The IWB holster style is the standard for concealed carry, as this kind of holster is the easiest to conceal. With its great design and construction, it’s also among one of the most comfortable. At Muddy River Tactical, we handcraft our soft leather IWB holsters. They also have a cant angle so you can carry at numerous locations with just one holster. We make our soft leather holsters out of water buffalo hides that have a lifetime guarantee.Today, we will go over three significant things to think about before deciding on a leather IWB holster.

Every gun owner should have a holster in which to carry their weapon. There are so many different choices to choose from.  Each of these areas will assist you in establishing if a leather IWB holster is best for you.


As a weapon owner, you must know the guidelines that pertain to where you live. You must also be aware of the guidelines of places you visit if you plan on taking your weapon with you. Concealed carry regulations can differ by state, region, and even city. Before you conceal carry anywhere, you must ensure that it is legal to do so, and check before each visit, as sometimes, policies change. Do not ever just rely on someone telling you it is ok!


If you decide that you wish to carry a leather IWB holster, it is possible you could need to readjust your wardrobe. It depends on your gun and also the holster you pick. It is not uncommon for anyone that carries IWB to have pants that are a size or two bigger than what they would typically wear. Larger pants will ensure that there is enough room for your holster and weapon IWB. Some clothing may not be suitable for IWB carry. Tights or skirts, sweatpants, or shorts with drawstrings, are just a couple of that could offer problem when making use of IWB holsters.


A leather IWB holster isn’t always ambidextrous. Because of this, you want to ensure that you get the correct right or left handed holster to go with your dominant side.

Finding the best leather IWB holster for your style of carrying could prove to be an overwhelming job. There are a lot of different options available on the market. Leather holsters are sturdy and long lasting and need just a little effort in the area of maintenance. Always ensure you study gun carry regulations in your location. It is your responsibility as a weapon proprietor to adhere to all rules concerning concealed carry in your state, region, and also city. This includes places you may go through, whether daily for your job or simply while traveling.

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