kydex holsters

Kydex Holsters

Inside the Waistband Kydex Holsters are our #1 Seller and for good reason!  Kydex Holsters have positive retention which allows your firearm to “snap” into

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Glock 19x Vs. Glock 45

Glock has released several pistols in recent years, however the Glock 19x and Glock 45 are at the top of the radar for most people.

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h&k p30l holster

H&K P30L Holster

At Muddy River Tactical we are always looking to bring more value to all our loyal customers.  Our company is based on the belief of

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FN 509 tactical holster

FN 509 Tactical Holster

We are proud to announce that our FN 509 Tactical Holster are now available in kydex on our website .  When ordered your kydex holster

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