Inside the Waistband Kydex Holster

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The Most Comfortable Inside the Waistband Kydex Holster on the Market!

. Now with Adjustable Retention!

. All Holsters Ship in 1-3 Business Days Guaranteed!

. Proudly Handcrafted in the U.S.A.

. Custom Molded with CNC Machined and Engineered Molds for the fit your firearm deserves!

. Adjustable Cant Angle (0-15 degrees)

. Full Sweat Shield

. Lifetime Warranty

. 15 Day Risk Free Trial

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Are you looking for the best Inside the Waistband Kydex holster on the market?  Well, the search is over, because at Muddy River Tactical our Inside the Waistband Kydex Holster is our best seller!  Our holsters are handcrafted in the USA by hard working American Workers!  Your Inside the Waistband Kydex Holster will be custom molded to your exact firearm model.  This guarantees a holster that fits and secures perfectly!  Furthermore, by custom molding,  you get a holster that is thin and comfortable!  The custom fit will give you the perfect retention to keep it fully secure.  All while maintaining a easy and smooth draw.  Some addition features of this Inside the Waistband Kydex Holster include:

Inside the Waistband Kydex Holster Features:

.  Adjustable Retention now comes standard on all our IWB Kydex Holsters!  We have engineered in dual adjustable retention with two screws to adjust your holster to exactly how you like it!  We use high grade hardware to secure your holster.  To adjust the cant angle or the retention you simply need a 3/32″ Allen wrench!

.  Fully Adjustable Cant Angle from 0-15 degrees.  Everyone likes to carry in different positions and angles, so with our adjustable cant angle you can carry anyway from appendix carry to 4-5 o’clock with the same holster.  To adjust the cant angle you simply loosen the two screws holding the belt clip on, move the belt clip to desired angle, then tighten the two screws back up.

.  If you need to take off your holster , you can have your Inside the Waistband Kydex Holster off in a fews seconds.  There is no need to undo your pants or belt, you can simply slide these holster on and off.

.  We only use top quality .080″ kydex on all our concealed carry holsters to ensure a holster that will last a lifetime.  This kydex thickness provides a sturdy holster that will not collapse, for easy re-holstering.  However, it is thin enough that you do not sacrifice comfort or add bulk to your Inside the Waistband Kydex Holster.  Watch the Comparison video below to see why all kydex is not created equal.

.  Our Inside the Waistband Kydex Holster comes standard with a FULL sweat shield.   Making the holster comfortable against your skin and protected from sweat and oil.

.  These holsters only weight a couple ounces, so they add no weight or bulk to your concealed carry set-up!

. Optic Ready options are the new craze in the concealed carry market! Everyday there is more and more manufactures offering smaller optics geared towards the concealed carry market. At Muddy River Tactical we can Optic Cut ANY of our holsters we offer including Inside the Waistband kydex holsters, Inside the Waistband Leather Holsters, Outside the Waistband Kydex Holsters, Paddle Holsters, and Outside the Waistband Leather Holsters! All you have to do is select any of our products and options from our website, then on the final page of checkout there is a notes / comments section. In that box simply write ” optic cut ” and we will personally get you taken care of. Its that simple!

More options

.  You have three belt clip options when you order your Inside the Waistband Kydex Holster.  The standard clip is included in the price of the holster and fits belts up to 1.5″.  If you choose to upgrade to a tuckable belt clip, you gain the ability to tuck your shirt in to conceal your holster.  The tuckable belt clips will fit belts up to 1.75″.  (The Inside the Waistband Holster is molded differently for each belt clip style, so if you order the tuckable clip you don’t get the standard clip option and vice versa).

.  Our Inside the Waistband Kydex Holster comes with the option to add a claw attachment.  The claw is designed to ride against your belt and push the grip into your body.  This eliminates printing and makes concealing your mid to full size models much easier for concealed carry!

.  We have over 40 color options to allow you to give your Inside the Waistband Kydex Holster a custom look just right for YOU!


.  Best Value in the Industry –  We have developed special systems in our production that have allowed us to build the BEST quality Inside the Waistband Kydex Holster on the market and give you the most bang for your hard earned money!

.  All orders will ship from our facility within 3 business days!  No longer do you have to wait 3-4 weeks to get a custom holster.   Our production systems allow us to create the highest quality Inside the Waistband Kydex Holster and get them to you QUICKLY!  If you allow us the opportunity to earn your business, we owe it to you to get your holster to you ASAP!

Below you can read why our Inside the Waistband Kydex Holster is the best on the market!

Why Muddy River Tactical makes the Best Kydex Holster

2159 reviews for Inside the Waistband Kydex Holster

  1. Danny (verified owner)

    Lightning fast shipping and great price!

  2. George L. (verified owner)

    I love this rig. Really a good quality setup and comfortable for being all kydex.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Had it for a few days and everything seems strong and sturdy. Stays in position without movement.

  4. Gary Odom sr. (verified owner)

  5. Mark Richardson (verified owner)

    Looking for a good isw holster for my FN509. The holster arrived in 3-4 days from order. Works perfectly, exactly what I was looking for. Will definitely buy from Muddy River Tactical again.

  6. Eli G. (verified owner)

    Awesome fit also no sharp edges.

  7. Nathan (verified owner)

    I was Suprised at how fast this made it to my door, I ordered it October 31 and got it November 2nd.
    Im also impressed with the quality of the holster the comfort.
    I love how all the edges are rounded down for least amount of material as possible.

  8. Rochard B. (verified owner)

    Customer service was great
    Every time you call you get the actual owner and discuss what you need is awesome

  9. Jeff Jacobs (verified owner)

    I have several IWB Kydex Holsters made by Muddy River Tactical and every one of them are of excellent quality and workmanship. I recommend them to all my friends when they are in search of a holster.

  10. Gary V. (verified owner)

  11. Steven (verified owner)

    Quality holster that fits perfectly. Shipped fast couldn’t ask for more

  12. Eucario J Romero (verified owner)

    Excellent holster for my APX, fast shipping and it fits perfectly, I would definitely recommend to anyone. Thank you Muddy River I certainly will be back.

  13. Ben M. (verified owner)

    These holsters just keep getting better! Fits the gun like a glove and I’m very impressed with the spare mag holster! Keep up the great work!

  14. b_smithhammer (verified owner)

    Can’t say enough about the service and quality of Muddy River. I ordered an IWB holster and mag pouch for my CZ P-07 on a Monday and had them in hand by Friday – clear across the country. Fit and details are perfect. Can’t say I have much interest in waiting two months for a custom holster from other manufacturers anymore.

  15. Daniel Spencer (verified owner)

    Muddy River Tactical went above and beyond for my order. I made a mistake and ordered the wrong belt clip. One quick email and they responded right away. I sent the holster back and they immediately sent the right one. The wrong order was my mistake but Muddy River made sure I had what I needed to carry my weapon. They have been great to work with. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality hostler.

  16. Austin C. (verified owner)

    They are my go to for carry holsters great fit and they feel great recommend them to everybody that wants a nice holster but doesn’t wanna pay for custom work

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is my second holster from them and I love it. Great product with a great shipping time.

  18. William (verified owner)

  19. Joseph Shores (verified owner)

  20. james debevoise (verified owner)

    Perfect fit and finish as always.

  21. Len Roach (verified owner)

  22. Samuel Edwards (verified owner)

    Exactly as described. Perfect fit and very comfortable. Very nicely finished edges. Quick shipping and a pleasant experience throughout.

  23. Robert S. (verified owner)

  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

  25. Maria (verified owner)

    Great Holster for my p30l, fits perfect and disappears carrying aiwb. Excellent craftmanship!

  26. Alvin A. (verified owner)


  27. David (verified owner)

  28. Sam Wright

    Great holster. Fits great. I just ordered an OWB holster, can’t wait to try it out. Thanks Muddy River Tactical!

  29. Larry McFerrin (verified owner)

  30. Joe (verified owner)

    Got my IWB Kydex holster for my Springfield XDM. I was surprised at how comfortable it is to actually wear as part of your wardrobe. Fits the gun perfectly and very lightweight. Very fast shipping no matter where you are in the country. Very happy with my purchase!

  31. Cory Caillouet (verified owner)

  32. David R. (verified owner)

    Perfect custom fit, great balance between retention and ease of draw, sturdy, sleek, comfortable, and above all functional. I scoured more than a dozen of the top holster brands; Muddy River had the model I needed at a price that couldn’t be beat.

  33. John Walker (verified owner)

    Very comfortable, and conceals very well. Retention is perfect right out of the box. I will definitely be ordering more holsters for future guns.

  34. Jesse W. (verified owner)

    Love my new kydex holster. Quality product!

  35. Jerry P. (verified owner)

    New to iwb holsters, talked to my law enforcement friend and he uses muddy river. He has had times when brackets break and muddy river was there and fully supported their products. With all of this said, I received my holster very quickly from the time I ordered it. The holster itself is made very well, nice beveled edges, fits my pistol perfectly! I will not try another holster brand. Thanks muddy river

  36. Daniel Holahan (verified owner)

    Again, most comfortable I’ve tried.

  37. Joseph S. (verified owner)

    Fast service, ordered on Monday, received Friday even with Thanksgiving in between. Fit the pistol great and like it so far.

  38. billy hawkins (verified owner)

    i ordered late evening, nov. 26, and I received the holster and mag carrier, in the morning mail, nov. 29. cannot beat that. I also got a great value. because it was my very first order, I got 20% off!! love the color, flat dark earth. my first time, not buying a black holster. BTW the holster and mag carrier are for a FNH, FNS 9MM, with 4 inch barrel, stainless, satin, slide.

    now for the retention test. with a full magazine, with no round in the chamber, i shook it upside down vigirously. stayed put, yet the insertion and draw are very easy. test passed with flying colors. adjusting the cant was super easy, has to be for a dumb ole country boy like me.

    now you ask, why only four stars with such a glowing review? ok, this may seem a bit fussy, but the holster stops at the slide, and the barrel protrudes from the holster. this leaves it unprotected from muzzle damage while sitting on a hard surface. i know, very unlikely, but it could happen. it really deserves 5 stars, but other folks may have the same concerns.

    i will definately buy again, already deciding which handgun deserves a new holster. does, muddy river make revolver holsters? i have to check…..a holster for my nighthawk 310, 10MM, with 2.75 inch barrel, and scandiam frame would be so cool in a muddy river OWB holster.

    good job, folks.

  39. Ernest G. (verified owner)

    Great quality holster! Fast shipping and great service.

  40. Joe P. (verified owner)

    Good quality holster, great price, fast shipping. What more can you ask for?

  41. Gordon L. (verified owner)

    I own other brands of holsters and had been looking at other brand holsters for a FN509T when I ran across Muddy River. I found their holster options interesting and not offered with the other brands. Had a question for the owner Kevin, called him, and he was extremely courteous and helpful. I then placed an online order for one. I have been very pleased with the holster, quality and function of the Muddy River holster, well enough that I ordered several more different models as gifts and for myself. I would definitely do business with them again!

  42. Gordon L. (verified owner)

    Excellent holsters and quality! Supper quick order placement and shipping! I’d order from Muddy River definitely again!

  43. Jessica (verified owner)

  44. Steven K. (verified owner)

    After I bought my first holster from Muddy River Tactical and it arrived (shipped quickly BTW) and and after I had a chance to wear it for a few days, I instantly order another one. Also, I’ll actually be ordering another one soon as a gift for Christmas. I’m blown away by two specific things, the first is the overall quality, fit, and finish of the holsters. Secondly, the customer service from Kevin is impeccable. He’s not kidding when he says that customer service is his top priority. Great holsters from a great company!

  45. Taylor K. (verified owner)

    Perfect fit and quality of a holster twice the price! Only thing that would make it better is a way to lock in claw at a couple different angles so it doesn’t swivel on its own.

  46. Frank T. (verified owner)

    Awesome product- Excellent quality

  47. Ruben Vera (verified owner)

    I honestly had some doubt, due to the great price. Wow!! awesome workmanship and quick delivery. Will definitely order again. Thank you.

  48. Clark W. (verified owner)

  49. Sheldon C. (verified owner)

    As always, exceptional customer service and speedy shipping. Quality on every holster is top notch.

  50. terry nelson (verified owner)

    great retention…of all my IWB holsters…probably the best. very quick service.

  51. GERALD Wan (verified owner)

    Great holster easy to wear holds gun perfect good job

  52. Anonymous (verified owner)

  53. Earl (verified owner)

    Works great!

  54. Dteve McQueen

    Picked up a black carbon fiber IWB with claw today from Atkinson Firearms in Greenwood, IN. I pulled my pistol out of my old brand name IWB and put the Muddy River in place. It took me 10 minutes to decide this is my new holster of choice. The quality of the workmanship is top notch and Kevin answered questions over the phone from me a couple weeks ago. Customer service is top notch! Buy one of these!!! You can’t go wrong.

  55. Daniel (verified owner)

  56. Marcus Greer (verified owner)

    Love It! Love It! Loooove My Holster. Fast response time and great customer service!!!!

  57. Trenton Davis (verified owner)

  58. Steven Langmaack (verified owner)

  59. Eric Ashley (verified owner)

    Awesome holster..very comfortable..told my friends and one already ordered his from yinz.

  60. Keith Tillman (verified owner)

  61. john trafficanti (verified owner)

    Fit form function holster is perfect

  62. James R. (verified owner)

  63. Roy Salley (verified owner)

    As with my other two orders…..great. ordered my latest holster, I think Fri. and had it by Tue. I thanked Mr. Madson and his staff as I always do and he even called me to make sure he read me right, he read that I was not happy, quite the opposite, I assured him.

  64. Jonathan (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping. Good product

  65. David (verified owner)

    Superb gun retention, strong and easy-on-the-fingers clip, comfortable fit for all day wear, excellent cant adjustment. This holster replaces four holsters that just did not measure up nearly so well.

  66. Sean S. (verified owner)

  67. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Finding your company online was slightly disappointing…. Hear me out… I just ordered the IWB Kydex and after a crazy short 48 hours to have it, your representation online is SO accurate, I am so happy!!! to have found your company. I have always been a “go to a gun show or a store to buy my gear”, but you sir represent a phenomenal product online. Im in the market for another holster, this would be almost like a drop rig on my right thigh. fit for my glock 21 and would wear it with a clip strap around the thigh. Please keep up the great work.

    Best regards, Merry Christmas,
    U.S. Navy SOCOM

  68. Ronald G. (verified owner)

    Thank you for the excellent service and products that I received. All holsters fit exactly and the finish was great. I have no problem recommending Muddy River to my friends. Thank you for the claw. Ronald

  69. Mark Lightner (verified owner)

    Almost perfect, fit and finish great. Just does not “click” in place upon holstering but retention is good. Adjustable tension would make this a 5 star instead of four.

  70. Kenneth P. (verified owner)

    I am a “return customer” and had previously purchased your IW Leather Holster and have been very pleased. So taking a chance and ordering the IW Kydex for my Son as a Christmas Gift, I can say the attention to detail on this and my original one are perfect. Can’t say enough good about Muddy River Tactical, and what really impressed me is I called during the weekend and the owner was gracious enough to take my call and get me lined out for ordering! Thank You very much, and I will continue to be an advocate for your products and will share your company name for all to hear!

  71. Ronald G. (verified owner)

    Everything was top quality including the service. I would not hesitate to recommend Muddy River Tactical.

  72. Ronald Sands (verified owner)

    Excellent company to do business with. Kevin has a great product in his holsters, you can,t go wrong.

  73. Christopher (verified owner)

    I have two tuckable IWB Kydex holsters. One for my subcompact 9mm and one for a 380 ACP. They fit securely and are comfortable to wear. I carry Appendix have no problems with them. I even played Golf with them on as a test. They aced it.

  74. Miguel (verified owner)

    Purchased two of these along with a magazine holster for my Glock 19 and Glock 43 after purchasing a holster from another manufacture that was a pistol and magazine holster in one. The holster setup that I purchase was great only for the fact that the rig ride was too high for my personal preference.

    I decided to try separate pistol holster and magazine holster instead of an all-in-one. I came across this site and decided to give it a go. I’m very happy that I ordered the holsters, they came in today and I put them straight to use. Very comfortable, sturdy and great material. I went with the tuckable clips because some times I like to tuck my shirt in my pants. The retention is fantastic, I was a little hesitant because the retention wasn’t adjustable, after watching the video on the explanation I decided to purchase the set for my pistols. I’m certain that this will be the last holsters I will need to purchase. These holsters are so great I might just replace the other holsters I have for my other pistols with these!!!

    Thank you for the wicked fast shipping and a fantastic quality kydex holster… I can tell you take great pride in manufacturing these and I will take great pride in owning them!

  75. Mark Mcfadden (verified owner)

    perfect fit great quality,you guys are the best in the business.

  76. Patrick M. (verified owner)

    Exactly what I expected and it’s a perfect fit

  77. Gary C. (verified owner)

    Great Holster from a Great Customer Service backed company.

  78. Shawn (verified owner)

    Overall great holster – my reasoning for giving three stars is I ordered this for my FN 509 Tactical and it doesn’t work if I have my vortex Venom red dot. I would have though that they would have designed this holster to accommodate red dots.

    • MuddyRiver (store manager)

      Thank you for your recent purchase. We do make the 509 Tactical holsters to accommodate the red dot sights, however you have to leave a note a checkout so that we know you have a red dot on your firearm. If you send it back to us with a note, we will gladly fix your holster to accommodate your red dot sight!

  79. Jeff B. (verified owner)

  80. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great communication, great product.A+++++

  81. Colten Smith (verified owner)

  82. Kris Colvin (verified owner)

    This is my 2nd purchase of an iwb kydex holster with claw attachment. I plan on buying one of these for each firearm I own. They are the best holsters I’ve ever owned.

  83. Anonymous (verified owner)

    excellent product and communication and fast shipping. I really like the claw – works as advertised. Highly recommend.

  84. david (verified owner)

    Never an issue now 2nd holster. Not scared to buy another a+

  85. Luis ayala (verified owner)

    Love your fast shipping excellent product

  86. Terran Brady (verified owner)

    The holster it’s self is amazing quality and very quick service. Im very pleased.

  87. Tyler K. (verified owner)

    Great holster

  88. John G. (verified owner)

  89. Chris (verified owner)

  90. Sean S. (verified owner)

    Excellent product with quick shipping. Will buy from again

  91. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Quickest customer service I have dealt with. Had a minor problem with my holster and I emailed the company and received an email back from the owner Kevin within minutes. He knew what the problem was and said he would be able to fix the issue with no trouble. I have a holster from them for my other off duty gun and I love it.

  92. Philip W. (verified owner)

    This was my first buy from MRT and won’t be the last. Very pleased with the service, quality of the holster and quick response to my question.

  93. mark k. (verified owner)

    Muddy River Tactical delivered my Inside the Waistband Kydex within three days!
    Fit and finish was excellent! The American Flag design was beautiful!

  94. Richard G. (verified owner)

    I would try it with the claw next time but still satisfied with the purchase. The holster fit my Sig P365 perfectly. Anyway, I would recommend the IWB Kydex Holster.

  95. Ricky A. (verified owner)

    Fits my gun amazingly with excellent retention

  96. Scott (verified owner)

    Good holster, delivery was very fast

  97. Neal T. (verified owner)

    Great product! Very first purchase of an inside the waistband holster and it was just what I was looking for.

  98. Sean Q. (verified owner)

    This is my fourth holster from Muddy River Tactical, and I could not be more pleased. The attention to detail and perfect fit of every holster is incredible. I will be a lifelong customer!

  99. Keith W. (verified owner)

    Very pleased with this holster. Great detail and fits perfectly

  100. Christopher D. (verified owner)

    Love the holster, love the customer service, love the experience!

  101. Ethan (verified owner)

    clip locks onto my belt and never slips – love it!

  102. Jim L. (verified owner)

    I have bought three of these hosters for different sized handguns ,they are by far the most comfortable and best concealing holsters out there. Thanks for producing such an quality product

  103. Jose Padua (verified owner)

  104. Neal Trowbridge (verified owner)

    Great quality and shipped quick.

  105. Mark Russ (verified owner)

    Great job

  106. Brandon (verified owner)

    This is my first experience with the company. It was a great experience. They really focus on the customer having a great service experience and I really appreciate that. The only thing that made my experience slightly less than perfect is that, although the holster is outstanding regarding quality and fit (and speed of service), it fits a little too high on my belt than I am used to (IWB). That’s just a technical issue that is a matter of preference that really has nothing to do with the company. Great product. Great service. I’ll be back.

  107. Ryan Mckinnon (verified owner)

    Great quality, fits the gun very well and so far is comfortable to wear for long periods of time. I will be ordering one for a different gun and will get some mag holders as well. Thanks

  108. Devin L. (verified owner)

    Product came exactly as described, well manufactured with no complaints. Retention for the firearm is better than most brands. Owner cares about customers and personally calls if any issues arise. Would recommend if you’re in the market for IWB holster.

  109. Anonymous (verified owner)

  110. Mark J. (verified owner)

    Great IWB holster. Shipped fast

  111. Craig Wisnom (verified owner)

    Good item, super fast and good communication.

  112. douglas purvis (verified owner)

  113. Jerry D. (verified owner)

    The holster is well built and comfortable to wear. I highly reccomend it.

  114. Edward L. (verified owner)

    Fast service and great quality. Extremely comfortable and conceals great! Will definitely be ordering again for my other sidearms

  115. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Recently purchased a Glock 45 and needed a iwb holster. Contacted Kevin via Instagram and was told Glock 19 holster was the same. When I received said holster the fit and retention was excellent! This is the third product purchased from Muddy River Tactical and all have met or exceeded expectations.

  116. Mark J. (verified owner)

  117. John S. (verified owner)

    2nd holster from muddy river. Great product at a great price and freaky fast delivery.

  118. Robert Matthews (verified owner)

    Pistol is secure in the holster. Light weight, comfortable to wear in the appendix carry. (pistol is a snub nose .38) A thicker, rather than thinner, belt is better to ensure holster holster does not come unclipped.

  119. David Garcia (verified owner)

    Fast & great customer service. The holster fit my gun beautifully. Nice work

  120. Nathan M. (verified owner)

    This is an affordable and great holster! Super comfortable. I rated it 4 stars instead of 5 because there wasn’t an option for soft loops. I added soft loops instead of the clip and it made this holster even better. I will be making another purchase in the near future!

  121. Emilio (verified owner)

  122. John T. (verified owner)

    I’m a smaller framed guy at 5’8 and about 165. I have tried a few other holsters previously but always had dificulty printing.
    This holster works really well for me, it’s comfortable and stays tight to my body.
    Great personalized service and my order was filled very quickly.
    I will definetly be a repeat customer and recommend your holsters to others.

  123. Robert F. (verified owner)

    Love the holster. It fits perfect and the positive click when you insert your firearm give you confidence , knowing it’s locked in.

  124. Aaron (verified owner)

    Fit and finish is excellent. Very impressed to have received a custom-like, quality holster within less than a week. Thank you!

  125. Steve G. (verified owner)

    Exceptional service! I had a couple of questions, called and spoke to the owner Kevin. I actually spoke to the owner, unheard of in the day of email responses, if your lucky to get that. Order the holster and couldn’t believe how fast it arrived. Finish and fit of the holster excellent. I will be doing business and recommending Muddy River Tactical to my friends in the future.

  126. TJ (verified owner)

    Excellent IWB holster! Quality and a perfect fit for my sig 9mm. I am very pleased.

  127. Matthew J. (verified owner)

    I have ordered three holsters recently. One for a Ruger sr-22, one for a S&W EZ SHIELD, and one for a Bersa Thunder. Every holster I buy now is from Muddy River as I like the service and the product very much.

  128. Anthony (verified owner)

    Great holster would recommend to anyone, but giving the 4 rating and not 5 because I specifically purchased snake/patriotic design and the head of the snack was shaved off during the production process.

  129. John S. (verified owner)

    2nd holster from muddy river. The 1st was for a FN 509, the 2nd for glock 19. Both are very comfortable and look great. Freaky fast delivery.

  130. Chandler (verified owner)

  131. Edgar Carrillo (verified owner)

    It’s an awesome holster made by an awesome company.

  132. Kyle Mealer (verified owner)

  133. Dennis N. (verified owner)

    Outstanding holsters! I purchased 2 holsters; one for my Bersa Thunder 380 and the other for my Glock 26. The inside the waistband (appendix) fit is terrific. The holster design (with the claw) forces the grip of the pistol to hug very closely to the body, something I had trouble with in other Kydex holsters I have tried. In addition, the Muddy River holsters do not dig into my leg or stomach when I am seated, another complaint I had with competitors. The price is great, the quality is outstanding, and the attention to detail is better than anything I have seen to date. I highly recommend Muddy River IWB holsters.

  134. Richard S. (verified owner)

  135. Mark Mason (verified owner)

    The customer service, production times, and delivery times are unmatched. Quality is very good.

  136. Jeff B. (verified owner)

    I wish there were higher ratings then a 5; Muddy River Tactical has gone above and beyond on now my third holster within 90 days, one of which the competitors turned down to build due to it’s complexity. I am so happy to have found Muddy River Tactical for my needs. Thanks for another perfect product!

  137. Kyleigh H. (verified owner)

    Love this holster! Stays in place and gun fits perfect. I ordered the special pattern and love it! Definitely will buy from muddy river again.

  138. Lyle B. (verified owner)

    This was my second holster from Muddy River. This one was for my Glock 43, the last for my Kimber K6S. These are fantastic holsters!! I tried kydex before from some other places but didn’t like the fit nor the feel. I have always preferred leather. Somehow came across the Muddy River site while shopping for my K6S. There are not a lot of holsters out there for it. Took a chance and ordered one. WOW!! Its awesome, sturdy, comfortable, and fits perfectly. I was so impressed i ordered this one for my Glock. I am in love with these holsters. This won’t be my last one. Love the heavier Kydex they use. And the way it holds the gun.

  139. Donald Clinton (verified owner)

    Nice feel and fits my gun perfectly.

  140. William (verified owner)

    Top quality holster. Quality considered, price point is excellent. The absolute quickest I have ever received a custom holster – should be the gold standard of the industry. Thank you.

  141. Eric Malone (verified owner)

    Great fit, quality and price!

  142. Matt F. (verified owner)

    Great little IWB for my S&W Bodyguard. It’s a little tighter fit than I’d like but with some practice I’m getting used to it. The edges aren’t as perfectly aligned like my other one for my Glock but it doesn’t change the functionality.

  143. Erika V. (verified owner)

    Great quality for a great price. Shipped out super quick as well. Had a hard time locating a kydex holster for my APX, but this one is perfect.

  144. Anonymous (verified owner)


  145. John Amabile (verified owner)

    I ordered the same holster for my FN 509 Tactical. This holster and mag holder look great in the red carbon fiber! I also added the clip to the holster and it is comfortable and easy to draw from. Super holster and quick delivery.

  146. Meghan L. (verified owner)

    Best service I’ve had ordering from anywhere online. I accidentally ordered the wrong holster, I emailed them as soon as I found out and they responded as soon as I hit send. They understood and did not hesitate to accept my incorrect order to send me the one I meant to order in the first place. Couldn’t be happier. Definitely will recommend this company to my friends looking for holsters.

  147. David Garcia (verified owner)

    Perfect fit on the holster. Looks great fast service. Excellent customer service

  148. Kelly McCoy (verified owner)

  149. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Perfect fit. Fast shipping. Will be purchasing more.

  150. Jennifer (verified owner)

    All around perfect!!! A+

  151. Robert B. (verified owner)

    Great holster, fast shipping. Pleasure to work with this company, as always.

  152. Robert B. (verified owner)

    Great holster, fast shipping. Pleasure to work with this company, as always.

  153. Darl Deeds (verified owner)

  154. Greg Maddox (verified owner)

  155. Mark Helm (verified owner)

    You guys are the best! Great communication, product and delivery. Thank you and this is my third holster from you there will be more.

  156. Jack G. (verified owner)

    Excellent product,excellent service. Very happy with the two holsters I have. Found my new go-to!

  157. Sheldon Cruickshank (verified owner)

    As always, great customer service from these guys. Will always be my first choice for holsters.

  158. Nick (verified owner)

  159. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I couldn’t ask for a better holster for my FN 509 tactical with red dot

  160. David W. (verified owner)

    Switched from leather / kydex to the full kydex for my every day carry G26. I like the improved consistent height provided by the appendix carry holster. Easy to draw and re-holster.

  161. William J (verified owner)

    Fits well. Tension on trigger guard is perfect.

  162. Raymond P. (verified owner)

    My second Muddy River, love it!! Comfortable, awesome quality, and great retention. Fast shipping too!!

  163. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My holster was cut for a red dot and threaded barrel. The cuts were perfect. Quality seems top notch.

  164. Travis Hughes (verified owner)

    Great holster for a great price and I got it so fast… Ordered it on Monday and got it on Thursday in north GA… I will definitely be buying from muddy river the next time I need a holster!

  165. Matthew Lucas (verified owner)

  166. gustavo v. (verified owner)

    Very happy with the holster.very fast service definitely recommend

  167. Robert (verified owner)

    This is exactly what I was looking for. It fits my pistol perfectly and wears so comfortably that I don’t know it’s there.
    I’d definitely purchase again.

  168. Joe P (verified owner)

    So… where do I begin? Well I ordered a holster for my new XDe 3.3. Received the holster (arrived quickly as always). When I tried it, the gun was very tight. I called Kevin at 7:30 at night (just to leave a message) but he actually answered. I explained the situation and he immediately gave me instructions on how to return it to be repaired or replaced. So long story short, the holster being tight was not MRTs fault. It’s from minor differences from gun to gun. So anyway… Kevin personally adjusted the holster and sent it back to me, which also only took a few days. The holster was perfect and couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. So if your hesitant about buying a holster from MRT, don’t be. The not only have good quality holsters and a price that can’t be beat but also great customer service (which is a luxury in today’s world). As long as I keep buying guns, I will keep buying my holsters from Muddy River Tactical!

  169. Ricky A. (verified owner)

    Absolutely perfectly fit my gun and looks great!

  170. Ted (verified owner)

    Glad I ordered my black kydex carbon fiber Glock 43 IWB with tuckable belt hook and claw.Quality product, good pricing, extremely quick shipping. Would recommend Muddy River holsters to everyone.

  171. John F. (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the holster you made for my Ruger LCR. It fits the gun perfectly and covers the trigger guard completely. I can now carry my LCR safely, confidently and comfortably. I will certainly order from MuddyRiver Tactical again. Thanks for the great job, reasonable pricing and prompt delivery!

  172. Dustin M. (verified owner)

    Muddy River Tactical is my go to company for all of my holster needs, affordable, well made, and lifetime warranty! Customer service is amazing as well. Would recommend to anyone!

  173. Chris D. (verified owner)

    Perfect as always. You guys do great work!

  174. Zachary Beard (verified owner)

  175. Mark Petitt (verified owner)

  176. Ian (verified owner)

    The holster for pistol and magazine arrived quickly and is perfect. Great looking as well. I will be purchasing another OTW version very soon and have already recommended MRT to several friends. Thank you!

  177. Thomas Pennypacker (verified owner)

    By far the most comfortable holster I’ve had. I’ve purchased other well knows appendix jobs and this one puts them to shame. I highly recommend Muddy River Tactical holsters.

  178. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Works great. Though I admit, it is difficult to conceal carry a Five Seven on my small frame. The holster does as it is designed, the gun itself is just large for concealing.

  179. Chris Clark

    As a Swat member i carry 24/7. I currently carry 509 tactical. This iwb kydex holster with the claw is amazing. Great retention and super comfortable. Very nice concealment.

  180. Joshua (verified owner)

    Quality item. Fast delivery. You will talk with the owner if you call and he goes out of the way to ensure you have a great service experience. I’ll do business with you guys again. Thank you

  181. Mario (verified owner)

    First IWB holster and I love it. I got the wing on the bottom which is nice. My gf didn’t get that and you can see her gun more than mine. I’d recommend getting the wing on it.

  182. Ken D. (verified owner)

    Great experience & GREAT product! Got my IWB KYDEX HOLSTER promptly and in the color I wanted! It fit my gun like a glove! Really like the “claw” attachment as it does greatly reduce the profiling and hold butt of gun close to your body. I have lots of KYDEX holsters, but first time with claw. I love it! Thanks Muddy River Tactical! I’ll be shopping with you again & telling my friends!

  183. Kyle (verified owner)

    Well made holster. Good gun retention. The claw was definitely worth it.

  184. John Felker (verified owner)

  185. William (verified owner)

  186. Todd P. (verified owner)

    Best “Bang” for the buck.

  187. Ted B. (verified owner)

    Quality, well designed product at a reasonable price. Fit perfectly and retains the firearm well.

  188. Kenneth Krueger (verified owner)

    I got my holster within a week. The fit and finish are great. Very pleased with You guys. Will be ordering more holsters for some of my other guns.

  189. Lloyd Garcia (verified owner)

  190. john trafficanti (verified owner)

    Great product at a great price customer service is on point

  191. Jerry (verified owner)

    Quick service. Perfect hard to find holster for Steyr pistols. Owner actually answers the phone. Very happy!

  192. Nicholas Edge (verified owner)

    Great price for a great holster! I’ve owned kydex holsters with a single clip, and IWB hybrid leather holsters with clips on both sides. Neither of those have concealed as well as this with the Mod Wing. This holster conceals my M9A3 better than a fullsize hybrid hid a Glock 19

  193. Nick (verified owner)

    I just wish the picture was centered on the holster and not folded around the edge of the holster.
    Good fit
    Strong material
    Overall well-made

  194. Walter (verified owner)

    I ordered two IWB holsters. Both fit my weapons perfectly. I had a question, so I called and left a voicemail. Less than 5 minutes later I got a return call with my questions answered. I think I was talking with the owner!! Looking to order OWB holster next, I will be a repeat customer. Oh, shipping was fast, I ordered on a Friday and received it the following Tuesday!

  195. Paul P. (verified owner)

    These holster are exc. As designed, they carry far better than any similar competitors holster and, they tuck the butt into the body the way it should be…I have other kydex inside the waistband holsters from a couple different makers…but this is the best of the crop…almost forgot…this model does have a body sweat guard which I think is necessary, but may do not have. Will buy more…I have two now…thanks Muddy River !

  196. Cody O. (verified owner)

    Great experience all around. Holster was shipped the same day I ordered it or the next morning, it came quickly and it’s great quality. Exactly as described and love that it’s USA made and has a guarantee. Will definitely buy from again.

  197. Gordon L. (verified owner)

    Great holster, fast shipping, will definitely buy from MRT again.

  198. Jeremy V. (verified owner)

    Muddy river tactical IWB with the claw and tuckable clip for my LCR is perfect. There is no other word to describe it. Comfortable, perfect ride height, easy to draw but good retention. This holster makes me want to carry my LCR 24/7 365.

  199. Jamie (verified owner)

  200. Lane D. (verified owner)

    Called and spoke to Kevin regarding a question I had concerning 2 different options I was considering. He was helpful and courteous. Holster shipped within 24 hours. Great quality holster!

  201. Hector Ginel (verified owner)

  202. scot walston (verified owner)

  203. Robert Ruffner (verified owner)

    I was impressed with how quickly I received my holster. The quality of the holster is excellent. My Springfield XDs fits in the holster like a glove, and mine actually gives a “click” when it is seated. The holster is light weight and not at all bulky. It’s very easy to adjust the cant, although I think it would be a good idea to include the necessary Allen wrench along with the product. The price increased as I upgraded several things with the holster and added a mag holder, but it was still very competitive and well worth it. Love my new holster.

  204. Robert Gomez (verified owner)

    Awesome holster! It was delivered faster than the first one I bought too. Your customer service is amazing, helped me out when i lost the screws for the clip and sent me new ones for free and fast. I’ve had two other people buy from Muddy River since I received my first holster.

  205. justin w. (verified owner)

    Super happy with the fit and finish. Retention is great and can’t forget about the shipping.. super fast shipping. Would recommend this company 1000 times

  206. Richard B. (verified owner)

    Holster fits great, and the claw really does help push the grip of the firearm towards the body for better concealment.

  207. Richard Pearson (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service. Fast turnaround time. Product is as promised. Very satisfied customer.

  208. Edward C. (verified owner)

    I have found this holster to be comfortable in my favorite carry position @ 4:00. I’m still working on appendix carry.
    The quality and workmanship is excellent. Shipping was very fast.

  209. Nate Ramos (verified owner)

    Perfect fit. Will continue to buy from muddy river tactical for all future holsters that I may need for future gun purchases.

  210. Mark K. (verified owner)

    My second purchase. The print is one of the best I’ve seen. Clear and nicely printed across the whole holster, you can tell exactly what it is. Perfectly finished, and still the most comfortable.

  211. Benjamin (verified owner)

    I did not think I would like appendix carry for a Glock 23 but this holster made it very comfortable. Construction is very clean and simple. All the edges are rounded and smooth for a comfortable fit for all day every day carry. Very quick shipping. I will definitely buy from Muddy River Tactical again.

  212. Bruce C. (verified owner)

  213. Shawn Davis (verified owner)

  214. franklin eldridge (verified owner)

    Fits firearm right is comfortable

  215. Michael S. (verified owner)

  216. Sean S. (verified owner)

    Great product and fast shipping

  217. Elizabeth P. (verified owner)

  218. Isaac B. (verified owner)

    Holster came pretty fast Quality is really good on them after now trying one with the claw I highly recommend it. And Kevin has the best customer service always answered calls wether he was at the shop or out and about. I did order a emt red for my xd subcompact mod2 3 inch and a carbon fiber zombie green with a claw for my 43x and their both awesome holster

  219. Ned C. (verified owner)

    Great fit, fast ship, excellent pricing!

  220. Jamie P. (verified owner)

    This is my second purchase. I’am very pleased with my holsters.

  221. David J. (verified owner)

    Very good quality product delivered promptly. I would recommend to anyone.

  222. Kyle (verified owner)

  223. Joe (verified owner)

    Holster fits firearm perfectly. Quality fit and finish. Stays put and conceals well (I have the claw for IWB). This is my 2nd holster from Muddy River. I’ve tried various holsters and holster types and Muddy River’s design works for me.

  224. Ralph (verified owner)

    First IWB Holster and first Kydex holster I have ever owned. Never carried appendix before but with this holster, forget it’s even there. Ordered late on a Friday afternoon and had it on Monday. Will definitely be ordering more for other pistols for my edc firearms.

  225. Andrew Farnsler (verified owner)

    Love your company. As a veteran and a current LEO I’ve gotten several friends and family members to order your products. My father called and spoke to the owner and immediately ordered two holsters. This was my second order from your company and I am very satisfied with everything. Keep up the great work manufacturing in the USA.

  226. Anonymous (verified owner)

  227. Isaac (verified owner)

  228. Joseph Miano (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service answered all my question my IWB holster with the claw for my kimber micro 9 is really comfortable 2 weeks in use don’t even realize I’m even conceal carrying my gun fit and finsh excellent I love ❤️ dealing with small family owned business will be placing more orders for my other hand guns

  229. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very good holster for the money. Shipping was quick and I’m satisfied with the quality. I haven’t really put it through any real testing but my first impression of the fit and finish is good.

  230. Harold (verified owner)

    Fits my Sig Sauer P238 perfectly and holds it securely.

  231. Alexander (verified owner)

    Fits perfectly, instantly my favorite holster!

  232. Richard D. (verified owner)

    Great products. Always a perfect fit. Have bought several holsters of different styles and never had any issues.

  233. Matt (verified owner)

    Great fit and finish backed by the good people at MRT. I love my IWB for “print-less” concealment of my G42 and the mag carrier matches perfectly.

  234. Jordan (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with it. Been wearing it since I got it out the box. Claw performs adequately, good draw, no complaints

  235. Justin J. (verified owner)

    Perfect fit. Product was really well made and delivered quickly. Thanks for having a badass product!

  236. James D. (verified owner)

    Shipping was right on time holster came in two days. Holster is very comfortable and really conceals very well.

  237. Keith Tillman (verified owner)

    This is my 4th holster that I have purchased from Muddy River Tactical. Great holster or I would not keep coming back. Secure, comfortable and priced right! Better still…the customer service!! I will buy more.

  238. Jose A. Ayala (verified owner)

    Flawless great product

  239. Kevin B. (verified owner)

    Love it fits great

  240. Michael B. (verified owner)

    Once again arrived before expected. You guys are great!

  241. Chase M. (verified owner)

    Great product couldn’t be any happier, Recieved quicker than I expected. Overall had a great expericane with them and have recommend them to everyone.

  242. Bruce (verified owner)

    I have been conceal carry a weapon for over 20 years and have had a few holsters in my time, they are like shoes, you may think your wearing a really comfortable and functional pair of shoes and then you get into something better and it’s like wow! These are really nice! Consequently, you have a lot of shoes in your closet. This is an excellent Kydex Holster, well designed, well made, very comfortable and I was pleasantly surprised with the optional claw that functions beautifully to hold the end of the weapon snuggly against your body. The retention of the weapon is also engineered spot on. Thank you, I am looking forward to many years out of it.

  243. Randall Steinmetz (verified owner)

  244. BRIAN K. (verified owner)

  245. Greg Brown (verified owner)

    The holster fit the gun perfect. It had no sharp edges or snags on it. Everything is great, I like it very much, I carry everyday. I would very much recommend Muddy River. Ordered on Friday received it on Monday very quick service. Thanks Guys

  246. Jacob Carreon (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping, super comfortable. I’ve bought plenty of crap that will soon be replaced with these guys. Kudos on a excellent holster

  247. Travis Hughes (verified owner)

    Second holster I’ve bought from muddy river and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Fast shipping and a great product at any price but especially as affordable as these are. I will make all my holster purchases here!!!

  248. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great holster. Would recommend.

  249. Tanner B. (verified owner)

    Fits very nice, the kydex is smooth and comfortable. If it had some kinda micro fiber on the back it would be a 5/5. Over all great product though.

  250. Paul (verified owner)

    Gun fits perfectly and holster is comfortable all day.

  251. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic holster. Even while it’s designed for a pistol with a light, it securely holds the pistol without the light and high enough to provide quick access without fumbling for the grip. I would buy it again for my G43 and I might look into it for other pistols I own.

  252. Kyle W. (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping, only guys that I can find who make an AIWB for the apx compact/centurion. My other half loves it.

  253. Jason Servidio (verified owner)

    Absolutely perfect holster. It is so much nicer than I expected, edges and fit are perfect. Size is perfect and the custom pattern I ordered is so well done. I also received personal attention as the owner answered all my questions and even made a little adjustment for my reversed magazine release for being left handed. I am going to order the paddle holster next. This is the best product and company out there for these holsters and I think is worth more than it costs.

  254. Larkin C. (verified owner)

  255. John T. (verified owner)

    You guys rock! You’re 2 for 2. Like everyone else, I have bought a lot and holsters that don’t fit or aren’t comfortable. My first purchase from you was a kydex inside the waistband holster with the regular clip. I wear it all the time with t shirts and anything untucked. Just couldn’t wear it to work. My most recent purchase from you was a kydex inside the waistband holster with the tuckable belt loop. I have worn it to work everyday since I received it and no one has noticed. Great fit and my weapon is very secure. I have a very active job and move around a lot. Never a worry.
    Highly recommend your holsters.
    BTW I carry a Honor Gaurd.

  256. JOSEPH A. (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping. Great product.

  257. Jacob D. (verified owner)

    Excellent product! Highly reccomend. They replied to my email within 1 hr and my product shipped within a day or 2!

  258. joseph miano (verified owner)

    Kevin Thanks for your help with my new holster received it today you answered all my questions regarding my fire arm and gun fits like a glove ? in your new holster will contact you shortly with another order of a holster for my other gun all 3 holster so far are outstanding thank you Joe Miano keep up the great work ??

  259. Mitchell N. (verified owner)

    Arrived at my door within 3 days. Simple holster and easy to carry. Claw keeps it very close to your body. Have only been using for a couple of weeks but so far so good!

  260. Jeffrey Dick (verified owner)

    Fits like no other kydex holster, and the claw draws the grip into your body for great concealment. Great holster, great price, Thank you.

  261. Greg Greyson (verified owner)

    Fantastic build quality and incredible service. I ordered on-line at 11am on a Friday. Within 10 minutes I got an email with the shipping tracking number. Holster delivered to USPS at 2pm and was at my door at noon on Monday. But the real story is the quality of work. The design & build quality is no par with the most expensive brands out there. Muddy River – buy it!

  262. Kelton B. (verified owner)

    Amazing product, all I hoped for. My only items are that the claw gets a while to get use to and it sits high. Just some getting use to otherwise I’m looking forward to my next purchase.

  263. Micah (verified owner)

    Great holster for a GRRRR-EAT price! Fast Shipping! Received order shipped confirmation by email thirty minutes after submitting my order. Business earned MRT i will be buying another holster…. Thank You!

  264. Chad (verified owner)

    You can’t beat this holster for the price. Fast turn around. I ordered it early Saturday, and I received notice on Sunday it was ready to ship. I’ll be considering them for my next purchase.

  265. Neal T. (verified owner)

    Great quality and fast shipping. Very comfortable holster.

  266. Marco R. (verified owner)

    Product was recieved quickly and without any issues. Fits great!

  267. Anonymous (verified owner)

    For the FN 509 Tactical and other tactical firearms, the barrel should be covered by the holster. That is the only thing I dislike about the holster.

  268. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great customer service yet again! Very fast shipping!

  269. Richard (verified owner)

    This holster fits GREAT! Very impressed. Also, the shipping was quick, fast and accurate

  270. James (verified owner)

    Great service and product. The holster fit perfectly so I don’t have any concerns of my firearm coming out while I run. I will buy future holsters from Muddy River.

  271. Shirley D. (verified owner)

    Great product, price and fast shipping….love it.

  272. Jonah (verified owner)

    I have the M&P 2.0 Compact 4 in. barrel.
    I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and the color I received. The quality is great; however, I do worry about the integrity of the tuckable shirt clip that I got. It seems as if it will break eventually due to pulling it up to put it on the belt. But, it does seem strong so far. I was nervous about ordering a purple holster because of how bright it would look, but it is a darker purple as I was hoping for. In addition, the fit for the extra mag holster fits perfectly. The fit for the gun in the holster is fine, could perhaps be a bit more snug, but I am okay with it personally.
    I would recommend buying from them because they have good prices, quick shipping, good quality, and a life time warranty.
    Thanks, MRT!

  273. John M. (verified owner)

    The holster I ordered fits my gun perfectly and shipped on the same day I ordered it. Very impressed!

  274. Ray D. (verified owner)

    Fits my HK USPC perfectly.

  275. Brian Patrick (verified owner)

    Nice looking holster and very slim and minimal printing. Quick delivery at a great price. I really appreciate the 2-3 day turn around versus 2-4 weeks that other holster makers have. I will definitely buy again. Thanks and God Bless

  276. Aleksander (verified owner)

    SUPER!!!! Excelent quality and fit

  277. Michelle

    This is the first Kydex holster I’ve owned, I usually stick to leather but wanted something a bit sturdier with a more retention. This holster is perfect, it fits my M&P 2.0 Compact like a glove! Enough retention while worn or not to hold it still at any angle while still allowing an unhindered draw.
    I decided to purchase from Muddy River after getting an almost immediate response to a question asked via social media, and their customer service did not disappoint. I had several questions and they were all answered promptly and helpfully.
    The holster also shipped within 12 hours of purchase (on a Friday afternoon) and was received the following Tuesday.
    I would happily but this holster (or any other) from Muddy River Tactical again!

  278. David Garcia (verified owner)

    I have ordered about 4 of these holsters. Excellent finish fits my guns well no drag. Come in multiple colors, a well made holster. The service is fast & are very courteous. I have a few more pistols I need to order holsters for. I would highly recommend them for your next holster. David Garcia

  279. Herple Ellis (verified owner)

  280. Paul Longfield (verified owner)

    I love the quality of this holster. I always look for rounded edges at the bottom of the holster which really makes a difference in comfort. This is my 3rd holster from Muddy River Tactical and I love them. My guns stay secure and the holster stays put. Did I mention the quick turnaround from when you order a holster and when it is shipped? I have received my holsters within a few days of ordering. This is something I haven’t seen with other places. Keep up the good work and quality products.

  281. Steve Wall (verified owner)

  282. Tyler Pickle (verified owner)

    Great Holster really does conceal better than others, thanks to the claw! Carried everyday and have not looked back! Will be buying more for other guns!

  283. Myles Farrell (verified owner)

  284. Mike S. (verified owner)

    Great quality, even better price, quick shipping and Conceals well.

    My H&K P30SK has been difficult to conceal for my body type and clothing style. My wife likes me in semi-fitted clothing and that doesn’t always mesh well with carrying.

    The claw attachment on this, positioning the gun over my front pocket, with a steep forward cant, basically eliminated printing entirely. Even when seated.

  285. Terrence P. (verified owner)

    I purchased this iwb for an H&K p2000sk.Fit and finish is excellent.My firearm fits perfectly. I received the product promptly. Kevin answered my questions prior to purchasing. I have purchased other holsters from MRT with the same positive experience. It would be cool if they made competition holsters as well…. I would definitely recommend to others.

  286. Brian (verified owner)

    Very comfortable holster, was not expecting it to be.

  287. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great holster!

  288. Andrew (verified owner)

    Great holster carry it almost every day. It is thin and comfortable but works great all at the same time.

  289. Zackary Beebe (verified owner)

    Amy favorite I’ve owned. I plan on continuing to try new holsters just for the sheer aspect of knowing. But this has been my favorite holster for EDC, and literally everything else! I’ve got it for my Sig p938. I would recomend everyone to have at least 1 of these per their daily carry collection!

  290. Luis (verified owner)

    Love everything about this company and the product! Every question answered fully and recommend them to everybody I get a chance to.

  291. Nicolas Oakes (verified owner)

  292. Antonio (verified owner)

  293. Brian C. (verified owner)

    I bought the Ruger American 9mm compact, tried several holsters that where “recommended”, in the end Muddy River was the only one that had one custom fit to my gun. Comfortable to wear & well made. Cost was very reasonable, I will buy additional items!

  294. Wendell Thompson (verified owner)

  295. Jeremy S. (verified owner)

    Wish it was tuckable but the overall retention and comfortability is great

  296. ZAK (verified owner)

    Super Fast- High Quality at a reasonable price. I will order again!

  297. Adam M. (verified owner)

    I bought it without the claw. So I had to purchase that separately, which allowed me to get the soft belt loops. Now completely satisfied

  298. Nathan (verified owner)

    Quality customer service and product!

  299. RAYMOND FISHER (verified owner)

    Fit like a glove and looks great, I can’t thank you enough.

  300. Lisa Taylor (verified owner)

  301. Ken Ellis (verified owner)

    Great service,nice comfortable holster. I have 3 and will buy more

  302. Anonymous (verified owner)

    As always good product

  303. William P. (verified owner)

    Great product, the Ruger is not going to come loose. Shipped quickly.

  304. John Simons (verified owner)

  305. Stephen P. (verified owner)

  306. Lowell Martin (verified owner)

    weapon fits perfectly

  307. Daniel Carter (verified owner)

  308. Brandon K. (verified owner)

    Absolutely impeccable quality holster, won’t buy from anywhere else!

  309. Chase (verified owner)

    By far the best holster for the money. Super easy to conceal and extremely comfortable. Plus it may have the fastest shipping of any holster manufacturer around. I have sense talked a couple of my friends into giving these a try and intend to order another one soon.

  310. Eric (verified owner)

    Much like everyone else I have a drawer full of holsters none of which seem to fit the bill. Some are too big (hybrids) and some too small MIC (minimal inside carry) and some are just a POS (uncle M’s).

    Throughout my journey I narrowed it down to and AIWB in Kydex. I appreciate the narrowness of Kydex, and the fact that it provides easy draw and re-holstering as opposed to leather which tends to be thicker and may sometimes not be the smoothest draw and certainly can be precarious for those tactical re-holsters and obligatory side to side checks. ?.

    As a CCW holder I tend to prefer the Glock platform and as everyone knows they tend to come from good hardy stock so not necessarily known to be the thinnest but certainly one of the most reliable. Sort of like my wife…Just kidding.

    The other sort of strange fate that led me to MRT was that I happen to have a Glock that isn’t exactly hanging off of everyone’s belt. Yup, I’ve got a G36 single stack .45 and finding a holster for this ubiquitous gun was a challenge. Luckily for me the internet gods led me to MRT.

    Gave them a call and sure as shiznit the owner answers. WTF, this is the craziest thing so I had a question about whether the MRT holster fits the G36 with rail and w/o hesitation he said yes. So, there you have it I ordered up the AIWB in RHD and had to go with all the bells and whistles with carbon fibre, straps and the claw.

    I can definitively tell you that this will be one of the absolute best holsters you can find. The thickness is spot on, all of the edges are buffed, the pistol snaps in with an audible click and just looking at it you can tell it is a quality piece. Again, when I compare all of my other holsters vs this one it’s by far the best quality!

    MRT delivers on the look, the feel and most importantly the price! And to be able to call customer care and have the owner answer your questions is just icing on the cake.

    All in all, I highly recommend that you take the plunge and purchase an MRT holster. In fact, I recommend buying multiple for all of your carry guns and heck even your safe queens because they’ll love to snuggle up on this holster I guarantee it.

  311. Kurt Loy (verified owner)

    Great company great service great product very happy

  312. David Sharpe (verified owner)

    Great customer service, quick response to emails and issues.

  313. Matthew B. (verified owner)

    I waited a full week after I received it before I gave it my honest review so here it is. This is a fantastic holster and is the first time I’ve ever had a holster with soft loops instead of a clip. It feels way more secured to the belt than would a clip. You get everything that makes a top-dollar IWB holster (soft loops, color choice, claw) in a package that costs at least $15-$20 less than the main guys (vedder, cross breed, Tier 1 Concealment) and is just as good as them. Plus Muddy River gives you a lifetime warranty? Why would you go with anyone else for the value? Fantastic holster and fantastic business. I will be ordering again for sure.

  314. Don Elliott (verified owner)

    Very good Holster very pleased nice construction thank you very much well built

  315. Andrew Beasley (verified owner)

  316. Bcurtis baldwin (verified owner)

    So much better than the simple Kydex Trigger Holster l used before. Purchased a Military Tactical Belt that works great with it. Holster gives much better concealment with added Claw.

  317. Jeff B. (verified owner)

    Great holster. Fast shipping.

  318. Don Elliot (verified owner)

    Very helpful and very kind well built products very helpful thank you so much

  319. Chad (verified owner)

    Love the holster . Even better service . I gave the wrong shipping address, called after the product was shipped to correct my error. Seller took care if it asap !!!!!

  320. James C. (verified owner)

    This holster is well designed, and well made. The Kydex is substantial and rigid. The edges are well polished, and all angles are rounded, making it comfortable to wear, even when sitting. The holster does not have or need a retention adjustment screw. It is so well molded that the retention is excellent, and yet the draw is smooth and effortless. Because I carry appendix, I purchased the holster with a claw attachment, which comes with two interchangeable “cleats” (one tall, one short). I carry my Glock 43 with a Taran Tactical 3 round mag extension, so I installed the taller cleat, and it positions the grip perfectly to prevent printing. The belt clip position is also very good, allowing for good concealment but also ease of access. In every way this is an excellent holster. I recommend it highly.

  321. Nate (verified owner)

    Great holster

  322. Steven Haro (verified owner)

    Awesome products and your order gets to you really quick. My holster company search is over. Customer service is excellent.

  323. Charles B. (verified owner)

    This is my second purchase! I have 1 for the FN 509 and Sig P310 compact. I have used many of the high end holsters available and Muddy River is absolutely the most comfortable for me. There customer service is fantastic! This is the only configuration I will use for AIWB!

  324. Paul Hildebrand (verified owner)

    Really did not work as advertised. Returned now expecting a refund.

    • MuddyRiverTactical (store manager)

      We completely understand that not every holster is for everyone and your body shape or situation. Thats why we offer a 15 day risk free trial period. No worries sir, we got your holsters back and have the refund issued on our end. It will take 3-5 days depending on your financial institution.

  325. Tim A. (verified owner)

    Another great Muddy River Holster!!!

  326. Humberto Anselmi (verified owner)

    Extremely unhappy with the holster,too tight almost impossible to get the gun out, whenever you try to pull your gun out the whole thing goes up almost out of your pants,I did apply heat to it but didn’t help much also it rides extremely high

    • MuddyRiver (store manager)

      Thank you or taking the time to review your holster. We are so sorry to hear that you are not happy with your holster. Our goal is for all of our customers to be 100% satisfied, so we are more than happy to assist with this. What you are describing does not seem normal at all. We will have a team member try to reach out to better assist you. Hope you have a great day, talk to you soon!

  327. Raymond (verified owner)

    Was recommended by a friend since finding a affordable holster for what i needed wasnt easy. It fits great and im very satisfied with the outcome.

  328. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fits like a glove, high quality build. I’m happy for sure.

  329. Nate (verified owner)

    Great holsters, will purchasing more soon

  330. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I ordered an IWB holster for a S&W J-frame for appendix carry. I was surprised that it was in stock and how quickly it shipped. I was initially a little disappointed that there was no tension screw on the holster, but have been completely satisfied with the retention and the ability to draw from the holster while in position. Overall, very satisfied with the purchase.

  331. Luis (verified owner)

    Fourth different holster I’ve bought and love all of them. Customer service is awesome and the holsters are PERFECT!

  332. Robert Walton (verified owner)

    Great fit and finish. Feel great and the shipping was very fast. Would highly suggest this holster.

  333. Rowdy C. (verified owner)

    I was very happy to have my custom kydex holster for my new gun within 3 days. NICE.

  334. Bonnie (verified owner)

    I love my new holster! It’s exactly what I wanted at a good price. Kevin answered all my questions in a professional and friendly manner. Very good experience. Also shipped quickly!

  335. William A. (verified owner)

    Very impressed with this holster. I odered a special print holster and it was in my hands 2 days later. Fit and finish is fantastic. I would highly recommend this company.

  336. Jerry Brownstein (verified owner)

    Kevin was great.

  337. Daniel (verified owner)

    My second Muddy River holster and once again no disappointment! Top notch quality and received it in just a few days (not weeks). Highly recommended!

  338. John S. (verified owner)

    Love the holster, this is my 4th from muddy. Freaky fast delivery. Have one for my glock 19, fn 509, cz p 07 and cz p 10c.

  339. Oscar P. (verified owner)

    Well made, good fit

  340. Brent H. (verified owner)

    This may be the only place who makes an IWB for the FNX-45…? It’s a great holster for that gun. Very satisfied.

  341. Aned Borroto (verified owner)

    When I called to Kevin the service is incredible and the quality is excellent this is my second holsters with muddy river I love it’s super, thanks Kevin

  342. Joel C. (verified owner)

    Kevin, I would like to say thanks again for a quality produat an affordable price. Also appreciate the quick turn around time on providing me with the holster, looking forward to future orders.

  343. Paul C. (verified owner)

    The holsters fit my Glocks perfectly. They retain the pistols securely, even in the upside down position. In terms of securement of the firearm, comfort in IWB carry, and concealed-carry discreteness (with the claw attached), these Muddy River Tactical holsters are +1 all the way. I’d recommend them without reservation to anyone, but especially to my fellow Glock enthusiasts who know just how difficult it is to find a holster that fits a Glock just right. Thanks, Kevin, keep up the excellent work.

  344. Adam (verified owner)

    Excellent Holster. Arrived 3 days after ordering.

  345. Daniel V. (verified owner)

    Quality product and great customer service!

  346. justin (verified owner)

    Awesome product and customer service

  347. Josh (verified owner)

    Great price point and quality of product!! customers service is the best in the business

  348. Daniel (verified owner)

    Great product. Checks all the boxes for a quality holster. Passive resistance, trigger fully covered and comfortable. Tuckable clip was worth it

  349. John Munster (verified owner)

    Perfect fit and extremely comfortable also highly recommend the claw

  350. Rick W. (verified owner)

    Fast service, good product.

  351. Craig (verified owner)

    Shipping speed was very quick and order progress had great updates. Great holster all around but just wished it felt a little more “sturdy” on the belt. Perhaps next time I’d order with the double loop straps instead of the single clip.

  352. Daniel (verified owner)

    I am very impressed with the holster. I hadn’t previously heard of Muddy River but found it while looking for holsters for the Mossberg MC1sc. I decided to give this one a try and I am glad I did. It’s a great holster, conceals well, tuckable option and lots of colors aren’t extra. Also the price point is great. I’ll be back in the future.

  353. Mark McFadden (verified owner)

    you guys are kick ass! love your holsters!

  354. Orrin (verified owner)

    Fits my P-07 Supressor Ready well except when leaving a note saying it has suppressor height sights it added probably twice as much clearance needed and made the holster wider than it needs to be and the finish leaves more to be desired. But the quick shipping kinda makes up for the finish.

  355. Matt B. (verified owner)

    Great experience and holster

  356. BRUCE GARNER (verified owner)

    Both IWB holsters ( one j-frame leather and one kydex PMR 30), met expectations! Service exceeded expectations!! Product and service was good enough that I have since placed another order for a kydex pocket holster for my P365!

  357. Ken G. (verified owner)

    I love the holster I purchased. My weapon fits it better than any other inside the waistband holster I’ve used in the past

  358. Morgan Leake (verified owner)

    Conceals a full size Beretta APX effectively and comfortably. Holster arrived within a few days of order. I used the taller claw attachment, and added a neoprene wedge, because that is what works best for my body type and preferred carry position.

    I opted for the Spartan helmet logo. It is sharp; Muddy River should put it on one of their t-shirts.

  359. Rich Similo (verified owner)

    You guys are my go to holster company, y’all do fanominal work.

  360. Ross W. (verified owner)

    Great quality, outstanding service. Had holster in about 3 days from ordering. Fits and retains well.

  361. Brett C. (verified owner)

    Great quality, fit and finish. Will buy from again. My only complaint would be descriptions on the site when ordering. It should state that when the tuck-able clip is selected, that the softs loops and standard belt clip will not work with this setup.

  362. Robert (verified owner)

    Great to deal with.

  363. Roger Ketchum (verified owner)

    I have enjoyed the holster and am looking to get another one for my other pistol

  364. Daniel (verified owner)

    Fast processing and shipment. The holster is an exact fit with great retention and sits at a height that makes for easy draw and reholstering. It’s also much more comfortable than I was expecting. I purchased this and the soft leather to use with the same gun appendix carry and after trying them both out for a few days I’m planning on using the kydex in cool weather and the soft leather when it’s warmer because it rides lower and conceals a little better with just a t-shirt. The trade off to the leather riding lower is that it’s a slightly more difficult to draw. Both excellent products!

  365. Anthony Taylor (verified owner)

    I ordered the holster for a glock48 shipping was fast. The holster shipped on the 2nd business day after it was ordered. The fit and finish is very good and the retention is just about perfect for me. I am overall very pleased with the holster my only complaint is the clip. On both my belts a Wilderness instructors and a 511 doubleduty the clip would not attach properly and would slide off when I drew the pistol from the holster. The remedy was I took the leather loops off another holster and put on this one and now i am exteamly pleased. I would definitely recommend this holster to someone looking for a good quality holster just spent the extra $10 for the leather beltloops.

  366. Mark (verified owner)

    Great Service!

  367. SCOTT M. (verified owner)

    Outstanding value and fit ~ cool print ~ received in less than a week ~ highly recommend.

  368. Riley (verified owner)

    This is the second holster I’ve ordered from Muddy River Tactical and this one was for my glock 19. Love the retention on the holster, covers trigger well completely, comfortable and durable. Great holster!

  369. Mike (verified owner)

    I was extremely pleased with this holster. Ordered with traditional 1.5 belt clip. After I recieved it, I started wearing immediately. The first long day I wore it was 12 hrs and couldn’t believe how comfortable it was, and this was with a full size XD 9. I carry appendix since I wear tshirts alot(fairly fitted) so I added the claw( never thought I’d be carrying anything larger than my pt111) Barely any printing! I ordered on Saturday, Kevin shipped out Monday and I recieved it Tuesday. Kevin is on it. Personable on the phone(personally answers calls). Planning to order one for my Taurus PT111 g2 next. Finally found my go to holster co. Keep it up!

  370. Jason H. (verified owner)

    I’m loving this appendix carry holster for my Kimber Micro 9. Very well made, SUPER fast shipping. Get one you won’t regret it.

  371. louis volpi (verified owner)

    Great holster, great service!

  372. Jerry Neher (verified owner)

    Great quality great fit and great customer care and service

  373. Brian Laskowsky

    I bought this holster simply because I found this website. This is by far the BEST kydex holster I have ever used. I can conceal an M&P 2.0 forty cal under a T shirt at the appendix position. The holster is sturdy without being bulky. The Claw feature is wonderful. The holster dosent move under regular conditions. Im about to order another for my Shield 2.0. Buy this. You wont be disappointed.

  374. joseph miano (verified owner)

    Once again fast shipping awesome products just received my 7th IWB holster which happens to be the tiger shark addition holster it’s pretty cool haven’t seen anybody else that makes one quite like it keep up the great work

  375. Ian (verified owner)

    This a very form fitting holster for the gun. I got the claw attachment and love it.

  376. Michael S. (verified owner)

    The holster is very well made I kinda wish they would have added some extra screws in case I wanted to take off the concealment helper deal but all in all I love it I can even wear it with a fairly tight shirt and it’s not to noticeable.

    • MuddyRiver (store manager)

      Hello sir and thank you for your recent order, we greatly appreciate it! On the claw attachment you can take it on / off at anytime by removing the two screws. The holster itself is riveted together so those screws on the claw only hold the claw attachment to the holster. Thank you again and if you need anything please don’t hesitate to ask!

  377. Miguel (verified owner)

    Fantastic holster great quality fast shipping. Highly recommend to anyone looking for an IWB holster. This is the only style I’ve purchased so far. Three in all with extra mag holders

  378. Aaron S. (verified owner)

    This product is great and fits my firearm perfectly. The holster is fairly comfortable to wear but it would be nice to have some sort of padding on the body side of the holster.

  379. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The only problem I found was the holster wasn’t labeled for my specific gun. Mine has 2 version, one high sights and the other has normal sights. So now I have to either change my sights or altar the holster to make it fit. So in the future I’d label everything as specific as possible if there’s multiple versions.

  380. Brian Laskowsky (verified owner)

    Another great holster from MRT!

  381. Samantha C. (verified owner)

    Love my pink holster!

  382. Anonymous (verified owner)


  383. James Green (verified owner)

    First time purchasing from MRT. Overall I’m highly satisfied with the IWB holster, fits perfectly and comfortably to my side. I will definitively purchase again for different weapon.

  384. Guy (verified owner)

    Great molding and value. Nice design. USe with soft loops only.

  385. Roy (verified owner)

    Thank you for the holster Fits great will be buying more soon

  386. Joe R. (verified owner)

    Excellent holster, top quality and works great especially the claw The price was right and shipping was extremely fast. I will be buying from MRT again

  387. John (verified owner)

    Comfortable and fits well

  388. Seth S. (verified owner)

    Could not have been more impressed with this holster. Great feel, comfortable. Will continue to buy.

  389. Randy (verified owner)

    Great fit, very comfortable, good quality. Fast shipping, would recommend

  390. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is the second holster I’ve bought from you guys and I will continue to do so for all my future guns. These are awesome holsters

  391. Jason H. (verified owner)

    This is my 2nd order and I’m very happy with the holster and turn around time. I ordered on a Thursday afternoon and received the holster on Monday. Great quality and a perfect fit. I will order from Muddy River Tactical again. Thanks!

  392. Shain (verified owner)

    Happy with the product

  393. Bob S. (verified owner)

    Great holster… it just kind of “sucks” the gun in when you holster it and retains it the perfect amount until you need it. And it’s really comfortable. And then there is the customer service… every time I order I get immediate feedback and my shipment usually goes out that day. Any communications have been easy and answered immediately. I don’t think you can ask for a better company to do business with. Thank you Muddy River

  394. William (verified owner)

    Exactly what I was looking for. Great product

  395. Enrique R. (verified owner)

    Firm fit with precise molding on holster; belt loop buttons have a great snap design

  396. Paige (verified owner)

    3rd time purchasing and as always great customer service and product!

  397. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great as always

  398. john McGrath (verified owner)

    Made some adjustments seems to have helped

  399. James Moore (verified owner)

    I love these holsters and I have a duffle bag of other brands. this one will stay on my hip.
    And customer service is the best I have ever experienced.
    Thankyou Kevin Mason.

  400. Cary (verified owner)

    This is the 4th holster I’ve purchased from Kevin. His customer service is beyond terrific. Nowadays, when folks don’t really care about customer service, he absolutely stands out!! And… the product he manufactures is solid and dependable.

  401. Jack G. (verified owner)

    outstanding product, good price, shipped and arrived quick. third holster purchased.

  402. Dr. Len (verified owner)

    I purchased a carbon fiber IWB holster (with claw) for the Kimber EVO SP (Custom Shop) pistol. This holster is absolutely beautiful. Fit and finish are perfect, and the addition of the claw contributes to comfort and security. This is one of the best Kydex holsters on the market. I called the company twice…and customer service is simply outstanding!!!

  403. Frank Mulligan (verified owner)

    Love it, very comfortable. It’s the bomb.

  404. Ken Derrington (verified owner)

    Muddy River Tactical gets a solid 5 from me. This was my second purchase from them. Quality holsters that fit my gun perfectly! They promptly process my orders without delay. They are excellent in communicating with you via email as to a summary of your order, ship date and took the time to answer my couple of questions when I called in my order! Quality product, great price and excellent service… what more can you ask!! Thanks Kevin!!

  405. Joseph (verified owner)

    Enjoying so far

  406. Steve P. (verified owner)

    I picked up a IWB holster for my Smith & Wesson M&P9 2.0 3.6″ and I love it. Even with my big ole gut I can still bend over and sit down very comfortably.

  407. Andre (verified owner)

    High quality and stupid fast Shipping. I would recommend over others cause of the claw option and other options. Good stuff muddy river thumbs up

  408. Shamir Benshemuel (verified owner)

    Very happy with the holster

  409. Chadwick A. (verified owner)

    Great product; fits really well; very good retention. I would suggest opting for the claw attachment as well. Fast and courteous customer service and delivery.

  410. Gilbert (verified owner)

    I am a repeat customer and all of my holsters from Muddy River Tactical are great. I now have an OWB, an IWB and a mag carrier for my Sig P239, my S&W Shield 9, and my Bersa .380. Love the concealment loops on the OWBs and love the claw attachment for the IWBs. Couldn’t be happier.

  411. Jeffrey Hill (verified owner)

    Product and service are both top notch.

  412. Danny K

    Heard about the company through a buddy I shoot conceal carry matches with I had just purchased a Langdon tactical Beretta 92 since it has the m9a1 lower and m9a3 upper wasn’t sure if it was going to work. It showed up on my door in 2 days! And fit like a glove I had to trim the bottom corner off under the claw because it was stabbing me in the leg when I appendix carry but after that I can wear it comfortably all day no issues. I do wish the mag carrier was a bit longer as it tries to escape Everytime I get up from a seated position, other than that great product thank you for everything, I will purchase more.

  413. Kyle Dugo (verified owner)

    I really can’t say enough about your holster. The fit and feel is perfect and shows true quality. Also the time it took you to ship the holster was absolutely unmatched by any one. I will be recommending Muddy River Tactical to my friends and family. I only have one positive criticisms that I came up with after awarding the holster. I was thinking it would be great if you offered tuck able clips that were specific to 1.75” or 1.5” belts. I know with me having a 1.5” belt the holster and gun can move out of place when in the pants. Also it would it might be good to add a j clip, c clip or an ulti clip option for the holsters. I understand that adding more clips might not be cost effective but could be an option in the future. This is just my positive criticism since I want to see you and your family’s company succeed as you seem to genuinely care about your company, workmanship and customers.

    Thank you,
    Kyle Dugo

  414. Kenneth Absher (verified owner)

    This was the second holster I purchased, AWESOME product and customer service. Very fast shipping. ????????????????

  415. Mark K. (verified owner)

    Muddy River make the most comfortable REVOLVER holsters.
    I’ve tried them all. Revolvers are not easy to make comfortable holsters for. Kevin continuously produces a comfortable, quality, product. The tiger shark print was full of detail and looks awesome, best of all, his kydex prints don’t seem to wear off. Super fast shipping and top notch customer service.

  416. Kenneth T. (verified owner)


  417. John (verified owner)

    Nice holster…well polished and smooth edges. Not crazy about plastic belt clip.

  418. Jim J. (verified owner)

    My first holster purchase ever. The quality and craftsmanship is well done it fits my Beretta perfectly nice smooth edges. Now me personally I dont know how anyone can wear these iwb holsters they are very uncomfortable then put your pistol in it . Iam 5′ 9″ 172 pounds and it’s been in my drawer the day after I got it not putting down muddy creek the did and do outstanding work and 3 days it was at my house. I just dont see how this can work for me maybe I should not have got the extra side clip on it to help conceal.

  419. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I love this holster. The soft loops and claw are really must have add one.

  420. John B. (verified owner)

    Very comfotable fit. Retention is good, but not very positive. I kept the rating at 5 because this is my EDC and I have not had any issue with the firearm staying holstered, but when I draw or holster, I don’t get the positive click I get from other holsters. All in all, they are nice, well constructed holsters for a reasonable price. And they often have molds for the latest gun models before the competition.

  421. Philip Campbell (verified owner)

    Unbelievably fast service. My order was processed for shipping within hours of placing it. I received the two holsters for my Kimbers for my wife and I. They’re awesome! One thing to consider is the concealment claw on smaller frames. We have Kimber Micro 9 and Micro .380. The claw gets in the way of getting a good purchase on the gun for draw. They’re small enough to conceal without the claw, so I just took them off. Great holsters, will buy again for other firearms!

  422. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good holster conceals well and made well would recommend to friends

  423. David Carney (verified owner)

    Very good quality, very well thought out holster. I’m a big guy but Muddy River Tactile’s holsters always make my gun disappear. Third holster I’ve bought, all finest quality.

  424. James H. (verified owner)

    This is my 4th IWB from MRT, all have been fantastic. The combo of the Water Buffalo gun belt and Kevin’s IWB’s are hard to beat. This one shipped within two hours of the order being placed and was on my hip two days later. It really doesn’t get much better, thank you MRT!

  425. Travis Tarbox (verified owner)

    Excellent holster this is the second holster I have purchased and love it thanks again for your high quality product..

  426. Hollis F. (verified owner)

    One of only a few that accommodate the Sig P365 with Lima laser. Excellent quality!!

  427. Don R. (verified owner)

    Very nice holster, easy to carry

  428. Brad Musick (verified owner)

    Great service, and great holster!! They shipped it the same day I ordered it!!

  429. Jerry Page (verified owner)

    The best holster for my canik tp9 sf elite. I can actually carry at 4 o’clock with the claw configuration

  430. Mike C.

    This was my first AIWB Holster I’ve ordered and I was not disappointed. I ordered the holster with the tuckable loop and claw along with the extra mag holster and they were at my house in a few days. The quality of the Kydex itself is great, stays in place well, and is very comfortable to wear (I wear undershirts the majority of the time; a few times I haven’t and stomach hair was pulled, but easily remedied). The mag holster has a very positive *click* retention while the firearm holster does not, although the fit is snug and I have not had an issue with drawing/reholstering. Overall I’m very happy with this purchase and only wish there was a combined version of the two. Great product!

  431. Ian Wicke (verified owner)

    Purchased holster looking for an appendix carry with an easier draw than my current one. This one does not work for me in a sitting or squatting position. I’m 6’1″, 205 lbs fully clothed. Tried wearing it behind the hip for a day and felt the rear sight in my side and had the magazine eject once while sitting and turning into a hard chair-back. I do have an extended mag release, but it has never been a concern with two other IWB holsters. Pisrtol is an XDM with after market, adjustable rear sights and a slightly longer mag release. Workmanship looks good, pistol fit is secure, and draw is smooth. Maybe needs a little refinement or options to accommodate after market enhancements and make it a preferred daily carry. Every pistol, shotgun, and rifle I own has improvements added.

    • MuddyRiver (store manager)

      Hello sir and thank you for your recent order, we greatly appreciate it!
      On our holsters we vacuum mold to a precision way more than other companies. So On the mag release you have to leave a note in the comments section at checkout if you have an extended one so we can accommodate.
      We completely understand that not every holster is for everyone or there specific body type / situation. We have a 15 day free trial period to return or exchange.
      If we can help with anything please give us a call at 816-457-4711, we are always here to to help!

  432. Lance Vaughn (verified owner)

    Great product and service!

  433. Davd (verified owner)

    Precise fit; comfortable; firm hold that works even in strenuous activities. Superb product.

  434. Gary A. (verified owner)

    Quality was 2nd to none and the “claw” option well worth it.

  435. Jonathan W. (verified owner)

    This was a great holster both in price and build…..definitely getting another.

  436. dom castro (verified owner)

    as usual another great holster from muddy river tactical!

  437. James T. (verified owner)

    Great service. The holster does what it is designed to do. It is discreet, and it works as advertised.

  438. Michael (verified owner)

    Great product!

  439. Douglas Stephens (verified owner)

    I purchased a new Sig P365xl the first day released. Kevin made a holster that fit perfectly and shipped the same day I ordered it! Best customer service you can get!

  440. Ronald (verified owner)

    totally satisfied! Just as advertised on your site, and very fast delivery. ron

  441. Paul M. (verified owner)

    Really comfortable, retention perfect out of the package, like the claw…first time having one, shipping very timely, won’t be my last order!

  442. John (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping and good product, overall. I have two holsters and the claw holes are not drilled in same place, so washer hangs out of holster on one copy. Still works well – hope it will last.

  443. Daniel Johnson (verified owner)


  444. Mike T. (verified owner)

    Home run again. Holster purchase for taurus pt 111.This is definitely my go to holster company. I have been recommending to all my friends. If you carry appendix no need to go anywhere else.

  445. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Best IWB Holster, by far!…

  446. Mark (verified owner)

    This holster is as advertised. It’s definitely the most comfortable IWB Kydex holster that I have worn thus far … of many! I got it with the dual soft loops and claw attachment (very innovative), both of which really enhance the product. It fits my weapon perfectly with just the right retention. I almost forget that I have it on. I highly recommend this holster!

  447. David (verified owner)

    This is my second holster I ordered from Muddy River Tactical. I was very pleased with my first order several months ago, that I decided to order another holster. I ordered a good-looking holster…the American Flag!

  448. Ryan (verified owner)

    Great fit. The claw really brings the grip into my body hiding it nicely.

  449. Pamela (verified owner)

    Would definitely buy from this company again.

  450. Joe H. (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, perfect fit. Unbelievably fast shipping. No need to look anywhere else for my holster needs!

  451. Jacob A. (verified owner)

    Great quality, fast shipping and quick turn around time. No complaints and more than likely to buy again for my other firearms

  452. JEFFERY H. (verified owner)

    now have these for 3 different pistols. great holster

  453. R F. (verified owner)

    Holster was exactly what I expected, arrived by estimated shipping date. No complaints whatsoever and will definitely get future gear from Muddy River Tactical. Great job guys – thank you!

  454. Kenneth (verified owner)

    Third time (or company) is a charm! Tried other makers but Muddy River Tactical beats everyone else hands down. Excellent craftsmanship, great fit, speedy shipping, reasonable pricing. I’ll never go anywhere else again!

  455. JESUS PEREZ (verified owner)

    Every time I insert the gun and I withdraw there’s white Residue of the holster stuck to the gun.

    • MuddyRiver (store manager)

      Thank you for your order, we greatly appreciate it. I would suggest cleaning out the holster and wiping out the holster out to relieve this issue. If you need any other assistance we are always here to help! Give us a call at 816-457-4711

  456. Casey Chesnutt (verified owner)

    Holster retains very well and allows for excellent draw and re holster. Holds close to the body allowing no print and I get a high firm grip when still holstered on my weapon. Thanks it’s awesome guys!

  457. Chris H. (verified owner)

    Great holster for a great price

  458. Eric (verified owner)

    This is my first holster from muddy river. I got an iwb with the arm on it for a 509 tactical. The holster is great but I had to take the arm off of it. I think it’s a personal preference thing I wasn’t sure I’d like it but I figured for 10$ it was worth a try. Oh well. I still gave it 5 stars because it’s as good or better that any other holster I have and the costumer service and fast shipping was top notch. All the other kydex holster companies I’ve used take three weeks from time of order to when it shows up. Muddy river took three days. This guy understands business. Oh ya and he was polite and helpful on the phone and didn’t act like I was putting him out for calling. Buy with confidence.

  459. Damian (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, excellent customer service and a great product so far.

  460. Jacob (verified owner)

    Perfect fit and quick delivery!

  461. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very good fit, conceals well

  462. Thomas Haygood (verified owner)

    Fits well. Is comfortable and at a good price

  463. Daniel (verified owner)

    I ordered a alien gear shapeshift and hated it. So i ordered my second holster from muddy river.
    Theyve got amazon beat in shipping. And have a sweet product

  464. Brandon Manuele (verified owner)

    Functions and feels great.

  465. Bryan D. (verified owner)

    Fits gun nicely.

  466. Paul M. (verified owner)

    Shipping was lightning fast, holster is comfortable to wear and stays where I place it. Love doing business with these guys!

  467. Glenn G. (verified owner)

    I like the holster. I have other IWB holsters but not they do not work so well under a t shirt. Being retired I spend most of the time in shorts and a t shirt. I may have to change the shirt type and sizing to make it work but so far it looks promising.

  468. Cole Bidoli (verified owner)

    Fitment of the gun is a little loose but retention is still amazing my favorite holster

  469. Jeff K. (verified owner)

    Awesome holster very well made and sturdy. Definitely will buy more from them.

  470. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Product is super high quality, shipping was stupid fast for a customer holster. The cut was a little shallow for the red dot. When the gun was fully in the holster the red dot would push against the holster and put the gun out of battery. I filed off less than a 1/4” to make it work. Loving this holster!

  471. Matthew Niven (verified owner)

    Disappointed with the size of clip, very narrow.

    • MuddyRiver (store manager)

      Thank you for your order sir, we greatly appreciate it! The tuckable belt clip option you ordered is made to be as discreet as possible for those that tuck there shirt in to conceal there firearms.
      Just give us a call at 816-457-4711 and we will gladly exchange you for a holster with the standard belt clip if that works better for your situation.

  472. Nick Velebit (verified owner)

    Excellent product. I love it. Thank you guys.

  473. RYAN (verified owner)

    Kevin was great to deal with. After receiving the product, I decided I’d prefer to have a different belt clip and the return process was easy. Great product and is my every day carry now.

  474. Michael B. (verified owner)

    I love it! This holster fits perfectly the Berretta APX Carry and comfortably and very effectively conceals the fire arm while wearing it in the 4 o’clock position. If you prefer an IWB holster and have the APX Carry you will probably want this holster.

  475. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Even with the small handle of the g2c I’m able to get a good hold of it while it’s holster

  476. Matt E. (verified owner)

    Fantastic holster, very prompt. Thanks!

  477. Brian Packard (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking for the perfect IWB holster for my TP9SF Elite since I decided it would be my EDC firearm. Well I found it.
    The MR Tactical IWB holster is exactly what I was looking for. Fit and finish are excellent; just the right amount of Kydex to secure the weapon and retention is perfect. Thank you MR Tactical for a terrific product!

  478. Michael P. (verified owner)

    Perfect Fit

  479. Jan (verified owner)

    The more I wear this holster, the more I like it. It’s hard to find holsters for this particular model since it’s so new. I will likely order from y’all again.

  480. Ken H. (verified owner)

    Awesome experience! I had some questions before I ordered, Kevin got back to me super fast and answered all of them. Literally responded in a few minutes on one of them. Very, very happy with the holster I ordered for my K6S.

  481. David (verified owner)

    I’m on my fourth holster now and I cannot me more pleased with the quality, comfort and overall experience with Muddy River Tactical. The product and customer service is equal to none. Thank you MRT I will continue being a customer as long as you keep delivering.

  482. Timothy Hector (verified owner)

    Pistol snaps in holster good, it’s comfortable to ware, easy to draw ,coceals great for a pistol of this size, looks great.Very Satisfied.

  483. James H. (verified owner)

    I was surprised at how quickly my order reached my mailbox. It was exactly what I ordered and it fit my EDC perfectly. It really is a very comfortable holster. I also ordered their IWB magazine holder and it also fits one of my spare magazines perfectly. I can’t remember who suggested it, but I’m thankful they did. I’ll happily use the company Muddy River Tactical again!

  484. Gary K. (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping on a very well made holster at a really reasonable price. Hard to ask for more.

  485. Bennett (verified owner)

    Extreme quality. Makes carrying my double stack just as comfortable as carry my single stacks.

  486. William Campbell (verified owner)

    Fast delivery Quality holster. Great fit and retention

  487. Mark K. (verified owner)

    Great holster! Bought this for my Ruger .327 Fed Magnum. Ordered the claw attachment and later realized I liked it better without. Reached out to the company to acquire the smaller replacement screws and got them within a couple of days. Great customer service and very happy with the fit and comfort of the holster.

  488. Jon D. (verified owner)

    Fits my sig 1911 pretty good. Recieved it a few days after ordering.

  489. Tyler N. (verified owner)

    Very good quality for a good price.

  490. Lance Tobey (verified owner)

    Great holster, and service. I highly suggest purchasing from this company.

  491. George S. (verified owner)

    The entire order process from choosing options to delivery was quick, easy, and affordable. I am a veteran and I was happy to support a veteran-owned mom & pop shop! Muddy River Tactical earned my respect and will gain future business.

  492. Michael A. (verified owner)

    Nice holster and comfortable!

  493. Jason M. (verified owner)

    Fantastic holster and ease of selecting the right one for my model. I am completely satisfied with the holster and the service. I really like the added option to further conceal the weapon. I would definitely recommend giving muddy river a try.

  494. Nathanael M. (verified owner)

    Got this as a gift for my birthday. Have only had it for a few weeks so far. I’m thinking about getting the claw attachment for it.

  495. Leo (verified owner)

    Yall are amazing! Great customer service

  496. Jimmy Sides (verified owner)

    Very well made holster. I’ll buy another one. This time though I’ll go with either the wider belt clip or the dual snap ones. I went with the single belt clip. Think it’s called the tuckable. That one doesn’t seem to keep my pistol level level. Other than that I really like it. Very comfortable an doesn’t pinch anywhere. Plus pretty fast delivery an a reasonable price. Those are always good qualities to have

  497. Tracy F. (verified owner)

    Very durable and fits well inside the pants. Color turned out the way I requested and overall quite satisfied with the time it took to get to me! I would highly recommend

  498. Alexander Reppucci (verified owner)

    Just recieved my IWB holster today for my Taurus TH9c. Set it up right away and went to carrying. It’s a secure fit and very comfortable, very happy with it. The shipping was a lot faster than I thought it would be. Awesome!

  499. Eric S. (verified owner)

    Always quality products, this is my 4th holster from Kevin’s business. Excellent customer service, if you have any questions or concerns you can count on Kevin(owner) as he will always return with an answer. Would not buy from anyone else! Give him a try and you won’t be disappointed.

  500. Cale Baker (verified owner)

    It’s a perfect tight fit and most comfortable I’ve ever worn. I also upgraded to the belt loops and added the claw.

  501. Roger (verified owner)

    Very nice holster…..
    I like the loops instead of a clip.
    Holster sits nicely and is comfortable…..
    I wish I would have got it sooner.

  502. Chaz A. (verified owner)

    Amazing holster fit gun perfectly keeps gun very secure

  503. Joe (verified owner)

    Looks and feels great. Very comfortable and happy with the purchase. Looking forward to the next one.

  504. John P. (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and quick shipment. I have some other IWB holsters, purchased Muddy River for a Sig SP2022 and a CZ P-07 when my usual supplier did not carry holsters for these models. I found these holsters to be more comfortable and better concealing for appendix carry. The only issue I have had is that I use extended magazine releases and the holsters cover part of the magazine release. On the P-07 the magazine would release when holstering with the Cajun Gun Works extended release. A few minutes with my Dremel tool and some 6oo grit paper eliminated the issue. To further improve the product, I suggest offering the Ulticlip as an option. Altogether, an excellent product and company.

  505. Brian Packard (verified owner)

    Simply Superb!

  506. Walter B. (verified owner)

    I got the holster, looks great. Unfortunately, the firearm is on back order…………….

  507. Drew Short (verified owner)

    Was cut short and allows the front site to be exposed to hitting things. Holster could have been a lil longer to allow gun to ride deeper in the waistband…..and the tilt is very limited….. the retention screws requires the included alan wrench and a huge flat tip, im a diesel mechanic and i dont have a flathead screwdriver that wide…for the money im ok with it but a little extra thought and it would be a great holster

  508. Josh S. (verified owner)

    This is my second holster from Muddy River, so I wasn’t really surprised that it fit great. Quality product, fast production, and quick shipping. I’ll continue to buy.

  509. Phil M. (verified owner)

    Clean, quality construction with quick delivery!

  510. Robert J Brennan (verified owner)

    arrived fast same great quality as past purchases

  511. Christopher (verified owner)

    This is my 6th holster from muddy river tactical. Great product. Always perfect fit. Will be buying more from them.

  512. Brian (verified owner)

    Great fit, great quality

  513. Scott S. (verified owner)

    Didn’t think an IWB Kydex would be this comfortable, the claw makes for putting in place and removing holster a challenge but isn’t that what it is designed to do! Shipping was at my door in 2 1/2 days, on a custom request. I have owned many holsters and this one is top notch with perfect retention!! Thank you again Muddy River Tactical

  514. Jeremy L. (verified owner)

    Excellent service. There was an issue with the color and they expedited a replacement immediately.

  515. Ricky Ayala (verified owner)

    Fits the gun perfectly with great retention. And amazingly fast shipping!

  516. Sean M. (verified owner)

    I love it! The extra claw attachment is brilliant.

  517. Kevin W. (verified owner)

    First time I used Muddy River Tactical for a holster. First impressions I love it! Went with the Kydex IWB gray carbon fiber with claw for 43x. Good quality and retention.

  518. Harry T. (verified owner)

    Works great!

  519. Kate H. (verified owner)

    I love this holster!!! Great quality and it arrived so quickly for being a little custom (the donut skin is amazing)! The concealment claw is great too. Very impressed, thank you Muddy River!!!

  520. James P. (verified owner)

    Great holster for my Sig P365 XL! Working out the retention took a little work, but that is to be expected. I do miss a sweat guard as I am in SC and the heat has not broken yet. Wearing this at a 3:30- 4:00 position. I’ve been a Crossbreed guy for years, but love the easy on/off of this holster along with with the pushing in of the grip with the claw. CB is still my go to for OWB, but for this smaller pistol, I could not be more pleased. 1st class workmanship and great customer service. No one I know makes it as easy to write a review as MRT -at least that I know. Pretty cool.

  521. James L. (verified owner)

    Lightning fast service combined with great quality of workmanship unmatched by other sellers. Will definitely use muddy river in all future holster purchases.

  522. Josh T. (verified owner)

    Fantastic quality holster! Nice clean, smoothed seams and edges. Great pricing on kydex options/upgrades and i couldn’t believe how fast I got it. Had it in three days.

  523. Michael Stakley (verified owner)

    Excellent holster excellent service got my holster the next day Will be buying more of these in the future

  524. Ben Cheng (verified owner)

    Extremely fast shipping! High quality and fairly priced!

  525. Zakory M. (verified owner)

    It’s absolutely phenomenal

  526. Timothy Reed (verified owner)

    Very nice!

  527. Ronald Kost (verified owner)

    Retention is to tight.

    • MuddyRiver (store manager)

      Sorry to hear the retention is too tight for you. The screws below that barrel can be tightened or loosened to adjust your retention on your holster. If that doesn’t work for you please reach out to us at 816-457-4711 and we will gladly get you taken care of!!

    • MuddyRiver (store manager)

      Sorry to hear the retention is too tight for you. The screws below the barrel can be tightened or loosened to adjust your retention on your holster. If that doesn’t work for you please reach out to us at 816-457-4711 and we will gladly get you taken care of!!

  528. Bryan Bagnas (verified owner)

    My second one I have purchased. Love them.

  529. Doug Curran (verified owner)

    Great product and service! I placed my order for a kydex holster with tuckable belt clip and claw (Order #52076) on Monday Sept 30 and it was at my door in the mail on Thursday Oct 3; 3 days from ordering to having it. Great craftsmanship, comfortable, and conceals so well with the claw … amazing and highly recommend!

  530. Adam (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough good things about my experience with purchasing this holster. I was getting ready to go on vacation and purchased a new 229 I called Muddy River spoke directly with Kevin who made sure that I had the holster before I left. I called again because I had a concern and again Kevin answered the phone and handled it promptly, and just for extra measure I decided I didn’t care for the claw on the holster (it works as its supposed to just not my preference) Kevin prompt as always sent the new screws for the removal of the claw. I am very impressed with this company and their customer service I would highly recommend them and their product the holster is comfortable and conceals well with or without the claw on the front.

  531. Jeff K. (verified owner)

    Love this holster very good retention and quality is awesome

  532. Luis (verified owner)

    This is my fourth holster from Muddy River and you guys have hit the mark every time! Awesome holster.

  533. Renzo (verified owner)

    The quality is good service excellent

  534. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great quality, looks good/feels good. Shipping speed blew my mind.

  535. Sam (verified owner)

    I received this pretty fast.I was very pleased I have couple of other holster for the same pistol this one is absolutely the best one I ordered the soft loops one of the snaps had a problem made a phone call had a new set in few days things like this happen from time to time so not a big deal for me great customer service and a great product ????????????????

  536. David B. (verified owner)

    I have searched far and wide for the right holster and finally found it at Muddy River Tactical. It fits my gun perfectly and securely holds it in place while allowing for an easy draw. The claw attachment is also a great addition. Like a lot of people, I have always had a problem with keeping the gun grip from printing but now I can wear normal size shirts with no printing at all. The holster is also very comfortable which is extremely important when you wear it for long periods of time. In the future I plan to buy more holsters from MRT because, in my opinion, they have developed the ideal holster that meets all of my criteria.

  537. james oldham (verified owner)

    great holsters. my guns fit snugly in the holsters. very comfortable to wear. the quality is excellent.. will buy again.

  538. Mike Medema (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping, Holster is a perfect fit, well made, no sharp burs, quality product. I will purchase from Muddy River again.

  539. Kammy B. (verified owner)

    Feels great and was delivered in 2 days!!! I love it!!!

  540. James G. (verified owner)

    This is a quality product at a good price with prompt delivery. Couldn’t ask for more. Also have the leather IWB holster. Love the fit and finish of it as well. Thanks Muddy River Tactical!

  541. Robert Bennett (verified owner)

    Very happy with my purchase .I appreciate you your fine craftsmanship

  542. Ronald H. (verified owner)

    The holster fits the weapon great and the claw attachment really tucks the butt of the weapon in against your body. Service was great as always and I’ve already recommended Muddy River holsters to friends.

  543. Zackary Beebe (verified owner)

    The grip hook and claw are the wah to go! I’ve got a couple of their holsters. By far my favorite. I’m stoked for when they bring in light bearing. I’m an olight guy.

  544. PAUL S. (verified owner)

    Great holster, it is everything I needed in a holster. It holds the gun perfectly, great retention and fit. Everything is of high quality and their service is great. After receiving the holster I didn’t care for the claw. I realized after taking it off I needed different screws. I emailed and don’t think I had even gotten around to look for the reply and the replacement screws were in my mail. Couldn’t ask for better! I Highly recommend Muddy River Tactical for service and their products for quality, yea and USA made. I would definitely buy again, in fact I just did for another pistol.

  545. Ivan (verified owner)

    Satisfied yet again. Thank you for the quality service. Lord wiling,I will buy another holster sometime soon.

  546. james oldham (verified owner)

    Use as a appendix carry. Belt clip holder stays hooked to belt, also comfortable to wear.

  547. David D. (verified owner)

    Ordered the iwb with the optional claw. First holster I ever had that was a comfortable appendix carry. Drove from Illinois to Ohio and back and had no issues.

  548. Paul Prochko (verified owner)

    Very good holsters especially with the claw..good gun fit. Missing one of the belt clip outside metal washers…requested one…nothing received yet…

  549. Brian Laskowsky (verified owner)

    Once again, a great product. I couldn’t be any more pleased.

  550. Darren B. (verified owner)

    Great quality. I will be ordering from them again.

  551. Scott Klema (verified owner)

    Doesn’t work well with Sub Compact like my Sons Compact Carry witch is a LiL bigger ! Tried some modifications with the adjustable fork thing and ended up trimming it down to get at least 2 Fingers in/on the Grip to remover firearm from the Holster !

    • MuddyRiver (store manager)

      Hey sir and thank you for your recent order, we greatly appreciate it. I looked up your order and noticed it’s for a Sig p938. We don’t recommend the claw attachment on those small firearms for a couple reasons. The first like you are saying is there is not enough room to get claw in there and leave much room for your grip. Second is that small of firearm doesn’t have a long enough grip to cause a printing and concealment issue. The claw is designed for mid to full size firearms to make concealing the longer grips way easier.
      We will gladly send you screws to be able to remove the claw from your holster or whatever works best for you. Please feel free to give us a call at 816-457-4711 Monday-Friday 10-6 and we will be happy to get you taken care of!

  552. Ken Millet (verified owner)

    Great workmanship, exactly what I ordered. Delivery only took two days. Will definitely order from them again.

  553. Leah Heflin (verified owner)

    Love my holster and works amazing for my Sig 365.

  554. Jonathon Bailey (verified owner)

    Very nice, great fit, fast service great service

  555. James Ewing (verified owner)

    Great product and fast shipping. Highly Recommend!

  556. Noah (verified owner)

    I ordered a holster for my Sig P320 and M11-A1. The P320 fits great, but the P228 No-rail holster did not fit the M11-A1 particularly well. Kevin has been incredibly helpful with returning/swapping the ill fitting holster and even researching to help find the best fit for my pistol. No complaints, and I probably wouldn’t go elsewhere for a holster unless MRT simply didn’t have a mold that worked for me.

  557. Mitchell White (verified owner)

    Everything was awesome! Great quality holster and incredibly quick delivery!

  558. Matthew Jackson (verified owner)

    This is a solid holster, well crafted and put together. I ordered my holster on a Monday and it was in my mailbox on Thursday which is the fastest I’ve ever seen. Especially since it was for a Springfield Hellcat which is a new gun as of the time of this review 10/28/19 and only two companies even made holsters for it. The only small gripe I have and this is probably because the gun footprint is so small, if I aggressively go for the gun sometimes my knuckle will hit the concealment claw. Not enough to break the skin but during prolonged range sessions you start to notice it. Not a big enough deal to make me not want to train or use it though. Two thumbs up from me????????

  559. Brian (verified owner)

    Wonderful customer service. Good price point. Fast delivery – 5 days. Added a laser to my EDC. So tried this one. My old holster for same gun was a Blackpoint Tactical. That holster has the advantage of tightening/loosening the grip the holster has on the weapon. The Muddy doesn’t have that important feature. But BPT is twice the price and takes 6+ weeks to get the unit. For the overall value, Muddy wins.

  560. Jim B. (verified owner)

    As usual, Muddy River Tactical continues to deliver very high quality holsters with no exception. I have purchased 5 holsters from them in the past 4 months and will buy several more. Some of those purchased were replacements for other brand holsters purchased that went into the trash. Thank you Kevin

  561. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This IWB holster left about 3/4″ of the gun muzzle protruding, which poked me in the rear with great discomfort. Cost me shipping both ways. Otherwise, good holster and recommended.

    • MuddyRiver (store manager)

      Thank you for your purchase sir, we greatly appreciate it. We will let you know when we have holsters available to fully cover the threaded barrel like what you had on your firearm.

  562. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent company to do business with, top notch products and customer service.

  563. John Brawner (verified owner)

    This also is a solid product for its price. Just a small suggestion on both holsters . I would like to see rubber washer / bands used between the retintion screws. It would provide a better retention adjustment and feel. And would be a minimum addition to the production.

    The service and delivery was quick and very good. I’ve appreciated the experience.

  564. Brian (verified owner)

    Product seems like a good product, but the near daily spam I received from Muddy River Tactical will keep me from recommending them or doing business with them every again. Customers should only receive marking email/texts when they opt-in. I do not remember seeing the ability to opt-out when I ordered the product.

    • MuddyRiver (store manager)

      Good morning sir and thank you for your order, we greatly appreciate it!
      I apologize if the emails we send bothered you and you considered them “spam”. We send the first email to mainly introduce ourselves and our company. The other 5 emails are to help inform and educate our customers / potential customers about our products and which one may be best for them. We do this because so many people are new to Holsters and concealed carry that they do not know the differences of what may or may not be better for them. We truly never want to spam or bother anyone, we just want to help them and educate them along there concealed carry journey.

  565. Dale H. (verified owner)

    Fantastic quality and fit. I would highly recommend Muddy River’s products.

  566. Steve k. (verified owner)

    Very well made holster at an extremely competitive price. I’ve purchased 3 holsters from Muddy River so far and will most likely purchase more in the future.

  567. Brian Teddy

    This is my second holster and I cannot find a flaw in fit or functionality. This holster is for the newly released Springfield Hellcat and as with my first holster it is perfect! I received this holster 3 days after ordering – unheard of in today’s holster making. The price is more than fair and the quality easily surpasses all (and I have a box full) of my other holsters by different makers. I will definitely be purchasing more. GREAT product.

  568. John white (verified owner)

    Very helpful

  569. James (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Very comfortable.

  570. Joseph Speck

    The LCR version fits my 22 Mag LCR really well. Seems well constructed. When I called the owner was really helpful. Very comfortable holster. Keep up the good work guys!!

  571. Jonathan C. (verified owner)

    Kevin your on point and 100% everything is smooth professional (Can you hear the Clique) color fit finish A+ customer service A+ lead time A+ Thanxs

  572. Terry Reiter (verified owner)

    A little more bulky and sits higher than my Vedder Holster. Nice holster overall. Wish I could adjust ride height

  573. Matt Zimmerman (verified owner)

    The holster is great. Great fit (Arex Rex Zero 1) and is very comfortable. The claw really keeps the firearm against your body. More importantly, to me, the customer service is fantastic. I e-mailed about a question and received a response within a minute of having sent the e-mail. Top notch company. Highly recommend and will be purchasing more, no doubt.

  574. Christopher W. (verified owner)

    Fits great, looks great. Smooth edges with plenty of retention. Attention to detail and care was definitely a factor during the manufacturing. I will buy again from Muddy River and it feels good to support a local KC area business.

  575. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great quality. Super comfortable.

  576. Jim M. (verified owner)

    Great product!!! A friend of mine bought one and showed me—didn’t think twice about ordering it the same day he sent me the info, and a added bonus was the customer service will be ordering again!!!

  577. Lawrence A. (verified owner)

    Extremely professional and willing to work with order mistakes on my part. Great material and very comfortable.

  578. Roman Martinez (verified owner)

    Great product. I have purchased one for my Glock 19 and my Ruger SR40c. Both fit like a glove, and they feel strong and well made. I would highly recommend.

  579. mike laton (verified owner)

    Great holster and fast shipping

  580. Jonathan (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered 2 holsters from muddy river so far, the first was their fixed retenion- riveted model that they used to make, picked it up for my shield and no issues whatsoever. Retention was more than acceptable for me, no sharp edges, everything was what i expected when spending 80 dollars on a kydex holster, the second holster, which i bought for my m&p compact is where i ran into some minor issues, the new holsters with the adjustable retention ( atleast the one i received the first time) the retention was sloppy at best, no positive click, and one light shake and the gun came sailing out with little effort on my part, that being said, muddy rivers customer service is fantastic! There’s not many places you can call that the CEO takes calls and handles customer issues directly and i really like that! I called Kevin and explained my issue and he agreed with me that the holster should have never been shipped like that and to send it back and include a note stating my issue and what i wanted done and that’s exactly what i did, i recieved the new holster in less than four days, and he didn’t even charge me for asking to have the claw attachment put on to this second holster after i sent it back which to me speaks volumes about how muddy river strives to make an excellent product and keep customers happy! The retention on the new holster that i recieved is stellar to say the least, and the claw attachment makes my double stack m&p disappear under a t shirt. If you’re on the fence about ordering from muddy river tactical, in my humble opinion, don’t be! If you have any issues, the CEO himself takes care of you. How many companies do you know where the ceo answers the phones and spends his valuable time sorting out customers issues? Muddy river has made a return customer out of me for sure. My conversation with kevin was quick and easy with getting my issue sorted out and making sure i got exactly what I wanted the second time. No ones perfect so i don’t hold the first holsters short comings coming against muddy river tactical at all, Kevin was quick to resolve my issue and personally made sure i got exactly what i wanted. Well done muddy river tactical and kevin! They make the best sub 100 dollar holster i’ve found. Have no fear ordering from muddy river.

  581. Sean Dineen (verified owner)

    Great product, would like to purchase another one for my Glock 23

  582. Rob (verified owner)

    This is my second order. I had previously purchased an IWB that both fits perfectly and was delivered very fast. Because of that, I knew Muddy River was a go to for my next purchase.
    Sure enough, same fast turn around and great fit.

    Most importantly MADE IN THE USA!!

    Thanks Muddy River!!!

  583. James B. (verified owner)

    Like it very much

  584. Oscar P. (verified owner)

    Great holster the claw attachment
    Really makes a difference

  585. Christopher Islas (verified owner)

    Wish it could have been just a bit tighter. The tension screw negate the fact that it cannot be any tighter than what it already is, thus defeating the purpose if having the screws. But over all I am happy with it. Thank you.

  586. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Perfect fit for my FN 509T. Snug and sure stability with room for MRD Venom. Needed to wear the holster around the home space for a while to get used to the feel. Found the Appendix Position to be most comfortable. Nice IWB Kydex Holster. Pleased with the purchase of this Holster.

  587. Mitch

    Perfect fit for my new Hellcat. Shipped to northern MT in less than a week. Most comfortable EDC holster I’ve ever had, won’t be my last Muddy River Tactical purchase.

  588. Keenan S. (verified owner)

    Great retention for my ppk and super comfortable! On top of that super fast shipping. Will only order from muddy river from now on.

  589. Dan Wright (verified owner)

    This holster lived up to my expectations. Well built, all edges polished and is extremely comfortable. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an IWB holster. I saw a review where the claw only had 1 screw? I purchased for a Hellcat and it came with 2 so no worries on it swiveling! ????

  590. Clay (verified owner)

    Perfect fit and color options are nice. Works well and completely satisfied!

  591. Delwin Mumbower (verified owner)

    Perfect fit. Excellent quality. Fast service. Good price.

  592. Byron B. (verified owner)

    Great holster! My Rex zero 1 fits nicely and securely. If I would change anything it would be a taller sweatguard. The hammer on the firearm digs in my side sometimes but its not a big deal. Muddy River Tactical was a pleasure to deal with and will probably buy another in the future.

  593. Mike Turner (verified owner)

    Excellent, I really like this holster and it’s built very good.

  594. Dan Kennedy (verified owner)

    I now have 2 MRT holsters. They are the best I have found. Great to deal with. 100 percent happy.

  595. SCOTT (verified owner)

    Works great and holds the P365 nice and securely.

  596. Darin S. (verified owner)

    This is one awesome holster. Being a smaller framed guy I am amazed at how comfortable this holster is. When my daughter saw it, she liked it and I ordered her one for Christmas for her Sig 320 and one for my son for his Springfield XDS. I think they will be just as pleased as I am. Keep up the great work

  597. Daniel T. (verified owner)

    I own 3 muddy river holsters and the quality is exceptional, but the service is even better

  598. Michael T. (verified owner)

    Easy to draw and easy to re-holster, but secure enough for short/tactical run with this holster. Great IWB at great price. Fast shipping.

  599. Vince M. (verified owner)

    Works great, wears comfortably!

  600. Richard P. (verified owner)

    Fits and retains weapon well and comfortable to wear.

  601. Robert M. (verified owner)

    Again terrific quality!

  602. Darin S. (verified owner)

    Just received the 2nd holster I ordered as a Christmas gift. I’m sure my son and daughter will enjoy it as much as I do mine. Keep up the good work. Merry Christmas

  603. Roberto (verified owner)

    Fast shipping! Love the quality of my holster! Thank you again!

  604. Jaime Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Once I got my Beretta M9A1, I was in the Market for my Holster. I was eyeing Muddy RT for a while even followed them on IG. Long story short, very happy, very satisfied. Going to be calling Kevin soon because I want to order another one that’ll accommodate my M9A1 w/a Surefire Ultra 300B. Btw…very good Quality Holsters and made in good ole USA????????????????????????

  605. Greg R. (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, fit and finish. Retention is very good and draws easy. Very comfortable and works as appendix or strong side.

  606. Lyle Brooks (verified owner)

    Awesome holster! i thimk this is the fourth holster I have bought. All have been awesome.

  607. Constantine T. (verified owner)

    Absolutely Perfect, Thank you for an AWESOME Holster, I will be Ordering from Muddy River Again….

  608. Lazaro Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Great product

  609. Greg Branch (verified owner)

    Great holster, made extremely well, easy to order, and super fast turn around and shipping. A great company, which is why this Firearms dealer will continue to use them for my customers

  610. Dave S. (verified owner)

    Fit is perfect, retention great, smooth edges, wonderful holster

  611. brandon boo (verified owner)

    Love it!

  612. Mark Showman (verified owner)

    I was very pleased with the quality of this holster. Nice price point also.

  613. Rob JOHNSON (verified owner)

    All of the holsters I have purchased from MRT have been awesome! No issues, perfect fit, very comfortable

  614. Adam M. (verified owner)

    This is my 3rd holster from MRT. They fit well and the claw keeps the holster solid. Customer service was excellent when I asked a couple questions prior to order. Great service, on time, great products.

  615. Chris S. (verified owner)

    1st holster from Muddy River Tactical, but definitely not the last! Extremely fast ship time and the quality is 2nd to none. Bought this for my Glock 43x and I love the way it rides and the retention. Great quality at an excellent price!

  616. Thomas N. (verified owner)

    Very comfortable, makes the SR45 disappear. Best kydex holster I own and I have been carrying IWB for 14 years

  617. Scott H. (verified owner)

    Excellent fit and finish. Best holster I’ve had yet.

  618. Steve G. (verified owner)

    Top notch holster! Best fit and finish of anything I own. Not my first and won’t be my last!

  619. Howard (verified owner)

    Great fit and a fast delivery

  620. William Lee (verified owner)

    Excellent product with super fast service. This was my second holster from Muddy River Tactical and I will be purchasing another very soon.

  621. David Oancea (verified owner)

    Holds my gun perfectly! Looks awesome! Only slight issue is that I think that the claw sits a little too low. It only catches about half of my belt.

  622. Willie Clark (verified owner)

    Tiok advanced ccw class with holster. Great fit and function. Bought my wife her first gun and ordered one for her.

  623. CHARLES S. (verified owner)

    Perfect fit

  624. Hugh H. (verified owner)

    Very comfortable

  625. steven Miller (verified owner)

    I recently ordered for my new Masada. Recieved holster within a few days of ordering. The holster fit great, was comfortable but the retention was to tight and I couldn’t draw my firearm, it was stuck in holster. BUT.. I called Kevin, left a message letting him know my challenge. He returned my call was very nice and professional. He said no problem…I mailed it back on his dime and within days got it returned and the issue was resolved. I can withdraw my firearm from the holster. In this day in age most companies would make a million excuses and make you feel wrong about fixing or returning a product. Not Kevin, very nice, returned my call and got my Holster to me asap! Great customer service!, That goes along way in my book!

  626. brucce r. (verified owner)

    Inexpensive, superb quality, fit great for my cz p07.. Great over all psckaging, and delivered very quickly..
    I liked it so much I ordered another for my sr9c.

  627. John Gutierrez (verified owner)

    I cannot imagine getting a holster any faster unless they were making them in my garage. Lightning fast delivery, excellent fit, very well made. Running an FN509 Compact MRD in a holster for the FN509 Mid. Fits like a glove. Snap in is tactile and audible. Very few folks are making rigs for this newly released pistol. If you found your way to this website, look no further and buy one!

  628. Jesse Q. (verified owner)

    Awesome looking holster. Really top of the line. Hope you will be able to make a holster for the hellcat with a crimson trace laser

  629. Dianne S. (verified owner)

    I love this IWB holster . This is the only holster I am able to wear that does not cut into me. I am very happy with how securely it holds my firearm. A small issue I had with the clip was immediately addressed. Great customer service.

  630. Cody (verified owner)

    This is my second holster purchase from Muddy River Tactical and I am very pleased with their customer service and product. I will continue buying these holsters.

  631. Jacob S. (verified owner)

    Fit my gun perfect, and the included allen wrench and lock tite were perfect for customizing the cant of the gun. Also, shipping was super quick even with the holidays.

  632. William Lee (verified owner)

    Excellent product with even better customer service. This was my second purchase from Muddy River Tactical and will be making a third very soon.

  633. Randy R. (verified owner)

    I ordered the inside the pocket Holster it came quickly but the workmanship was a little lacking. The hook that catches on your pocket is not lined up exactly it is off a little bit still works correctly but when they ground the edges it is off at the hook area.

  634. Joe Nels (verified owner)

    Fits my Masada like a glove. A little tight at first but the more you holster and remove the pistol the easier and smoother it gets.

  635. Brian Rushing (verified owner)

    Great job. Definitely buying again.

  636. Jamie B. (verified owner)

    Also a great fit, retention could be a little tighter but overall still good. I really like how the claw keeps the butt tight to my body.

  637. John Amabile (verified owner)

    Thank you Muddy River! My order was exactly what I wanted and I received it quickly.

  638. JACOB H. (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping, very comfortable to wear

  639. George O’Bryan (verified owner)

    This holster is very well made and hides a Glock 17 under a loose T shirt. The claw makes all the difference

  640. Willie Clark (verified owner)

    Good job, same as always.

  641. michael Goodwin (verified owner)

    Thank you, the hostler works perfectly

  642. Jamie (verified owner)

    The holster is great. This is my third holster purchase.

  643. adolfo m. (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, great quality, broke a soft loop was shipped a replacement that day. Will order from you guys again.

  644. James L. (verified owner)

    Best kydex holster. Nice finish. Completely covers trigger guard. Click in place retention. Can’t beat the price and quality. I wont buy a holster anywhere else.

  645. JAMES (verified owner)

    Extremely fast shipping, great holster! I have tried many different brands but so far this one is the best. Thanks

  646. Chris H. (verified owner)

    I purchased the iwb holster with a claw for my P320 X Carry and am very satisfied. Muddy River Tactical customer service and shipment is top notch and they provide a top notch product!

  647. Dennis (verified owner)

    best investment I have made so far this year by any means, very comfortable even for a 4 inch 1911, My next purchase will get one for my Springfield XDS in the very near future. Great item

  648. Ronald (verified owner)

    Excellent quality. Timely delivery

  649. james oldham (verified owner)

    Gun fits great. Very comfortable to ware

  650. Dan K. (verified owner)

    Another great holster! Your holsters with the claw enable me to carry bigger firearms if I want because they conceal so well. Thank you.

  651. Chris B. (verified owner)

    While the holster is perfect and shipping was fast it is their customer service that really stands out. Before placing my order I emailed a question; figured I might hear back in a day or so but received a reply within a couple of minutes!

  652. Charles C. (verified owner)

    Fast delivery! Great product!

  653. Bernard K. (verified owner)

    This is the second holster I have ordered from Muddy River…..this business and their products are awesome!

  654. David C. (verified owner)

    Great holster, great service

  655. Brett (verified owner)

    As advertised. Good fit for my 365 and me.

  656. Christopher D. (verified owner)

    Great folds and quality

  657. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fits really nice inside the waistband. And with the size of my gun and the holster it makes a great pocket pistol too.

  658. Matt A. (verified owner)

    Very comfortable and my gun fits perfectly. I have several IWB holsters and this is my go to. No more worries about printing with this holster.

  659. David Neiter (verified owner)

    Best customer service around. Hard to find holsters I like for my sig sp2022. I had a question about the holster and I got a response immediately. I received my customized holster and the extra leather holster for another pistol in 2 days. Super comfortable, great quality, great concealment, and great price. Will definitely recommend.

  660. Mark (verified owner)

    Top notch equipment. Very comfortable and durable.

  661. Mark K. (verified owner)

    Bought the new Springfield Armory Hellcat. Kevin and the staff got me a holster and in no time I was happily carrying my favorite edc. Excellent craftsmanship, customer service, and products. If they don’t make a holster for it, I won’t buy it.

  662. Joe L. (verified owner)

    I’m very pleased with the quality of the holster and top notch customer service. Holsters and gun accessories in general are a dime a dozen now a days. Finding quality stuff at a fair price, with excellent customer service is a rarity. This company nailed it. I will be doing some repeat business in the future for sure.

  663. Keith (verified owner)

    I’m new CCW and that said Now only having the IWB a few weeks. i don’t have anything to compare it to. So I’ll give it a four and would provide an update down range.

  664. Daniel Leach (verified owner)

    Excellent holster. Completely happy

  665. Curt (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and very fast shipping. I tried them based a recommendation from a friend and I will definitely be back!

  666. Robert White (verified owner)

    Great price ! Great holster! Fastest turnaround ever! Thanks!

  667. Calvin C. (verified owner)

    Your the place I buy Holsters from about 10 and counting ????????

  668. WAYNE (verified owner)

    Fits perrrrfeccct. Really pleased.

  669. Dalen McVay (verified owner)

    Great customer service. Thanks!

  670. Charles Hirschy (verified owner)

    I’m a first time buyer. Being a bit nervous about ordering something I haven’t touched, I called and asked some basic questions. kevin answered them and his attitude was great! I’ve had the holster for about a month and simply love it. I can’t say enough about the customer service and product. Keep up the good work!!

  671. Jim S. (verified owner)

    Excellent fit, feel and service. My “go to” iwb. Have one for each 365!

  672. Curt Blizzard (verified owner)

    Sturdy design and comfortable

  673. Charles H. (verified owner)

    Great product and customer service. As a first time buyer, and unsure of something I haven’t touched, I called with some basic questions. Kevin answered my questions without missing a beat, made some good recommendations. Holster was delivered within a few days and was everything and more than promised. I made a couple of small changes (cant/retention) and that was it. Because of my job, I’m overly careful to avoid printing. The claw takes care of that!! Sometimes I forget I’m wearing it. Keep up the good work.

  674. Christopher (verified owner)

    Well built holster. My only suggestion is that the tiger shark graphic I ordered would look Better if it was aligned in the same direction as the barrel of the gun not the back of the gun. Kinda looks upside down.

  675. Erick Z. (verified owner)

    I was impressed with the fast shipping and the quality was better than I expected. I’ve payed more and got less. I will buy from muddy tactical again

  676. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I have 2 of these holsters and just ordered another. Best I have found so far . Fast shipping also.

  677. Daniel Harvey (verified owner)

    Top notch quality I have bought several and love them all would definitely recommend

  678. Brian J. (verified owner)

    Quick delivery as ordered. Highly recommend.

  679. Edgar (verified owner)

    First buy of an iwb kydex. Fit and retention are good. Fast delivery. Uncomfortable, but hope that I can get used to it and not have it just taking up drawer space.

  680. Chris B. (verified owner)

    This is my second holster from them and it is every bit as good as the first! Now I just need to decide which pistol is next…

  681. Jack Guthier (verified owner)

    The product is perfect, order processed fast and delivery right on time. What more could you ask for?

  682. Wayne (verified owner)

    This holster for my HellCat is significantly better than the previous non-adjustable one I purchased for my FN 509. I wish they were adjustable from the get-go, but it wasn’t meant to be. I’ll probably order others since my preferred holster maker, CompTac, keeps cutting back their Infidel Max line of holsters.

  683. Darrell H. (verified owner)

    The quality of your holsters are very good I already have one of your iwb holster for my hellcat and it works great. Kevin was very helpful in helping figure out what holster I needed.

  684. Christopher Day (verified owner)

    Love the product and the quality! Was shipped right away!

  685. William Lee (verified owner)

    This is the 4th holster I have ordered from Muddy River Tactical this year. Excellent products and even better service. I’ll be purchasing a 5th holster very soon.

  686. Shawn Y. (verified owner)

    Excellent Holster!!! Great quality!! Fits pistol perfect, and Carrie’s well. Easy to conceal

  687. Kevin A. (verified owner)

    I bought a Kydex Holster from Muddy River Tactical for my Walther PPS M2 along with a mag pouch. These are quality American made Holsters and the shipping was very fast. The best thing about Muddy River, however, is their customer service. I broke one of the snaps for the mag pouch. I gave the company a call and told them about my problem. No questions asked, they sent a brand new soft loop in the mail and it arrived quickly. I will definitely purchase more of their products in the future.

  688. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I bought this holster for my HK P30SK. I had such a hard time finding a holster for it with the Fabriclip. Not only does this holster fit my gun perfectly but it shipped extremely quickly. Very satisfied.

  689. Michael (verified owner)

    Works well. A little tight even after adjusting, but still fine.

  690. David (verified owner)

    Everything with this order was awesome. Ordered on a Wednesday received it on Friday. Fit and finish is perfect. Once I got it adjusted to my liking it is a joy to carry. A full size gun is hard to conceal and this holster does it perfectly. Will definitely be ordering more products in the near future! Thanks for the great service!!

  691. Robert S. (verified owner)

    Always excellent customer service, owner himself answers all your questions, great holster and company

  692. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Best 5.7 IWB I have found.

  693. Matt G. (verified owner)

    Needed a little work around the trigger when I got it, but other than that, I really like the fit of the holster. it’s easy to use, and conceals very well.

  694. Robert W. (verified owner)

    Quality is the word that I would use to describe this holster. The communication was great and the order was received within one week. Thank you!

  695. Trevor McMullen (verified owner)

    Half of the belt claw is above the belt and the pistol rides way too high. Not enough gun below the belt to keep it in place. Even a foam wedge didn’t help. This was my first and last kydex holster.
    Looks nice, though.

    • MuddyRiver (store manager)

      Hey Trevor and thank you for your recent order, we greatly appreciate it! We fully understand that not every holster works for everyone and there specific situation. There is so many variables as far as body type, position you are trying to wear the holster, your belt, and wardrobe options that effect all of those factors. We have a risk free 15 day trial period where you can return or exchange so please give us a call at 816-457-4711 and we will gladly get you taken care of!

  696. Seth (verified owner)

    Quality holsters, excellent customer service!

  697. Ben (verified owner)

    It’s nice once you get used to it. It sits a little high on the belt and Imprints more then I’d like. Otherwise great product.

  698. james (verified owner)

    My fourth holster from muddy river tactical, superb quality…ultra fast turnaround time.

  699. Daniel Harvey (verified owner)

    You guys rock love all my holsters I’ve gotten from you will definitely order from you again

  700. Garrick W. (verified owner)

    Comfortable and well made holster, fast and friendly service….all you could ever ask for

  701. Shawn (verified owner)

    Truly the best customer service I’ve experienced to date.

  702. Brad skaggs (verified owner)

    Excellent products great prices

  703. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fast shipping – great quality!

  704. Brian Packard (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best!

  705. Dennis K. (verified owner)

    Excellent quality holster delivered in days. Couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks Kevin!

  706. Craig (verified owner)

    Great fit on my SCCY cpx4. A comfortable fit for either appendix carry or 4 o’clock. Shipped quickly and great response for my questioned asked before ordering.

  707. Richard Williamson (verified owner)

    Good holster so far. Can’t rate it a 5 due to I’m new to appendix carry. I decided to use this as my transition holster. So far happy with it. Great fit for my Springfield hellcat.

  708. Blake (verified owner)

    When I first received my holster it did not have the RMR cut I ask for. I called them and he sent me a label to send it back he was very nice and professional. I sent it back and within two days of them receiving it the holster was back to me and fit my gun like a glove. I am very happy with the holster and the customer service. The customer service compares to Vortex VIP customer service.

  709. Eagle6 (verified owner)

    First impressions are lasting impressions…and good ones make for a great day!

    I ordered an IWB kydex with claw, tuckable loop with specialty pattern for a Springfield Hellcat on a March 1, 2020. Muddy River Tactical got it to my door just two days later on Mar 3rd! It’s one thing to get something shipped out quickly, but is the fit, finish and craftsmanship properly done? Mine was superb!

    This HOLSTER is OUTSTANDING – – it possesses a very positive retention click and the edges are smooth and uniform. The retention materials (screws, rubber spacers, clips, etc.) are excellent quality and flat to prevent snags. I love their laser-etched logo on the tuckable clip as well, giving it a nice touch. Their package also came with an Allen wrench to adjust the cant angle, and a small pouch of Vibra-Tite thread-locker to hold the retention screws in place after adjustment.

    I’m very impressed about how well this company does business. I’ve owned holsters from many of the other well-known competitors and while many are good quality in their own right, Muddy River’s approach to quality and customer satisfaction is spot-on. I will be placing additional orders.

  710. Andy M. (verified owner)

    Great holster. Fits my 509 tactical perfectly.

  711. Dan Anderson (verified owner)

    Perfect fit & fast shipping! Owner personally answered a fit question. Highly recommended!

  712. Matthew H. (verified owner)

    This is a great holster very well constructed and good options to be added. the claw and tuckable clips are superb add ons.

  713. Jesse K. (verified owner)

    Material quality was standard but ordered with an optics cut to fit a vortex optic on a IWI masada. The firearm was not even close to fitting in the holster. I would suggest putting a little more effort in your quality department. Perhaps doing a fit check before just tossing stuff in a box and shipping it. There are plenty other kidex holder manufacturers out there with better quality and less money. Maybe just fluke but as the saying goes “there are no second chances to make a first impression ” good luck to you and I hope you get your quality issues worked out. I am ccw instructor in Utah and can not recommend this to my students.

    • MuddyRiver (store manager)

      Good afternoon sir. I just looked up your order and there was no notes for a optic cut on that holster. When ordering any of our holsters for optics, you just have to leave a note in the comments section at checkout so that we can make that appropriate cut. We will gladly get you taken care of though, just give us a call at 816-457-4711.

  714. Andrew D. (verified owner)

    Well made perfect fit and great value

  715. Zach S. (verified owner)

    Very comfortable to wear. Doesn’t pull my underwear down when putting it in my waistband even with my belt tight. Fit my gun perfectly won’t fall out of the holster.

  716. Phillip Thompson (verified owner)

    First purchase. The first holster I purchased I was not satisfied with. You allowed me to swap that one for a different holster. I then request screws to make adjustments. You sent them with no questions. I will buy from you again.

  717. Bryan R. (verified owner)

    Great holster super fast shipping next time I’m looking for a holster I know right where to go. Muddy River Tactical is great place & I’m already spreading the word

  718. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Arrived fast. Fit like a glove. Sig 360 with manual safety and laser. Works great and feels good. Very happy.

  719. Eagle6 (verified owner)

    Enough is Enough – – Stop the Madness!

    I just received my IWB kydex with claw, tuckable loop, carbon fiber pattern and a matching mag holster for a Glock 30. Once AGAIN, it’s a PERFECT fit with a great finish. But, what is insane is how FAST Muddy River got it to my door. I placed my order on a Tuesday night and it got to my door two days later on Thursday. Muddy River is faster than Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs moving the ball downfield. This is insane. Muddy River Tactical makes a great product at a great price and has earned my business.

  720. Stephen (verified owner)

    Quality holster, comfortable priced right

  721. Gerald (verified owner)

    Really liked the Kydex holster.
    Fit is great. Had some questions spoke right to Kevin. Great service. Went back and ordered the leather holster also. A+ very happy. Will be back for sure.

  722. Neil C. (verified owner)

    I have ordered 7 holsters from Muddy River Tactical. Customer service is great and the products are superb quality.

  723. Brian Packard (verified owner)

    Completely satisfied!

  724. David B. (verified owner)

    This is the second IWB Kydex Holster I have purchased from MRT and it is as good as the first one I received. It holds my gun securely but allows me to draw the gun quickly. It also makes it easy to keep my gun concealed with no printing while being very comfortable to wear all day. Another feature I like is the smooth interior surface which doesn’t affect the finish on my firearm. Overall, I consider this holster to be an excellent choice that meets or exceeds all of my requirements.

  725. George (verified owner)

    This provider stands above the competition. They are customer service focused, a rarity in the “grab and run” holster market. I highly recommend Muddy!

  726. Samantha (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with my holsters… excellent craftsmanship. Definitely be ordering more.

  727. Scott R. (verified owner)

    fast delivery and love the hexagon pattern. Third holster from MRT.

  728. Scott (verified owner)

    Very impressed with quality and speed of service, great price too.

  729. ronnie boyce (verified owner)

    third holster bought

  730. Thomas E (verified owner)

    This is an awesome holster! I really like the fit and workmanship. The claw attachment holds the grip in close so it doesn’t print and the separate mag holder is nice and slim and fits snug. I would highly recommend Muddy River.

  731. Jay E. (verified owner)

    This is the second holster that I ordered… First one was for the Springfield XDE 3.3 and second was for the Springfield XDS Mod 2. I am completely happy with both purchases both of these holsters are fantastic keep up the great work!

  732. Daniel Penny (verified owner)


  733. David (verified owner)

    Great product and service.

  734. Zachary Killian (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for a comfortable holster, for a great price, and excellent customer service and easy to understand additions and upgrades for your holster, look no further than muddy river tactical. I struggled to find a holster for my firearms that covered the entire trigger guard for a reasonable price, and I have bought 3 IWB holsters from muddy river in the last month. 10/10 would recommend.

  735. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Absolutely perfect fit, finish and comfort. The IWB kydex with Carbon color for my Glock 30 and matching mag holster is Top Shelf! I’m astounded at how fast MRT ships to its customers. This was my 2nd kydex holster purchase (first was for the SA Hellcat – see my comments there also).
    Unparalleled customer service provided by Kevin and the company. Muddy River Tactical exemplifies what “American Made” means.

  736. Shawn Thomas (verified owner)

    Most comfortable holster I have ever owned will only but from muddy river tactical

  737. Michael (verified owner)

    It’s a decent holster and it accommodates my light bearing pistol well.

  738. Aaron (verified owner)

    One of the best holsters I’ve ever bought. I have several for different set ups. Fit and finish is great, edges of the kydex are smooth on these instead of razor sharp like some other brands. I suggest Muddy River to everybody that asks me about a holster.

  739. Steven Fieldman (verified owner)

    Quick shipping. Amazing company!

  740. Darryl (verified owner)

    This is my first iwb kydex holster, and I am well pleased.

  741. David (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and very happy with this holster.

  742. Ron H. (verified owner)

    Love the holster but it should be a package deal, the only reason I was interested was because of the comb feature that you heavily advertise and then you want ten bucks extra to get
    Tell us the actual price for what your selling instead of adding an additional charge for the very thing that got my attention.

  743. Adam (verified owner)

    Most comfortable holster on the market! Will not use any other!

  744. Ron (verified owner)

    Shipped quickly, great customer service that separates Muddy River from other suppliers!

  745. Jennings Richmond (verified owner)

    The holster is very nice, very easy to wear. The best thing I can say about the experience, however, is that after losing one of my retention screws while applying threadlocker, I lost it. I contacted Kevin and he sent me one out two days later (it was a weekend, sent on a Monday) and by two days after that, I had the replacement! Not just one, but two! Free of charge. Fantastic customer service.

  746. Bernard F. (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with this holster after using it for a couple weeks. Not as bulky as some of the other brands I have purchased.

  747. Dale (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered from Kevin before. Again, a quick, easy order and turnaround. Very pleased. Gun was a bit snug so I replaced the washers with larger ones and all is well! Highly recommended.

  748. Luke D. (verified owner)

    Incredibly fast shipping, very happy with the two holsters I’ve bought from MRT so far. Will purchase from in the future.

  749. Andrew Denney (verified owner)

    Perfect fit will made. The fastest delivery time. Placed the order and 3 days later I had a will made holster

  750. Joseph (verified owner)

    These holsters are the bomb!!! With the belt clips and the claw that holster is rock solid in your pants, came fast as hell too!!!

  751. Michael R. (verified owner)

    Very nice , bought it to go along with my kydex owb for my P365, it’s the most comfortable IWB I have found for it, Definitely Recommend

  752. Atilano (verified owner)

    Very nice holster for CCW

  753. David Bellinger (verified owner)

    I always recommend MRT holsters to anyone that asks me where they can get a good quality holster.

  754. Robert Hendrix (verified owner)

    I love my VP40 Holster .

  755. Michael B. (verified owner)

    Excellent product. That is all I need to say.

  756. David Garica (verified owner)

    Great holster

  757. Seth S. (verified owner)

    I will only buy muddy river holsters. They fit great, great quality and you get them fast!

  758. Brandon (verified owner)

    Very comfortable almost unnoticeable

  759. Herple E. (verified owner)

    Fast service, Great holster and fit. Will order again!!!

  760. Alex (verified owner)

    I have bought 4 holsters from Muddy River Tactical and all of them have been excellent. I really like the tuckable clips for iwb carry. I will be buying more as needed!

  761. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My 4th holster from Muddy River. Always high quality and high value.

  762. Andre (verified owner)

    Looks great and fit even better!

  763. Joe Gullo (verified owner)

    Thank You for making my belt exchange seamless! I will be using Muddy River for future purchases!!!!

  764. Adrian B. (verified owner)

    Holster is well built.