Comfort Carry Inside the Waistband Hybrid Holster

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The game changer in Hybrid Holsters!

.  Designed for 3-5 O’Clock Carry Positions!

.  Adjustable Retention, Right Height, and Cant Angle!

.  Comes Optic Ready Standard

.  Dual Clip Design to eliminate movement and add security

.  Suede Comfort / Sweat Barrier makes you forget the holster is there!

.  Full Kydex shell for constant and reliable retention!

. All Holsters Ship in roughly 5 Business Days!

. Proudly Handcrafted in the U.S.A.

. Custom Molded with CNC Machined and Engineered Molds for the fit your firearm deserves!

. Full Sweat Shield

. Lifetime Warranty

. 15 Day Risk Free Trial

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Are you looking for the most comfortable and best all around Inside the Waistband Hybrid Holster on the market?  Well, no need to look any further as our new Comfort Carry Hybrid Holsters are here!  We have been developing these hybrid holsters for over 2 years to change the hybrid holster market forever!  Our holsters are handcrafted in the USA by hard working American Workers!  Your Comfort Carry Hybrid IWB Holster will be custom molded to your exact firearm model.  This guarantees a holster that fits and secures perfectly!  We are the first company to produce a full kydex shell on a hybrid holster without adding bulk.  Most hybrid holsters on the market have just a kydex front, the issue with that is retention is not constant and depends on your body against it.  When you take them off, the gun is loose and flops around.  Then when you put the holster on, the retention is too tight.   With our new innovative design, it has adjustable retention that is the same whether you are wearing the holster or not.  This CONSTANT and RELIABLE retention gives you the piece of mind to know your firearm is Always secure!   Some addition features of our game changing Hybrid Holster include:

Hybrid Inside the Waistband Holster Features:

.  No longer do you have to give up the comfort of leather, for the constant retention of kydex!  We have blended the best qualities of our leather holsters with our IWB Kydex Holsters for the perfect Hybrid Holster!  Now you can choose to have the best of both worlds in one comfortable holster.

.  Designed to be worn from 3 o’clock – 5 0’clock carry positions.

.  Optic Ready Standard

.  100% Natural Leather Backing with a suede comfort / sweat barrier on the back.  This allows the holster to be comfortable against your skin all while wicking moisture away.

.  Adjustable Retention now comes standard!  We have engineered a full kydex shell that has adjustable retention.  No longer do you have to worry about retention on the firearm when taking it off / etc.   To adjust the retention you simply need a 3/32″ Allen wrench!

.  Fully Adjustable ride height and cant angle!  Everyone likes to carry in different angles and ride heights, so with our adjustable belt clips that can be moved independently on either side so you have complete control!

.  We only use top quality .080″ kydex on all our concealed carry holsters to ensure a holster that will last a lifetime.  This kydex thickness provides a sturdy holster that will not collapse, for easy re-holstering.  However, it is thin enough that you do not sacrifice comfort or add bulk to your Hybrid IWB Holster.

.  Our Hybrid IWB Holster comes standard with a FULL sweat shield and combat grip cut.   Making the holster comfortable against your skin and protected from sweat and oil, all while allowing for a quick and easy draw.

. Optic Ready options are the new craze in the concealed carry market! Everyday there is more and more manufactures offering smaller optics geared towards the concealed carry market. At Muddy River Tactical we can Optic Cut ANY of our holsters we offer including Hybrid IWB holsters.  All you have to do is select ” yes ” on the optic cut option and you will be good to go!

.  We have over 25 color options to allow you to give your kydex on the hybrid holster a custom look thats just right for YOU!


.  Best Value in the Industry –  We have developed special systems in our production that have allowed us to build the BEST quality Hybrid Holsters on the market and give you the most bang for your hard earned money!

.  All orders will ship from our facility within 3-5 business days!  No longer do you have to wait 3-4 weeks to get a custom holster.  If you allow us the opportunity to earn your business, we owe it to you to get your holster to you ASAP!

48 reviews for Comfort Carry Inside the Waistband Hybrid Holster

  1. Daniel Zarrella (verified owner)

    The most comfortable IWB holster I’ve ever had! I absolutely love it and I am making plans to purchase more for my other pistols. You guys make fantastic products.

  2. Jon Miller (verified owner)

    Just received my new IWB holster for my SIG XTen, great craftsmanship, I really love it!!! What impressed me the most, although my gun wasn’t on the list they told me to write it down on the notes and they’ll make it. Awesome People!!! Thank you so much!!!

  3. Luis Royer (verified owner)

    I have bought two (2) Comfort Carry Inside the Waistband Hybrid Holsters with optic cuts, one for my FN-545 and another for my SA XD-M Elite OSP .45. The leather is high quality and comfortable against the skin. The Kydex shell is molded accurately, and the adjustable retention ensures the firearm stays in place. The lifetime warranty gives you peace of mind to use the holster daily as intended. Thanks for a great American product with quality materials and the pride of workmanship and material to offer a lifetime warranty!

  4. Daniel (verified owner)

    Amazing holster. Very comfortable and fits perfectly. Carry at the 4 o’clock position and have no issues.

  5. Gary (verified owner)

    Bought this holster for my IWI Masada Slim with a Holosun EPC Carry. Excellent quality and comfort at both appendix and 5 o’clock. Thanks!

  6. Michael D (verified owner)

    I also asked people in the Canik Facebook groups I am a member of, and the overwhelming brand recommended was Muddy River Tactical. I have only worn it for about one day but so far absolutely love it! I have another hybrid holster for another edc that I have liked for a long time, but this one is even more comfortable! The quality seems top notch!

  7. Tom N (verified owner)

    At first I did not like it, but once I adjusted the belt clips a little it feels perfect. The gun sits so tight to your body it feels like it becomes part of you. This is up there as one of my favorite holsters.

    Mr. Mason doesn’t make the cheapest holsters out there but what he makes is quality and I swear by what he and his team makes. I own countless muddy river holsters and they are always my go to holster company.

  8. Dennis P. (verified owner)

    This design is simple yet genius. The fully wrapped kydex shell mounted to leather is the best of both worlds, comfortable & locks in with that positive CLICK. The 2 belt clips keep the cant of the pistol from moving, very stable. This holster keeps my sig365 macro With 17 round capacity very concealed, secure & comfortable. Highly recommend the holster. !!

  9. Dolton (verified owner)

    My holster just arrived for my Beretta APX A1 carry. After a few adjustments I walked around for over an hour with it while doing various things in the house and I can already tell a night and day difference from the other holsters in my collection. It’s very comfortable, the gun doesn’t dig into my side and the leather makes such a huge difference. Time will tell how it holds up with everyday use but I think I’ve found a new place to buy all my holsters going forward. Thank you!

  10. Kevin W. (verified owner)

    Great Holster. This is my first hybrid. It’s way more comfortable than my kydex holster with a claw. I used to have cold plastic touching my skin all the time and didn’t like that. Now with the nice suede backing I can hardly tell it’s there. Retention is great, I loosened it up a tad 1/4 turn
    Ordered it on a Thursday, received Wednesday (6) days. Very pleased great price great quality products.

  11. Chase (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this holster, and have several others from Muddy River Tactical for all my guns. So comfortable, and nice to have an alternative to an appendix draw. Love Muddy River!

  12. Chase (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this holster, and have several others from Muddy River Tactical for all my gund. So comfortable, and nice to have an alternative to an appendix draw. Love Muddy River!

  13. Tom (verified owner)

    You folks nailed it with the Comfort Carry. Best IWB holster I’ve ever strapped on, bar none!

  14. Ed McKeag (verified owner)

    My experience purchasing holsters has not been a positive one. Pretty much ranging from junk to mediocre. I received this holster less than a week after ordering. After one day of wearing this holster it is by far the best holster I’ve ever purchased. I can’t speak to longevity yet, but (based on the quality materials) I am confident that it will last.

  15. Ed McKeag (verified owner)

    My experience purchasing holsters has not been a positive one. Pretty much ranging from junk to mediocre. After one day of wearing this holster it is by far the best holster I’ve ever purchased. I can’t speak to longevity yet, but (based on the quality materials) I am confident that it will last.

  16. Randy Wiese (verified owner)

    I bought the Comfort Carry IWB holster for my Taurus G3. It is very comfortable. Very fast shipping. I received it 3 days after I ordered it. The only issue I had was that the holster fit a little too snug around the slide of the gun. I inserted the unloaded gun in the holster and hit it with some hot air around the slide area, and now it fits perfect. I am very happy with the holster. Now I want to order the OWB holster too!

  17. Travis Breese (verified owner)

    Great job on this holster, I can barely even feel my 1911. Highly recommend this company

  18. jade (verified owner)

    This is the best holster I have ever used! Looks great and very comfortable!

  19. Stephen L. (verified owner)

    My first IWB holster and it’s working well. Good craftsmanship and retention.

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Need it to huge the body more, like the claw

  21. Joseph (verified owner)

    Really good quality. Extremely comfortable. Can wear all day without concern or discomfort. Very adjustable and easy to put on and take off. I love the clips. The suede texture on the inside of the leather is super comfortable and does not stick to my skin or feel like it will be hot in the summer time. I’d recommend this holster in a heartbeat!!!

  22. Jose H (verified owner)

    Perfect fit holster

  23. Kevin Seal (verified owner)

    I was concerned it would be too thick. I measured it against a leather IWB holster and the thickness is the same. It is the most comfortable IWB holster I’ve worn. Also, the clips used are smoother and less likely to snag than the metal clips some other manufacturers use. This holster is my first from Muddy River, it won’t be my last!

  24. Josh F. (verified owner)

    This is my first hybrid, I like it for the XD it supports the beast better and does not imprint as bad, love how you can adjust the tuck-able clip up or down, let’s you adjust how high or how low you want your cc to be, and way more comfortable than I ever expected , easier to re-holster also, let’s face it muddy river can’t make a bad holster, they do have the best quality of materials and craftsmanship and don’t rake you over the coals, I wouldn’t but one anywhere else,

  25. Mark Marchand (verified owner)

    Love the look and feel. Only issue I am having is I have to keep tightening the screws on the belt clips.

  26. Richard S. (verified owner)

    This is by far the highest quality holster I have found on the market. The value is outstanding, and the craftsmanship is bar none. This is the second Muddy River Tactical holster I have purchased, and will be returning for any future needs!

  27. Mark E. (verified owner)

    Very happy with the IWB hybrid holster. Using it with a Beretta PX4 Storm compact and it definitely makes the gun feel lighter than it is. Got it within like 5 days of placing the order, so turn around was very quick. I would highly recommend to anyone with a heavy gun to give one of these IWB hybrid holsters a try. You might be surprised how comfortable it is.

  28. Tim (verified owner)

    Very high quality! Love it.

  29. Louie (verified owner)

    I was in the market for a hybrid holster for my S&W Shield Plus that would accommodate the optic cut for my red dot. I could not find one anywhere. While on my search at the local gun store, the lady told me to check out Muddy River Tactical. She said they were a great company and would have what I need.

    So, I looked them up and am sure glad I did! I found EXACTLY what I was looking for and a HUGE bonus was the fact that the kydex shell FULLY covers the gun and trigger! Was not expecting that!

    Holster is very comfortable. Gun fits securely and conceals well. I liked it so much that I went and ordered a paddle holster for it a week later!

    Another HUGE bonus was the fast shipping. Received it in about a week from when I ordered it! Also, the price was excellent, compared to most other big name holster companies.

    I will definitely be going to MRT for my next holster!

  30. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great Holster, the one I used for Everyday Carry

  31. Jonathan Y. (verified owner)

    Very well made and very comfortable.

  32. Lou B

    Simplicity at its best! Love the IWB with the claw. Great product and customer service.

  33. Dan C. (verified owner)

    In my opinion the Comfort Carry IWB Hybrid Holster gives you the best of both worlds. The retention of a kydex holster along with the comfort of a leather and suede backing against your body. I have waited to do this review until after I had worn it awhile. As I write this review, I have worn the holster 8-10 hours a day, everyday for 6 weeks and I can say that this holster is as comfortable as any of the leather or hybrid holsters I have worn since I began carrying 9 years ago.
    As for customer service. I emailed the owner before I ordered with some questions about another holster and he was very prompt responding to my email with some suggestions. I ended up ordering the Comfort Carry Hybrid Holster on a Thursday morning and it arrived at my door the following Saturday. Very pleased. I will be soon be ordering an OWB holster from Muddy River Tactical for use at the range.

  34. Bill hollis (verified owner)

    Have many muddy river holsters this one now my new favorite ordered on friday got on monday can not beat Kevins service

  35. Mary Jo Montagna (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this IWH for my Hellcat Pro! It’s comfortable, easily clips onto my belt and stays in place.
    Ordering from the website is easy and my holster was delivered very quickly and packaged well.
    This is the third holster I have purchased from Muddy River and they have never disappointed me. Their products are quality made.

  36. Paul G. (verified owner)

    If you like hybrid holsters, this one will become your favorite!

  37. Matthew M. (verified owner)

    It is the most comfortable holster I have owned, and the gun fits in it great. I highly recommend it.

  38. clinton f. (verified owner)

    Fantastic holster in every way. I love that these guys had it available for my particular gun, which no other holster maker could accommodate. I will certainly be coming back in the future.

  39. Nathan (verified owner)

    Very comfortable beats the other brands hands down. Carries high, which is what was needed for better concealment.

  40. derek shaffer (verified owner)

    Muddy river nailed it with this new holster design. I was a bit reluctant at first bc I had their iwb kydex holster and absolutely loved it. This new setup is amazing! Purchased one for my new p365xl and kimber r7 mako. Extremely comfortable and the adjustment feature for ride height and cant is perfect to set it up exactly how you like to carry. My main concern was if it would conceal as good as the iwb holster w/claw, and it does just fine with minimal printing. Blown away how comfortable this holster is, guess that’s why they call it comfort carry!

  41. Kaidan Z. (verified owner)

    Awesome holster. Fits great and very comfortable. 10/10 would definitely recommend.

  42. Clint F. (verified owner)

    I own more than a dozen pistols and I have not less than three holsters for each of them. Although I favor shoulder holsters due to their extreme comfort, and the fact that I can use them most of the year as a resident of rainy Oregon, I decided to try an IWB holster for one of my newest guns. This offering stands apart in a number of ways. First, it is available for a lot of pistols that most other providers simply don’t make, as it was in my case. The new Stoeger STR9 Combat has virtually no holsters out there. According to the listing, only the standard pistol was covered, so I wrote and asked and they said they could certainly accommodate the tall sights and threaded barrel, so I gave it a shot. I must say this holster is exceptionally comfortable, well made, and sturdy. I love that it can be worn with or without a belt, since I’m not a big belt wearer. On top of all of that, the holster got here quite quickly. I will be coming to Muddy River for all of my future IWB needs, and I would urge you to consider giving them a try. Great customer service too.

  43. Randall (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and comfort

  44. John B. (verified owner)

    Amazing holster….Quality,great price also many spots to adjust the fit to each individuals likes and needs… Also shipping was fast I think I received mine in 6 days from order to door…Customer for life

  45. Wayne Miller (verified owner)

    Great body tuck holds tight to the body

  46. Kevin C. (verified owner)

    Extremely comfortable holster. Well built and shipped fast. No problem wearing this holster all day. Provides perfect retention right out of the package.

  47. Billy (verified owner)

    Great service. Holster fits perfectly.

  48. Daniel M.

    Excellent product is as it was described

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