Leather holsters have been a favorite for centuries and are just as popular today as they were in old west times. It takes a truly talented craftsman to hand make a leather holster of quality that will last for years. One of the biggest advantages of leather holsters is the fact that they require very little maintenance.
The quality and attention to detail is something people notice as soon as you pick up the holster. Here at Muddy River Tactical, we take care from start to finish, from the stitching to the edges. True leather craftsmanship is getting harder and harder to find this day in age as the older generation of leather workers are fading out.
At Muddy River Tactical we make both inside the waistband leather as well as outside the waistband leather holsters (which are coming soon!). We strictly use 100% Natural Top Quality Water Buffalo Leather to make all of our leather holsters. This water buffalo leather has many properties which make it ideal for making holsters. This includes the softness of the leather, but yet is still strong. And the natural oils in the leather make them require very little to no maintenance. For maintenance, use a good quality leather condition very lightly about once every six months.
When we make a leather holster, we make them so that there is a very short “break-in” period when you get the holster. All you have to do to break it in is to place the firearm in the holster and wear for a day or two in the position you plan to carry the firearm. This allows the leather holsters to not only mold to your gun but to also mold to your body for optimal fit and comfort!
Some companies on the market still “hard” mold their leather holsters. But in our opinion, they are only adding disadvantages by doing it that way. When you hard mold a leather holster it creates hard edges (much like the form of a Kydex holster). Those hard edges make the holster not as comfortable to wear. Most people that are looking for leather holsters are looking for comfort, quality, and craftsmanship. If you take the comfort away, you have lost your most significant advantage of owning a leather holster.
Like all the products we offer, our full line of water buffalo leather holsters come with our Lifetime Warranty. If you are looking for a leather holster give one of ours a try and see the difference everyone is talking about!

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  1. Received my soft leather IWB for my
    Sig 238. Perfect fit. Looks great. Made by true craftsman. Comfortable. Best customer service I’ve ever experienced. Tks Kevin

  2. Just got my tuckable leather IWB for my Bersa Thunder….looks great. Rugged but lots of give. Got the mag holder as well and very glad I did.

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