There are different concealed carry tips to help people carry their firearms better. Today, I am going to go over what I believe are the top five tips. Concealed carrying is a huge responsibility, and it should never take it lightly. Always make sure that you do the best you can to be ready.

Concealed Carry Tips #1: Training, Training, and more Training

All too often we see or talk to people that conceal carry every day, but do not practice with that firearm. We even run across people that say they have only shot the firearm 5-6 times when they first purchased it, and then have never shot it again. How in the world do you think you have the capability to protect yourself, let alone anyone else with that firearm? Carrying a gun is a HUGE responsibility to yourself and everyone else around you. Please don’t take that lightly as people’s lives are on the line. Practice and repetition with your firearm should be a continual learning process with yourself as well as going to training classes. It is important to always be learning and improving on our abilities.

Concealed Carry Tips #2: Using the right holster for YOU

It does not matter if you purchase a holster from another reputable company or us. What matters most is making sure that you have a quality holster. When looking for a holster, the main thing you are looking for is that the holster covers and protects the trigger. We can debate for days on which style of holster is the best, but the real answer is that no one style holster is correct for everyone. You can have a kydex, leather, hybrid, IWB, or OWB holster and no one option will be perfect for everyone. Find a holster that is first and foremost good quality. But also, you want to ensure it fits your body and that you are comfortable with it. The bottom line is if you are not comfortable with the holster, then you will not wear it as much, which defeats the whole purpose.

Concealed Carry Tips #3: Leave it alone

For the people new to concealed carry especially they always feel the need to touch the gun, adjust it, or make sure it is still there. Trust me; this more than anything displays that you are carrying a firearm and you might as well have it open carry on your side for everyone to see. If you have a quality holster, like we touched on in number 2, you should never have to touch it, adjust it, or anything else. The general public will hardly ever notice a little printing of your firearm when you bend over or anything. Even if they do, they will think it’s a million other things other than a firearm so don’t bring attention to yourself that it not needed or called for!

Concealed Carry Tips #4: Dress accordingly

Depending on how you choose to carry, you should pick your wardrobe around that choice as well. For instance, I wear jeans and a bottom-up shirt or polo shirt most of the time, and I can wear an OWB Kydex Holster and no one ever has any idea that I am carrying. If I tried to wear a tight fitting t-shirt and try to cover an OWB Kydex Holster with it, I would not have a chance in the world of genuinely concealing the firearm.

Concealed Carry Tips #5: Carry every day

Many people may think this sounds like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many people only carry when it is convenient. If you are like most everyone, you carry to protect yourself, your family, and those around you. Don’t put yourself in the situation to not be ready if that situation were ever to arise. Make carrying a part of your daily life and take the extra time always to be ready if needed so that you aren’t left wishing you had your firearm.

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