The Rohm and Haas Company first designed Kydex. They are a manufacturer that operated in the aircraft industry sector. In the later 1960’s, manufacturers began to recognize that they could make Kydex polycarbonate sheets in various forms. By warming the sheets of Kydex and then molding it around different forms, it could be of use for different things, including Kydex holsters.

Kydex, LLC was born before the beginning of the 21st century. The term Kydex has become the catchall common name for plastic holsters. An intriguing fact is that some businesses market Kydex holsters, but they are not using Kydex. Something to remember if you buy a Kydex holster, all holsters are not equal because there are different grades available.

Most materials rate differently. Kydex is no different; there are different grades available. Currently, Kydex produces over 40 different kinds of polycarbonate sheets. Each type of Kydex will have its own cost. Some Kydex will be low-cost plastics. This type of Kydex comes from re-grind or recycled qualities of a sheet. This results in lower-cost items with reduced performance standards.

There are three elements which affect Kydex sheets’ quality: density, grain, and capacity to hold up against temperature. 2 types of Kydex sheets are the most preferred with businesses that make gun holsters or even knife sheaths are Kydex T and also Kydex 100. Kydex 100 is a superior product for thermoforming. It is incredibly tough as well as sturdy, and provides exceptional formability, rigidness. It also offers resistance to breaking, chemicals, and high-temperature.

Kydex will last longer than other, more affordable plastics. It is unlikely to harm your firearm, regardless of how many times you draw and replace your weapon. To create a Kydex holster, manufacturers will heat a sheet of plastic. Then it molds to the desired shape; then the excess material gets cut off. Producing a Kydex holster is a labor-intensive procedure that requires strict quality control. It also requires accurate temperature level as well as it has to cool down correctly.

Holsters can create wear and tear to the finish of your weapon. This is the main issue that proprietors of Kydex holsters have. Kydex manufacturers must place the Proper stress on the detail areas of the gun; this will help to ensure less wear on your firearm. When the tool matches and forms to the holster properly, quality Kydex holsters will hardly ever provide finish wear.

Here at Muddy River Tactical, our Kydex holsters are hand-made in the United States. All the products we use are made in America. With our attention to detail, we believe our Kydex holsters are the best on the market. We stand behind our products 100%. Contact us today, and we can get started making a holster for you!

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