At Muddy River Tactical, we have built our brand and reputation off of our custom kydex and leather holsters.  Many people however don’t realize that we also make custom kydex Knife Sheaths!

Why you should consider a Custom Knife Sheath

Generally speaking, when you buy a knife the sheath never is the quality that the knife deserves.  They are normally mass produced, cheap, and not the best fitting.  While we are a fan of leather for our gun holsters, we do not think it is a good option for knife sheaths.  A quality knife will be sharp, which in turn means you have to make the leather bulky and have an insert in it to make sure it does not cut through the leather.  Well why would you want to add bulk and no retention of leather when you can have a thin, durable, and positive retention custom Kydex Knife Sheaths?


The Benefits of Custom Kydex Knife Sheaths

Kydex has a lot of traits that make it perfect for a custom knife sheath.  To start, they are durable enough to last a lifetime with almost zero maintenance.  If you are out hunting for example and the knife and sheath get bloody, you simply can wash out with water and you are good to go!

With Kydex you get the opportunity to make your sheath have its own custom look.  We have over 30 options of kydex colors and patterns to choose from.  On top of that you can also choose what belt clip attachment you want to fit your situation and how you use the knife sheath.

Most importantly with kydex you get a sheath that will have great retention for your blade.  We custom mold every single knife to ensure it is an exact fit to your specific knife.  With kydex, you will no longer have to worry about snapping a loop to hold your knife in or anything like that.  You will simply slide your knife in the sheath and you will feel the knife “click” into place.

How to Order

To order you can simply contact us and we will give you the info you need to send your knife to us.  Once we receive your knife and payment has been made, we will custom make a knife sheath specifically to your order and knife.  Lead time on these knife sheaths is generally 3-5 business days, then we will ship your knife and custom sheath back to you.


For more info check out our website at or give us a call at 816-457-4711


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Stay Safe and Always be Prepared!


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  1. I didnt see you guys made custom knife sheaths until after I just ordered a beretta apx holster with a magazine holster thatll probably be here in a couple days! (Today is Nov 7th, 2018)As the option wasnt listed on your main website menu. It wasnt till I went into your blog option is when I noticed it, after I ordered my gun sheath! How much does it cost for s custom knife sheath? The website listed is the fixed buck knife I’m looking for a sheath for rite now!
    Please let me know how it works, shipping and all that BS… thank you

    1. Good morning sir and thank you for your recent order, we greatly appreciate it! Yes we make custom knife sheaths. We don’t have it on the website since it is all custom work. To get a sheath made, you need to send us your knife to: 613 First Street, Platte City MO 64079 with a note with your full contact info and what you are looking for in your sheath. Once we receive your knife we will call you and work out all details and payment info, then get your custom sheath made and send it and the knife back to you.

    2. Just wanted to thank you for your superior product and service. I’m thrilled with the custom knife sheath you constructed for me. It clean, tight and exceeded my expectations. Beyond that, you are an outfit that still understands the importance of customer relations and super fast turnaround times. Can’t thank you enough and I wish you and your team a very merry Christmas!

  2. Hi there, I just found your websight and the holsters look good. I noticed that you have military discounts but there was no additional info. What is needed to get the discount. I am retired military. Thanks.

  3. Looking for a custom knife sheath for a custom knife . I know I will have to send knife to you, but would like an estimate on the cost of the sheath. The knife is around 7″ long ,3.25″ blade length, around 1 and 11/16″ tall and just under 1/4 ” thick blade. Handle is around 7/8″ thick. I live in KY.
    Thanks for your time. Ron

  4. Hello,
    Can knife sheath be made for Safariland ELS? I have a Gerber MK2 that I had with me in the Army back in the 80s.
    Thank you

    1. Yes we can custom make any knife sheath. You just have to send the knife to us, we will custom make and send the knife and sheath back to you together.

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