The 1911 handgun has remained a popular handgun choice since its creation by John Moses Browning in the year that ended up being the gun’s namesake. There have been a lot of 1911 pistols that have been developed by different gun manufacturers over the years. This illustrates the top quality of the weapon itself. The 1911 pistol is a classic and one of the worlds most prominent firearms.  In addition, there are many different manufacturers for the 1911 kydex holster.
Why do I need a Holster? 
If you wish to get the most from your pistol as well as the ability to get it out when you need it, and you have to have some means to protect it. For many people that means a holster. There’s a variety of holsters on the marketplace to choose from, one of the biggest decisions to make is IWB or OWB. A holster will give you the ability to store your pistol properly and have it within easy reach for when it is needed.
Every pistol owner should have a holster. Not only does it protect your firearm from dust, knicks and also scrapes, but they are necessary if you wish to conceal carry. Some people prefer to carry their handgun in a pocket or bag, but that could pose significant difficulties if you need to get to it in a hurry. If you plan to conceal carry your 1911, finding the right holster is a necessary thing to do. Here at Muddy River Tactical, we have different options available including a 1911 Kydex holster for either IWB or OWB carry.
Why Kydex holsters? 
Kydex holsters are, for the most part, maintenance free. In case your 1911 Kydex holster gets dirty, you wash it off and wipe it down. An additional advantage is that your new 1911 Kydex holster is ready for use immediately, there is no need to break the holster in. Your Kydex holster will hold its shape after many years of use.
Any holster can cause wear on the surface of your gun. The wearing of the gun surface is the main problem that Kydex holster users face. Here at Muddy River Tactical our 1911 Kydex holsters are made to fit your 1911 pistol perfectly. By doing this, it makes sure the holster puts pressure on only the proper areas of your firearm. Doing this ensures that you will not wear down the finish of your 1911 pistol needlessly.
IWB or OWB holsters?
No matter if you want to carry your 1911 Kydex holster IWB or OWB, here at Muddy River Tactical we have alternatives available for both options. If you desire IWB carry, we offer a wide range of custom Kydex shades. Our IWB holsters also come with adjustable cant. If you prefer to carry OWB, we will mold the Kydex specifically for your weapon to avoid any unnecessary stress factors that will wear the surface of your pistol. All of our OWB 1911 Kydex holsters additionally come with an adjustable height and an open bottom.
If you have a 1911 pistol, you should give it the best treatment.  No matter if you select IWB or OWB 1911 Kydex holster, here at Muddy River Tactical all of our holsters are handmade in America and also come with a lifetime guarantee.

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