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Episode 6 Podcast – IWB Kydex Holsters in Depth


Alright welcome back to the Muddy River Tactical podcast this is episode six and we’re gonna be discussing inside the waistband holsters this week. As always Kevin, Brett myself, your host of the show and like I said we’re gonna go over inside the waistband holsters. What’s good about them, what we like, the way we make them and what we think makes ours different. 


So before we get too far into that Brett you just pulled back in town. What did you do this weekend and what kind of trouble did you get into?  I went on a little mini vacation. Down to Disney Oklahoma on a side by side trip with me and the wife, no family. Just me and the wife. Was it all wrapped down there? Yep Weather was fantastic for this time of year. About seventy five ish. Just didn’t break anything. Worked out. That’s the most important part. You didn’t have the eight hundred dollar payer bill and somehow got kid free for the weekend too. And the Ford made it that far. Oh. Hey the Ford did good. Yeah. On the way home I had a tailwind so it pushed me all the way home. He got four and a half miles a gallon all the way back from Oklahoma. He broke fifty on the way home then the the two seventy made it no problem. So that sounds like a good time. There so there’s all sorts of trails down there and it’s like a big public area isn’t it. But Yeah It’s a little small quick story. It’s the the government used to keep people off of it like a park recreational area. And then there’s a  gentleman named of Russ that sued because it actually said that this certain amount of land was the people’s land and they got to choose what to do with it. Well he won that case. However maybe twenty years ago I don’t know the exact numbers but he won the case and it’s been a off road park ever since for rock bouncers you know Bronco stuff like that. Now UTVs because that’s a big thing. So it’s a real neat area. It’s like a dam on the Grand Lake. Okay and on the opposite side of that dam it’s got a lot of limestone rock that you know, wheel drive vehicles climb up and just a big trail area. So that’s pretty cool I go camping and all that good stuff. Yep That’s real cool. Excellent. 


What did you do Kevin? I hear about zoo poo and your wife tells me all the benefits of zoo poo. So what what’s going on here? My weekend turned out better than I thought when we were talking last Thursday, so my wife’s been wanting a garden. Well finally since we moved to the farm she’s got all these animals and the bobcats and coyotes or whatever are getting the chickens which is all I really cared about was the chicken eggs. So we’ve gone through three sets of those and finally convinced her to get rid of the pig and everything. So we have no more farm petting zoo animals around. So she wants to do a garden which is a win win for me. So I tore down all the old makeshift fence to hold a pig in and plow her up a garden but last week when we were talking, she kind of gets ahead of herself as you guys know and she thought the soil would be terrible and blah blah blah. We live in the middle of an ag field like farmers are farming this. They’re not farming soil that won’t grow nothing. First of all but anyways, she had gone as far as go getting online market place or something. She was going to get zoo poo literally elephant crap from the zoo and wanted me to take my truck and get a truckload of it in the bed. I’m like not a chance in hell I think the muddy river trip would have looked great with elephant dung goodness small elephant crap for two weeks driving around town. But luckily I got it tilled up. I’m like look it looks good and Bob helped me on this because Bob was there and you know she don’t listen to me. Bob’s like oh I think it looks good. So miraculously I didn’t have to go get zoo poo no more.


Well and tell about how you got rid of your pigs? Do your sixteen year old news buddy or pig ramblers now? Yeah So a friend of ours friend is who took the pig. He’s got all sorts of different animals. So he’s like oh yeah I’ll take the pig. So sixteen year olds normally can’t do much on their own so I figured I was gonna have to help in this process somehow. I get home I think it’s Thursday night or I don’t know something like that. And they’re sitting on a tub in the back of the truck like a big I don’t know how many gallons that thing is It’s a big black water tower like a hundred gallon of Rubbermaid, fifty gallon or whatever it is sitting on top of it. I’m like what are you guys doing? Like we can’t get off we need a ratchet strap. Well somehow they got the pig in that tub and lifted it up in the truck and flipped the tub over so he would stay in the bed of the pickup to get him five miles down the road. Well so I’m like okay I’ll go get your ratchet strap. We’re pretty soon, I turned and they’re laughing. They’re like riding this pig. The pig is literally walking with the tub on its back. Around the thing and they’re trying to hold it down and both of them are two hundred and something. Yeah They’re not real small boys. So they got four hundred pound on this tub and this pig’s carrying them around in the back of a pickup. In the back of a pickup truck Yep if you could link the video it’d be hilarious. You should probably put a picture up of them on the tub. Yeah I’ll put a picture of them getting bucked around It was it was pretty funny.


Yeah I didn’t do much this weekend I took my youngest out shed hunting, my oldest boy he didn’t wanna go. He was stuck playing call of duty or whatever so my youngest and I we have some land up behind our house went and found a nice set of matched antlers up there. Walked two, three, four miles not a ton but, squirrels had already started getting them up there kind of being city animals like they are. Other than that they had their blue and gold banquet for scout so my oldest went on from arrow light or got a zero of light award and is going on to boy scouts now. Youngest is going into, he just graduated from bears so I think it maybe Weeblows. I don’t know enough about the rings but he’s moving on. Way too long though. Oh yeah.


So in the midst of that in their scouting they learned all about you know trapping animals And they watched videos. There’s this kid named Kendall Gray and he makes some pretty good YouTube videos about he hunts and fishes and traps and everything. Well, my youngest Easton’s like dad we gotta trap something and in my shed behind the house I keep my bass boat up there. And the raccoons every winter get up inside the boat and they’ll like open up the cabinets and like you know get out crappy juice and just stuff you wouldn’t think they’d be in. So the raccoons are in everything. So it’s like alright we’ll set the live trash and you know it’s like what are we gonna use for bait. He’s like we’re gonna use marshmallows and dog food. So load up the trap with marshmallows and dog food and I’m like yeah we might catch it, we might not. And this morning get up and we got a big boar coon in the trash out in front of the house I’m sure he was happy to see you. Oh he was thrilled and he was really thrilled because the boys opened up the door and they were out riding them before I could get out there. So I’m poking them with it. Oh he’s getting fired up so they’re like dad where are we gonna do I was like well I’m hauling him up to conservation area and let him go free out in the woods. Then they’re like no we’re gonna let him go in the yard. What if he’s got babies I was like alright so we’re gonna let him go. So now I’ve got this riled up coon, and they’re videotaping the whole thing and if you’ve never tried to let a coon out of a live trap they’re armed are pretty agile and long so I’ve got on gloves and this coon’s trying to get me out of there. So I spent my morning wrestling a coon out of a live trap and we let him go. You wanna know where he went? He’s probably back in your boat going about ninety five miles an hour up the hill into the shed. So that was the story of my coon encounter that lasted all of about an hour. So yeah that was our weekend.


But let’s get into topic of the day which is our inside the waistband holsters and we’re gonna kind of break these down in different segments. This week we’ll do inside next week maybe outside or you know we’ll get through all of them as we go. But we’re gonna talk about what makes some good, why they’re popular and just the different features on them. By far and away inside the waistband is the most popular holster we carry. We’re not talking about leather today. We’re just gonna talk about the Kydex and what makes them good. So Kevin kinda for somebody that’s never had it inside the waist being Kydex kinda go over the basics of them. So the basics of a Kydex holster is like I said on a different episode, leather is kind of the starter point. It’s for comfort. Kydex is most popular because it’s a all around good holster It’s got a small footprint. It gives you a lot of options for versatility as far as clips and clothes attachments, all different things. You can literally make these holsters adapt to you and your situation, and they’re popular because of it’s inside the waist kydex holster, you can literally wear that holster anywhere from appendix carry to four or five o’clock, or you can do a small of the back carry if you choose which we’ll get into here in a little bit I don’t necessarily promote small back carry but it is, possible with the right setup.


But the main thing is like the if you go into the clip options you know the main thing about Kydex is there’s tons of options. So it’s a hundred percent Kydex shell .80 Kydex, which is kind of the industry standard. There’s some places that use 60 which is way too thin way too fragile brittle. They do it because it’s cheaper. There’s a few places that use 93 which is kinda overkill and you start losing comfort pretty quickly. That way it just makes it way too stiff of a holster. So ours is 80. It’s just right in the middle. It’s kind of proven itself over the years as far as durability and holding up while not getting bulky. They come with all sweat shields on them so those not familiar with a sweat shield, it’s the back piece that goes against your skin. It just gives a barrier between the gun and your skin, but it also greatly aids in re holstering your gun If you have a holster without a sweat shield, you gotta go straight in whereas you can put a gun in and kinda guide itself down. So it’s as good as for re holstering as it is protection. So it’s kinda like a ramp that just guides it straight away. Yes. It kinda gives it both of those together.


But the the main options to start is you got your colors and I won’t get into all those. We got infused…Kydex which Kyle can hold up over there. We can put any patterns on it We do all of that in house. But it’s it’s supplemented into the kydex. So it’s not something that it’s not gonna scratch off It’s not like a sticker on there. A lot of companies do that. They print right on the outside. So with a lot of them are using UV printers which before we started, and well before you were here I mean this was a couple of years ago. Me and Brett were trying to figure out how they did it because there’s all sorts of ways to do it.There’s a lot of companies on the market that are it’s all sublimation but they’re calling it infusion all in honesty. That’s a way to It it is infusing itself into there but they’re using that so that they don’t call it supplimation so everybody else figures out how to do it.


Yeah But it’s kind of like we talked about earlier when we’re having an offline discussion about you can tell somebody the ingredients for a burger king whopper but doesn’t mean they’re gonna make the whopper in the right order. Yeah and that’s the good thing about us is we’re super transparent where all those companies are transparent about it. But for some companies that you know they don’t make holsters all they do is print Kydex to them that’s a liability towards their business. So for us, I mean we’re doing it for ourselves we’re cutting out the middle man and it wasn’t even the price that we’re paying for it. It was the lead time being able to do custom stuff. Oh yeah COVID didn’t help us on that at all. Yeah I mean during COVID there’s times where you know we’d get an order for something or you’d try to have to stock a whole bunch of like ninja turtles. Right. Super cool. We sell them but are you gonna want to stock a hundred sheets of this. No But if you don’t you’re gonna be waiting four or five weeks. So if a customer does order it then you can’t get it So by doing it in house, we’re literally doing it as they’re getting ordered. So that’s super cool.


And it is funny to see some of our patterns like the tactical grinch here. We drew that up in the middle of last summer put it out around Christmas time and I’m not gonna name the other company that miraculously had one identical to it. They all pop up and it’s funny like I actually bought one of the shirts that had the knock off of it on there because man they like my design enough to make it. So you know more power to you. Yeah It’s the old monkey sea monkey do I mean I guess we’re kind of the same way and some of the prints that we still do today are a different version of prints we bought years ago. Mhmm It’s just what’s popular and what people want. But I think it’s all cool. It’s inside the waist. Do you need it No. But you can customize it to yourself. But no matter what whether you get the specialty prints, carbon fiber, or the flat colors a common question we get all the time is it’s all the same material.


So the carbon fiber one is not carbon fiber reinforced or stronger. It doesn’t affect any of that. It’s all the exact same material. The only thing I’ve noticed and I could be wrong is it seems like the carbon fibers got I don’t wanna call it like more of a protective finish but it’s like a little bit smoother like it wipes off like almost like a gloss finish over the top more. Yes And I don’t know exactly cause like the carbon fiber we just we just buy it. It’s just like buying regular flat sheets of kydex like we use everything else. I’m sure there’s some type of process my guess is it’s no different than like the sublimation of this. We have to it’s heated for that to supplement into that. I’m assuming the carbon fiber look is the same type of way. So I’m guessing it’s off of their presses or something in their process That shine may make look like more carbon fiber too and so they’re intentionally adding that shine to it. Yeah It may carbon fiber does feel a little bit smoother for whatever reason. So we got people that’ll buy a carbon fiber not because they want the look but because it feels a little bit smoother. There’s a couple of gunshots across country that has helped holsters do that but only carbon fiber for that reason. So that’s the material.


And the common questions with it as far as the thickness and durability of different things and if it’s actually different then your first option you really come to other than the color is the clips. We got all different clips you can choose from. We got the standard clip. Monoblock, ulti clip or a tuckable clip. They’re all great for different purposes. I would say the most common is a standard clip. If you’re a person that wears a belt which you absolutely should if you’re carrying, unless you’re using an ulti clip. The ulti clip is made to go direct to fabric, but wearing a belt is always gonna reinforce that gun and hold it up better for you. And for those people watching at home you can see Brett’s got one of the standard clips there. A lot of people like I’ve hear Sarah describing it as like a money clip style. But Yeah It’s a plastic the standard clips got our muddy river logo engraved on it. Yeah pretty industry standard on that It’s an industry standard and there for a while there was these ones that we don’t make these clips. It’s the same every other holster company buys them. There was some that were overseas for a while. We never carried them. But there is knock offs of these all the time. So just be aware of that if you’re looking anywhere. They may look the same but they’re not all of these clips are all made in the United States right here so they’re way stronger and we’ve had samples of the other one and like if you see this how it springs back.


Remember those other ones they were made somewhere else but after a while they would form that way So if you held it up that way, it would start not touching here It’d lose its, like the spring to it. So but overall that comes in the price of the holster. So when you see like $59.99 is where inside Kydex holster start, that’s in with this clip included on it. if you go to upgrade, and this is inch and a half belts by the way I kind of forgot to put tha.  It’s inch and a half belts and you can adjust the cant. So there’s two holes here so you can adjust the can up to fifteen degrees on that one and those have set ride heights. So It’s set ride heights and we get the question and sometimes about why we don’t offer adjustable ride height for this style clip. And the reason is we really don’t want or promote you bearing your gun in your pants. If there’s people that wanna put the clip down and make that gun ride super low, I get it for certain situations. From a standpoint of safety and concealed carry and being able to use your pistol you’re at a huge disadvantage. So by doing this we just keep people from doing that and making a bad choice. And when we’re engineering these molds like I said we all of our molds in house so we’re picking the right height where the grip of the pistols are the proper level for a belt where it’s easy to draw, you know not too high not too low.


So with the addition of optics being so prevalent nowadays, if you wearing this up higher which would put the gun lower, your pants right across the optic, which then isn’t ideal at all either and also the holes that we use for retention we use them for the claw as well which we will get into. But if you get that click too far off then your claw is not gonna line up with the belt as well Correct. So I’d say that’s the most common, probably mostly because it’s included in the price and a lot of people don’t know exactly what they want. So and I’ll even tell them start with that and see how it goes and if you wanna change, that’s the beauty of all of our new inside holsters being able to change. It’s got the down here for the tuck bowl. You can put the monoblock. You can put any of these clips we’re talking about on this holster. So if this doesn’t work for you it’s as easy as buying a clip instead of buying a whole bunch of stuff and then using what came with it It’s just kind of the process of elimination. The next I’d say next step up would be the DCC, which is discreet carry monoblock, So it’s got it’s the same type of thing but it’s a metal clip instead of the standard clips polymer ejected. The monoblock is metal. So it fits inch and a half belts as well. You still get the adjustability of the cap on the holes in the holster. Where the monoblock really shines I would say is because it’s a dual spring clip like Kyle if you hold that up to the camera. So we got each side springs independently. So if you like, your gun rotates or pants rotate or whatever for whatever reason. In theory, that one is way harder to get off your belt in a situation of like normal moving and stuff It’s not harder to get off your belt just taking it off because you put both of your fingers, but under like a normal moving situation not trying to get it off it people find it to be more secure just because of the dual screens.


The one thing that I will say about it though is because it’s metal, it’s a little rougher on like your belts finish and stuff. So people that have bought it and use it with like a nice dress belt or something. It may or may not but the chances of it scratching are way higher And I’ve heard people and we don’t recommend using it without a belt but some people you can’t control what they do I’ve heard people call and say hey this thing’s tearing up my joggers or my yoga pants. You know in a lot of that like what you’re saying right there is why we’re doing this podcast and why we’re doing this especially this episode and going in deep and gonna break all these products down because they don’t know any different. Like they see UltiClip and instead of reading and really understanding what it does, they just think they look and go oh that looks right and order it. So that’s what they’re using. So I will say any of the belts we’re talking or any of the clips we’re talking about other than the ulti clip you should be wearing a belt without it out.


Perfect. So that kind of leads us to our next of the metal clips and next is the ulti clip. Now these will have the adjustable ride height because we’ve got multiple hole preps for adjustable ride height in there. And as you can see the clip itself has got multiple holes in like a long channel. So you can really adjust these to your liking but ride height wise. You’ll lose the cant adjustability though. And these you do not need a belt on. So no they’re made to wear direct to fabric so that clip on top Kyle if you spring it open it’s more or less a stiff suspender clip like everybody knows suspender clips It’s a stiff version of that that goes direct to fabric. It’s not made to go to any belt even if you got thin belt it’s not made to do that It’s made to go to fabric. So by doing that, what I tell people is it’s I still suggest a belt because you could put that holster on just say you’re wearing jeans. Click that ulti clip to the jeans and have your belt go over it it’s a good alternative for those that aren’t gonna wear a belt where they don’t draw and draw their whole holster with their gun. Which can be you know and depending on how tight or loose you like your retention on your holster that could be a real issue. And even you know when we’re making them in the shop that’s why we use the real guns because, you know you want it to come out smoothly without falling out but you don’t want it you know so loose it’s gonna fall out you know in daily activity. And that’s one thing. Nothing against the ulti clip it does great for its purpose.


But if you’re gonna carry in like, gym shorts or joggers or whatever the common thing is now everybody’s wearing sweatpants type of thing. With an ulti clip, your holster is only as secure as your pants. So don’t expect that ulti clip’s gonna hold your pants but when you go to draw and your pants come up a foot well everything’s coming up that far. Mhmm. You know so it’s not a fix It doesn’t fix the point of not having a belt or something to secure it to It fixed the issue of keeping it there. Yeah and you don’t wanna look like Steve Erkel in a gunfight. Exactly. You have your pants up like this and you got a wedgie and you can’t get your gun out. All I can think is did I do that would be a great, have Brett do it draw like that with a wedgie. It’s a good promo video. Well I gotta be the guinea pig. And we take it one further. We get them suspenders and we go get that mini Cooper. You need to have like the Erkel car with the suspenders and we’re onto something. Hey you are the face of the local company. Hey I think if we get a thousand likes on this video Brett will do it. Brett said yes I would do it anyways Okay Let’s be honest. Yeah he’s gonna get picked on all the time. We gotta do it for the likes Brett. You’re gonna give the people what they want Yeah Thousand likes. So yeah so just to reiterate that clip you do have the adjustability of going up and down ride height but you do not have cant adjustment.


And that’s gonna lead into the next. I don’t wanna call them vertical clips but they kinda are their single vertical blocks do you got the tuckable over there? So, would be the tuckable and that’s we talked about last episode. It’s designed to wear with your shirt tucked in which again if you’re gonna do it make sure you train that way. But it kind of sits off the holster a little bit as well. We got spacers in there and so is that where the shirt tucks in in between the back of the clip and the holster. So this is the most misunderstood clip on the market in my opinion because you say tuckable and everybody thinks it’s just because it’s thin. Well that’s part of it but this gap here and it’s not much because you don’t want a huge gap here because then that just adds bulk this way for comfort and everything else. But that gap there when you put this on your pants, this goes over your pants and your belt and clips down, your shirt will tuck into this gap. Which allows nothing to show but that clip.


Okay. So and there’s so many things that have clips on them nowadays. You know cell phones and pocket knives. I mean everything you can think of has clips and whatever. So if you have the body type to pull off tucking in, gun and concealing it which like we said on another episode not a ton of people do but if you do, this is a great option and it allows you to do that. And that one takes a little bit bigger belt Correct? Yeah So this one will work with belt up to 1.75 inches, which all of our belts are inch and a half and I think that’s plenty for most scenarios. The one thing with this clip though the one downside to me is which I don’t use this clip because I don’t got the body to pull off tucking in my shirt to conceal it anyways. But with this clip being that much narrower, you can see how much narrower it is Yeah. This will rock more than what this will and for the people I’ve just noticed that while you’re holding it with the older clip that’s a claw attachment on there which we’ll get in.


This is a claw. That’s something different. Okay But this narrow clip to that if you something pushes against it it’s easier for this to rock than this to rock. Sure. Yeah It gives you a little wider footprint and yes So it’s just a different style I would say if I was gonna say what the least popular clip would be it would be the tuckable clip. Just because like I said in reality the amount of people if you take a hundred people there may be one guy that can pull off tucking in his shirt to conceal it Sure. It’s just very few. So nothing wrong with the clip It’s just an application that’s more specialized than the rest of them, whereas a standard clip is good for anywhere you wanna put it. The monoblock is as well. So it’s a ulti clip and once again, one holster if you buy this nija turtle holster right here, will take all four clips if you wanna buy all individual clips so you can use every option we have with that one holster now and for those that have been customers for a long time that’s new in the last year.


Yeah since I started about the last year because before we would only mold it with one or the other because we didn’t have Kyle here. Kyle’s engineering and were not doing our own molds. We were relying on other people’s molds before. Well now we can incorporate all of that and put these holes in here without affecting anything else. All of the others on the market up until we created our own. It affected it greatly. Like this would be raised too high so if you had a standard clip these holes it’d make your belt clip sit like that all the time. It was just never ideal so that’s why we didn’t do it in the past and that’s the beauty of CNC machines and somebody smart enough to run the computer stuff to engineer what we want and that’s kind of part of the learning curve that we had is figuring out what the proper height for these attachment points need to be off of the holster so they fit tight but you know there’s enough room where the back of the Chicago screws aren’t rubbing against finish of your gun. So we want them to be tight but not so tight where it’s ever gonna affect anything


So, when you go into the lead time on some of the new hole that come out and you know it’s a couple weeks for you know light bearing or something new. There’s more than just skiing in the gun and going into it. it We gotta run tests you know make sure everything’s good before we send it out to you. Well and what they don’t realize especially talking about new products like all this morning before now, we’re working on a new product that’ll be in the next month or so. But it’s months and months and months of trial and error. On just one model and then you take what you learned off that one model to different guns then you learn other stuff. So that’s how these are as well. What tolerance is on one gun is not all of them so every time we make a mold it’s four or five molds to make one perfect because until it’s right we’re not gonna send it out. For sure. And then you know when you talk about new products we got people out testing them in the field and letting us know, hey this point isn’t real comfortable at this come off that’d be greater. Hey if you guys put this on there instead it’d be a lot better and that’s the beauty of doing our own molds and trim passes and everything ourselves.


As well is because these holsters are super versatile. So you’ll get the guy that is appendix carrying this. You get the guy that’s carrying it four or five o’clock. We try to make it as streamlined and useful in all scenarios where you’re not limited to one or the other. And the thing I’d like to and you know I of course I like them because I work on the engineering side of them, obviously we look at other stuff out on the market and you know what other people are doing and how we can improve upon it. And some of the stuff like we talk about before, everybody’s got click retention, everybody’s got adjustable retention. It’s Kydex It’s kind of the industry standard. All of ours have that. The fit is different. You know you can have two and you know the fit’s gonna be drastically different. But some of the stuff we do is you see a lot of them and they have straight forty five degree hard corners edges and especially like up here, since this little curve might not look like a lot but when you go to draw your pistol and it’s not hitting on the inside of your thumb because you got a straight piece coming across here It makes a difference on how comfortable it is.


Same thing on our rounded corners here on the edge they’re not digging into you. They’re not imprinting as bad. If you look down towards the end, how it’s all tapered down towards the muzzle, well you don’t have a flat cutoff, less imprinting when you’re sitting there. That’s not digging into you. Yeah you don’t want any hard edges anywhere because it not giving it any comfort at all. Yeah It’s kinda like the stealth fighter technology reducing radar profile. You know while we’re reducing anything we’re trying to make this as round as it can be, you know turtle shell kinda you know everything curved where nothing really pokes out There’s no sharp edges on it. Zero pressure points is basically what you’re trying to create there. Exactly. And on this one I don’t know how well the camera can pick it up but you know a lot of companies too they don’t buff the edges of them So they don’t have that nice mirrored finish on there. Kevin see if yours will show it off better being on that carbon fiber or not. It may. But that’s one of those things that’s hard to on camera you’ll probably never get it but in person you can tell the difference for sure. Should have brought one that wasn’t buffed at all and you could tell which a lot of companies like we talked about don’t buff them. And to me it’s just a cosmetic thing It forget us being part of the company If I was to order anything, and you go spend whatever amount of money it is I mean the forty dollar holster may be a lot to somebody or the hundred dollars. Whatever you spend you wanna take pride in what you bought. You know if you go spend a hundred dollars on a ninja turtle holster and it’s not buffed then it’s like well. Yeah before it don’t matter how good fits you get the first impression of the half assed it and the thing that, you know when we were first engineering these molds took me the longest to kinda get dialed in and you can probably vouch to this.


What was the one thing on my trim past that we adjusted every time it was right where your finger hits on the inside when you’re drawing it. And having that step up you know not to get too far into the secret sauce but you wanna cover the trigger guard up to eliminate rock when you’re making them. But it’s got to come in at the right angle to still cover the safety where you’re not or the mag release. I’m sorry where you’re not kicking out mags when you’re setting down butt come in where your finger doesn’t rub So it’s not just a line for a reason It’s a super fine line there because what a lot of them are doing or on their scans or just taking where the bottom of that sweatshield is and cutting it in half. So if you look at the gun in the holster, you can see half of the bottom of that trigger guard not sweat shield, the trigger guard. Well the problem with that is and it’s all exposed it’s gonna make the gun rock. It’s just a whole bunch of problems but they’re doing it because that’s the easy way to do it compared to adjusting the trim pass out I mean Kyle knows he does it all the time but we’ll adjust the trim pass ten times before it’s right. Oh all the time and that’s after months some months of doing it and you know pretty much knowing where it’s at and it’s still not right. So I mean we may be moving it thousands of an inch to get it you know as far out as we can but still where it’s gonna be comfortable for you to wear. Absolutely.


Alright. So another thing we got is suppressor height sites. We engineer, as well as the optics suppressor height sites in the all of our holsters. So we do that so the people down the road if they add supressor height sites they’re gonna have to buy another holster If they decide they wanna run an optic later they can use their same holster. We try and think of things that the customer hasn’t got yet that they may add, where we can keep them the retention the same whether the firearms got it or not. But just give them that versatility down the road where you don’t end up with a drawer holsters for your new gun. Yeah Neither one of those affect anything as far as comfort or anything of the holster I mean the extra quarter inch on the site channel there you would never know if we didn’t tell you that would fit tall sites nobody would even think about it. For sure. You know it’s minute differences, but our end goal is make the best holster possible and not make you have to, we want you to come back and buy from us but come back and buy from us for the right reasons not because we sold you something that you can’t use no more now. Yeah. Because of an optic or something


Well, so that doesn’t mean oh I bought a new gun. You know we’re talking about things that we can control. And if you’re gonna go down the road or like car analogy, we’re giving you the platinum king ranch edition f one fifty for the base model f one fifty price. Every option we can put on there comes standard. Know we’re not trying to upsell you. We’re not, you know trying to get every nickel and dime we can. We wanna make them the best that they can be. Yeah I mean there there’s options for sure like the clip options can be more money. The monoblock and ulti clip are more money just because they’re that cost us that much more money. The claw is an option, but as far as a base holster, you know some people need the claw and some don’t. So we didn’t wanna price it with like you see some companies on the market that won’t sell them without a claw. Well that’s not fair to the guys that don’t use a claw because then they’re paying for it when they don’t need it. We wanna sell you what you need, not what is the most profitable.. If we wanted to sell what the most profitable was we wouldn’t offer options. We’d put the one clip we wanted to sell and the claw on every one of them and tell you that’s what it is.


And same thing with our specialty patterns those are a little bit more but we have to pay the supplement and we gotta pay somebody to you know do the work. By the time I mean the specialty patterns what twelve thirteen bucks fourteen bucks whatever they are I don’t even remember what they are off my top head. Less than fifteen dollars, we have that much in it because we gotta print the sheets. We gotta press it. We gotta pay somebody to do that. You know it’s it’s not an easy thing. Or I shouldn’t say it’s not an easy thing. We can do it but it’s not as simple as it costs fifty cents to do it. I mean it cost us that much more to do it. So by going this route, you’re paying more money for something personalized to you. It’s not benefit to us. To us, if we wanted to be the most profitable we’d do flat black holsters and nothing else because then there’d be no variance into anything. Yeah and down the road it may be something too where we can offer some more you know not personalized I don’t know if we’ll ever get to a point where do one offs and everything because then you’re getting into you know your graphic arts time. And you know the time it takes to draw and design everything but you know if there’s sheriff’s department or you know big companies are gonna order forty or fifty we could probably accommodate something like that, I’m sure. Yeah we can do stuff like that. It’s just what they want and what makes sense.


But I have a question that a customer might ask for the left handed guys out there. How come your holster doesn’t have or our holster doesn’t have the option of left hand or right hand in the same holster? Because you you’ll see more than half the companies that’s what they’re doing now. The companies are doing that because mold costs are expensive, whether your company buying molds or building them like we do either way it’s expensive proposition. So instead of buying a left and right, hand mold. They’re trying to use one and make it a universal holster. Now they won’t be able to have a sweat shield on those. Right Or do they use the same jig both ways and most of them that I’ve seen have either not had a sweat shield or had a sweat shield on both sides.


Next question is is it bulkier if you do have it on both sides It’s way gear which is why we don’t do it We’ve been asked to do it and we just refuse to do it It’s kind of like the same thing as people that want it inside and outside holster. Well there’s no good way to make a perfect holster both ways. So in our opinion no matter what you’re doing you’re half assing one or the other or giving parts of it away to make it work the other way and we just don’t do that I just didn’t wanna exclude you left handed guys out there. Now I will say all of our models though are modeled for ambidextrous safeties and ambidextrous mag releases. Whether it’s got it or not. I engineer them into all of them so they’re a clone copy on either side. So you may get it and be like oh well this has got this channel here. Well somebody may order one that’s got it added on that side. So that’s a good point because also I’m left handed. That’s why Brett was asking that question. But I’ve known a lot of guys that don’t switch their mag releases that are left handed and won’t swap the mag release. Whether it’s because that’s how they grew up and that’s how they’ve always shot or whatever their reasoning is they don’t swap it or as bad as it sounds, they don’t train like we suggest they do and don’t realize even the point of the mag release other than drop it out and you know they don’t realize mag changes and stuff. So they’ll be left handed and never swap the mag.


So if we didn’t make the molds fit both ways that left handed shooter would get it and be like well hell my mag releases because it’s not. Well it’s because he didn’t swap it and that’s not I ain’t saying right, wrong I mean I guess I kinda am. You should swap it. But it kinda goes to Kyle’s job to show is that it’s just the difference between left and right hand there’s a lot of thinking points you have to remember. Like the you know like you said the mag release the ambidextrous safeties whether they have them or not because customers change their own guns all the time. And another thing and I don’t know a specific company I wouldn’t bring them up even if I did. But when you’re modeling these things, like that ninety two bread and ninety two what you’re talking about earlier they’ve got a safety on the side. Well when it clicks up you gotta have a position for it with on and off safety. So you’ve gotta have a channel that will accept the safety in either position. It doesn’t click it on or off. Yep you gotta have it both ways because there’s a certain amount of those, double action single action guns. That some guys will carry cocked and locked where they’ll want it with the safety on. And then there’ll be the guys that don’t and like well I want it with the safety off. We just mold it so you can have the safety in either direction and let you decide what you want. So kind of a secret question is so if you’re doing the ninety twos right now, did you do you know or have you looked at yet the ninety two I or XI that has the frame safety compared to the slide safety.


Yeah and actually for people looking we have a video where you just put out. It’s actually well this is gonna air later so it’s gonna be a week old by the time this episode comes out. It’s a little sneak peek. A little sneak peek but there’s a gun review that we did on it today and we talked about the Xi and it’s got the aluminum versus the steel. So it’s lighter. And you know a little heavy in polymer but lighter than all steel. That safety position is completely different and completely better than the old ninety two. Yep.


Alright Do you wanna talk about the claw for a minute I know we kind of briefly touched on it. Yep So can you give me that other. Oh yeah. So on the claw it’s an add on option. What I would tell you is the claw is great for concealment. The whole purpose of a claw if you can imagine this and clipped over your pants. This is inside of your pants. It rides against the inside of your pants at your belt line. So you can imagine your pants and your belt are riding against here which instead of if this wasn’t here, all the pressure would be up this one clip right here. Whereas with this claw here it makes the whole holster because this is gonna contour your body. It pulls the grip into your body by pulling this in Yep. So what that does is if you look at nine out of ten people, what is hard for them to conceal is the grip of the gun. The guns only an inch wide. It’s not a problem there It’s the grip sticking out on the side of your body or whatever that will print through your shirt. I’m pretty common just like that ninety two x we were talking about when we were talking about earlier it’s only one point three wide but the grip inch and a half on one point five something. Depending on your body shape and a lot of variables it


https://muddyrivertactical.com/product/inside-waistband-kydex-holster/ doesn’t take a lot of grip to be hard to conceal for some people. So this eliminates that by rotating the whole holster instead of putting one point of contact here it puts the other point of contact to make the whole thing contour your belt which is contour in your body.


The claw comes in two versions so this is the straight one which will be on light bearing holsters. Since on a light bearing holster the screws already have to be out here. We don’t want to make it wider than it has to be so that’s why this one’s straight. This one is the standard call like all non light bearings, it just curves out around and then goes because if you put the call straight up from here it’s not out far enough to really benefit. If you’re turning from here, it’s not doing much compared to turning from there. And they come with different inserts a big one and a small one. Yeah It depends on how much you wanna turn. Have the small ones it’s not much different. It’s what maybe an eighth of an inch at most. It it’s not a huge difference Laying there. I think I dropped it earlier. Oh okay But there is two different sizes all you gotta do is take out this screw and pop it in there, which lets you change that with the taller one. It just pulls that grip into your body more because it’s putting more pressure. So the claw is greatly beneficial I highly suggest it with anything. You don’t want it on a pocket sized pistol LCP stuff like that. They don’t work. First of all because this is longer than the barrel So then you can’t get in to grab your gun as the first thing.


Second of all when the grip is two inches long you don’t need help concealing the grip anyway. You’re wasting ten dollars. Yeah And when he says it’ll get in the way we attach them in these retention holes so it does not affect the retention of the holster at all. We adjust them with them in there. And if you decide you don’t want it later you can take it off and still use the same retention holes shorter hardware. Yes Shorter hardware. But on the shorter pistols when the barrel’s only this long well we have to have the holes here. So if you’re lined up you know it’s gonna be way up into the grid. There’s no way to get finger in there. So we get some people that want them on there and then we end up you know having to call them and let them know it’s really not an option. If you want it I guess you can put it on there but it’s you know it’s gonna be a disservice to you. Yeah Absolutely


And that and that goes back to making sure we give people what they need instead of what they maybe think they want. Because to us we don’t want you spending ten dollars on something if you’re not gonna use it or it’s not benefiting you because at the end of the day it doesn’t help you and it speaks to our customer service too because we’re looking at every one of these orders and we’re having Sarah most cases take the time out of her day to call these people to make sure they get a really good experience where a lot of companies wouldn’t do that. They’re gonna send put it on there and say here you go. That’s what you asked for sorry. We don’t wanna sell you five holsters for one gun. We wanna sell you a holster for every gun you ever buy. And the only way to do that is by taking care of people and doing things the right way in those clothes on our holsters they’re engineered to work at what we’d call our standard ride height.


So if you start adjusting like your Ulti clip up and down a bunch it may or may not work as well. It should still grab but it may not be as effective It’s standard ride height and then the other key part about the claw is it’s good for zero can’t applications. Like I get the question all the time Is when should I use a claw and when I should or shouldn’t? And to me it’s really made for appendix carry. But it can be used at four or five o’clock. It’s the exact same principle. The difference is how much camp you have. Most people that carry at four o’clock adjust to fifteen degree cant so it pulls the grip up like that or the claw is useless at that point because it’s above your pant line. It’s in your way. Yeah Plus with your grip up like that at fifteen degrees it takes away the need for the claw because it naturally puts it not printing as much. So if you’re gonna carry anywhere at zero cant which is straight up and down the claw is beneficial for sure. That makes a lot of sense.


You guys have anything else you wanna add about inside the waistband holster anything we glossed over I feel like we’ve kinda gave a pretty good. A little bit on the light bearing side of it Yeah. What type of options do you can you think of that off top of your head or is that gonna be something as far as what lights. Or yeah we’re adding lights all the time. Mainly streamlight, o light, surefire. We are gonna we get a lot of requests for well the new Siglight the foxtrot 2. We got tons of people asking about that so we got that on the X macros and legions now. Some of the less popular lights we’re also gonna start doing which in the past we never could because of not engineering our own holsters. Like if you get on Amazon like night stick is one of them I think we have a couple of them. We have a shot. Night stick and a couple other brands we’re gonna make whole strips for those too just because that’s what some people want and for us it’s not a stretch anymore because we’re modeling them ourselves. We are ready just in this short time I think have a list of light bearing options that is bigger than most peoples already I would say yeah because I know we do the t l r sixes, sevens, eight with the subs on the seven T l r one T l r one surefire x three hundred o light boulders, Valkyries sig foxtrot. Am I forgetting any? You mentioned the list real quick. Where can how can somebody send you? An option for them to put on that list. Yeah So if you go to any of our light bearing holsters and there’s something that you don’t have on there or that we don’t have on there, you can send us an email to support at muddyrivertactical.com and just in the subject line just put holster request and email us the exact setup you have gun and light. That doesn’t mean we’ll add it to the list to mark but if we get enough requests for something that we can justify it we absolutely will because this is a long term thing for us. You know we’re not looking to add one thing and never sell it again. If it’s something that’s gonna sell we will gladly add it and what we do is you know we get the new lights in we model them and make a model of light specifically not just for the gun.


So it gives that level of retention and retention is always tough on a light because you got buttons in different places and stuff like that. So I wouldn’t say there’s no retention on light but it’s more through a screw than a set click retention so on light bearing versions which is what this is which I’m glad Brett brought that up. Retention is completely different on light bearing holster than a non light bearing holster. A traditional holster non light bearing all retention is on the trigger guard. That’s how you get that click in retention of what kydex is known for. When you go to add a light, you gotta think the widest part of that light’s down here at the bottom. It has to be that wide the whole way up so that that goes down into the holster. Well with that being that wide so that you can put your gun in the holster, you physically no matter how good an engineer you are you can’t put retention on the trigger guard when you a light to go through it. Yep It’s just physics and how stuff works. That’s not something you can engineer and there are some lights that I can engineer retention into like the three hundred I’ve got a spot in there that we grab and it almost gives you I won’t say it gives you click retention because I don’t wanna guarantee that to people but it’s as close as you can get. Some lights are more conductive to caring about the design of them for holstering than some are just worried about the light.


Like some of these lights we see that most of the problem that I see with like, cheaper lights a lot of times that people bring in the gun shop and what holsters made for is if it’s got like a laser or something under it and say, the gun’s this wide and your trigger guardians here that light sticks this far out. What I tell people all the time is we can make it but there’s no good way to make it because all of this the widest part of the light out here you have to have that channel. Your gun’s gonna rock in that holster no matter what you do. I’m glad you say that because that’s the hardest thing for me trying to engineer. You’ve got a skinny gun and they put a fat, you know t l r one on it you’re going to two opposites and it makes it really hard. So overall the retention on any light bearing holster is gonna be on the light. It’s not gonna be the same click in retention. It’s still got retention and it’s not going anywhere, but the click in retention is what you get off of a trigger guard and that’s just not humanly possible on a life variable and so speaking of that exact moment the biggest question I get almost daily for a light bearing holster, will it work without the light? It will not. It will not and that’s it’s the exact same thing you were just talking about. The there’s no longer a channel that the gun will fit in and if you look here down this, so only up to here is the gun down here is the light. All of this is still here. So without that light here that whole gun’s going it’s just flopping around in the holster. And just as kind of a buyer’s guide from somebody that engineers holsters for him, try and get what I would call an appropriate size light just because you know the X three hundred may be the biggest light out there. If you got a really small FN reflex or some you know small gun, you gotta think to you how far that light’s gonna stick out past into your barrel. It’s probably not gonna holster as well if that’s what you’re using it for. So I would urge people to maybe get something you know comparable to the size of their gun as well.


Yeah Absolutely and lights are getting better and better and smaller which is a good thing. But no matter what you do I mean you can look at these are the same size guns. Light or no light. No matter how good you engineer it they’re gonna be bulkier. So don’t put a light on it thinking that the holster’s not gonna be bulkier. The light makes a gun bulkier so the holster has to be bulkier. So just keep that in mind for guys that are more inside the waist than outside but inside the waist they put a light on. They’re like oh yeah I carry this comfortably already but they don’t realize the whole dynamics of the whole holster have to change to get a light in there. Yeah You can add two inches easy. Yeah. Because the normal retention holes here are where the light would be so now they have to go outside the light and yeah I mean, we’ll talk secret sauce. Those holes they have to be a half inch outside of the bottom of it just to make our hardware fit any closer than that the screws right up on the bottom of it and so however that is at another half inch immediately and there’s nothing we can do to get that closer. And then, so you got a half inch out well then you gotta have enough to support the outside of your screw where it doesn’t just break out. So and then you make it even more complicated. That top screw has to be where it gives you retention. Right without too much retention because if you put too close to the trigger guard, then it’s got way too much retention You put it down too far it doesn’t and then it put your claw or the claw don’t work.


Yeah Its really like juggling when you’re making them because you put one piece in there I mean nothing are great and it measures here and then you go to make and you’re like oh well, I remember that the funniest part about that is you’ve always known about guns but you never really until you started hearing a lot about the holsters and what goes into it. I mean you have enough engineering background where you once it’s explained to you it’s not a problem. But you’d oh yeah this mold’s great and you’d bring it to my office. Let’s we’re ready to sell it and I’m like well hell the hand hits the claw this at and you just looked puzzled in like the I remember on the daisy like defeated on his face like man the best one is the one time he brought me in the revolver The very first revolver hole sure. It looked like a toy. I’m like and I looked at Kyle and I was like it probably works perfect. But the truth is we can’t send it out the door looking like It looked but it did look like once you said it was like this looks like a freaking water pistol. I’ve worked on the theme thing for like two days I’m like You don’t realize that just the aesthetics alone will affect what we do every day and on a on a daily basis


Well that’s what the funny part about that is just we were talking about it earlier today. The new holster we’re working on that would be in the month or so go ahead and tell him what it is. So we are gonna have a dedicated appendix holster. Some call it sidecar holster with a mag attached to it dedicated for appendix carry is coming. Tell them how good they fit. Well hey you gotta finish the rest of the design before we blow your head up here. Tell him how good the one fit. The chubby boy over here hasn’t worn one yet. They are pretty easy. We’re putting yours on a test rig. They are pretty legit. Easy and I won’t go end up with that. All of the features of them but I’m very likely to personally wear one band take the mag off of it. You’re gonna have that ability. It’s gonna be cool. A lot of people are gonna use it for a lot of things, but what we’re talking about is it had it alright. As far as design stuff it’s done now we’re looking at the minute cosmetic comfort changes. You know we got it engineered where everything works like it’s supposed to. Now it’s just the fine tuning of stuff which will take another week or two. You know of just trial and error and these adjustments are not even half inch. They’re quarter inch adjustments rounding by ten degrees more it can matter. So we’re letting multiple people use them try them do different things, but that’s the exact conversation we had this morning. Is from an engineering standpoint you guys look at things different because you to worry about how to make it work where in my mind. I know how I want it to look and just make it work It’s the engineer architect form follows function. So one of the edges was fine but it wasn’t perfect. It wasn’t blocky. It was what every other holster company would do and stop there. In my opinion it just wasn’t finished.


So our exact conversation was yes it works it functions a hundred percent but if you just sit that holster right there, it does not have the curb appeal at all. It’s not muddy river. Yeah It’s And and I was like but you know what As soon as we went and made that change of I think it looks good Because no matter what people are gonna spend whatever they spend on a holster, they look at it on the counter website whatever, their first thoughts are not how good it fits because they can’t tell. It’s how good does it look. Yeah It can It can work great but if it doesn’t look good they’re never gonna buy it. It goes all the way back to our very first episode where I talked about going to the gun show in Tulsa. And I could and I’ve seen one of our holsters laying on a table. And that’s what the expectation is. When somebody just puts their eyes on that holster they know it’s a muddy river holster. And that’s important to you. It’s a hundred percent important because to me at this point, I take it personal because I’m not gonna bash anybody. I’m not saying anything but so many holsters look the same. For whatever multitude of reasons mostly because they’re buying the same trim passes and stuff from somebody else. But if you told me yeah your holster looks like everybody else’s that’d be a slap on my face. I agree You know I mean? When did we go to that level. You know we didn’t build this company off of being like everybody else.


And speaking of which and I don’t wanna get it too far into but I’m excited about these side cars or appendix or whatever we’re gonna call them. We didn’t do the I’ll call it the easy way or the cheap way using this bungie or paracord. I can confidently say there’s nothing on the market that compares to what we’re about to release. The yeah the mechanism how we hold together get our hinge in there is bungee cord works because it’s cheap. We’re gonna sell these for the same or less than everybody else and it’s gonna have about twenty five dollars more in just parts than everybody else’s. Yeah it’s a complex part, but we did it because it’s right. We didn’t do it because it was cheap. It goes back to the doing it once and doing it right. You don’t want to be the emails we get every day of well we bought one from there but we’ll never buy them from there again. We want whether you like it or not we’re gonna be completely transparent with you and everything. That way, you can call us a lot of things but we ain’t gonna ever lie to you. So we’re not gonna tell you every holster works for everybody. Appendix carry isn’t for everybody, but the guys that like scary you’re gonna love this whole sport and I think we’re gonna sell a lot of them to people who don’t even appendix that are gonna like them so well they’re gonna use them for insides. A hundred percent. It gives you it’s the first one on the market that’s gonna give you versatility to, not trying to sell you another holster instead of if you’re an appendix guy this will give you the opportunity to have a holster that you can use just like you could have this one. Or the appendix holster instead of oh buy the appendix holster no if you wanna carry four o’clock go buy another one.


Alright We’re getting way too excited. Alright so by the time this airs just because you can’t appendix carry doesn’t mean we can’t get excited. We haven’t tried yet with this new holster, survey says, if we could if we can make Brett appendix carry oh we should. We just like hit the lottery. Alright You’re a new guinea pig. I told you I haven’t tried one yet. Alright I got one for you at the shop Let’s go. Alright. That was pretty good in-depth, review of inside the waistband holsters If I will say if anybody has any. We haven’t thought once about the name of this new holster because that it don’t matter to us. We want the product to be right. If anybody has any clever names, we would take suggestions for sure. Where would they send that to they can Email [email protected] or depend on what platform you’re listening to this on leave it in the comments somewhere or whatever’s easier for you guys. Yeah And I would say if somebody comes up with a good name for it you know we’ll give them maybe just give them a sidecar for naming it for us. They can have one if they come up with the name? Excellent That’s pretty good deals because those are gonna are not gonna be cheap but they’re gonna be like I said they’re gonna be worth every penny that gets put into them. They’re gonna get their money’s worth on them. Yeah Like I said they’re not cheap but there’s a lot that goes into them as far as just not just design costs but just parts and we’re using things on the market that other people haven’t used for these applications adjustable mag. Pressure plate or what are those called. They’re just a little magry tension devices like we got. Those will be built into them the hinges or something that we’ve never used or any other holster company I’ve ever used so it’ll be cool. Excellent.


Alright so that leads us to our viewer question of the week. This week this is one of my favorite questions and I’m excited as this part as I am about sized car holsters because this is gonna be gold right here but your question of the week comes from Big James in Wichita. And he said what is your funniest hunting story that you have? So I’ll go last on this one. You’re so excited Just go first so that we don’t have to listen to his smile. You don’t want me to mic drop on you guys with nothing? He’s gonna be over there tapping ready for his turn. Alright So I told you last week, one of mine was buying that rifle the day before deer season sighting it in losing hearing going beirut on this deer. And James asked this question I’m like, thinking through all the funniest hunting stories and this one isn’t mine personally but it’s our grandpa’s, our dad’s dad T O and he was the guy that was hunting and fishing all the time and he would go out hunting and when granmda will start giving him a hard time when you’re gonna be back he’s like well the more he complained the longer it’s gonna be and he’d go out and be gone for days hunting so you know and he was a trucker and stuff like that joined the navy. I think underage during World War two is a story I always heard and so he was kind of a rough and tumble guy. Well he always tells the story of and I think they were going quail hunting. Was it Quail hunting or fuzz hunt bird hunting? Bird hunting of some type.


So it cold out and him and his buddy, they’re gonna go out you know some field you know a couple hours away and thousand hunting probably up Maryville Northern Missouri area. So they get up four in the morning and it’s cold out to start driving up to wherever they’re gonna go hunting. And had this truck stopped that they always stopped and got the trucker special biscuits and gravy and these are the you know a full order biscuits and gravies what four biscuits cut in half and it’s more than all three of us can eat probably all of us can eat. Yeah But you know they’re going to happen all day. So they’re like yeah we’re gonna get the trucker special so they both get big heaping plate of biscuits and gravy and you know they’re truck stops so they’re greasy and you know got all the stuff that lubes up the internals and you know get you right for the day. So they get in there in and I think it’s well I know it’s buddy warm too but the popular thing they had to stay warm on these walks ahead the coveralls with a hood on them. So they’re in their coveralls and they’re riding down the road in the truck and his buddy’s sitting in the seat next to him and he’s driving and keeps farting. He’s like but when he’s farting it’s coming up through the coveralls that are unzipped and coming out at face level. They’re driving down the road and he’s just getting wafting farts all the way down the road and he’s like you need to quit doing this you know carrying my truck roll the window down. So how it’s cold at so you know they drive for an hour like this and get out to the woods and start walking and apparently during their walk you know the parts get you know lubricated enough and that seven thirty express hits. And do you know about a seven thirty express? So that’s my trademark Seven thirty Express put on t shirt. It’s you’re sitting out there deer hunting and every time seven thirty in the morning hits and you gotta take a poop. When you ain’t making it back the house. Oh yeah and you’re like that’s when you’re cutting off the bottom of your white t shirt or you’re losing the sock. Like I started taking a roll of toilet paper in my bag now because I’m not beyond dumping in the wood to this point in my life.


So seven thirty express hits and I was like I gotta run over. So he runs over to the timber line and you know pulls his cover all is down and grabs the sapling and leans back and you know lets her rip Right? So they start walking again and they’ve gone a couple hundred yards and my grandfather’s man you smell like shit. He’s like you need a quick fart and he’s like no I did it back there I’m fine. And so they walk a little bit more he’s like do you want I’m telling you need to quit farting. He smells like shit. He was like I’m telling you I’m not doing anything. So they were like looking around and like looks on his boots and everything and he’s like I don’t know what you’re talking about it must just be stuck in your nose from all morning. So I go a little bit farther. He’s like I can’t take it anymore You’d need to go check your pants you smell like shit. So can I start looking around? It’s like pulls down his coveralls to look and when he pulls down his coveralls he noticed that when he pulled him down, the hood of his coveralls was underneath of him So when he’d done his business it was into the hood of the coveralls. So he’d been carrying it around all morning walking bird hunting out in the field. So note to self if you go out there make sure you tuck in your hood when you’re doing your business. That’s a good one. That’s a real good one


What about you? Your turn Brett. I don’t have, I don’t know if it’s really funny. I’m gonna not do the one you want me to tell because that’s an embarrassing and dangerous story I’m not doing that one either. Well maybe it wasn’t about you maybe it was about a guy you knew of. Nuh we’re gonna skip that story. So I’m gonna talk about my first time deer hunting I was thirteen years old. I’ve never I grew up in the city. Never hunted in my life yet. You know I just didn’t have the dad that did that you know that wasn’t my lifestyle. And my grandpa passed away left me his dear riffle once. My uncle said well if you come down I’ll take you deer hunting. Okay. So thirteen me and my step dad even though he didn’t do any of this we went through the whole safety course and hunter safety course. We did everything. Fantastic get to Monica’s house Michael’s like alright let me see your gun. He shoots it one time. It’s sighted in you’re good to go Okay. Next morning we get up at I don’t know four o’clock in the morning. Put out all our orange back in the day with just the orange like, fuzzy bibs and everything he had and set and were driving out in the middle of the woods and he just stops it through this big oak tree. He’s alright get out and just sit down. And I was thirteen years old in the city my whole life. I don’t do dark well let’s just put it that way. I was shaking. Everything that I looked at every log every branch was a monster coming to get me It was terrible. The sun finally comes up There’s nothing out there and I’m just watching and he’s probably sitting in his deer stand a thousand yards away laughing at me. You just know he is this city kid’s never gonna shoot anything. And I turned around and there’s these three deer right on the ridge behind me and just sitting there just barely trotting through and I look and there’s the biggest buck I’ve ever seen in my life and I stand up and I’m shaking so bad I can’t keep my gun straight and I just lean my grandpa’s ruger you know walnut stock perfect gun against the tree, put the scope on the deer, pull the trigger deer just drops right where we’re standing. I walk over there didn’t have a clue what I was gonna do. My uncle gave me a knife a buck knife with a gut hook on it and everything. I didn’t know what I was doing so I was like well I’m gonna walk and find my uncle. So I start walking and he’s like seven hundred yards away across his field. And I go up to his deer’s stand and I told him this story. He he’s like okay well, let’s go get him. So we walk back over the deer and long story short the biggest buck in my life was a little, like three pointer. And but, I mean, it was great. My uncle’s face I couldn’t imagine. I wish I woulda had a picture of it.  


Are you still afraid of the dark? Oh yeah He’s afraid of spiders I can promise you that. Oh come on now. The spider was the size of a quarter. You would have thought bigfoot after him .No get out of here that thing came out that we just got done cutting the tree down. The spider jumped down the tree after him and jumped at me. It just crawled out. It was as big as one hand I thought it was bigger it really was. The story’s changing. He was deer hunting in the mountains. Now it crawled down. Yeah Down in the Amazon. He was just there Brett see. We’re gonna make him a holster for his raid bottle. I’m gonna hide in his redneck blind one morning and have not noticed it. Nope Put one on a string one. Alright Kevin Yeah You shouldn’t have told me that. That’s rude. All the times you gotta come save me in the dark and skid steer and stuff. You shouldn’t have told me that side story.


Remember when we went bow hunting with that kid that said he shot the monster and it was smaller here than like a border collie and he picked it up like a german shepherd? Yeah He picked it up like you’d pick up a coyote. He had this deer by two feet like this. He’s like it’s the biggest thing I’ve ever seen. I think it still had milk on its lips. It was tiny. It was bad.


Alright I know I know you got a good one here. K Well mine’s not gonna be hunting because I just gotta tell this story because it’s funny so it is outdoor related It would be fishing. So back in high school, Brett Courtwright which will be on the podcast here before long. Hopefully he works for an organization now that does some cool stuff and we’re gonna have him on. But anyways in high school, me and Brett did a lot of hunting and left school to go hunting and things like that. Well we used to go night fishing all the time out at hillsdale. At the time he worked at like Hyvee. He always was like a meat cutter. Yeah He’s a meat cutter at HyVee and they get off until like nine So we’d go night fishing for catfish out at the spillway. So this is I don’t know, fifth or sixth time we’ve been that year. We’ve been catching a lot of fish but by saying we I was catching a lot of fish He’d never caught many of them. But anyways Brett was always fun to mess with you know that in high school. Oh yeah. We’re always messing with him about something. Brett’s got one of the well I don’t know about now, at the time had one of the shortest fuses of anybody. I’ve ever met now he may have grown some but yeah he’d get going So you can imagine the crap I’d already given him the four or five trips about not catching fish and blah blah blah.


Can I interject for one second? You’ve got what they call the damn Mason luck. So anytime anybody has ever went fishing with you, you catch four hundred and sixty seven fish their one Like when we go crappie fishing he runs the boat sideways down the bank where he’s fishing the bank He’s trying to act like this is my No I’m I’m standing back by the motor in My second the fact that it’s not luck He just puts himself where the fish are and puts you away from Yeah I’m in thirty feet of water and he’s on the bank when the crappier are biting. So I’m out there I couldn’t cast and hit the bank from where he puts me He’s like oh yeah They’re back there too I finally will get tired of it and walk up and fish beside them just because it’s like no We still don’t catch nothing Still don’t catch nothing You don’t catch nothing So then he realizes it’s not the boat position and goes back. So I see where Brett was coming from in this story So anyways we’re night fishing on the bank and it’s so we went like at the spillway There’s the rocks. Or at a hillsdale we walked like a quarter mile down and it’s like a y where it wide off and you’d catch channel camp all night long. And we always kept them and I think a neighbor of his or something we gave them to and always eat them and whatever. So…This was like four o’clock in the morning by then We’re getting ready to go home. And I’d caught don’t know how many I had a whole stringer full of them and Brett hadn’t caught one yet So I was giving him crap about it and he’s pissed off That’s why he’s ready to go home He’s like that’s crap Let’s just go So anyways…I’m packing my stuff up. He’s getting ready to grab his pole and his pole starts ticking. So…And you would have to know Brett but then he gets into rare form about watch this I’m gonna catch one and all the crap you’ve been giving me. All his crap talking that he wanted to do all night was safe for this last three months in thirty seconds. So this fit I’m like, man and I’m thinking to myself I just didn’t say anything because I’m like hopefully catch you the fish. So I don’t got right forty five minutes home with him. Pissed off, even more so I’m like okay this is great. But in my head I’m like, it’s not a very big fish because I’ve been catching them and they’ve just been and it going, you know catfish, it’s just like tick, like over and over for like two minutes and that’s all it was. Took off running with it. It’s just pecking at it. So like twenty minutes goes by, it stopped doing that. So then he’s even more pissed off. He’s in really for him. Now I’m ready to just take everything.


So I’m like just grab your pole let’s go. At this time it’s like five in the morning. Like the sun’s you can see the sun’s gonna be coming up. Like let’s just go. So he reels starts reeling and it ticks again. He’s like half reeled in by this point. So I’m like oh what the hell? So it ticks again but never does anything so then he lets it sit there. Every time he reels it’ll just tick a little bit. So he’s like oh yeah and he has choice words. I got one as he’s reeling it in. It’s ticking. I have I didn’t even know they were in freshwater he caught a damn clam. A clam. He reeled it in and he’s like, I got a rock and he’s like that’s not rock. I’m like look it’s you can see the clamp. So at this point, he’s pacing back and forth, mad and at this point I couldn’t help but laugh which just promoted to situation but it was too good not to laugh at. He cuts this clam off. He’s like I’m gonna show it and I don’t know what he’s gonna do. It cuts clamp off and I’m laughing and then he thought about and he throws the clam and I’m still laughing. I’m just getting my stuff. Next thing I know I turn around and he’s just blah blah blah blah blah I’m not paying attention. He javelins his pole into the freaking river. I’m like what did you do that for? He’s like I ain’t never going fishing again. So every time I see them now, I’m like hey if you’re gonna throw your pole in the lake just give it to me first. We need to get them one of those like wrist straps like they have on the wii remote. But if there’s anybody that was to catch a clam and it not being any more funny he was the guy.


That was pretty hard to beat in but we’ll have to poke the bear a little bit I wish I had video of him I mean he paced back and forth for like three minutes. He didn’t know what to do. He’s so pissed he named one to grab his poles and then he throws the pole and then I laugh the whole way home even more because it’s just the thought of I mean think about it. Think about somebody mad and then javeling in a pole down the river was that before or after the cell phone when he chucked it? Oh that’s in the same time frame. Same time frame. Yeah We won’t get into that and that’s a that’s a offline story. But yeah we may or may not this was well before my wife I mean we were fifteen sixteen years old dating couple girls from Kearney. Nebraska. Yeah Nebraska. Maybe Kearney yeah and that’s where the other stories came in as far as beer and the phone. But the funny part of that and I’m not gonna name names but just the brief synopsis within an argument at late in the evening. And she started getting on him. You can just leave it at you hear a female’s voice going away from you going back to javeling the pole. He threw his phone and all you heard is man as it’s rolling away has he threw it? That then she said did he throw your phone again? Yeah. And then after like thirty minutes he’d calm down enough to call her back. And her first words, did you throw your phone again? So then I had to ask if when was the first time he threw his phone. He he’s a character but we’ll have him on here.


Alright. Well another great episode guys. People listening promo code MRT Podcast gets you fifteen percent off everything on the website and fifteen percent off holsters in the gun shop. So make sure to use that on the website. Anything we talked about today is available on the website. If there’s something on the website you’d like us to stock that we don’t have. Let us know. We may be able to get it. Maybe not. If we can’t we’ll let you know If you can get it cheaper somewhere else we’ll let you know that too. So check out the website check out also we got videos, gun reviews all sorts of stuff. You can go to the videos the media link on our website where they can find access to all that. Yep. They can find it all on the website. And they can find ways to follow us online other places as well there if you have trouble finding us let us know. We’d be glad to help you out as with everything thanks for listening. Our music again we’d like Quinton Cox and Co for the intro and outro music. Kevin you want to wrap us up. Yep Keep practicing and always be prepared. See you guys. See you guys…




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