Are you unsure of where to start in finding a gun holster for concealed carry? If you are new to concealed carry, it can be very overwhelming getting starting!

I would first like to congratulate you though on making the first and biggest step, in which you decided you need to conceal carry! The world has really changed over the years in a lot of ways. Nowadays more than ever you always need to be prepared to defend yourself and your loved ones!


Finding the right pistol for concealed carry…

This will be the first big hurdle you will have to conquer when starting your journey. We will not go deep into this subject in this article but I will cover the couple basics. Make sure when choosing your pistol, you choose a handgun that aligns with what you are wanting to do with it. I would assume if you are reading this though you are interested in a pistol for concealed carry! In that case make sure you look for a pistol that is small enough that you will be able to conceal carry it with your wardrobe and body shape. If you are a small frame person, I would not recommend a full size pistol to try to conceal. However, you do want it to be big enough that you can be proficient with the weapon. Pocket size pistols can be easy to conceal, but hard for most people to shoot well!



Finding the correct Gun Holster for Concealed Carry…

This is where your journey goes from a hurdle, to a huge mountain to climb! However, with this information we are about to give you it will allow you to make a much more informed decision on your first concealed carry holster!

I will start this by saying there is absolutely ZERO holster on that market that is perfect for everyone! The biggest mistake we see people make is buying a holster strictly based on what someone they know uses! That is why here at Muddy River Tactical we make a full line of Inside the Waistband (IWB) and Outside the Waistband (OWB) holsters in both leather and kydex!


Inside the Waistband Holster or Outside the Waistband Holster Gun Holster for Concealed Carry…


  • Leather Holster

    Leather Holster – Soft Leather Holster

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  • Glock 19 Outside Waistband Holster

    Outside the Waistband Kydex Holster

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  • Inside the Waistband Kydex Holster

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  • Paddle Holster – Outside the Waistband Kydex Paddle Holster

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For this articles purpose we are speaking just about concealed carry and not open carry. With that said, Inside the Waistband (IWB) is the easiest to conceal in all conditions and wardrobes. You can conceal in shorts and a t-shirt, or jeans and a coat just the same.

Inside the Waistband Holster carry positions vary from individual to individual. The most common carry position for an Inside the Waistband Holster is 4-5 O’clock. In this concealed carry position it does not hinder you from bending over. Also if you have a “dad body” like happens to a lot of us it is generally more comfortable.

The next common Inside the Waistband Holster carry position is appendix carry. This puts the pistol right in front of your body which makes it super quick and easy to access your pistol. It also allows you to access your pistol easily even when seated and buckled in your car. Which for some people is a huge deal, where as if carried at 4-5 o’clock it would be much more difficult in that situation! The downside to appendix carry is it does hinder you to some extent in bending over.

Outside the Waistband Gun Holsters for Concealed Carry tend to be more comfortable in general. The biggest issue with OWB carry is that your wardrobe has to allow for it. If you wear a tighter t-shirt, you will never be able to fully hide a holster outside the waistband. Even if it is a small pistol concealing it in summer months can be very difficult.

Most people that conceal carry outside the waistband usually do so in the cooler months with hoodies, coats, flannels, etc. In the summer months you can pull it off as well however you generally would need to be wearing a button up shirt or something of the sorts that will be able to conceal it.


Leather Holsters vs. Kydex Gun Holsters for Concealed Carry…

We manufacture both kinds of holsters so this allows us to give you a full un-biased opinion! Below we give the plus and minus of each kind.

Leather Holster

Pros: Soft against your skin – Generally speaking are more comfortable – Cheaper and more entry level option

Cons: Will not have same retention as a kydex holster – Not as customizable to your situation – Harder to maintain – Not as easy to re-holster


Kydex Holsters

Pros: 100% molded to your specific pistol – Click in retention on the trigger guard – Tons of options on clips, cant angle, colors, etc – Easy to maintain ( can literally wash our with water ) – Stay fully open for quick and easy re-holstering

Cons: Generally they will cost you more – Slightly less comfortable than leather


Conclusion on choosing the right gun holster for concealed carry…

Carrying a pistol for concealed carry is comforting, not comfortable! No matter what holster you get it will be a learning give as you are not used to having something in your pants. No different than if you never wore a watch in your life, then one day you decide to wear a watch. It will feel weird until you get used to it. Concealed Carry is the exact same!

The ” comforting ” part is knowing that by carrying a concealed carry pistol, you are prepare if god-forbid you are ever put in a terrible situation where you may have to use it! There is not a person on this planet that wants to ever have to draw a pistol in self defense. However if you ever are put in that unfortunate situation, you will be extremely grateful to have it! So going through the learning curve of getting uses to carry a pistol is comforting in knowing that you will never be left helpless to defend yourself and your family!

As far as the holsters go, I suggest people try to go to inside the waistband carry if possible. It allows you to conceal all the time and never be forced to leave your pistol at home because your wardrobe does not allow for it.

Leather IWB Gun Holsters for Concealed Carry tend to make the transition period easier for someone brand new to carry. Its a little softer against your body and will get you used to it being there.

Once you are used to it though, going to a IWB Kydex Holster is the best bet and what 90% or more people end up going to. The kydex gives you constant retention for the security of your firearm plus allows for quick and easy re-holstering. Which in concealed carry will matter because you need to be practicing drawing and shooting from holster. Do not get a holster and just assume you will be able to quickly and safely draw from it to defend yourself. Practice makes perfect so do not cut yourself short in the training department!