Podcast Episode 3 – Family Owned Holster Company Explained!

Family Business Explained! Transcript of the Podcast is below is you would rather read. This is a auto generated transcript so we apologize for any grammer, spelling, or any other errors that may be present! Episode 3 – Mrs. Muddy River   Welcome back to the Muddy River Tactical podcast. This is episode three and […]

Podcast Episode 1 – Start of Muddy River Tactical

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jx4T4smQjAE The transcribed version is below if you would rather read it… **This is computer transcribed, so we apologize for grammar / errors** Welcome to episode one of the Muddy River Tactical podcast. We work for Muddy River Tactical in Platte City Missouri and in our opinion,  we make some of the best holsters on […]

Walther PD380

The Walther PD380 is a double action / single action pistol cambered in 380acp. This is the newest addition to the Walther line-up and sports some Walther PDP like features! SPECS MODEL: 5050508CALIBER: .380 ACPCOLOR: BLACKSLIDE MATERIAL: STEELFRAME MATERIAL: POLYMEROVERALL LENGTH: 6.48″SLIDE LENGTH: 6.32″WIDTH: 1.24″HEIGHT: 5.15″BARREL LENGTH(TWIST): 3.7″ (1/10)SIGHT RADIUS: 6.43″WEIGHT WITH EMPTY MAGAZINE: 20.6 […]

Shot Show 2024 Overview!

Shot Show 2024 was held at the Venetian Expo Center in Las Vegas from Tuesday January 23rd – Friday the 26th. For those that have never been lets paint a little picture…. The size of this Show is insane as it covers over an 18 acre area and has more than 14 miles worth of […]