When choosing a Leather Concealed Carry Holster, most people are looking to comfortably carry all day.  That is where our Water Buffalo Leather Inside the Waistband Holsters really shine!  We make two different variations of our Water Buffalo Leather Inside the Waistband holsters, the tuckable version and the soft leather version.

Both these holsters are made with the same 100% natural water buffalo hide giving them the soft comfortable feeling that people have come to love from our leather holsters.  While they are the same main leather hide, they also have some major differences.  Below we will make a list of features of each holster so that you can compare the two and pick the one best fitted to you and your application!

Soft Leather Inside the Waistband Holsters

. 5/6 oz natural water buffalo leather hide

. metal belt clip made to fit 1.5” belts

. fixed cant angle of 10 degrees to allow holster to be worn in virtually any postion

. full sweat shield to protect your body

. Lifetime Warranty

. Value priced at ONLY $34.95


Tuckable Leather Inside the Waistband Holsters

. 10/11 oz full grain natural water buffalo leather hide

. Polymer Injected belt clip that fits belts up to 1.75”

. Single point belt clip attachment allows for unlimited cant angle options to fit any situation

. full sweat shield to protect your body

. The Upgraded version of the soft leather holster

.  Stiffer leather due to being almost twice as thick leather, but with the same soft feel

. Lifetime Warranty

. Prices at $49.95


Both of these Leather Concealed Carry Holster are great.  Comfort wise they are both so comfortable you can easily forget you are wearing your firearm.  The tuckable leather gives you the ability to be more versatile by tucking in your shirt if the situation called for it and adjust the cant angle as well!  You can’t go wrong either way, just comes down to your situation and if you need the added features of the tuckable holster. For the money there is nothing else on the market that can touch either one!

Check these and all our other holsters out at: www.MuddyRiverTactical.com


Until Next Time,

Stay Safe and Always be Prepared!

4 Responses

  1. Interesting to read about your leather holsters. Your soft leather is 5/6 oz leather, but your “tuckable” holster is 10/11 oz. Can you get the soft leather holster be made with 10/11 oz leather for the 50.00 price?

  2. I had been looking for a holster for my SCCY CPX-3 for several weeks. I’m anal about buying American and local – Florida. I emailed 8 inquiries … 7 replied within 36 hours … 1 nothing. I then called that 1 and got voicemail. Emailed again and responder had to check with manager. Today … a week later … I made a Muddy phone call … and someone actually answered – Kevin!! I got his advice and within 5 minutes, placed an order & received confirmation.

    So … as of now, I have no idea what this holster looks like, feels like, smells like, works like … or any other like … but Kevin – I LIKE the way you do business!!!

  3. Just got my Soft Leather – IWB Leather Holster. Fast delivery. Ordered June 2 got it today June 4. So very pleased with it. Cool and comfortable in this hot weather. A lot easier to put on compared to my hybrid IWB. I will definitely recommend this to my nephew and friends.

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