Lots of people have no idea what to look for in a holster, so they buy the most inexpensive Kydex holster they find. A majority of the time, you get what you pay for. There are many customized Kydex builders that construct holsters correctly. There are far more of them that build Kydex holsters improperly.  Kydex holster manufacturers are all over the place. Those manufacturers produce numerous Kydex designs. Here are some things to consider when choosing your custom Kydex holster.

The density of the Kydex used to make a holster plays a significant role in the strength of the holster. All the thicknesses have a following along with their pro’s and cons. Each thickness has times when they shine. At Muddy River Tactical, we use a .080 density for our Kydex holsters to ensure that we give you an excellent quality holster that lasts you a long time.

Eyelet positioning is a learned ability. It’s typically figured out through experimentation. With time they find out which locations are good or bad eyelet areas. Others put eyelets in areas which help with structural stability. Kydex designs with structural stability and excellent retention need a mix of both.

The quality of care when developing Kydex designs is evident by looking at the edges of the holster. Kydex Holsters need to have tidy edges without any tool marks. Uneven edges means the holster maker has bad quality control or does not care. Bad edges are the primary concern with lots of Kydex holsters. It’s such a big problem that many people do not realize that Kydex holsters need to have clean edges.

Our company believes in our Kydex designs. We use quality elements, and we make an effort to make high-quality Kydex holsters. Our builders love their work, and everybody makes sure that we make a great quality product.

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