With there ability to quickly and easily take on / off , yet be secure its no reason that kydex paddle holsters are great for the shooting range.  If you are anything like us, you have multiple firearms you take with you on your range trips.  Kydex Paddle Holsters are great because they allow you to change firearms and holsters in seconds.  The paddle on these holsters are also very secure so you don’t have to worry about them coming off when moving or drawing your weapon.  The holster also is designed to barely offset your body which allows you a full, quick, and easy draw of your firearm.  This is the reason you see a lot of 3 gun shooters use paddle holsters or offset holsters.  They can draw the firearm much faster when seconds count in the competitions.

Holster Construction and Features

At Muddy River Tactical, we make our Kydex Paddle Holsters only from top quality .80 kydex.  When ordering these holsters you will have 30+ options of colors to allow you the look you want.  The paddle holster will have a full sweat shield which will protect the firearm and also aid in quick and safe re-holstering.  Adjustable Cant Angle comes standard on all our kydex paddle holsters and will adjust from 0-15 degrees forward cant.

Best Applications for Kydex Paddle Holsters

Kydex Paddle Holsters are best suited for range use like discussed above, as well as open carry.  The paddle allows the holster to barely offset off your body, which allows you to quickly and easily draw your firearm.  When a holster is super tight to your body it makes drawing more difficult.  Since the paddle holster offsets your body a little, it is not designed to be worn as a concealed carry holster.  Sure if you are wearing a sweatshirt or coat in the fall or winter you can easily conceal it.  However if you are wearing a t-shirt this is the wrong outside the waistband carry holster to try to conceal.



While every holster has its share of give and take, if you don’t have a kydex paddle holster for range shooting then you are missing out!  If you have any questions about our kydex paddle holsters or any of our other products please feel free to contact us at 816-457-4711.  You can also check out all our holsters at www.MuddyRiverTactical.com


Until Next Time,

Stay Safe and Always be Prepared!



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  1. I enjoy your IWB holster for my FN509 until, I added a Crimson Trace leaser. my question is, can you make a IWB holster for my 509 and leaser? I can send you a picture?


  2. Just received my holster, and man it’s way better than I expected. It’s comfortable, it’s a great fit for both me and my firearm. I’m sold! Once you find a good thing you won’t let it go. That’s how I feel about my purchase. Keep producing great products!

    Thanks again.

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