The Sig P365 first came to the market in early 2018 and made a huge statement! This was the one of the first double stack 9mm ” micro 9mm pistols ” to hit the market.

Weighing in at only 18 ounces and able to carry 10 rounds in such a micro size pistol made the Sig P365 very appealing! It had a 3.1″ barrel and the ergonomics just felt really good in your hand. It allowed people to now carry a pistol small enough to carry conceal very easily, at the same time not sacrifice round capacity!

Since it’s release in 2018, there has now been many model variants hit the market in the Sig P365 line-up. The Sig P365xl, Sig P365X, Sig P365 X-Macro, and the Sig P365-AXG legion to name a few! These options only strengthened the market share of the Sig P365 series as it gave people options while sticking with the tried and true P365!

The Sig P365-AXG Legion is the latest in the line-up and is modeled really closely after the Sig P365 X-Macro. The most notable change is while the Sig P365 X-Macro had a polymer grip module, the AXG Legion version has a metal alloy grip module. This gives the pistol a little heavier weight ( 3-4 ounces more than the X-Macro ) which in theory should help with the recoil impulse of the pistol!

The second change between the AXG Legion and the X-Macro versions is the AXG Legion comes with custom X-10 grips as well as a flared magwell! The X-10 grips feel really good in your hand and give you plenty of grip ( although I never had issue with grip on regular Sig P365 X-Macro ). The flared magwell makes reloading a little easier generally speaking, however in my opinion its generally note a big notable difference.

The MSRP price on the Sig P365-AXG Legion is $400 higher than the X-Macro. This comes as no surprise as the ” Legion badge ” on Sig Sauer is supposed to represent the absolute top of the line variant!

Sig P365 AXG Legion Holster

Holster Compatibility for the Sig P365-AXG Legion….

  • Sig P365 AXG Legion Holster

    Sig P365 AXG Legion Holster – Inside the Waistband Kydex Holster

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  • Glock 19 Outside Waistband Holster

    Outside the Waistband Kydex Holster

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  • Inside the Waistband Kydex Holster

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  • Paddle Holster – Outside the Waistband Kydex Paddle Holster

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The Sig P365 X-Macro and the Sig P365-AXG Legion will not share the same holsters unfortunately. The reason for this is due to the metal frame and coating, it makes the rail on the AXG version just wide enough that it will not fit in the X-Macro Holsters. Other than the rail section, everything else is fine. So this is a downfall to those interested in this model that may already have a Sig P365 X-Macro.



First Impressions when taking the Sig P365 AXG Legion out of the box…

When this arrived in my office from our FFL, I was excited to say the least! I am overall a fan of all models of the Sig P365 and really wanted to see first hand if this Legion version would truly be superior!

Upon first grabbing the pistol, it has the classic and great feel that we have came accustomed to from Sig Sauer. The trigger guard undercut feels great, the X-10 grips provided plenty of grip while not being too abrasive on my hand. The pistol has a 1″ wide slide and grip which is great for concealed carry, however the magwell sticks out wider out to 1.4″. The weight was more significantly feeling than I had imagined. Even though 3-4 ounces doesn’t seem like much at all, I could tell the difference without a doubt!

The Sig P365 series has always been designed for everyday carry and in my opinion this Sig P365 AXG Legion should be no different. So that is where this magwell on the AXG Legion does not make much sense in my mind. Why would you want a 1″ thick pistol? Well obviously so you can conceal it easier to carry. The grip of any pistol is always hardest to conceal inside the waistband, so why would you want a 1.4″ flared magwell?


First Impressions when we got the first mags shot through the Sig P365-AXG Legion…

We took this pistol to the range and have shot just over 100 rounds through it at this point. I was really shocked though with the recoil impulse of the pistol!

When I think of a metal frame pistol my mind leads me to believe it will have less felt recoil than a polymer frame due to the weight! However, on this AXG Legion I found it not to be true at all. I think it has just as much, if not a more uncomfortable recoil impulse than the regular Sig P365 X-Macro!

Now, do not get my wrong, its not terrible by any means but its not better or has any advantage for sure in the recoil impulse area!

We had zero failures of any kinds in those 100 rounds. The grips and frame felt good in hand and provided adequate purchase on the firearm.


Overall thoughts on this new Sig P365 AXG Legion…

I personally went into this pistol thinking it should be a concealed carry pistol in my mind. That may be where I was wrong and had my hopes up for something that it was not!

It is a very nice pistol and feels great, however I think it is way more suited for a range pistol or 3 gun pistol. The added weight and flared magwell width are two huge negatives to me for a concealed carry pistol. Then add the extra price of $400, it just not fit any of the boxes for me!

If you are looking for a concealed carry pistol, I would highly suggest one of the other models of Sig P365. However, if you are looking for range pistol or home defense then this might be just what you are looking for!


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