In the world of concealed carry, there are many different carry positions that you can choose from to fit your body and lifestyle for comfort and efficiency. No one concealed carry position will work for everyone.  This is due to the tremendous variables for body shape, size, lifestyle, and firearm size. Among the most popular and trending carry positions in the last year has been appendix carry and for many good reasons!
One benefit is that when the firearm is in the front of your body, you have quicker access.  Quicker access gives you the ability to draw faster. Another advantage is the ability to quickly and easily access your firearm when sitting down. Appendix carry works best on people with flat stomachs and without too much in the way of “love handles.” Having a flatter stomach allows the appendix carry holster and firearm to contour to your body in the appendix carry position.  This then gives you the ultimate concealment.
In response to the growing number of people wanting to appendix carry, we at Muddy River Tactical designed a new holster. It is our New Appendix Carry Sidecar holster. This appendix carry holster with sidecar will allow you to carry your firearm and extra magazine together.  All in one small compact holster made strictly for appendix carry! We mold the holster with a curved jig to allow it to contour to your body.  This is not just comfort but also for the ultimate concealability. We use two Tuckable Belt Clips (one of each side of the holster). Using two clips allows you to securely hold the holster in place all while still giving you the ability to tuck in your shirt. The two belt clips also spread the weight across a broader area to make for comfortable carry all day long!
When you order your appendix carry holster, we allow you to choose not only your front color of Kydex but also the back piece color. This lets you make a custom color combo perfect for you! Who doesn’t want a holster that is unique to them?
Anyone in the market for an appendix carry holster should check out our New Appendix Carry Sidecar Holsters out here:
However, if Appendix Carry isn’t your thing, we also have a full line of both Kydex and leather holsters sure to fit everyone’s needs at Check it out today!
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