only option that will work is an open bottom.  If you choose a closed bottom holster it will not all the threaded barrel to clear.

To check out a full description and details of this firearm you can go to the following link:  https://fnamerica.com/products/fn-509-series/fn-509-tactical/

Below we will also link to our IWB Kydex Holster as well as OWB Kydex Holster for this awesome new firearm.

Click here to check out our IWB Kydex Holster

Click here to check out our OWB Kydex Holster

Like stated above PLEASE make sure to make a note at checkout that you have the FN 509 Tactical Version.  If not, you will get a holster for the regular FN 509 and it will not work with your Tactical version.

We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business.  If we can help with anything at all please give us at call now at 816-457-4711!!


Until Next Time,

Stay Safe and Always be Prepared!!




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  1. FREAKING AWESOME! I didn’t hang up the phone and the holster already arrived and it is badass . Kevin you got my biz 4ever

      1. Hey bud need a FN 509 tacticle with rmr cut and surefire x400 ultra with a side car extra mag in the front . If it turns out great and I know it will I have like 4 other pistols for you to do. Thanks again I love my American Flag iwb I would love if you could do an Israeli flag ?? I’d pay big bucks for it . Keep up the great work.

  2. I ordered on a Tuesday and had it Friday. That’s unheard of for custom holsters and it’s exactly what I like. Fast. I will bring my business here every single time from now on and reference them as where to go. They know what people want. Excellent.

  3. I have an FNH 509 Tactical with a Streamlight Model TLR-I HL rail mounted light and a Leupold DeltaPoint Pro MRD sight. Do you make a holster that will work with this set up?

    1. Yes sir it sure will as long as you leave a note in the comments section at checkout stating that you have a red dot on it

  4. I just got my FN 509 Tactical. It has a Leupold DeltaPoint Pro red dot and a streamlight TLR-7
    Plus I ordered a WAR 509 Compensator for it.
    It may be a big if but do you think you can make an IWB holster to fit?

    1. We can make them for the red dot / RMR no problem, but unfortunately do not offer the 509 tactical holster to accommodate any lights at this time.

  5. Ordered my first holster from you guys for my FN 509 Tactical. Arrived in less than a week. Fits like a glove. Super job. Will be ordering again.

    1. Yes you just have to leave a note at checkout that you put a compensator on it. We will leave the bottom open enough that it passes through holster

  6. Please get with the program and make one that will accomodate a RMR AND a light. I need one for an Olight PL Mini Valkerie2
    Thank you

    1. We can make any kydex holster with a cut for a rmr, you just have to leave it in the notes section at checkout.
      We CNC machine all of our own molds custom to our specifications. The problem with lights is that these companies switch there models of lights every 3-4 months so it doesn’t make since for us to invest thousands of dollars in moldings. By the time we get mold made there is a new light out and the current one goes obsolete.

    1. No problem at all. Just leave a note in comments section at checkout that you have the 509 tactical with red dot sight and we will get you taken care of!

  7. I have the FN 509 Tac with red dot and threaded barrel, wondering if own kydex can be made to accommodate the streamlight TLR8 G?

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