Besides a weapon, a holster, and a belt for carrying, one of the most favored accessories for carrying is an extra magazine holster. Having the ability to carry extra magazines can be indispensable. Here at Muddy River Tactical, we are now offering magazine Kydex holsters.

Magazine holsters tend to come in many styles. Each has their very own features, advantages and also drawbacks. It’s up to the individual to decide which is their preference. Some individuals have magazine holsters for specific purposes, while some are for the range, and some are for everyday carry. At Muddy River Tactical we offer our magazine holsters in a variety of colors. Another option we offer is the ability to carry your extra magazine IWB or OWB, whichever your preference.

Often, people who choose to carry that extra magazine will place it in their pants pocket. While this could be a good idea, it could also cause trouble if you end up needing that extra magazine. What if it catches on something else in your pocket, delaying your ability to get that magazine out and inserted into your pistol? This is where having a magazine holster on your side could be to your benefit. By placing the magazine holster on your weak side, you can retrieve the ammunition with your non-dominant hand. By doing this, you can retrieve it and insert it into your weapon.

Some holsters have an extra magazine compartment and are in the same place as your handgun. While having the extra mag compartment right on your holster might seem like a good idea, it is not the best. Having the magazine on the same side as your weapon requires one to switch the gun to your non-dominant hand to get the extra magazine. This is more unpleasant than using your non-dominant hand to get the magazine to your handgun by having your extra magazine on the opposite side.

Concealing magazine Kydex holsters is simple. Your IWB magazine holster requires a t-shirt over them. Your OWB magazine holster, depending upon the layout, might need very little camouflage. Like a firearm holster, you will want to ensure that your spare magazine is in your magazine Kydex holster correctly. Furthermore, you should be able to draw the magazine if need be.

If one is putting on IWB magazine Kydex holsters, it ought to fit sufficiently to wear daily. You want it to be as comfortable for all day carries like your firearm holster is. An OWB magazine holster must also be comfortable enough for all-day carry. If using concealed carry, you want to ensure that your magazine Kydex holsters, whether OWB or IWB are concealable.

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  1. I have a Smith & Wesson M&P 380 Shield EZ. I need a magazine holster for this 380.
    Kydex or Leather single or double. Do you have any in stock & how much do they cost.

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