Several shooters like the feel and look of their leather IWB holster for concealed carry. Our soft leather IWB holsters have numerous appealing advantages. They’re often way more comfortable compared to synthetic holsters. Another huge advantage is they are much quieter when carrying and drawing.
Despite the fact that there are a lot of benefits, a soft leather IWB holster is a lot more vulnerable to everyday use and damage than many other holsters. Even though our soft leather holsters are resilient and durable, there is some basic care you can give your holster to prolong its life and to protect it from everyday elements.

Here are five tips to help you properly care for your soft leather IWB holster:


Keep it Clean

Sweat, dirt, dirt or blood can damage a holster. The longer it is exposed to such elements, the more difficult it will be to remove them. Generally a wipedown with a soft dust cloth will be enough, however, sometimes you’ll need to use a natural leather care product. Make sure you are using a product that is okay for holsters and will not cause damage.

Do Not Soften the Natural Leather

Natural leather holsters are typically formed to fit a specific gun. The process requires the leather to remain firm to make sure that it effectively fits that specific gun. If you try to condition the leather to soften it, you run the risk of ruining the form. If this happens, it will no longer fit your gun.

Decrease Sweat Exposure

We all sweat every day whether we acknowledge it or otherwise. Sweat naturally has a combination of salts, oils and also water that will eventually damage natural leather fibers. It’s difficult not to sweat. However, it might be possible to prevent exposing your holster to a large amount of it.
When possible, keep a barrier in between you and the holster to keep it as dry as possible. If the holster does manage to get wet, you can clean it with a dry rag. However, if the moisture has saturated into the leather, you must appropriately dry the holster.

Appropriate Drying

Any amount of wetness on your soft leather IWB holster can cause damage. Wetness can cause many issues with your holster, including mold and mildew. It is best to keep your holster completely dry. If it does happen to get wet, you want to ensure that you dry it appropriately. Using certain things, such as impact dryers or even placing it on a heater vent can cause damage to your holster.
If your holster does get wet, your best option is to put it in a dry room with an average temperature level and allow the leather to dry on its own completely. Too high of heat can cause the leather to change shape in addition to causing damage to your holster.

Avoid Direct Exposure to the Elements

If you carry with your soft leather IWB holster often, it will naturally be exposed to the elements. Extreme hot or cold can trigger irreversible damage to the leather. It is best not to place the holster in direct sunlight.
If you follow guidelines to look after your leather holster correctly, it ought to last you for several years.

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    1. Yes you sure can. On the soft leather iwb holster they have a built in 10 degree cant angle that makes them versatile in both positions.

  1. I recently got my leather IWB holster from Muddy River and glad I did. Holster choices for my Beretta APX are still somewhat limited and I’ve had a lot of misses in the IWB dept. This Muddy River is already my favorite. It’s functional, it’s comfortable, it’s solid, it’s very affordable, their turnaround time was surprisingly fast…what’s not to like?

  2. I have a S&W M&P 40c and that was not specifically covered in the holster selection. Is that covered in the IWB tuckable leather holster?

  3. I Just want to say , I just purchased the 4th holster from you guys , and once again your customer service and A1 product is top notch . Very fast shipping and a holster that fits better then a glove . Thanks again for being the company that everyone else should model and learn from .I’m glad I found you . But now I have a lot of holsters in a box from other makers.

    1. No sir all our mag holsters are made out of kydex and are there own separate holsters. Holsters with the magazine and gun holster attached to each other make for a very difficult reloading of your firearm with both being on the strong side of your body. If using for appendix carry is the only time it can work, however with two separate pieces like we do you get more versatility as well as a smaller footprint of the holster to give more comfort and concealment.

      1. It would have been nice to have some sort of care/break-in instructions listed in the packaging.

        Break in instructions should, at the very least, be somewhere easily available on the site, and not buried in the comments.

  4. I received my first holster from Muddy River for my Sig P238. I have a problem with IWB holsters as I am not one to wear a belt. Yet this holster held well today with my skirt at church and on my jeans/slacks all with no belt. This holster is so soft that I wore it all day and night without even remembering I had it on as an appendix wear until I went to the bathroom. The gun doesn’t stay in the holster then but that’s what God made bras for! Thank you so much as this is an extremely comfortable and easy wearing holster for women. Now to find a decent holster that will stay up with pantyhose!sa

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