No matter your age, there is nothing more exciting than the anticipation of going on a hunt. No matter if it is your very first hunt or your hundredth hunt, you want to ensure that you are ready for anything before you leave your house. Having the ultimate hunting gear for the winter season will help anyone be prepared. Being ready for anything will help make your day a success.
Having the ultimate hunting gear for winter weather is even more important for those that are just beginning to hunt. Showing up with your license and weapon is great, but what if your first hunt becomes your first kill? Will you have everything you need? Here’s a list of the ultimate hunting gear to review before heading out.
1. Clothing
Because it’s winter, you want to ensure that you will be warm. Most hunts last for hours; your typical outdoor gear most likely will not be enough to keep you warm, especially if it is snowing or windy. Some great clothing items to include on your ultimate hunting gear list are:
– Warm, preferably water-proof coat- if it is not orange, you will also want to include an orange vest to wear over the top of it.
– Protected, water-proof boots.
– Warm gloves.
– Snow pants.
– Hats, scarves, any items to keep your face warm and protected from any wind.
– Thermal undergarments.
– Change of socks.
– Sunglasses (the glow off a snowbank could and will ruin an otherwise-perfect shot if you allow it).
2. Hunting Equipment
Obviously, because you are hunting, you will have a list of equipment to bring along with you.
– Your state issued hunting tags.
– Your weapon of choice.
– Additional ammunition, arrowheads, or bolts.
– Gun cleaning kit/spare bowstring.
– Knife and a sharpener.
– Binoculars.
– Rangefinder.
– Meat saw (if you plan to do all the work in the field).
3. Miscellaneous Items
Of course, depending on how long you plan to be out for, you may want to pack additional items. Also, depending on any personal medical issues, you may need to pack medication.
– Food, snacks.
– Water, you don’t want to get dehydrated out there!
– Standard first-aid package.
– As always, it is a good idea to carry a map and a compass.
– Matches and a butane lighter.
– Emergency blanket.
– Satellite phone.
Having the necessary gear to hunt and keep you warm on your day hunt is going to make your day much more successful. I hope this checklist of the ultimate hunting gear for winter is helpful to you. If there is anything particular concerning that you foresee having potential complications, do what you need to be ready! Preparedness is vital! Make sure that your vehicle, tools, as well as GPS, remain in excellent working condition. Make sure that when you are storing your hunting gear that it is properly kept, if you need them, you want it to work. Fire-starting products, medications, as well as first-aid products need to be in waterproof containers.

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