In the holster world, there are many options to choose from. Among the most popular are Inside the Waistband Hybrid Holsters. A hybrid holster refers to a two-piece construction. They have a leather backing, and a Kydex shell, together as one holster. The leather acts as the comfort pad, while the custom molded Kydex shell secures the firearm in the holster.
Leather Backings
At Muddy River Tactical we only use 100% Natural 10-12 oz leather for our hybrid holster backings. We do not want to cheap out and use synthetic materials like some companies. We make these holsters to last and give you the quality leather you want and deserve. Because we want to give you the most comfort possible, we include a super soft suede material adhered to the body side of the leather. We include this at no extra charge! These backings, like all leather, will require a break in period to allow them to mold to your body. Once they do, you will have superior comfort and fit. After a week or so, your holster will fit perfectly to your body shape and the area you carry your firearm.
Kydex Shell
We make all Kydex shells for our hybrid holsters from top quality .80 Kydex. A lot of other companies will use the .60 material. That particular size is thinner and more flimsy. We also custom mold every shell specifically for your firearm. A custom mold will ensure that you get the very best fit possible!
Hybrid holsters have great retention when you wear them inside the waistband like designed. The most common misconception of a hybrid holster is that it will have tight retention even when not worn. While that is true with some hybrid holsters from other manufacturers, that’s not the case with ours. We design our hybrid holsters to have perfect retention when it matters the most. For most, this is obvious: when you are wearing it to protect yourself and your family!
Are you asking yourself why would they not have retention when you take the holster off your body? With a hybrid holster the leather backing molds to your body. This will hold pressure against your firearm and into the Kydex shell, which causes the perfect retention.
It is common among manufacturers to make mistakes when making hybrid holsters. Often the manufacturer molds the Kydex too tight and without the proper clearances. When this happens, the holster will have retention when not worn as well. If you mold the Kydex too tight and then you wear it and your body contours the leather backing, it causes excessive friction and tension against both your firearm and the Kydex shell. This will cause terrible wear on your firearm over time. It will also make your draw cycle very difficult.
Belt Clips
We have designed our belt clips to give you the ability to change your ride height and your cant angle as well! On the leather backing, there are three holes on each side. Those holes give you the flexibility to move the belt clips up or down. This gives you the ability to make the holster ride exactly how you want it! Additionally, there is a second hole on the belt clip itself to allow you a small micro adjustment as well. Our hybrid holster belt clips will also allow you to tuck your shirt in to conceal your firearm. These belt clips fit all belts up to 1.75″, so they are perfect for any situation. Having two belt clips also distributes the weight of the firearm across two points which makes them very secure and able to support the weight of larger guns without sagging your belt, etc.
Carry Position
Hybrid holsters are meant to be specifically at the 4 or 5 o’clock position. They do not have the flexibility of being in various carry positions like some other holsters. However, they are very hard to beat when worn in that position.
Hybrid holsters are a favorite of many people around the world. Often because of the perfect mix of comfort in the leather backing, topped off by the security of Kydex. To check out our hybrid holsters or any of our other products, check us out at

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