Making A Kydex Holster

Kydex holsters are been sweeping the holster market for many years now and for good reason.  They are strong, durable, and have great retention of your firearm.  Kydex holsters are made by heating up your kydex and molding it to your specific firearm.  This leads some people to try making a kydex holster at home or in there garage.  These people will quickly realize that the effects and wear on your firearm will be devastating by doing this!

Improper Firearm Fitment

Improper fitment is the biggest issue and what leads to damage to your firearm and its finish when making a kydex holster.  Many people think “oh well I just heat kydex up and wrap it around my gun and its good to go”.  Well I hate to break it to them but if thats your thoughts, then you need to sit down and really think this out.  What about the slide release levers, ejection port, trigger, and sight channel to name a few?  You have to create proper channels for all these features, while still allowing for the nice tight fit that you are looking for in a kydex holster.  Or what if you don’t leave enough room in the trigger well and your gun discharges while putting it in your holster?  Im not sure about you, but thats not a chance I would be willing to take on a DIY “hope this works” project!

We at Muddy River Tactical use Custom Made Molds specifically designed for us to create our holsters.  This eliminates wear on your firearm, but puts the pressure in the right places to keep the retention on the weapon.

Attention to Details

When you buy a quality handcrafted holster from Muddy River Tactical, we cover all the details that make your holster great.  Aside from the proper fitment, we also hand buff and polish all edges so that they are smooth and soft against your skin when wearing inside the waistband.  We also shape our holsters so that they will not dig into your body when you are wearing them.


Invest in a Quality Holster

Sure you will spend a little more money upfront, but in the long run you will be way ahead.  Buying a quality holster is an investment that will last a lifetime.  If you figure up the cost of making a kydex holster on your own several times, you will find it will cost you more money when doing it yourself.  It doesn’t matter who you are, you will never make a perfect holster the first time.


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