If you are like us, you are a firearm enthusiast, and you have multiple handguns in your safe at home. Is there ever an excuse necessary to buy a new gun? While I am fully onboard with love for firearms and collecting them, I also am a huge advocate of proper training for your daily EDC firearm. This firearm should be your primary focus when you go through any sort of training, be it a class or at the range.
Now, this does not mean in any shape or form that I don’t shoot my other firearms regularly or that you shouldn’t. So please, don’t take it that way. Why do we carry concealed? As with most people, when I am carrying concealed, I am carrying my firearm to be able to protect myself and my family. This is why I advocate using your daily EDC firearm as your primary focus of training. Should you train with your other firearms as well? Of course. You should spend time training with each firearm you expect to shoot.
If a situation should arise that you do need to use your firearm to protect yourself or your family, having the focus of your training be with your daily EDC firearm will provide you with a huge advantage over using a different firearm that you haven’t trained much with. More than likely, stress will play a huge role, and I want my actions to be a constant repetition of my practice to give me the most significant advantage possible. You want that handgun to feel like an extension of your hand and be able to perform and use that firearm as second nature.
All handguns have different features whether it be the grip, magazine release, action, trigger, or having a safety / no safety they all perform a little different. Though these differences may not seem like much, in a stressful situation it could mean the difference between life and death. What if you are in practice of shooting a Glock at the range all the time. This particular weapon has no manual safety, but what if your concealed carry gun is a 1911 or something similar with a thumb safety? The chances of you forgetting to take the manual safety off in a dangerous situation is relatively high if it is not the gun you use primarily for your training! This is why it is crucial to use your daily EDC firearm as your primary focus when you are training.
Shooting is our passion, and we shoot a lot of firearms, but we should put more rounds and practice through our daily EDC firearms on a constant basis. So when you are going to the range, or your next training class / etc. just make sure you are incorporating your primary concealed carry firearm into the rotation!
Until Next Time,
Stay Safe and Always be Prepared!

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