Shot Show 2024 was held at the Venetian Expo Center in Las Vegas from Tuesday January 23rd – Friday the 26th. For those that have never been lets paint a little picture….

The size of this Show is insane as it covers over an 18 acre area and has more than 14 miles worth of isles! This year Shot Show had around 2500 exhibitors so to say it can get a little overwhelming is an understatement! The isles and booths are almost completely full all day long as everyone tries to navigate through everything there is to see.

As you all know, the Shot Show is only open to those in the firearms and firearms related industries. It allows everyone to go see what is coming out in the market and let these businesses build relationships with each other to help everyone grow! Now more than ever in this industry is the time we all need to stick together!

A few highlights from Shot Show 2024 for us as a Holster Company

Daniel Defense H9

Daniel Defense release there first pistol to the market and they call it the Daniel Defense H9. This gives it the feel of a 1911 platform but with easy maintenance and shooting of a striker fired pistol.

First impressions when picking the pistol up was that is feels very good in your hand. It has great grips and a long beaver tail which allows you to grip the pistol high for better control. The H9 pistol is optic ready and has a 3 slot rail for any lights or lasers of your choice.

The trigger is one that will take some getting used to, however I think will perform very well. The trigger blade safety is hinged from bottom so it just has a different feel than you may be used to. After dry firing it a few times though I could tell the learning curve seems like it would be quick.

One key take away we got from Daniel Defense was they are expecting huge demand for this pistol so it will be interesting to see how many you see on shelves at local gun shops in near future. The sales rep. told us that they are telling employees even that it may be a year before employees can get them.

We did get in touch with the marketing guys while at the Daniel Defense booth. They are going to try to get us one sent out ASAP so that we can 3d scan and engineer our holsters for the H9. So fingers crossed you will be able to get a Muddy River Tactical holster for it in the near future!


You can check it out at Daniel Defense website:

Canik TTI Combat

Taran Tactical Innovations and CANiK are proud to partner to bring you the CANiK TTI Combat. Built on a completely new polymer frame designed by Taran Butler, the TTI Combat brings a one-of-a-kind performance package to the CANiK lineup. This sleek design is built by the best, for the best, and includes all the features a world champion like Taran Butler needs for success. Both internally and externally, the TTI Combat delivers uniquely aggressive grip texturing, a ported and fluted barrrel, the first CANiK compensator, a diamond cut flat-face 90 degree break trigger, TTI +3 magazine base pads, a newly designed slide release, an optics cut that even allows for a low profile seating of the MECANIK line of optics as well as the Trijicon SRO and many others, and travel hard case. To finish off this collectable package we’ve included a handsome collaboration coin to commemorate our lasting partnership. This partnership has created a truly superior firearm!

We have a great relationship with the Canik marketing department so holsters for this model will be coming soon!

Rost Martin RM1C Pistol

Introducing the RM1C from Rost Martin – the premier offering from the newest American-made firearms manufacturing company headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

The RM1C in 9mm challenges the standard for striker-fired compact pistols and offers an innovative approach in supplying the most desirable features for the most competitive price of $459 MSRP.

Sporting high-level details usually reserved for custom pistols, the RM1C features a 4” hammer-forged barrel, aggressive front and rear slide serrations, ambidextrous mag release, and a smooth, light five-pound trigger pull with a clean break and a short reset. Non-glare top slide serrations combat eye fatigue and allow for quicker sight picture clarity. The low bore axis paired with the hammer-forged barrel provides superior accuracy out-of-the-box and improves muzzle control. The tough Tenifer® treated slide provides anti-corrosion properties and is ultra-durable, fighting against wear and tear and varying weather conditions.

The pistol comes optic-ready with a metal RMR plate for enhanced ease of rounds on target. The RM1C accepts all other popular optic footprints, and the additional metal plates for the most popular red dot sights will be available on the Rost Martin website. The RM1C also accepts all popular pistol lights on the full three-slot Picatinny rail.

Ergonomically advanced, the RM1C features the signature Rost Martin Responsive Grip Texturing, or RGT. It’s a proprietary graduated laser stippling designed to respond, or “grip back,” to the amount of grip pressure exerted by the shooter for an incredibly secure yet comfortable fit.

The RM1C is engineered and built for longstanding durability and reliability you can trust, backed by the Rost Martin lifetime warranty.

Carrying 15+1 with a flush mag or 17+1 with the extended mag, the RM1C is the premier compact pistol in its class and represents a formidable product introduction from Rost Martin.

The owners of this company were super cool and it was a pleasure meeting them! They are sending us this new pistol as soon as they return from the Shot Show so that we can make sure you can get Muddy River Tactical Holsters for the new Rost Martin pistols!

You can check them out on Rost Martin Website:

Trends in pistols during this years Shot Show

Overall, this year there was not a big amount of ” new ” designed or pistols brought to market. Over the last 3-4 years there has been a huge amount of new models drop from all manufactures. This year seems to be a catch up year and just refine a few models for most of the manufactures in the pistol market.

The biggest trend we saw with all pistol manufactures this year was expanding into more compensated versions of the handguns. For the concealed carry market I personally do not think that is a big deal, however for range pistols they can make the shooting experience better for sure!

In recent years it seems though that these manufactures are releasing pistols through the whole year, instead of in the past where every new pistol was released at Shot Show! I personally think that is a good thing as it keeps innovation always moving forward instead of waiting on a once a year release!

Overall, Shot Show 2024 did not disappoint and Muddy River Tactical as a Holster Company got a lot of good contacts and relationships built that will benefit our customers as well as the industry!