OWB Kydex Holsters (outside the waistband) do not get a great deal of love considering they are typically seen as less than perfect for concealed carry. This is regardless of the benefits of OWB Kydex holsters including increased convenience and a quicker draw and target time. While in many cases IWB holsters are going to be more suitable to OWB holsters there are numerous factors and scenarios where owning an OWB Kydex Holster for your gun is needed or useful. Here are a few of those scenarios.
1: Some Ranges And Courses Prohibit IWB Holsters
Gun ranges need to develop guidelines to restrict their liability and risk to guarantee they can remain in business. Frequently those guidelines consist of numerous stipulations or restrictions associated with using holsters. Many ranges will forbid concealed carry or drawing from concealed while they might enable carrying and drawing a gun from an OWB holster. At least owning OWB Kydex holsters enables that you to go to those ranges and not get tossed out. Having a secure place to holster your weapon is more effective than setting it down someplace even if that holster might not be how you carry your gun.
2: You Can Use OWB Kydex Holsters For Concealed Carry
Lots of weapon owners can effectively carry a concealed pistol daily in an OWB holster. If you  choose your wardrobe around it, an OWB holster can still be effectively hidden. And yet, still include the other advantages that occur with an OWB carry. Some of which include a quicker draw and increased convenience. In the winter for instance, when you where sweat shirts and coats I almost exclusively carry outside the waistband.
3: Pant Size Challenges
One reason why some individuals gravitate to an outside the waistband holster is that it does not require getting all brand-new pants. Considering holsters used IWB naturally use up area in the waist, they require that the user buys pants larger than what would typically fit. This can be challenging for individuals who cannot carry all the time. People have two choices if they don’t carry all the time. People either need to buy larger pants and cinch a belt on days they do not carry. Or they need to fill the closet with two sets of pants, those that work with the weapon and those that do not. Opting to use OWB Kydex holsters implies that your current pants will work. No more drama in handling different pant sizes.
4: Open Carry Makes Sense Sometimes
There are scenarios where open carrying makes good sense. Possibly the location you live, the occasion you are going to, or the location you are going to today is accepting of guns and in truth, promotes their existence. In those cases, Open Carry is a more tactical and efficient method of carrying a firearm for self-defense.
5: Personal Property Carry
Farmers, senior citizens, or individuals who work from home might pass their day or week without leaving their house. In those cases, or perhaps the separated times when you are at home or by yourself at home, OWB carry makes a lot of sense in a location where you do not have any particular requirement or need to hide the weapon at all.
There are lots of reasons to have OWB Kydex holsters. This short article should make you more knowledgeable about a few of them.

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