You have your firearm concealed and loaded but are you really as prepared as you need to be? Many of us that carry every day will never need to use our firearm in a life-threatening situation. However, in this day in age, you just never know! If you do happen to find yourself in a situation that requires you to use your firearm, are you comfortable knowing you only have the rounds in your magazine? Many of us don’t think about carrying a spare magazine every day, but we should.
Most firearms that people are carrying every day tend to be on the sub-compact to compact size range. This allows them to conceal carry easier. There is, however, a downside to this. Most of these firearms only hold 6 or 7 bullets in the magazine and then the one in the chamber. The typical response a lot of people give me is “well it only takes one well placed round to eliminate a threat.” Not everyone thinks this way. And whether or not it is true, they are thinking pretty narrow-mindedly, in my opinion. To think that a threat is going to always be one person and that under stress you will have a perfect shot/situation. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather have a spare magazine or two than be sitting there helplessly with a paperweight of a firearm with no bullets!
There is yet another variable to consider that many times people overlook.  And that is that magazines are mechanical. They can and do malfunction at times. Wouldn’t that spare magazine be great then? What if your one magazine has weak or worn springs, causing a failure to feed. What do you do then? The first thing I would do is grab my spare magazine, tap it in, and rack the slide. That spare magazine I was carrying will keep my firearm in working order when I need it the most.
These situations are precisely why we carry spare magazine holsters. We strongly suggest you do as well! We tell people that they should always have one extra magazine on them and one extra magazine in your vehicle. Your extra magazine should always be on your weak side. Doing this allows you to safely, quickly, and quickly reload with your weak hand.
At Muddy River Tactical, we make all of our extra magazine holsters with the bullets facing forward on the weak side. This is so that you can grab and rotate magazines into your firearm without having to look for bullet orientation. Some companies make strong side holsters that have a built-in magazine holster with them. While we have had people request that we do the same, we refuse to do that and put our customers in a situation where they cannot safely or quickly reload the firearm. The only holsters we make together with the firearm and magazine holster as one piece is our Appendix Carry Sidecar Holsters. This style of holster should be worn solely for appendix carry. This is so the firearm is still on your strong side and the spare magazine on your weak side.
We all conceal carry for the same reason of wanting to protect ourselves, our family, and those around us from all threats. While we all hope never to need to use our firearm in a life-threatening situation, it is possible for a situation to arise. One does not want to be in a situation where you do not have a spare magazine but need one.
Until Next Time,
Stay Safe and always be prepared!

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