Outside the Waistband Leather Holster

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The Last Outside the Waistband Leather Holster you will EVER need!!

. Fast Shipping, Most Orders Ship Same Day!

. Made from 100% Natural Water Buffalo Leather

. Handcrafted in U.S.A.

. Lifetime Warranty

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Outside the Waistband Leather Holster

The wait is over for the last Outside the Waistband Leather Holster you will EVER need!  Made from the best quality Water Buffalo Leather available, these holsters not only look great but are also made to last a Lifetime!

These Outside the Waistband Leather Holster are handcrafted from start to finish.  Starting with the cutting through the sewing to create the best OWB Leather Holster on the market!  This top quality holster and attention to detail is what you all have come to expect from Muddy River Tactical.  The leather is 11-12 ounce natural water buffalo that will give you an extremely durable, soft, and comfortable Outside the Waistband Leather Holster option.  The cant angle is 10 degrees forward making it comfortable to wear and also easier to draw your weapon from.  

We start the molding process on these holsters then allow you to finish it.  This allows the holster to mold to your firearm and body in the position that you desire to carry it.  Not everyone has the same body shape or carry preferences so this will give you the best fitting and formed holster for YOU!

Just like all our other products, we back these with our 100% Lifetime Warranty!  If anything happens during the life of the holster we will either fix it or replace it for FREE!

195 reviews for Outside the Waistband Leather Holster

  1. Larry (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this holster! As always Muddy river Tactical never disappoints

  2. Thomas Easterling (verified owner)

    New OWB holster is a great fit and very well made. Recommend it.

  3. Rodney Hollinger (verified owner)

    It was great

  4. Atila G. (verified owner)

    Excellent holster, no unnecessary stitching which can scratch the gun. Love it.

  5. ben sciortino (verified owner)

    after breaking It in for a day (holstered my G19 and kept it in place) it works fine I believe it might also fit my Ruger Security 9. this is the second holster I’ve bought from you and so far no problems. Thanks for soliciting my comments.

    • MuddyRiver (store manager)

      Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business sir, we greatly appreciate it!

  6. Daniel

    Great holster, very comfortable and great quality!

    • MuddyRiver (store manager)

      Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business sir, we greatly appreciate it!

  7. William Cherry (verified owner)

    Fits like a glove!

  8. Tommy D. (verified owner)

    I love how it’s breaking in.

  9. Keith (verified owner)

    Nice holster. Great value. Fit is very tight, will need to condition leather.

    • MuddyRiver (store manager)

      Thank you for your order sir, we greatly appreciate it! We make them tight so that they can break in and mold to your firearm and body. If you leave the gun in the holster overnight it will break in, then over a few days of wearing it will mold to how it will remain.

  10. Frankie Marino (verified owner)

    Great quality. Fits my Storm Subcompact perfectly.

  11. David V. (verified owner)

  12. Ralph (verified owner)

    Just purchased owb leather holster for sw mp compact 3.6”. Have worn many holsters on and off the job and this one may be the best. Great customer service and shipped within a couple of day. Thanks Kevin.

  13. Richard Hendrix (verified owner)

    The holster is great it formed to my waist and is comfortable. I will be ordering another.

  14. Van S. (verified owner)

  15. Robert M. (verified owner)

    Quality and Craftsmanship of holster is second to none. Very pleased again with Muddy River Tactical products.
    Also own IWB leather holster.

  16. Thomas C. (verified owner)

  17. Andrew V. (verified owner)

    Looks good, fits good. Great deal for the price.

  18. Tony P. (verified owner)

    Great quality product as usual. Never disappointed!!!! I would recommend this to anyone looking for a quality holster.

  19. Guy Cheney

    Wow! How a holster SHOULD be made. Fit and finish are excellent. My subcompact 9mm sits comfortably concealed with no printing whatsoever under a light jacket. And that water buffalo leather is bea-yoo-tee-ful. I’m going to have to get a leather owb holster for one of my larger pistols just to be able to show off that exquisite hide.

  20. Ralph (verified owner)

  21. Denis (verified owner)

    excellent quality & workmanship, looking forward to breaking it in.

  22. Michael Therrien (verified owner)

    Found muddy river while searching for a holster for my S&W shield 9MM. I have other brands but I was looking for a more comfortable one. And I found it with muddy river. I got the OWB Leather and love it. Plus being a left hander that’s not easy to find.I could go on and on but let me say you will not find a better built and perfect fitting holster plan to order one for my Glock

  23. Ralph (verified owner)

    Second holster from Muddy River. First for S&W 2.0 compact and this one for a Sig P229. Kevin is first class. Customer service was excellent and shipped within a couple of days. I won’t purchase any other owb leather holsters from anyone but Muddy River.

  24. Michael T. (verified owner)

    If your looking for a great well crafted holster with a more than fair price you found it with muddy river.fits my S& W shield perfect. Shipping was fast. Plan on ordering one for my glock.plus they didn’t forget there are L.H. shooters out there. Big plus. Thanks M.R.T. MIKE

  25. Paul H. (verified owner)

    great holster read a review about your holster in gun world magazine and agree 100%

  26. Harry Mason (verified owner)

    This was my third holster to order from Muddy River. I ordered one inside the belt for my Springfield 911, one inside the belt for my Sig 398 and this one outside the belt for my Sig 398. After ordering the first holster I was very satisfied with it is the reason I order the other two holsters for my sig 398. All three fit perfect and very comfortable. Fast delivery. Thanks Muddy River.

  27. Brian K. (verified owner)

    Great Quality, Fast Shipping. Will order again for future needs.

  28. Gary Hipple (verified owner)

    This is a great holster. My Glock 43 fits perfectly. It is very comfortable and easy to carry.

  29. Mark Hendricks (verified owner)

    This holster is simple, straight forward, incredibly well made and tough as nails. A perfect field companion for my Kimber K6S revolver. I absolutely couldn’t be happier!

  30. mike smith (verified owner)

    Bought the holster for my Springfield XD Mod 2. It fit perfectly, and has molded to the gun. I’m extemely satisfied with my purchase. Keep up the good work. Your Customer Service is excellent as well. Will reccomend to my friends. Thank You. God Bless.

  31. David Loggins II (verified owner)

  32. David (verified owner)

    Fast service, perfect fit for my micro 9

  33. Charles (verified owner)

    Very nice simple but high-quality holster. This is my second. I have been a LE firearm instructor for some 30 years–can’t beat the price vs quality.

  34. Jack V. (verified owner)

    This is a very concealable holster made with quality leather and excellent craftsmanship. This was my second holster from Muddy River Tactical. Keep up the great work!

  35. Anonymous (verified owner)

  36. Tony Raiford (verified owner)

    I love your products. I’ve refured M. R. T. To at least ten people, which WILL be purchasing holsters.

  37. Anonymous (verified owner)

  38. Scott (verified owner)

    Bought for my pops for when he does church security (sad churches need security these days). Quality is good and is just what he was looking for. This is the second holster I bought from Muddy River. My IWB 1911 holster is also awesome.

  39. Paul W. (verified owner)


  40. David Scobey (verified owner)

    Wonderfully made holster.

  41. Charles (verified owner)

    35 years in law enforcement 25 has a firearm/tactical instructor. A great little holster and when you figure in cost vs. craftsmanship, it rapidly becomes a best buy setup. Customer service is nearly second to none, I called with a special request and it was met with a “you bet” and I had a holster the very next day.

  42. Karl Geiger (verified owner)

  43. Mark H. (verified owner)

    Beautifully simple in design and function. Leather.

  44. Paul Hildebrand (verified owner)

    It was just OK.

    • MuddyRiver (store manager)

      We are sorry to hear that this holster and the other holster you ordered did not work out for you. We completely understand that not every holster is perfect for each individual person and there own personally needs. We have issued your refund and you should see it within 3-5 business days depending on your financial institution.

  45. Loney Wilcoxson

    Kevin made an OWB leather holster for my EDC, a Springfield Armory Range Officer Elite Compact. After wearing this rig one day I sold the DeSantis and Galco units I had previously used. This is by far the best CCW holster for a compact 1911 I’ve ever come across.

  46. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great fitting holster.

  47. Barry Pospisil (verified owner)

    very nice, well made, worth the money

  48. Dawn Gross (verified owner)

    My Dad loves his new holster. Very well made American product. I can’t believe I ordered it on Friday and got it in the mail on Monday! I’m looking at maybe getting the soft leather inside the waistband holster for my Ruger LC9s. Thanks!

  49. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great holster

  50. Steve (verified owner)

    The holster is very nice in fit and appearance- great quality. And the company is very responsive. I would definitely buy from them again.

  51. Aldo Tamez (verified owner)


  52. Michael (verified owner)

    I have 3 differnt holsters for my Glock 43X from Muddy River and I am very happy with them. Also, I wanted to make a change on the kydex after I received it and the exchange was no hassle. Customer service is top notch. I will purchase again from MRT.

  53. Don H. (verified owner)

    Fantastic service and product

  54. Matt Warford (verified owner)


  55. Troyce B. (verified owner)

    Thanks for taking care of us left handed people.

  56. Mike S. (verified owner)

    This OTWB leather holster is EXACTLY what I have been searching for, for weeks! Thanks to ALL OF YOU, it is a PERFECT FIT for my Glock 30s, and fits snug as a bug in a rug! THANK YOU! My next holster will be from YALL! KUDOS TO YOUR TEAM!

  57. michael casey (verified owner)

    The leather owb seems very well made but minus the individual custom fit tailored to a specific firearm (like the kydex holsters) although it will break in and fit nice and snug.On my sig p320 compact the mag release bumped up against the edge of the holster but being the gun was pretty much seated I don’t think it will make any difference.All in all dealing with Muddy River is a real pleasure.The holsters in my opinion are top of the line and for a great price to boot!

  58. Greg Sluder (verified owner)

    Great job,,,,

  59. Ryan Stahl (verified owner)

    Fantastic experience as always. I ordered online at 13:15 on a Friday afternoon, and had a shipping tracking number by 15:30. Delivered Monday morning.

  60. Jeffrey (verified owner)

    Speedy delivery, great product.

  61. John Weeks (verified owner)

    A very good holster will buy again.

  62. David O

    I’m gonna buy one for my Taurus G2 because of all the great reviews. I will write you back after I wear it a while

  63. Nicholas Byers (verified owner)

    Bought a 4” 1911 holster for my railed STI Staccato P. I knew I was taking a risk but a big selling point was the soft leather advertised. Luckily my risk paid off. With some leather stretching via a sock and some ziplock bags, the holster worked out perfect.

  64. Steve W. (verified owner)

    Beautiful holster, not my first. Fast delivery and very pleased.

  65. Mr Ben (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking far and wide for a holster that looked care-worn and aged. I was on the fence with buying from Muddy River only due to the fact that the price tag seemed abnormally low. I’m one of those with the “you get what you pay for” mindset. But when I scoped out Kevin’s “no BS” guarantee, I figured I have nothing to lose and all to gain, so I dropped the hammer. I was impressed that even at 2pm (Kevin’s time) that my order was fulfilled and in the mail the same day. (WOW!). When it arrived 3 days later (thank you USPS) I was stunned at how well it looked. Here I thought that it would look different than on the screen. I slapped my S&W Mp9 Performance Center in the holster for 2 days and it was just like Mike said…. Custom fit. Nothing fancy that shows off a weapons details (ejection port, trigger guard etc). Perfect for me! I was so pleased I did not hesitate to drop the hammer on a second holster for my VP9 and a belt (combo). Carrying is not a fashion show when you prefer to conceal. But in my situation I’m pleased that my rights aren’t infringed to the point where I don’t have options. I can carry open or concealed (depending on the situation). But when I do open carry (most of the time), this is going to turn some heads of friends and family. I carried it one day and had a gentleman ask me about it. I’m certain he’s already visited Muddy River by now. Thanks Kevin for such a great product at a wonderful price. Trust me, this disabled vet on a budget appreciates it.

  66. James J. (verified owner)

    Great holster. My concern was my Sig p320 c 45 was a little large for your holster but you advised it would be OK and it was, infact, I just received my new Sig p320 x-five legion which is thicker and both fit perfectly.
    Thanks Kiven

  67. Rob Moore (verified owner)

    Very nice holster

  68. David Oliver (verified owner)

    Really nice holster. Gonna be my everyday carry

  69. kenneth kaplan (verified owner)

    Great product great service and communication

  70. James B. (verified owner)

    My second holster from Muddy River Tactical. Their quality is highly consistent–excellent!

  71. Ronald Smith (verified owner)

    This is the second holster I’ve purchased. The first was a IWB, and was impressed with great workmanship. This one was no different.

  72. William Jones (verified owner)

    Great leather! I also have the IWB leather holster. Glock 43

  73. Richard Hamilton (verified owner)

    Love it ,best holster I have

  74. Michael Gnau (verified owner)


  75. Eric S. (verified owner)

    I love this holster – very comfortable and an excellent fit. I will definitely be buying more from Muddy River Tactical!

  76. David L. (verified owner)

    Another great holster, I’ve gotten the kydex outside of the waistband, and now the leather and I like them both!!!

  77. Logan (verified owner)

    MR-T makes the highest quality leather holsters. Anytime you email the owner he responds very fast. Own 2 holsters now and will only buy from them. Nice work.

  78. steve s. (verified owner)

    nice simple holster; breaks in quickly; wish it had a leather snapstrap to keep someone else from grabbing the gun

  79. Adam Heitz (verified owner)

    Fits gun great. Just having trouble fit between bet loops.

  80. Robert P. (verified owner)

    First time holster buyer. For my needs, the holster is great. Great quality, nice fit, etc. Customer support is also great. Couldn’t be happier with the purchase!

  81. Thomas Lemke (verified owner)

    Good quality holster. Gun fits well, holster looks great.

  82. Floyd Cook (verified owner)

    This is the best holster I own. It is quick, secures weapon, & is totally comfortable. It’s sturdy, heavy duty construction will offer a lifetime of daily use. It has a protrusion at the top that protects one’s side fat from hammer gouging & protects the weapon from sweat. Buy this holster & you will be pleased. Check out the heavy duty, shape maintaining matching gun belt. It’s the best rig available & accommodates a variety of handguns. Mine is for a Taurus G2 but fits S&W SVE, Canik TP9, Taurus TH9, SAR BP9, & more.

  83. Gregory S. (verified owner)

    Just what I’ve been looking for, a quality leather holster that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

  84. Robert Geoffrey (verified owner)

    As described, this holster allows the gun and your hip to grow into each other. This for me adds to the comfort of 14 hour carry.

  85. bill north (verified owner)

    how you make a great holster is beyond me.

  86. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product, well built. Had this holster on for a weekend backpacking hunting trip here in Vermont and I have no complaints. Very comfortable and never had to re-position the holster or my pistol.

  87. Kyle Shomler (verified owner)

    Absolutely love it. My glock 43X fits in it perfect. It supports it well and is very comfortable. The shipping was so fast I didn’t even get the chance to ask if there was a tracking number and it was at my door. Very pleased with the quality and speed from muddy river. I will most definitely be a returning customer in the future. Great holster 🤘

  88. Steven H. (verified owner)

    Beautiful holster. Nice thick leather. Super comfortable. Smells fantastic. Delivered lightening fast. I will buy more.

  89. Jeramy (verified owner)

    Best OWB holster out right now.. have one for both of my Glocks great fit.. great product!

  90. Robert Sikes (verified owner)

    By far the best, most comfortable OWB leather holster I own. I typically prefer carrying that way with a loose-fitting shirt over it for greater concealment and ease of acquisition. After wearing it all day in the Arizona summer I hardly notice it. The holster has formed nicely to both my pistol and body. I ordered mine specifically for the Glock 48; however, as I suspected, it also fits my Glock 43, as well. I highly recommend this product.

  91. Craig J. (verified owner)

    What a shock. The folks who make the best IWB leather holster also make the best OWB. Thanks y’all.

  92. Chris (verified owner)

    This is the absolute best OWB holster I have ever owned! Fits my Kimber Ultra Carry like a glove!

  93. Jerry (verified owner)

    excellent product and service

  94. Mark (verified owner)

    Once again Muddy River Tactical has delivered a great product at a working man’s price! This wasn’t my first holster from them and won’t be my last. Thank you.

  95. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I ordered on Friday morning and it was in my mail box Monday. Looks, fits and feels great. Very nicely made. Way better service and quality than other competitors holsters I’ve bought.

  96. Kevin P. (verified owner)

    Very comfortable and well-made. Very pleased.

  97. Dennis S. (verified owner)

    Well made from good quality materials and shipped fast! This is my second leather holster from Muddy River and the quality of the first is why I came back for another. Well done!

  98. Jeffrey E. (verified owner)

    Great product!!

  99. John G Brady

    I use this holster for my Sig MK25 on hunting trips. It carries the big pistol with ease, and is super comfortable. It breaks in like a baseball glove. So far, it has held up very well against exposure to the elements. Its just a really cool holster that works.

  100. Michael Davis (verified owner)

    I have owned dozens of holsters over the last 30 years… This is the best OWB holster I have owned by far. I received it… put my pistol in it and headed for a hike in the mountains, after a couple of hours the holster had molded to my pistol as well as my hip. Outstanding quality and comfort and blazing quick shipping. Ordering my wife one for her pistol!!

  101. Roger S. (verified owner)

    The best holster I’ve owned. I’m very happy.

  102. Jeremiah Johnson (verified owner)

    It’s great !

  103. Terry Strayer (verified owner)

    Great holster

  104. Jeff S. (verified owner)

    The holster is exactly what I needed. I was very pleased with the delivery. I received my order in the mail within a few days. The craftsmanship is top notch. I can only give a 5 for the service I received but, if I could I would most definitely give a 10. Thanks Kevin.

  105. Dawn Gross (verified owner)

    Ordered on Thanksgiving and got it the Monday after! That’s fast service. Great holster, we have 3 now and we love them. Thanks!

  106. Brent Bowman (verified owner)

    Haven’t got to use this one yet but cant wait till Christmas so I can put it to use

  107. Ted Nester Jr. (verified owner)

    Outstanding quality like always…fit’s like a glove. Now I’ve gotta try your Kydex products. Never a bad experience…looking forward to my next purchase.

  108. James W. (verified owner)

    I really like the soft texture and matt finish of this leather. I did think the fit might be a little loose but retention is fine. It does not define the surface of the firearm like molded holsters do. It is a great holster without braking the bank. I will order another holster soon for a Kimber micro 9.

  109. Tom (verified owner)

    Outstanding quality holster. Gun fits perfectly and it arrived quickly. Top notch leather and workmanship, I highly recommend this holster.

  110. Darrell Brough (verified owner)


  111. Randy (verified owner)

    This is without a doubt the most well built and comfortable holster for a Glock. (G19 and G30s fit same holster) I enjoy wearing either gun. The only negatives I will give it is, the holster is larger than a lot of holsters so concealment is not quite as good in the summer months and probably my biggest complaint would be that I have to slide it forward from “my” comfortable carry position to get to my wallet in back pocket. Sounds like I’m not happy with the holster but the main thing is I can carry my G30s 45 acp with 11 rounds of ammo all day comfortably. I have an IWB for my G43 which is my favorite and also carrys the G42, definitely 5 stars on this little guy. I ordered one for my daughter for Christmas, she saw mine and had to have one because of how the leather looked, they are beautiful. I ordered it this morning, the day after Christmas and already have an email that order has been processed and it’s not even lunch time.

  112. Stephen Garza (verified owner)

    Excellent holster. Top quality construction. Reasonable price. I’m loving this holster.

  113. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great quality fits revolver perfectly my second purchase fast shipping

  114. Lee H. (verified owner)

    Very nice holster. Really like it.

  115. Dale Dear (verified owner)

    Break in easy and comfortable fit. Prompt service and delivery

  116. Don Lillich (verified owner)

    very nice! thank you

  117. Michael M. (verified owner)

    Great holsters! Top quality material, and is the holster I’ve been looking for to fulfill my carry needs. So far I have ordered 3 Muddy River Tactical holsters!!

  118. JAMES BARKO (verified owner)

    Excellent service and the Holster is GREAT!

  119. Tim (verified owner)

    Great quality and fit. Fast shipping

  120. Lloyd C. (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, excellent service! Highly recommend!

  121. Tom Y. (verified owner)

    This is my 2nd OWB leather holster that I have purchased from Muddy River Tactical. The quality and fit is outstanding and I am totally happy with my purchases. Received the holster quickly after I placed the order. I highly recommend this Holster.

  122. Peter (verified owner)

    Great holster very well made.

  123. Thomas (verified owner)

    Great holster! Fast service!

  124. Tom Y. (verified owner)

    Received my owb leather holster for my Walther pps m2 and the fit is perfect. This is my 3rd holster from Muddy River of this type and the only one I use for edc. Holds close to the body and conceals easily with a T shirt. Quality of the leather and workmanship is outstanding.

  125. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent quality & service!!

  126. Edward (verified owner)

    great fast service

  127. Troy O. (verified owner)

    Had a question before placing order and Kevin answer right away. Easy to place order and order filled same day. Thank you Muddy River Tactical.

  128. John S. (verified owner)

    great workmanship, bad news for the company is that I doubt I’ll ever need another AWB (I have 2 X IWB already). Nice tight fit which I am breaking in daily.

  129. Randy Daulton (verified owner)

    These are the softest leather holster on the market ( NO BREAKIN) others are like a rock. Kevin and the gang have got it right!

  130. Bruce (verified owner)

    Very well made. Fast service.

  131. Morris W. (verified owner)

    Great holster and very comfortable. Nice people

  132. Douglas G. (verified owner)

    Well made holster. Excellent customer service and fast shipping. I also bought an IWB holster for the same gun in kydex (Sig P365) and it was also well made and shipped fast. I ordered the IWB holster with straps and found after receiving it that I preferred the belt clip. I called Kevin and he shipped the belt clip to me the next day at no charge.

  133. Steve (verified owner)

    Very satisfied, highly recommend!

  134. GARY (verified owner)

    This second OWB that I have purchased and I am very pleased. Comfortable and conceals very well. Quick shipping . Top notch company

  135. Thomas Pankey (verified owner)

    Well pleased. Also great fit. Will be shopping again soon

  136. timothy lavery (verified owner)

    Holds the weapon securely and is extremely comfortable

  137. Tim (verified owner)

    Great holster and great customer service. Own several of your holsters and couldn’t be more pleased.

  138. Andrew R. (verified owner)

    The people who make fun of the crazy lady with 50 cats haven’t seen my holster box. So, I know what I’m talking about when I say that the Muddy River buffalo hide holster is the most comfortable holster in my possession. Perfect for my Sig365. I carry when I’m not asleep, and comfort is my highest priority when I’m not in a transitional space. Not as fast as Kydex, but 20 times more comfortable.

  139. Leonard P. (verified owner)

    Awesome. The water buffalo leather looks and feels great. It fits my APX like a glove. I would highly recommend it to anyone. My hat is off to muddy River. osw.

  140. Tom Y. (verified owner)

    Received my owb holster for my MP9C. The quality is fantastic. This is the only holster I use. I have several, and am very pleased with the fit and how well the gun sits against your body without printing. I ordered it and 4 days later it was delivered, outstanding service.

  141. Kevin B. (verified owner)

    Fast service, great holster.

  142. Chris (verified owner)

    Very happy with the holster, even more happy with the customer service!!! Thank you.

  143. Jeff Roberts (verified owner)

    Great quality really happy with your product thank you

  144. Christopher Trajkoski (verified owner)

    Holster was delivered quick! It’s material is of great quality and ctaftsmanship. Did a little wet moulding to my 1911 and now it holds the gun great! Not even a jiggle. Would totally recommend to ANYONE! I’ll be back for more. Gun belt next!!!

  145. Matthew Collura (verified owner)

    Love it , well made , comfortable and retention is perfect so far. Very concealable for an owb.

  146. Griffih Jones (verified owner)

    Very nice holster and fast shipping during pandemic

  147. William Caton (verified owner)

    Well made, excellent product, will be buying from you again

  148. Greg A. (verified owner)

    Product as described with supersonic fast delivery. Not even the virus could slow down the folks at Muddy River Tactical.

  149. Robert C. (verified owner)

    Love the fit and feel for Beretta APX full size.

  150. Dustin (verified owner)

    Fits great

  151. Chip (verified owner)

    Fantastic holster, well made and arrived quickly.

  152. Albert Kruger (verified owner)

    Nicely made and shipped promptly. It fits my Sig P365XL as it should. Now to discover if the pistol fitted with a Romeo 0 will work just as well

  153. DERREK SEMADENI (verified owner)

    Nice tight fit!!!

  154. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It’s of good quality my security 9 compact fits nicely , tight but not too tight soft and comfortable. I will purchase other items for sure very satisfied.

  155. Dink (verified owner)

    The best fitting holster I’ve found yet for my Glock 43x

  156. Ian A. (verified owner)

    Comfortable and looks great. Fast shipping!

  157. Guy Fronte (verified owner)

    Time will tell but it seems solidly built.

  158. Ross Simon (verified owner)

    This has been amazing holster so far. This is my EDC holster for my off duty use. The weapon fits like a glove with a good retention. This is my 3rd holster from MRT. I will be purchasing more as well in the future. I love the leather they use, it wears so awesome.

  159. Douglas M. (verified owner)

    Great service as usual arrived very quickly and fits like a glove very well-made very comfortable.

  160. Chris G. (verified owner)

    This is the most comfortable holster I own … I have tried many . Will only shop with Muddy River !! Have also referred a few other guys to Muddy River

  161. Kevin Lloyd (verified owner)

    I am more than happy with my new HellCat holster! Thank you for the Optical Sight mod too! Fits like a glove!

  162. Michael (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful leather holster. Fits my Mossberg MC 1 like a glove. Excellent service and communication.

  163. Todd P. (verified owner)

    Very comfortable to wear. Retention is awesome.

  164. Thomas S. (verified owner)

    Gorgeous & well made!

  165. John K. (verified owner)

    Beautiful workmanship! Fits gun very well and looks great!!

  166. Bobby L. (verified owner)

    Really good holster for the money. I haven’t had much of a chance to use it much but it fits my pistol and is comfortable. Plus easy presentation to the target.

  167. John Tripodi (verified owner)

    Very smooth transition!

  168. Beau (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful product. Excellent quality leather. Comfortable and fits my firearm well. Excited to see how it breaks in.

  169. Blaine Smith (verified owner)

    Fit and quality is excellent

  170. JohnDT (verified owner)

    American Made by American Craftsmen.
    Leather holster is perfect fit for PX4 Compact. Well made, has a rustic look with Life Time Warranty. Easy order, fast shipping. My phone call was answered by Kevin not an answering machine. Reasonable price for a quality hand made holster.

  171. Martin S. (verified owner)

    Simple, but perfect! I love how the leather conforms to the gun and my body. Very well made with tough water buffalo hide and sturdy stitching. I will be buying more of these in the future.

  172. Tom Y. (verified owner)

    Received another owb leather holster from Muddy River. I believe that makes #6. The feel of the leather, the quality, and the way it sits against your body makes it a top notch holster. These holsters are comfortable to wear all day long. Thumbs up all the way 👍🏼

  173. Alan M. (verified owner)

    This Holster fit great. Not only comfortable to wear but holds my sig perfectly. It was shipped right away You wouldn’t be disappointed with there products.

  174. Mike R. (verified owner)

    Thank you! Your holster is great

  175. Brent (verified owner)

    Nice product. Quality leather and stitching. I received the item in just 3 days

  176. Marion Hutchison (verified owner)

    Just called got the right holster the first time. Friendly service quick shipping. 2nd time I used them now. Quality holsters.

  177. Bob Roten (verified owner)

    Great product, with absolutely outstanding customer service.

  178. Bryan Grysikiewicz (verified owner)

    Also very good fit

  179. Aaron Nelson (verified owner)

    Holster is beautiful. Fits well. Built well. Would definitely recommend.

  180. Kenneth Arrington (verified owner)

    Well just fantastic. It arrived very quickly in perfect condition. I slide the little Kimber micro 380 in and it was tight, very tight. I let it set on my night stand overnight and the next morning strapped it on. I wore it for the day, very comfortable by the way, and then back on the night stand for the night. The next morning the holster still held my hip shape and the pistol slid out nicely. It holds it firmly enough to keep it from falling out with any type of movement but the pistol slides out without a problem or excessive belt tug when I want it out. Compared to my Kimber holster, it is the same quality workmanship but with no unnecessary stitching or leather that makes my Kimber holster bulky and stick about a half inch farther from my hip. This holster is by far the best holster I have bought to date. If your on the fence, jump off on the Muddy River Tactical side and you will not regret it. I now want one of their belts also because the leather MRT uses is top grade and beautiful.

  181. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great holster

  182. Jason Flade (verified owner)

    Great holster that is well made! Can see using this for years without issue. Was pleasantly surprised on how quickly I received it after ordering.

  183. Charles (verified owner)

    Another great holster from MRT!

  184. PAUL DALEY (verified owner)

    My 3rd Muddy River leather holster for my Shield and 9c Smith and Wessons Nice holsters

  185. John (verified owner)

    Love the holster and quick service.

  186. Victor (verified owner)

    I bought three outside the waist band holsters: one for a Kimber Micro in .380, one for a Kahr CW40 in .40 and the last for a Kimber Super Carry Pro. The first two holsters fit wonderfully. Snug and secure but not too tight. The last I have not tried yet but based on the first two there is no doubt it will be the same. Excellent holsters at a really good price. I have already recommended them to my friends.

  187. Robert Sheldon (verified owner)

    Great holster fits like a glove. I atv up in the mountains and I never have to worry about a hand gun coming out of my holster. Thank you very much!!!

  188. rick (verified owner)

    Love the holster your customer service is great and as soon as I can I will be ordering another holster and belt.

  189. Keith Alexander (verified owner)

    The best holster I ve ever had awesome product and awesome service and fast shipping I will buy from them next time I need a holster way to go MUDDY RIVER!

  190. Christopher P. (verified owner)

    Very well made,most comfortable holster I’ve tried. Highly recommend!!

  191. Adam T. (verified owner)

    Love it you’ll be hearing from me again soon nice quality merchandise

  192. DAN R. (verified owner)

    Love my new holster, My 45 almost has a smaller footprint then my .380, Virtually unnoticeable, Great CC holster.

  193. Mark Crouch (verified owner)

    Excellent service

  194. Dustin Linder (verified owner)

    Great holster! This fits the gun snug and sits up high and tight on my belt. Every other holster I’ve purchased elsewhere had like a month lead time and cost way more than it should! This holster had a good honest price and arrived just a couple days after I ordered it. Keep it up Kevin, you do good work. I’ll be back soon!

  195. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Best holster I ever had!

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