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Episode 3 – Mrs. Muddy River


Welcome back to the Muddy River Tactical podcast. This is episode three and we are gonna call this one Mrs Muddy and you guys figure out why here in a few minutes. You guys are in for a treat today. So as always I am the host Kyle Mason. I do a little engineering that kind of stuff here at Muddy River Tactical. To my left I’ve got Brett, not in his normal chair today because we have a special guest and Brett runs our gun shop. Across from me, we got my brother, president, CEO, the man in charge, mister Kevin Mason. And then sitting next to him in Brett’s spot. We’ve got Brett’s boss. Mrs Muddy River Tactical, Julie Mason welcome to the show Julie Thank you. So how hard was it for Kevin to talk you into coming here today? It was pretty easy Pretty easy. She’s a talker, she’ll ease her way into this but by the end of it she’ll be going I promise you. She’s been quiet right now.


Here I’ll give you a softball right now. So you like to give Brett a hard time about being his boss. So, Brett is an employee like how is Brett as an employee for you? Uh he’s pretty insubordinate. This needs a lot of direction. Yeah. I write them up but he rips them up and I will sign them first. So I promise you that. I will sign it. So how did that all come about? How did you come about being Brett’s boss? I was actually working for Kevin at the time before I went to school and we were in the new building. Are moving into the new building. And Kevin said that I was gonna share an office with Brett. Well Brett one day goes well where’s she gonna go when we go up to the new building. Well she’s gonna be your boss. She’s gonna sit right next to you so ever since, now they’re like uh she didn’t work for us very long after that. I’m just putting that out there so they’re not like peas and carrots like forest and Jenny then? No. Working with a spouse is a weird thing anyways and you can ask her about that situation. So Kevin at work like for the people at home that might be listening, what’s Kevin like at work? Because I’m sure my wife would say very similar things about me but good to hear about somebody other than yourself for a change. Yeah We can’t work together. We figured that out pretty quick. He has some nicknames for me and I get in my feelings a little bit because when he’s in work mode, so I’ll just get this part over with I call her thug baby. Thug baby. Okay Because she wants to act like she’s a gangster like she just got off a life sentence, prison sentence and that she’s all tough and bad and running her mouth to Brett and everybody. And then as soon as we leave she’ll start whining to me. No Do you think Brett really meant that? He calls me thug baby emotional gangster. Yes Because when I’m in public or when I’m at home he says I’m an emotional gangster. Yeah Then when she’s not in public outside of that you’d think she is tupac or something. Yeah Well she definitely kind of flexes it sometimes.


So one thing I gotta clear up for the audience this is called Mrs Muddy Rivers episode three Now, before we get emails from people whether they be, you know, have salon stylists or you know waitresses at Texas Roadhouse. This is not an open application for Mrs Muddy River. This is about Mrs Muddy River who already took the spot. Yes I’m not looking for a wife on the bachelor or something at the moment. So it’s not like catching Kelsey or none of that. No not today catching kills. Not officially. Let’s put that out there. You didn’t even take the bait on that one. You’d left that one go and just kept on swimming didn’t you? Oh my blood pressure. It’s a little bit up. I’m good I’m good.


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So let’s get into this. Julie tell us a little bit about yourself like how do you grow up, you know where, what do you do now with those kind of things? Uh born and raised in Platte City right here where our business is. And only child, mom and dad married all my life. Dad’s always ran a plumbing business up until he came to work for Kevin. He got tired of the plumbing industry if you will. You worked there too didn’t you? I did I worked for my dad for a little bit out of high school until I decided the medical field. My mom was always in the medical field so I kinda decided I wanted to go into the medical field. But Yeah I worked for dad for a little bit in the plumbing business and that’s really my story growing up. I mean we never really were rich if you will but we were I never really needed or wanted for anything either. My dad was always a super hard worker. But being an only child was kinda lonely. My mom was diagnosed with cancer when I was eighteen so that kinda changed my early or a late added adolescence early adult years. And kinda made you grow up a little bit faster to doing that. And Kevin and I had kinda similar upbringing you know not that any of us were poor or anything but you know none of us were the rich kids at school. Which like we’ve talked about before it’s you know kind of the common misconception.


So you guys have started off, uou guys had Jordan pretty young. Yes. How old is Jordan now? He is sixteen. Sixteen Yeah We’re twenty one. So Jordan at the point now to you where he’s finding himself out in the workforce and we’ll get into more of this later and you know teaching them you know the right way and where you gotta work your way up and get your experience just like all of us did. Exactly. And with perception and stuff of his dad owning a business  that’s successful and stuff like that, we just wanna make sure we keep our kids rooted and grounded with work ethic and stuff. And the other thing about perspective we talked about it on the other one so muddy river in general, but with her dad, everybody in Platte City knows the Edlins from Edlin Plumbing to whatever, so we dealt with that personally too. Well Edlin Plumbing gave us the building. Edlin Plumbing did this. So I think the personal was on both sides would you agree? Sure Yeah Definitely. It’s always been a perception that we started with somebody giving us something to get us up and going. And from an outsider I can see how they think that because Kevin has went and just dominated the same way and grew it from nothing out of your garage into, you know not that we’re one of the biggest holster companies. But I am extremely proud and I know you are. You know our parents are I mean, the stuff he’s done does not seem feasible to people. You know they think the only way to get there is throwing money at it and he’s done it you know the old fashioned American way. You know self made from the start. So I can see where people get that but it’s just not the case. Not at all Not at all. He is truly built it a hundred percent from the ground up.


So when you’re growing up you’re talking about your dad and running the plumbing company, your mom was in medical field. Did you have anybody in your family that did any hunting, any shooting anything like that?  I had an uncle and my grandpa. When my grandpa was younger but I’m my dad was never, he was always a sports fanatic. He never really did the hunting fishing. Um, every once in a while I guess we would go and fish when my grandparents who had a lake house down at Pomme de Terre but I never really got to do the whole hunting fishing scene until I met Kev. So once you got into that, what were your thoughts initially like oh my god what did I get into here? Or you find yourself enjoying it? I actually really liked it especially the first time he taught me how to shoot a bow. That was fun. Alright That was that was more my jam than the gun thing at first and it didn’t take you very long to kill your first deer either I mean he got you kind of up and running pretty quick. He did. He did same thing with our kids We didn’t waste any time. So how was that experience Kevin? With her?


Yeah Well funny story about her the first time. Was this before or after you shot your first deer? I’ll tell a story and then we’ll don’t know if it was right before she shot her first deer after, we’re at the farm which we have a family farm in Boliver me and Kyle’s farm in Boliver left to us by our grandparents. Or Grant Paul, uh eighty acres down there. Anyways, Kyle goes down there way more than I do now. But when me and Julie first got together, took her down there deer hunting and I forgot what it was. A deer came across and I’m like okay. Yeah she gets it on there and she’s like the gun won’t shoot. Like what do you mean the gun won’t shoot? So she’s swearing to god the gun won’t shoot. I’m like well take the safety off. Was a Remington seven hundred bolt action gun I did and it won’t shoot. So I gave her a whole bunch of shit about that. Do you remember this? Yes Was this before or after your first deer? That was my first deer. K And she’s sitting on the lane where the deer go. No She is on the tree stand. Okay I thought you’re on the right side. Went across her fairly fast and it’s gone. But the funny thing is that night, Jordan was little so I think that night she didn’t go. She stayed at the house with Jordan or something and I was gonna shoot a deer, same gun. The damn thing wouldn’t shoot. So then I felt like an asshole because I was telling her I was like there ain’t no way the damn thing don’t shoot. To this day I still don’t use that gun. I still don’t know what’s wrong with it but it’ll shoot sometimes with the safety off and sometimes it won’t and it it’s weird. So I just never did it. But I think Remington’s had that issue. No Safety recall it if it was an opportunity I probably just need to do it. If you knew somebody with a gun shop you could probably have that repaired you know? Thirty dollars. Sometimes I think Kevin has a recall too. My maintenance guy is not the best at recalling stuff sometimes. For those of you that don’t know how it refers Brett as a maintenance guy in everything it don’t matter if it’s at the shop or at the house. I’ve got the skid steer last time I was like well my maintenance guy hasn’t changed the oil in quite a while so I don’t know what it is at.


Real quick people will appreciate this. Tell them about having to be rescued from your skid steer. Okay and this goes back to I give Brett a lot of shit but he is always there when I call. So Julie was working. She works nights on the ambulance. So she works six to seven, six or seven depending on what truck she is at night till six or seven in the morning. So the kids are old enough at home where they can watch themselves. I’m working in the woods making deer plots and stuff because our six year old’s all into hunting. So I’m on the skid steer knocking over trees, just tearing stuff up to make a new food plot. Well one of the trees limbs fell off and came and hit the skid steer. It’s like the beeper or something on top of the door. Well bent it down where I could not open the skid steer door. It’s a john deere skid steer so it’s not one that rolls up inside, it’s gotta open outwards. So I’m sitting there for like thirty minutes and granted on our farm we zero service about ninety nine percent of the time. So I can’t get out of this thing I’m literally driving this kid steer around trying to get service. Because I’m stuck in the damn skid steer and it’s at this time, it was still muddy wasn’t it. No It was it was about to storm. Yes And we had to get it done before it started raining. For some reason I couldn’t get back to the house. Like I couldn’t go to the house and honk the horn like you got deep bridges and when it gets muddy it is slicker than snow. It’s either muddy or a tree I don’t know. Whatever. So I called him he had to come rescue me out of my own skid steer, pop the emergency door off of it for me to crawl out at what eight thirty at night. And then it starts raining. So then we’re trying to get the door back on the skid steer at nine o’clock and you’re telling me the door doesn’t just go back on. Those are like single use. It’s a single use pin but my guy over here got it back on. You got it back on. Don’t worry. Okay Yeah Alright. So good times.


So with that being said, Kevin he is out on route driving for pure air one day. Get stuck in an ice storm, in a hotel room down in Boliver Missouri, trying to find a holster for this gun can’t find one whatever and he decided he’s gonna start making his own holsters. Yep Not selling them not a business. When he tells you he’s gonna start ordering stuff so he can make a fifty dollar holster what are you thinking? The the worst part not to cut her off but the worst part is when I first started, it was those little wallets. Remember they had the kydex wallet. Oh yeah. Yep so I didn’t think I was gonna be good enough to make a holster I was looking at trying to figure it out by okay I’ll start and make a wallet first. So all the first stuff I made remember those first little fold over wallets was that actually the first thing? And I sold one of them to Jonathan Thompson. Mhmm That still comes in a gun shop and stuff to this day. That was twenty fourteen, twenty fifteen or something. Okay So he’s making wallets and he and well all of us at the time are working sixty hours a week plus. So he’s working sixty hours a week and he’s like guess what babe I’m gonna start making holsters. After work, with young kids in the house and with you working too. So how did that all kind of play out? Well, he had I always knew when we met that I knew right out of the gate he was gonna be an entrepreneur at something. We had done some trial and error. He had done lawn care for a little while. He did a cleaning business, like commercial cleaning business for a little while. Nothing was really like taking off per say. Well there’s nothing that I had anything passionate about. Exactly. It was I had to or I to get something up and going. So when this came about, I was like, I mean I thought he was dumb. I was like she still thinks I’m dumb by the way for those of you that are questioning this. I just can never see this being something that have such a big market if you will that would ever support a family. I mean he was making really good money and had good benefits and he was having to work so many hours, being gone in a hazmat truck, always worried like with the weather conditions and stuff if he were to wreck. And not to interrupt you but for like he said we were delivering oxygen These trucks had to go every day. This isn’t an Amazon package when it iced we had to drive. We had to drive no matter what. His grandma’s gotta go to her doctor’s appointments. If a truck doesn’t get there she can’t go out. You know I mean people’s lives are on the line doing this. So super high stress gotta be there on time. Hundred percent.


And to be fair, during this time these holsters weren’t big. No This wasn’t a huge market yet. No and he just started right at the right time. However I will say that I’ve heard several people. I know not you guys obviously but I’ve heard several people may say, he just started he found his niche and he just started it at the right time and got lucky with politics and things like that. And yes to a small extent, but failure is not an option to Kevin Mason. And so going four years without ever taking or drawing a penny from the business, um, hours I don’t even think you went to one of our youngest doctor’s appointments when I was pregnant and he never even made it to a doctor’s appointment. I was there for the birth obviously. Other than that I wasn’t. An on that quote if you go in my office to this day it’s still hanging there But there’s a sign that’s very true and I look at it literally every day ninety seven percent of people that quit are employed by the three percent that never gave up. And that’s what it don’t matter if it’s this business or anything. There is always luck I’m not gonna say we weren’t lucky in some ways. But persistence and the drive to keep going through all that is what. Well the luck will make it work The luck part is there at the beginning but after that when something would knock you down luck doesn’t pick you back up. Right So and that’s happened if more than a handful of times. You know so, luck isn’t gonna fix all those so that’s gotta be you. Or the people around get offense to that. Like in a small way when people say that because I’m like, yeah the luck getting it something that stuck and something worked, but it was nothing Yeah. Short of luck after that Yeah there was a lot of sacrifice. And so I think my protective nature kicks in when people say oh yeah he was lucky and he just he found the right niche and it was the right time in politics and everything else. And that’s not true.


Well and the work part that I can speak to because I wasn’t here but you know obviously being his brother I saw a lot of it is, Christmas, every family gathering Kevin’s hold on, my phone’s ringing. Yep and he’s going still to this day with customers answering emails. And that was twenty four seven. Twenty four seven three hundred and sixty five days a year no matter where in the country. Yep Or out of the country We went on trips together, and he can’t stop. We we’re all in Jamaica just what how long ago that was all of us here were in Jamaica and it never stops and that’s the thing about business is. To me it’s just normal. Like, I don’t know any different. Like if I had a job where I worked six to three and never had to worry about anything else, I would not feel complete it’s not my DNA to stop that long. And to a lot of people that’s great. But to me it’s just never been that. Yeah and I think you can say what you want family histories and stuff and I’m not this isn’t the best. Anybody in my family and anybody else’s family but in general, I tell people all the time I do not idle well. Kevin does not idle well. So if you see us on the beach somewhere I’m not looking for seashells or going around I can’t sit. So the same thing with working, I’m texting him on the weekends, hey have you thought about this for the podcaster? Hey look at this we could do this on our holsters and he’s geared towards that where we’ve taken some of our family history. We’ve had a lot of people with alcoholism and gambling issues, members of our family have had that and we’ve recognized that but instead of going that route we find you know miraculously funneled it into productive things. And made the most out of that. But, that’s just Kevin and he’s gotta have something driving him all the time because if he doesn’t he’ll go crazy. It’s a hundred percent spot on and like both of you, I feel like you guys had a father figure that gave you guys one way to look at things or another way to look at things and you guys completely took the opposite road. For both of you I know your dad has passed away, rest in peace by all means, but I think you guys just took life and looked at it through a totally different lens.


Well and this is not to bash our dad at all but you know and it’s a lot of, uh, fathers especially from those days. I can’t remember a baseball or basketball game that he was ever at that I remember. No When I was playing Little league he coached the team for a few years but in high school, I know he never came to one of your football games. Like none of my basketball games, track meets and it was different but he will tell the story of our grandpa who was hard in himself but T O never told dad one time that he was proud of him. They loved him but like when we’d go over there it’d be, alright grandpa I’ll see you later. Love you. He’d be like yep Okay. Like that was just gradfathers. There was no emotion to either one of them. So you know coming from that like he did make progress and he got softer the older he got when he was starting to get sick and when the grandkids started coming around and stuff. So you know not the bachelor at all It’s just everybody grows up different. I don’t feel like he had quite the work tenacity that you boys had either. And the you guys are so self driven. Well and that’s hat how he was. I think, to a lot of ways benefited me because instead of where you came from it’s what you make out of something. For sure. Our grandpa, his dad never gave him nothing. So he just went with that. You know, if anything gives me more motivation, running a business. I can’t be there I mean, I don’t miss their games and stuff. Not at all. But I can’t be there for every school thing. You know there’s stuff I am gonna miss but I’m there for the important things, but it’s the taking care of them and the fine line of giving them more than what we had but not enough to spoil them I guess, would be the best way to put it.


From an outsider looking in on this conversation, both of you knowing both of you, you treat emotions completely different than I think you both grew up.  Does that make sense? Whether the material items you give them things or not, that’s not the point. It’s the emotional point right now. Like, you guys are there for your kids. No matter what. Yes. And that’s always happened. Two of the best dads I’ve ever met in my life. And again just knowing my father-in-law knowing their dad and what they grew up with, my mother-in-law and I talk about this all the time. You two are the most hardworking, honest, loyal, faithful men I’ve ever met in my life. Well even from a business standpoint, I mean we’re talking about older and this was when dad was sick. He never once came up to muddy river tackle ever right. Never like Brett’s been there for a long time Brett never seen him. Nope. You know he has never. And I’m not even mad about it but you know it’s just a different character type of thing. Right. You said it and it’s funny because dad when he would tell that story about TO never said he was proud of him. They were going coyote hunting one morning and they’d stopped at whatever truck stop to get biscuits and gravy and dad went to the restroom and he said he came back and grandpa couldn’t see him coming. He’s like yeah my boy he’s getting pretty good at you know hunting and shooting now and he’s finally. And then he’s caught sight of dad coming up and he completely changed his mind.


Yeah. So you know I think there’s some remnants of that but it’s like the same thing. I talked to dad about how you’re doing and he’s like I hope you talked to Kevin. I was like oh yeah and he was like well he’s doing real good isn’t he? So he would say it to other people but I think it was weird for him to be like oh I’m really proud of you. Right. For me, I don’t say it all the time but especially before I worked here, I talked to Kevin on his birthday and just be like I am proud of you, you’re killing it . I can’t know believe it and you know not to be sappy or whatever but it’s good to let people know that. Absolutely.


So we’re talking about family and everything. So Kevin’s starting this business and putting in these hours you’ve gotta have concerns for your family, your marriage, your kids. What are you thinking? Right now is like just the amount of time that’s getting put into this and you know trying to balance everything. Yeah I mean we went through phases in times where I didn’t even know if we would be able to withstand a storm. I mean, you go from spending the kind of time that we got to spend together to almost overnight having to take a sixty hour work week and I mean damn near double it. He was getting maybe like three, four hours of sleep in a twenty four hour period maybe. Then just not being involved with a lot of things, not because he didn’t want to but because he literally couldn’t. And being young I was still in my twenties had some immaturity there as well. Oh without a doubt my maternal instinct was like how dare you not be a part of things like your dad was with you. We’ve always promised we wouldn’t do that with our kids and looking back on it, I’m so grateful we locked arms and got through it. It was some of the toughest time of our marriage and it definitely tried us, but I think it ultimately made stronger too because now we went from. I mean I hate to use this terminology because we like to live a pretty humble life but you go from rags to riches. And you now that we’re in that phase where we’ve gotten through that daunting hard time of building and grooming a business and putting everything and every moment he had into it. We now get to benefit, go on vacations, he can take a day off and we can go spend it together while our kids are in school and stuff that we could never do before.


And you say that too but you’re still humble and rooted and I know there’s a lot of them that never get talked about but the things you guys do under the table that’s not the charity for Instagram and it’s not look at us but the amount of people you help like somebody you know may have had a situation and they needed a hand up. Working people that don’t qualify for assistance but you know they find themselves behind on something I’ve know a few of them and I’m not gonna you know speak direct to that but you’ve helped a lot of people along the way and it’s not for social media, it’s not for likes, it’s not for clicks. It’s out of the goodness of your heart. Hundred percent. That’s a thing that we do and don’t want anybody to know. You know there’s companies that say, well we’ll do it if you put our name on it. We don’t want that. We don’t even want Kevin and Julie on it let alone muddy river. I mean there was times when we asked people for help you know, so everybody goes through those times and it’s just, money does not fix anything. If you’re a good person, you’re a good person whether you got money or not. This business to me was never about the money.


Going back to like the kids being young, I’ve missed more stuff when Jordan more than any was young because that’s when it was really starting. In Jenna some. Jake’s the youngest. He’s been on the end of getting all the attention because we’ve made it through some of that. But you know, gave up when they are young but now I can be more present now than I ever could have been because if I was still in a truck today, it would still be the same scenario. And that was my biggest thing when I left pure air I got rid of my CDL completely. It’s like I’m not getting back in the truck. It’s not worth the time away from your family .Um you know being gone and it it’s dangerous too being out there on the road all the time with accidents and weather and all that. Bu you know I’m at the point in my life where getting up at two thirty three in the morning and working until eight at night. It’s you know being at home with the kids I would cut stuff, I would sell my truck, I would do stuff before I would go back to live in that life if that’s what it came down to you. I think we kinda made the same commitment when he came off the road when no looking back. Failure wasn’t an option. The time when Rick gently pushed me out there was no going back in my mind already. And once I make up my mind it’s kinda all or nothing. So those were probably the harder years than what the first two or three were. Because at that point, you’re pushed down on this so to speak, you don’t have anything else to rely on. So the drive and motivation that you have and I still have to this day is I never what I want to go back to where I came from. Not that I came from somewhere bad. It was a great job but I don’t want to go back to that. So whether we need to push more or not, I’m always pushing and then hiring people.


Brett takes care of the gun shop and I don’t worry about that. You take care of the guys and the molds, now I don’t have to worry about that. Sarah, which my wife’s on here now but everybody calls things Sarah is my wife. So those listening, when you call you’re talking to Sarah and she’s not my wife It’s actually my wife’s friend though. But best friend. So she’s like step Mrs Muddy River then. Yeah well Texas Roadhouse is in between there. Hey we’re taking the application. Yeah everybody needs a good step Mommy. Hey I’m glad Julie is sitting on this side of the table so she can’t hit me. I’ll throw darts at you. But you get to a point where you can hire people to take some of that stress because before I had any of you guys including Brett, that was the stress I already have on top of all that other stuff. It’s more than what one person can do and manage efficiently. Oh absolutely.


And I remember and I’m sure you did, you know back to my conversations with you before I came on board. I could tell you would be so stressed out about a lot of this stuff and I said Kevin you are going to have to get to the point and I know this is your livelihood you’ve put so much time effort, blood, sweat, tears and money into this thing, but you are gonna have to get to the point if you’re gonna survive, you’re gonna have to bring people you can trust and hand off these things. Not that you’re ever gonna be completely out but you cannot take every one of the phone calls anymore and you cannot worry about ordering every piece of Kydex anymore and you cannot try and you know get every gun. And honestly the phone calls was the hardest part because I did it for so long and looking back I don’t know how I did it because Brett can attest to this even as much as Julie can, I mean we’d be doing something at eight o’clock at night and I’d answer the phone. Well and people were shocked that I’d answer it but the problem was if I didn’t answer it then the next day I had so many calls. There’s no way I would have a chance to call those people back. You’ll forget about them, I forget. And that sounds terrible but my phone rang from the time I got up to the time I went to bed. I mean how many nights do I even now I put my phone on silent because it will ring three o’clock in the morning like people think you’re really gonna answer the phone. And I’m not even sure that they think you’re gonna answer it as much as they might think at the landline and they’re leaving a voicemail for you to call them back. So we have phones forwarded all the time. Because like someone myself I work overnight so a lot of times that is when I try to get stuff done overnight, because I sleep during the day. It’s constant. It never stops. The emails and the phone calls. We’ve got family members and friends and former coworkers and like when I talked to him they’re like how’s Kevin doing? I try and call him and I don’t get through. And I was like, if you realize how much that phone rings, how many text messages and emails it is not for lack of wanting to call you back or whatever but you know you try and give them the axe but people don’t realize just the sheer volume when your phone rings that much. And now we’ve switched to Sarah who still answers the phone during the day you know, nine to four whatever, answers the phone. We try to switch a lot of stuff to email, and I know for some people that called forever it was a hard switch because they’re used to talking to somebody. But as Brett said if I talk to you at eight o’clock at night, the problem can’t always be taken care of or not even a problem but something you need is always taken care of because in my mind I couldn’t keep track of all that. I mean nobody can. So now with emails and still to this day, answer emails. We’re going to bed and I’ll be answering emails, I mean I answer emails all night long but that’s easier to manage than phone calls. Because we can be sitting there watching a movie doing family stuff and still. Or I can be having a full blown conversation with him and then I ask him a question at the end and he’s like, What’d you say? Yep Uh-huh Probably should email them Well if she’d get on this email train she’d get the same customer service support at We’ll get back to you in three days Yeah.


So to compound we added the gun shop. And when we went full time after COVID what two and a half three years ago, phone calls doubled. Absolutely very quickly and we still get them to this day. So the hardest part about the gun shop is it’s a separate deal. We talked about on the other episodes, people still want to talk to me for whatever reason. I give them Brett’s number which is a gun shop number. Well as far as internet presence go, the gun shop’s Muddy River Tactical too which in hindsight maybe should have been something else. But the problem is we share the same address so Google would have still put them together. So we get calls that are not even holster calls or local service calls for transfers or AMO or whatever which come through all night long too or he gets calls all day for the holster stuff. So that’s been the hardest part and it’s still kind of a battle trying to separate that and there’s just not a good way because the presence that muddy river tactical has as a whole on the internet takes you to the holster side. Even for the locals. We’re getting big enough, the landline is probably gonna get more realistic. Yeah where you’re gonna have to choose where you want to go. Right. We never thought we’ve really needed that, but it’s getting there I mean if we we’re gonna keep the phone calls up obviously. If you don’t have phone calls we’re gonna lean more towards emails And no you don’t need to go that direction right now. But yeah it’s just that weird thing for us switching to emails is a big enough jump you know but to go to a company that’s got anautomated Hey do you wanna talk to them or them, just seems weird to us because even now with emails, we’re so customer service driven that just seems off.


Yeah You’ve built the entire brand on being the best customer service. No BS lifetime guarantee. I mean some of the guarantees we get in you know, we honor them but you know there’s no way that things snap like that and you know you built the whole brand off of not messing with people because we don’t wanna turn away to one people that had the freak accident to their holster and you know ever accuse anybody being a liar. By far and large we got amazing customers but just like anything online, and I call it the Amazon world. We get holsters sent back that are not our holsters that are somebody else’s holsters so that they don’t have to pay for our holsters, we’ll also get just random items. Yeah We got a Yankee’s hat, we get stupid stuff. And for those it’s irritating but then you look at like well if they went through that much trouble and they need thirty bucks that bad, we’re gonna spend more labor time trying to fix it. They’re still gonna tell their friends that they have a muddy river holster. Whether they tell their friends they paid for it or not that’s a different story.


Funny a story about people saying they didn’t get stuff is, remember the guy this was probably right about when the gun shop opened, he sent us this email and I’ll never understand nasty emails because we’re the easiest people to work with. It’s like just tell me what happened. You don’t have to try to prove you’re mad for us to help you. But anyways that’s what he is trying to do. So okay, cool we’ll replace it. He said he never got the holster and can’t believe we’d do that to them blah blah blah blah. And we’ve done this long enough I can get a pretty good read on people. I’m still gonna take care of them because it’s not worth the hassle. We pull up his Facebook page, he has a post showing off how bad ass this Money River tactical holster is. Thirty minutes after he sends me this email about not getting it. Can’t believe we would do that to him and wanting his money back. He didn’t want another holster he wanted his money back. But that’s the type of stuff. Well I’m sure the postman came right after he hit send. Yeah right. Probably just didn’t have a chance to you know reply back to you quite yet.


Alright so going through this there’s all sorts of people and not just you know women out there but men. All sorts of spouses, their significant other has got this dream. Like what would you tell people that are the spouses or loved ones of aspiring entrepreneurs? What can they do best to support them? Like going back what would you tell yourself getting into this mess? I mean patience. You there is no way for you in this being an entrepreneur’s wife there is absolutely no way to not. I thought all along was balance and prioritizing and there’s really no way to balance it. You just have to carve time out for each other. You have to have patience with them and understanding the unbelievable amount of stress he’s under. And I feel like I’m stressed because I don’t have enough time with him or the kids don’t have enough time with him or we don’t have enough at home whatever the case may be. Is just have to understand patients like and I feel like I’ve always kind of been an impatient human being and this has taught me a level of patience I didn’t really even know that I had. But yeah I definitely feel like just supporting him. He comes home and he has a bad day or not even a bad day but maybe an extra stressful day. I used to kinda take that personal because they come home in a bad mood. Like why aren’t you happy to see me? I’ve been looking forward to seeing you all day and then you come home and you’re grumpy? He’s also learned to be a better communicator. He used to be one where he didn’t wanna dump that on me so he would just be real quiet and standoffish. And I think he realized that that is where I would in turn internalize it and think that I done something. So we just have got over the years we’ve just learned to be really good communicators when he’s stressed and overwhelmed where I don’t take it personal. He says I had a super stressful day and I’m like well tell me what happened. Then we just talk about it and he’ll bounce ideas off of me. I think I’ve gotten to the point now he bounces so many ideas off of me that when he forgets to, I get my feelings hurt.


Well I think at the beginning more so the last couple of years not so much but the beginning years, it was so stressful. Just everyday stuff but then I would tell her stuff and I could tell she was stressed about it. So in my mind I’m like it’s already more stress than one person needs. We both don’t need to wear that stress right, wrong or indifferent. You know that’s what I was thinking. Yeah And I think we just had to work through that when you’re happy and celebrating, I’m happy and radiating and when you’re stressed and down and out, I’m gonna be stressed and down and out with you. Like that’s just how we roll. We’re one person and my line of work what I do, I’ll call him in the morning on the way home after getting off shift. And he’s like how was your night and I’ll try and explain to him like, some situations or maybe some calls we ran or whatever. And even though I know he doesn’t fully grasp it I just need to like get that off of my heart too because you know it stresses me out. But him and I guess stress bond if you will. That’s the best way I can say, we stress bond.


But I think her and going back to the business stuff, I don’t care if you’re married and starting a business or if you’re a spouse, it don’t matter if it’s guy or girl, whichever side you’re on, if your spouse is not gonna support it, it’s never gonna work. Agreed. So there’s been times where we haven’t seen eye to eye but we’ve always made it through because she has been that support. I mean there’s times to this day, she don’t understand what I’m doing or why I’m doing it, but she’s supportive and doesn’t even question it anymore. No I mean I’ll get frustrated at times but I’ll even keep my frustrations to myself because I just trust the process. And I think I could say to any entrepreneur’s spouse, you just have to fasten your seat belt. If they have the drive and the grit and the tenacity to be an entrepreneur to begin with then failure is not an option, you just have to trust the process. And that’s something that I’ve learned to whole heart of lead give him is just trust. He’s never once failed us in this and I’ve had a lot of people say you know that I’m with him because he’s very successful and all this stuff. I was with him when we were didn’t have nothing but the change jingling in our pocket. You can ask Jordan to this day. And I still like it maybe we just grew up redneck enough I don’t know but mac and cheese and hot dogs and stuff like that. Oh that’s one of my favorites I would still eat it to this day. Fish sticks, Jordan’s like I’m never eating that again because that’s all we ate when I was kid. We’re so broke. I mean literally we’d get all of our bills paid and we’d have enough left to like run and grab some hot dogs some mac and cheese some ramen. And he’s like oh I can’t stand mac and cheese and hot dogs to this day because of that ate. We so much of that crap when I was little. He gets his bouginess from his mother.


Alright I got one for you here. I’ve told this to people and they do not believe it. Our mom’s got this dessert that she thinks is the best thing on earth and I hate to admit it. So someone has probably never heard of this. Have you ever heard of someone cutting a banana in half and lathering it up with miracle whip and serving it as a dessert? it is actually amazing. So you gotta try it next time. So you’re not gonna make me wanna get some on the way home? Absolutely Absolutely disgusting. I am the only one in my house that will eat them and they’re like you are so gross. It’s like you do not know what you’re missing out on. My family grew up with the down home milkshake. It’s the cornbread left over from dinner, and you just put it a cup and then you pour milk on it. Down home milk shake. Oh that sounds great. And you just eat the cornbread with a spoon and milk. I like cornbread I could probably eat that up. You know what would go real good in there,  if we had a like a Texas roadhouse roll milkshake.


Okay So let’s just go ahead. Here we go. That took longer than expected.  We went to dinner one night at Texas Roadhouse and we were sitting there and this little server comes up and she’s early twenties. And she absolutely, unequivocally without a doubt had a crush on Kevin.  She was taking my order. Any woman that’s listening to this will understand. We can pick up on female vibes a hundred percent. It’s their facial expressions, it’s their body language, She had her shoulders turned towards Kevin and she kept calling him sweetie. When I go to edit this, we’re gonna have a crazy meter on the side. It’s gonna be peaking off real quick. On behalf of Kevin I would like to thank you for pointing that out. So now he has a side chick because of you. He’s a hundred percent does. You can blame yourself for this. You still got it. So now everybody thinks it’s so funny when they like for Christmas all of our guys went in and got us a Texas Roadhouse gift card and at the St Joe location only. Yeah we have one we’re about halfway in between either the St Joe Texas Roadhouse location or the Barry Road location. And in the Christmas card it says from all your guys and staff at Muddy River this is to be used only at the St Joe location which is where this girl works. So fast forward we go to use our our gift card. We walk in and I immediately start scanning the room And I’m like nope she’s not working tonight. She even turns toward me and goes she ain’t working. Yeah So I was like we’re in the clear. And I go yeah I know, I already knew that. So we sit down we’re eating and all of a sudden he pulls up his phone. We’re in a booth and I have my back turned and we’ve got our two youngest kids with us our eleven year old and our six year old and we’re sitting there and all of a sudden Kevin’s phone comes out. And he like draws it up and I can tell he’s scared. He draws it up over my head like recording or taking a picture and my face I was like what are you doing? He’s like, she’s here. So I got a picture of her face. Do the face for the camera. I was. And I got that with the girl in the background. It is the most amazing picture ever. So then the rest of the night I spent come on baby just take a picture with her. Kids need a step mommy And yeah so that’s our joke now is that’s the kid’s step mom. So poor girl at Texas Roadhouse if you ever have a chick mean mugging you every time she walks in there, that’s probably my wife. Don’t give her a steak knife Yeah. Just a fork. We don’t need no stabby stabby going on. Just a little protective.


Alright we’re seventeen years in. So as a female and we’ll I’ve just got a few more for you then we’ll get to our viewer questions that we have, as a female, what are your thoughts on concealed carry like how do you like a concealed carry when you’re doing it? Do you have a purse that you cross draw or like what do you what do you prefer? Yeah we sell the concealed carry purses. And that’s what I typically like whenever we’re out in public like the kids and I. She’s got like the vertex is the one she has. It’s almost not even a purse it’s more like a cross body fanny pack type. Like that Lululemon style but it’s Vertex brand. He’s picked out the it’s got like a Velcro insert with an attachment that the holster kinda attaches to velcro wise and it seats really well in there. And I can still fit all my stuff in there so I do like that one. And then if I’m gonna wear an actual holster like one of ours, I like the ulti clip because I wear a lot of leggings and I don’t hardly ever wear a belt.


And do you have a favorite gun that you like to carry when you’re concealed carry? Kevin what’s that revolver you have me carrying? She’s got a j frame but she also likes the shadow system CR nine twenty which is the shadow systems forty three more or less. It fits her hand good. And I love Siggs. Yeah Sig three sixty five. Okay Those are all pretty popular ones and you know really good for especially ladies and even like guys with smaller hands. And you know my boys have shot those you know teaching them how to shoot and now something that’s not concealing carry that’s super bad ass, it just came out that kevin did a video on on YouTube. It was the Henry homesteader. I do like that gun that rifle nine millimeter rifle. I need to shoot that one. That It’s cool.


So I kinda leads us into our viewer question of the week and this is from Colin and I will not give out your last name Colin but you know who you are from Platte City Missouri. And what was the first gun you received? So like most people you know your dad or grandpa or somebody gives you a gun. And then what was the first gun that you actually purchased? And Brett I’ll kinda let you lead off on this one if you want. My first gun was when my grandpa passed away. He left me a Remington seven hundred. I apologize. Not Remington It’s a ruger two seventy That’s what it was. I still have it today. Uh first gun I bought was the Remington seven hundred two forty three. I do not have it today.That’s one of the ones I regret. So yep.


What about you Kevin? So the first gun I got was a deer rifle that our uncle Chip actually, our aunt Jan gave to me. I was probably ten or so is a two forty three Remington seven hundred, uh bolt action which is the gun that we were talking about earlier that she said would it shoot. But it’s one of those guns that I haven’t really went to fix just because it’s a gun that I’m never gonna sell because he’s passed away now but just one I’d never sell. So that’s why I haven’t really worried about it. The first gun I actually purchased, I had some different guns given to me but was actually the shield that we talked about in the first or second episode whatever it was. I bought the shield and that coyote gun the same day when I brought him home and she was really thrilled with me And an immense thug baby on me and tell me I’m an idiot and blah blah blah but it was that shield which I actually do not still have. We sold it in the gun shop when Brett said the gun shop, when we brought in guns that we had during COVID. We sold it then, our personal inventory. Which I wish I would have never because it was literally the first holsters of muddy river tactical quote unquote were off of it . But anyways, we did so that was my first.


Julie do you wanna chime in or you want me to go? Well all mine are Kevin’s because I never had I never had guns growing up because my dad was into sports. Sounds like a gold digger to me. She’s after him for his guns, the whole time I knew it. Don’t tell her about that other safe we have in the shop. What safe? Yeah Exactly. I’m not surprised.


So for me the first gun that I ever got given to me, our dad actually bought it for me. We had, I don’t know if you remember, we had that tornado go down by the farm and that big tree had put limbs everywhere in the front yard Yep. And we were down there and Kevin was young I mean and he helped but he was like, seven or eight. Like I wasn’t very old. Not quite old enough to help and I’m eleven and just getting ready to start turkey hunting It’s a spring or when whenever it was and this tornado had went through and we picked up limbs all day long made a bonfire and you know worked harder than one of the hardest days I’ve ever worked in my life picking up all these sticks and cleaning up. So dad’s like look I was gonna pay you but how about I just buy a turkey gun instead? So it’s a Remington eight seventy twelve gauge so they got that I still have but again that I’ll never sell. So that was the first gun that was ever given to me. And then the first the first kind of thing I ever bought was a savage seven millimeter mag and I was to just turned eighteen and that’s when James went down to the farm deer hunting with us I bought it the day or two before deer season opened in November. You’re the typical deer season guy. Oh yeah.


So this is actually a pretty good story. James calls me Beirut because of the story so I am eighteen I’m working at Petco making like ten bucks an hour so it was everything I had to have money for this gun plus gas money to get to the farm and then I’m gonna figure out how to eat when I get there. You have your cigarettes at that intersection, you had to have cigarettes and maybe you found some beers like on the side of the road or something like whatever. But so I didn’t have a lot of money for shells right so I bought a box of shells, the gun and thank god it already had a scope on it. And we go down and I don’t wanna shoot it at our farm where we’re gonna be hunting the next day, so my buddy James and I’m sure he’ll chime in on this but his grandma lived a few miles away. So we drive over and we’re siting it in behind her house but it’s getting dark and we’re trying to hunt the next morning. This is Friday night. We drove from Kansas City two hours, it gets dark at five thirty and it’s probably five fifteen. I’m trying to sight in this rifle. And he’s like oh I don’t have any hearing protection I’m like whatever, so I’m shooting this  and especially with that gun, shooting the seven mag and it kicks like a mule. You don’t wanna shoot it more than about twice anyway. So I’m shooting it and I cannot get this thing sighted in and it’s cold and it’s getting dark and I’m sick of shooting this thing already. I’m down to where I’ve got like five or six rounds left. So I was like well, I had it on the paper but it wasn’t really close. So this is Friday,  Saturday, don’t see anything. And that’s the day so Saturday afternoon we had went over to James’s Greenwalls place to hunt and we come back and dad is walking down the lane and dad wore solid orange overalls  when he was hunting. Well James like pulling back in and dad turns around and he’s carrying his gun and he’s got the other hand kind of down like that and there’s blood all over the front of his coveralls. In his hand he had tried to climb over the t post fence and it slipped and that t post went in.T post top went all the way in. You could see the tendons the bones and I was like dad you need to go to the hospital now. He’s like it’ll be alright He wasn’t gonna go until Helen talked him into it. Yeah we’re just idiots kids telling him to go.


Our great aunt Helen, she raised five boys on the farm and they never went to the doctor. She came over to the thing and said you need to go to the hospital now. He’s like I’ll go in the morning. So next morning, I get up and go out hunting and I’m thinking dad’s gonna go to the hospital and I’m sitting there and you could hear his truck start because it was really loud. And But I didn’t hear him.  Oh my god I better go check on that. So I’m getting ready to get up in about a hundred and fifty yards out walks this deer and at that time I had never seen a deer this big I didn’t know they existed and ends up being the fifteen point buck. It’s probably one of them. That’s how mine was Big big ones. So this deer comes out and I’m sitting in a ground blind soft side of ground blind. I’ve got the gun I don’t even have a rest I’ve got like an old folding chair I’m trying to lean it on and I’m going like this with a gun that’s not sighted in. So were you sitting with James down there like in the tree stand? I don’t know but why we’re talking about James, he would be podcast gold. Oh we have to have big James on at some point. Yeah We’re gonna get him on. So anyway this deer comes out and I’m shaking like a leaf because I’ve never seen anything this big in my life and I shoot and I swear to god this deer turns and starts running right at me and it in my head it looks like a bull with antlers down running into blind. And this is a bolt action that I’ve shot a total of like fourteen times up until now so I’m trying to jack one in and I shoot again. And he’s still coming I was like uh so It sounded like World War two in the corner over there. So this gun held four and I know because he shot every damn one of them. So it turned I shoot and it kind of fell. I was like oh good I got him. Well then he starts like trying to get up. So I shot the last one at him, and then he kinda made it over to the fence I was like oh good, I got him. Well then he tries to start crawling under the fence again so I’m putting more bullets in I shot every shell I had left at this deer. And so James comes up and he’s like It sounds like Bay root over here shat’s going on? I’m like well I got this deer. And when we skinned it there was one hole in that deer so kids do not do that if you’re gonna get a rifle buy it like more than a week before season maybe take it to the range get familiar with it.


It’s not just kids. Right every year it never fails and I’ll have best friends call me, Hey can you sight this rifle in for me? No. First off I don’t sight rifles in. I can pour aside it for you and then put you on paper hopefully but every year, two days, three days before sometimes the day before luckily I shut down opening day every year for that reason. Otherwise it’d show up that morning,  hey can you sight this in for me? Hey I missed one can you sight it in for me? No your gun sucks.


Alright well there’s been pretty good stories. Julie do you have anything else? Do you wanna tell us anything you’d like to say about Muddy River maybe how great of a husband Kevin is anything like that? He’s alright There was one question that we didn’t get to about our family working for us. Absolutely. Yeah Let’s take two minutes. That’s something that I wanted to touch on just because my dad works there, you as my brother-in-law works there. Brett might as well be family. You got Sarah, my best friend Sarah, she works there. And that has been such a blessing to us. A lot of people don’t understand or can’t believe that we have family work for us. But I think since that’s happened, I’ve gotten more of my husband back because he knows the trust is there. He can finally relinquish some of that stuff that he held on to for so many years that I feel like took him away from us as a family. He now has relinquished some of that to you guys and he knows that muddy river’s in good hands you guys treat it as if it’s all of our business. It’s not just Kevin’s business We all look out for Muddy River and so that’s something that I feel super blessed that we have family that is committed to us, committed to muddy river. And we when Kevin and I are succeeding we’re all succeeding. So nobody wants to see failure and failure’s just not an option for any of us. The high tide raises all the boats without a doubt and I’m glad I backed out.


You know I get the question all the time and I know even people have asked Kevin this why does your wife work? She doesn’t have to work. She can be a stay at home mom and then again it goes back to perception. I do not have to work. I am blessed we live a very financially blessed life. However, I like to work and I do not like to work for our family business. I don’t idle very well either. I do not idle well and I think her going back to work helped our marriage more than anything because she’s always been a worker anyways so going and not having kind of the same reason I will always work going and having no identity of what to do other than what should you say, Oh I’m just Muddy River’s wife. She loves the medical field. She’s great at the medical field. She loves caring for people. Her being on that ambulance is the best thing for her because it not only brings our insurance which is absolutely ridiculous which is why she went back. We were paying three thousand dollars a month for our family’s insurance, and then they still don’t carry anything. I mean it’s stupid amount of money. That one year we were fifty grand out of pocket when Jake went to the hospital oh and Jordan had that hernia. We were paying three almost, three. It was like two thousand eight hundred dollars might as well call it three grand and it was like major medical. And now I work for an ambulance district that has the most incredible insurance. It’s like fifty dollars a paycheck and they cover everything. And it gives her an identity. Yeah I’m not just a wife. I’m not just a mom. Not that those aren’t an incredibly fulfilling things but I have to have something other than just being Kevin’s wife, just being Jordan Jenna and Jake’s mom. And I love like he said the medical field. So I love the fact that we have family that works for our business to where I can step out and go do what I love to do and have my own identity outside of Muddy River.


Well and you guys talk about that in the family and you know Jordan was in not too long ago talking about it and we had a conversation the three of us in Kevin’s office with Jordan. And you guys told him and we all told him the same thing it’s like look if you come here and I’m in charge of the guys and you’re not cutting it, I will have to fire you. Yep I do not wanna fire you. You are my nephew, but I will and my expectations of you are the same expectations of me. Yep. And you know it’s not a little bit more. And I can say it’s higher, would be higher on him than it is anybody else just like my expectations of myself are higher than everybody else that works for us. And you know I told him it’s like this isn’t my company but I treat it no different than the if I was the one writing the paychecks. For sure it’s perception. We have instilled that as best as we can and to his sixteen year old mind and that generation’s hard. It is. You know he already gets a lot of grief at school. People call him like the rich kid and stuff like that because we live on a farm and things like that. But the thing about it is and I tell Jordan this all the time we’re not rich. We’re blessed and everything that we have we have worked for. There’s nothing that’s been given to us. Him included. He may not be at the holster shop every day bleeding like you guys are but at home or school whatever it may be. He has so many responsibilities we are very hard on our kids, even the young ones. Yes We really are. I mean we get constantly praised for our kids being super respectful, have a good work ethic and Jordan you know he we could’ve went out and bought him a forty fifty thousand dollar truck when he turned sixteen. He’s driving a nineteen ninety nine Toyota four runner with over two hundred thousand miles on it. It’s perception.


We don’t want our kids to feel entitled. We don’t want our kids to feel like just because mom and dad have worked our asses off and got to where we are they get to reap that benefit. And they’ve really been very receptive to that I feel like. Yeah They’ve come a long way for sure and it’s just it’s a transition of what I tell them all the time. No matter what me or your mom have or don’t have it doesn’t mean you have it. We could have nothing and you got nothing or we could have everything and still got nothing. Right. You have to make your own way unless you’re never gonna be happy. You know you gotta find what your passionate about no different than Julie on the ambulance. She’s passionate about that so it fills her life. Yep And that’s why I told all the kids but more so Jordan because he’s older than the other ones. But if you think you’re ever gonna come to muddy river and be anything you’re gonna work from the bottom and have to do you’re gonna have to pass all the guys that have been here. You’re not gonna get a free pass to anything because that’s not doing you any favors. It’s not gonna earn the respect of anybody. It’s just it’s not gonna happen. No you’d be doing them a huge disservice. And eventually all of us will be gone one day and it’ll be the kids that have try and run this thing or figure out what they’re gonna do with it. And you know it’s all of our jobs to raise them to be the strongest people that can be and just see where they go.


Yeah and that’s what me and Julie talk about all the time. It’s like what our drive us. I don’t wanna force to be their drive either. Right. They may not wanna be entrepreneurs and have that stress because no matter whether you quote unquote made it or not the stress never goes away. Right. At the end of the day you’re still responsible for not only yourself and your family, but at this point eleven other people and their family. What you do can make or break everything. So the stress never goes away. So I’d never wanna force them like hey come to Muddy River. If they come they’re gonna work their way from the bottom.


Yeah. That that makes all the sense in the world no different than you know what sports they wanna play or whatever. But they’ve got a long life to live and you know if they’re not happy doing it then they’re just not gonna be happy period. I agree. Alright guys. Think we’re gonna try and wrap this up for today unless you have anything else you wanna throw in there. I would encourage everybody if you enjoy the podcast, go check it out. If you’re listening to it on the road check it out on YouTube. You get to kinda see us a little bit uh behind the scenes kind of what it looks like in the studio. If you can listen online that’s great too. We’re on Spotify and Apple. Are we on Apple yet? We’re working on it. Apple’s weird. We’re working on it. Okay, a lot of places where you can get podcasts are available. Podbean. you can see the episodes there, there’s a link where you can view live. There’s also a transcript so if we have any hearing impaired listeners that’s on there for them too where they can kinda get the vibe of what we’re saying. Um, follow us on Twitter x whatever it’s going by now. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, all the above.


Again as always we appreciate Quentin Cox for doing our music. Yes Quentin’s my coworker Yes. Quentin works with Julie. He’s a paramedic so that’s how I met Quentin. And yeah he’s a super good dude. Very good dude. He has his own band and definitely check him out, Quinton, Cox and company. He’s got amazing music. He’s on Apple and stuff like that. It’s my buddy. Excellent. Well everybody thank you for tuning in. Been a great week and we’ll catch you guys on episode four next week Thank you Julie. Thank you Julie. You’re welcome babe. Thanks boss. You’re welcome employee. Alright See y’all later Bye.




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