Episode 8


Welcome back to the Muddy River Tactical podcast. This is going to be episode eight. This week we are talking about personal protection and not that we are judo masters or kung fu warriors or anything like that but we’re talking about how you can be safe whether it’s at your home, out on the road,  at a store. just safe in your daily life things you can do that may prevent your chance of being a victim and that’s really what it comes down to. That’s what concealed carry at its heart really is. Trying to keep yourself safe especially with the uncertain times we live in you see police departments under a lot of scrutiny right now a lot of defunding the police. Lots of stuff out there where certain groups of people would rather side with the attackers or the perpetrators of violence versus the victims.  So we’re gonna try and tell you things in our opinion that can help you stay safe keep your family safe while you’re out and about on the road and at home both before you get too far into it, we’re gonna kinda do what we always do.


Kevin I know you’ve got a heck of an ordeal. We talked about it briefly last week where Julie and Bob are gonna be beekeepers now yeah. So they woke up Saturday and went to  Warrensburg hour and a half from us for a beekeeping class. I think they both thought it was gonna be pretty straightforward and they came back sounded like a biology lesson but how much is involved in it it’s just crazy. I don’t understand any of it but they seem to enjoy it. So we’ll see she ordered bees last night or this morning so. Where does one go about ordering bees? That’s one of those I don’t even ask type of situations when I was talking to Bob this morning he’s like well you gotta get a swarm I was like so do you go find somebody who’s got like an infestation their house? Some people catch a swam somehow but I’m not going down that road. We have friends that they have a swarm and a tree every year that we go and get a trash bag and get all of it for this one bee keeper local I don’t know. So do you try and just get queen Is that the idea? I have to take them all. Yeah The queen but if they follow. But if the queen dies your things going. Yeah Well and the other thing Bob was telling me about this morning I had no idea if he’s like he can get a mite infestation I was like bees get mites and he’s like oh yeah. And talk about burning the whole box and everything and I’m like well if we burn a thousand dollar bee box we’re not starting over again.


Well I was giving them a hard time is like you’re gonna have twenty five grand in equipment to make three grand in honey eventually so If we make a hundred dollars in honey I’m gonna be impressed. Hey we’ve got good viewers if you add a jar of her honey in here we may sell some. Well that’s a Brett and his boss department. But I I’m out of that because that’s a well USDA dude deal I’m new deal maintenance. Right Maintenance Yeah Maintenance. Yeah Yeah So when the hive breaks you gotta go rebuild it for them. Yeah.


You do anything fun Brett? Not really. No my basement flooded. We had some pretty massive storms here locally during that l storm and all that. So I just emptied out my basement after that it wouldn’t worked on a we got a new boat this year. And so it just went and got it ready started up. So when are you gonna take a sawfish? Probably not. Remember he can’t take that pretty boat in the woods. So it’s a fishing, ski? It’s a fishing boat and he won’t take it in the damn lake where the fish are. Well I just got a tube to pull behind the boat so gonna do an episode live from the lake and you’re gonna drive the boat.  We’re gonna go to you and it’s gonna be great. Oh I would be absolutely thrilled for you guys to ride in the tube behind the boat well you go first. Okay No now I have to go first .Okay. Yeah. I need to know how it is. Hey this could work out better since his boat’s too pretty to go in the woods. I guess from what he’s saying here. We leave the kids with him out on the main part of the lake where there’s no trees and we go fishing.


That’s good I’ve got my boat too and funny to say that I actually had to work on mine because that hailstorm that came through when I got our dad’s boat. I’ve got a barn that I keep it in all winter. Well it’s kind of a pain in the butt to behind my house It’s got a little bridge and it goes up a hill across a bridge into a shed or barn or whatever you want to call it but It’s a real tight squeeze getting it in and out and I’ve got neighbors up there. So during the summer when I’m fishing I just leave it down park beside my house and I decided I was gonna buy a tarp to do that last summer and looking on Amazon and they’ve got a range of them. Some of them are sixty dollar tarps and some of them are a hundred and fifty dollar tarps That’s why they call it Amacon. I messed that up, I apologize. You can cut that out right Kevin. No. Well Brett stand up comedian. Well that stent lasted a long time. Good job buddy.


So I really quickly figured out that the denier of the tarp matters. Like mine was a three hundred and it the thinnest thing you’ve ever seen and the hail went right through it. So I’ve got hail all inside my boat and destroyed tarps I had to buy a new expensive tarp so I went in and got thickest one you could get now. So nice round with putting that on there was trying to figure out how to upload Kevin’s GPS coordinates for all the crappy beds and I couldn’t get it. He still couldn’t catch him if he got theirs well I’m so used to fishing in thirty eight feet of water with you I don’t know what the bank even looks like. Tell me but I can second that completely? Mhmm


So for people that maybe listen, like crappie fishing 101. What’s your top two or top three tips? Not where to fish at Smithville but like if somebody’s listening and they need a crappie fish and then they stood on the bank their whole life. What are they looking for? Very first tip, don’t go with Kevin. Don’t go with Kevin Okay. I don’t know about that. If I wanna catch anything. Just because you can’t catch fish because if me and fish aren’t there. If I wanna catch any fish don’t go with Kevin because I’m not gonna get put where the fish are. Probably I really don’t even know because I’m not a good teacher for that. I’ve just done it so long that it’s just normal.


So what kind of bank is it rocky banks is it muddy banks? Depends on how far down the year it is in the spawn. They move back farther and start on the rocky bank in the front and then we’ll move way back and like jig color we talk about this not to ask you every time. Is it dirty water, dark jig and then dirtier the water the darker the color generally speaking. So if you’re up in muddy water you don’t want a white jig generally speaking. You want like black and chartreuse black and green. This is just look more natural to him and that It’s how the color is offset in the water. And that’s crazy and for people that are doing it when you’re crappie fishing you don’t need super heavy line. It’s what three, four pound test or is it? I use ten most of the time. He’s bass fishing. Don’t let him fool you. Just so you’re not breaking your line all the time. And I don’t if Brett’s seen this but you know how I shoot my rod to get the jig out sometimes? Yeah When you do that with light line it breaks your line. And well we had to learn that from fishing with dad because he never went fishing with our dad but every time he’d be like if you get hung up just let me know and after about fourth time you got hung up you’re like trying to get it because you know he’d have choice words about having to stop the boat again and end the wind. And so Kevin got good at shooting the rod back. It’s bizarre to watch.


Alright That’ll be another video someday. A whole nother video Well, Maybe you’ll have some more crappie fishing tips for viewers. Hey maybe we can go live from a crappie fishing trip. That would be a good one. Brett’s pissed off because I caught all the fish and then we’ll show him the live wheel full of fish and Brett’s saying there ain’t no fish in here. You need to take Brett just so we have another limit. Yeah Brett’s like taking kids with you. A global conservation agent’s taking notes right now. He’s like follow Kevin fishing. Hey will you make me a sandwich Brett?. Okay. Give me a beer. Well now that he’s got a fancy boat we’ll just go back to his boat for lunch. That’s even better He’s making fun of my boat. If I’m gonna have your wife my boss, boss. That’s alright keep around your boat I’ll go fishing. I can’t make fun of anybody’s boat I’ve got a nineteen eighty nine bass tracker. So it’s the finest technology from thirty years ago in my boat. You don’t need any technology to go on the water and catch fish just take Kevin with you. Got the man made GPS right there. I can find a couple whether you can catch them or not it’s a whole different story but I’ll find them.


Well of course. Did you see that new world record, spoonbill? That thing was crazy. What was it hundred and sixty four pounds or something? Damn was it down where we used to go or where that tree? I think it’s like those are part of the lake of the Ozarks is where it was I’m pretty sure. Yeah I saw the Missouri department of conservation put on there and I forget how long it was but they had like four or five of them holding up that fish. And at first they knew it was a state record but I think they said it’s a world record. That’s a world record is what they claim. Yeah I mean you get a hold of sixty or seventy pound spoonbill you got your hands full. Imagine one of those. Yeah one of the few…much fight to it I wouldn’t guess Where did where did we go That real narrow spot down by east to Clinton over there. Warsaw or no?  Taberville or yeah Taberville. Something like that. So They went up there but it’s later and it’s more like in the end of spoonbill season late or late to mid April, they move farther up the river and it narrows down. So they’re in theory way easier to catch up there.


So the last time I went, dad and grandpa were still alive and we’re in my grandpa’s boat and he can’t jerk the rod anymore so he’s driving and it’s what forty yards wide through there some spots. Yeah. But it’s not a super so it’s pretty narrow little channel. And Dad and I are sitting facing backwards and just yanking on the treble hooks every ten. Never been. Never been spoonbill fishing. So if you get a rod that looks like a broom pull and what ounce weights are those? They’re huge. They’re huge weights and giant. Take your boat down there. Yeah Looks to do it. And giant treble hooks like the biggest treble hooks you’ve ever seen with a huge lead weight and you just drag it along the bottom and every what twenty yards or so you just rip it I mean you can jerk as much as you want I mean. But you’re in theory the more you jerk the more chances you got, but you’ll wear your ass out. Yeah You’re just ripping this treble hook through the water on the bottom because they sit down on the bottom and feed. And you’re just trying to snag them. Well so you’re just snagging. Okay You’re just snagging. They don’t bite beta. So I mean I’ve been yanking all morning and we’re kinda going down through there.


Well I looked over my shoulder and there’s a sandbar we’re coming up on and my grandpa we’re getting ready to hit the sandbar. He’s like I know how this lake lays. So dad turned to and he’s like yep. Dad there’s a sandbar in front of us like, you know, I’ve been here having many times. There’s no sandbars here. He’s like dad I can see it. We’re about ten feet from him. He’s like no we’re not in up on this sandbar. But the biggest one I ever caught in there was like thirty eight pounds or something and it wasn’t as much fight as you thought like I think if it matters where you snag them at too this was like snag them in the tail. That’s a whole different. Yeah I got this one more on the side and it was like pulling in a log more than anything. Well because they’ll roll. Yeah And then they roll themselves up but if you get them in the tail, you better hang on. It does kinda feel like jaws I mean you got this huge pull and I know you can’t it’s weird because you can’t keep any of the eggs or anything like that It’s just the meat and you have to like filet them before you leave the lake and stuff like that isn’t it Kevin?


Yes and I never really cared for the spoonbill much. Some people it’s like anything though I’ve never had it cooked where it was good, but some people love it It’s really fishy. The best way I had it was my buddy CJ, we were at his family’s got a guy’s weekend every year and his uncle had caught a bunch of it. He cubed it up into like inch cubes and coated it and then deep fried it like he would crappie or anything and it was really good that way. Think it’s when it’s real thick it’s still super fishy and not my favorite but yeah. Well and I think y’all let it soak quite a bit to get all that oil stuff out of it a trill oily. Yeah. Alright.


Well that’ll be our fishing tips for the week and we’ll bring you more of them as we come along maybe talk about finding some morel mushrooms and Kevin’s hot spots for that and any other tips you might have for us. This week like I said we’re talking personal protection and staying safe in your daily life  across the country, there’s tons of police departments that are facing crisis level staffing shortages. And that’s for a lot of different reasons. You’ve got political reasons. You’ve got budget reasons just salaries things like that. COVID had a big impact on it. But this is leading to across the country for emergency 911 calls from the time you call until the time the officer shows up is averaging ten minutes, which leads into discussions.


I know I have with people I’m sure you guys do also about concealed carrying why is it important? Well if somebody comes in here right now and tries to rob you, what do you think’s gonna happen in ten minutes between if you can even get to your phone right then and the time an officer shows up? So for me that’s where concealed carry’s so important. just having the way to defend yourself in case something happens and I see a lot of people talking about whoa you’re just carrying a gun because you’re scared something’s gonna happen and it’s not really that at all.  To me it’s like wearing your seat belt or wearing a helmet on a motorcycle or doing these things. It’s not you’re scared that you’re gonna get in a car wreck every time you leave but if you do it’s nice to have it on.


What would you guys say to people with that sentiment initially? I think I mean now it’s even worse than what it used to be but even before concealed carry really picked up I mean if you take police times across the country, which it’s gonna be average you know if certain areas are gonna have a way faster time because proximity whatever, compared to somebody out in the country. So I mean it’s all an average. But I mean you said ten minutes even if it’s minutes, there’s so much that can transpire in minutes. I think for years even if you’re not somebody that can conceal carry, there’s a lot of people that protect their home with firearms that don’t conceal carry which is great. It’s just people are realizing that more and more of the craziness is happening all the time so concealed carry has gotten bigger and bigger. But overall I mean no matter what is just always being prepared and I think too many people put too much reliability in someone else whether that be the police department or who’s concealed carrying or anybody else. So it’s not just pointing out the police department. They go well there’s this many people concealed carrying now I don’t need to or the police department’s right here. Why do I need to protect myself? Well, you in this day and age you can’t rely on everybody else. This would be my biggest takeaway on any of it.


So you’re absolutely right and I look at it a little bit different. I look at it from the criminal side of it. Where would I like to partake in a criminal activity not where the cops are? So if I’m as a citizen, you know carrying a gun protecting myself, they’re gonna take their shootings are gonna happen where cops are not you know most likely. Now don’t get me wrong parade stuff like that you know big events like that. They know there are cops there but there’s so many people. It’s not a controlled environment at all. But the people that carry should be carrying you know that train and practice and do everything else. I think there’s a lot of that goes into it but I think it just gotta look at it like that. Do you wanna be your own protection or do you want it like Kevin said rely on somebody else? And somebody else doesn’t mean just the cops It could mean another person with concealed carry. You don’t wanna rely on somebody else and because everything every step in that situation if you call 911 every single time. And that time you know the old top the old shopping spree shows in less than thirty seconds say to run around the store and get a whole bunch of a product in carts.


Well how much can be done with a firearm in in thirty seconds? Ten minutes is a lifetime. Absolutely. And you talk about you know the rural areas and a lot of these police departments that are getting defunded or not even defunded because defunded is more of a political thing to appease, target voters and stuff like that. But a lot of police departments that have been forced to shut down and transfer small towns and transfer their coverage to local sheriff departments. It’s weird because in researching for this episode, you wonder how the crime is gonna translate. Is it gonna be more crime because of this or less? But a lot of these rural areas that are having to shut down like Humansville Missouri or you know you pick little five hundred person town that shuts down their police department. The crime rate really doesn’t go up but I think that speaks to the effectiveness of like you talk about. Hey everybody here’s got a gun I’m not breaking into Brett’s house here. He lives out in the woods. It’s probably not the best target environment.


Well that’s a good point because the places that are probably longer response times are more of the places that don’t get messed with as much, you know and it’s just kind of weird how that happens but the more people that protect themselves the less it would happen all the way around but what do the people do and like was it Philadelphia? I think or one of those cities that just announced that they’re not gonna answer calls from like three AM to seven AM or something like that. It’s like so you’re just on your own? Yeah It’s a free for all. So what if I was a criminal and I was gonna do something, what time am I gonna pick? Well in Philadelphia you’re already seeing videos of people like gas stations hiring armed guards with AR fifteen’s to stand out by the gas pumps to make sure people don’t get robbed while they’re filling up their car. Yeah so I mean if you have to take it into your own hands I mean at that point it’s just well if you think about it in my eyes and this will be different for everybody.


There’s both sides of the gun debate even not just concealed carry just guns in general, but why are those people calling the police? The police are friends of ours are no different than any of us. Their job is to go protect you. Why are you calling them? Because they have a gun and protection. It’s the same exact thing and people somehow get in the thinking that just because they’re police they’re somehow superheroes. I know we know all of these guys around here. They’re me and you with that job. Yep You know it’s no different so the things that you could do yourself to protect yourself, you could do already. And I would tell people obviously, you know we’re more on the firearms pro firearms side of things. But if you’re somebody listening who maybe you  know have done something in your past where you can’t have a firearm, there may be certain things you can get. I’m not sure what the rules for people are but there’s different things you can do you know there’s pepper spray and stuff like that stun guns and again I don’t know the rules for you know felons or people you know in their specific situations but there’s other options or even for people who may not want to have a gun.


I would advise everybody to at least have some way to defend yourself and if you look at COVID, in my opinion why COVID sold so many guns is because those people finally realized that hey maybe the police aren’t gonna protect us. Mean look at the people like even Kansas City let alone all the other the riots and stuff going on people just walking in stores and nobody stopping it finally gave him a thing to realize. Hey maybe I’m not protected as I thought by everybody else around me. I mean it’s getting political. So they’re just not their hands are tied You know so the police shortages like we talked about they’re on overnight shifts so they’re cutting overnight shifts are limiting the number of officers a lot of like I said people are turning over to the county.


I know the story I was looking up was WHAS 11 and they’re out of Southern Indiana, Washington County. They will have no officers on duty from eleven pm until seven am. And again that’s typically out in the rural areas where it takes longer for cops to respond anyway. So now this rural county will have nobody on duty. So I don’t know if you have a situation that midnight are they gonna call in the nearest city. Well, like I was talking to Kevin this morning his house from St Joe would probably be the closest. You’re a thirty minute drive even if the guy’s sitting there ready to go. Well yeah I mean you take even if they come out of Platte County here right by the shop here. They’re fifteen minutes to my house if they’re sitting in their car waiting. Mhmm You know I mean, there’s so much to that and that’s why the whole police thing is just a sad thing because they’re grossly underpaid for what they do. They’re so political on what they can or can’t do or get in trouble for doing their job. Until that changes I don’t think the police shortage is going away. It’s probably gonna get worse which is what we’re seeing now. So and then being an election year on top of it not to go down the political rabbit hole, but their election years and stuff always forces that issue even more. And yeah you can’t blame the guys for not wanting to do that when they could go work at any warehouse job and make what they’re making to deal with all that. And get and just in my personal experience my first two years of college I was going for an administration of justice degree. Start working on armed security and started getting a taste of the lifestyle and I’m like I don’t know that this is for me which is why I got out of it and started spilling oxygen and started driving a truck I was like I’m making twenty grand a year more driving a truck than it would be working nights weekends you know dealing with all the stuff getting shot at being accused for everything you do, you know rightfully, wrongfully.


So I’ve know guys who were cops and they’ve been put on administrative leave for stuff that should have been an open and shut deal but they almost lost jobs, you know almost because they hurt somebody’s feelings. And just that climate and you know the prosecutors are, I know in New York doing cashless bail on people. So you’ve got people pushing other people off subway platforms in front of trains and getting out the same day on cashless bail. So where’s the deterrent especially in these major cities? And then you get down to like down by our farm down in Boliver I know the Polk County Sheriff’s department, I think they were hiring new deputies at like eighteen or nineteen dollars an hour. Well you can go anywhere today and make eighteen nineteen bucks an hour. So you’re just really ruling out a lot of your prime applicants. So it’s kind of has a snowball effect. You want the best of the best to be your cops and nobody hates a bad cop more than a good cop but you’re ruling out the number of people you have and it kinda goes back to you know what we talk about our tax dollars in the schools and where we send money, you know for sure.


If you think about those hours that they’re their cutting stuff you know eleven to seven or whatever. I’m sure a lot of the major stuff happens at night even if it’s bar fights and whatever not major stuff but would you wanna be a one cop walking into a huge bar fight. You know what I mean like that’s a terrible situation. Even with the one cop being there I know for years that the highway patrol has had trouble more so than other agencies getting people because you’re a man out on an island. If you’re out you know on I 70 in Kansas you’re by yourself. Yeah You might not have anybody for twenty miles and the same thing we’re worried about response time for concealed carry and like the point of this show they’re worried about it too because you’re a man on an island and you can be John Wick or the best navy seal but you know that doesn’t mean you know the bad guys only gotta be right one time with the bullet and you’re done. Yeah it’s just putting them in a in a bad situation to begin with and that’s the sad part about the whole thing. It’s making them a job not a career. You know, that it’s kinda like working at McDonald’s back when we were in high school. It was a job to get you through high school. That’s kind of what the eighteen nineteen dollar an hour police job is becoming and you’re not gonna get don’t know how to say it politically correct but you’re not gonna get the smartest people hiring you know hired on at eighteen dollars an hour or anything.


Well and that kinda leads into the one of the stories we’re gonna talk about today Fox News out of Austin Texas. Well FoxNews.com. We’re reporting about Austin Texas in general or specifically there on the brink of disasters police shortages hit crisis levels. It kind of started because they voted to defund the police in 2020. Now defund doesn’t mean they’re not paying them at all. But this article specifically mentions they didn’t want to have racial concerns or be targeting people. So they did things like defund their gang task force and stuff like that that could be seen as going after a certain group of people. So they defunded and I’ll look it up here but I think they cut 34% of their total budget. And it was in things like the gang task force etcetera. But by doing that, they’re now having to have SWAT guys, detectives, anti gang people go work the streets because they’ve had forty people just get fed up with it and retire within the last year alone. They’ve also got theirs is the ten minute response time also but you’re looking at resignations or 47% and retry it. Early retirements are up 90%. So you’ve got guys who’ve done this forever and they’re like nope can’t do it anymore, I’m getting out. And it’s really sad that it’s come to that.


I know in 2019, MBC News, I didn’t write it down I should have but the department they were talking to applicants are just dwindling In twenty nineteen so pre COVID, pre the George Floyd stuff, they had thirty five applications for one open officer spot. At the time of the interview they had four open spots but they’ve only had ten people apply for four spots. So again it comes to watering down. You’re not getting to pick the best qualified guy. You need somebody there to fill them Well and then like you’re talking about the gang task force and all that stuff. Those guys are going after known issues and people that need to be off the street for sure. So if you look at it in the way of and I’m not saying one’s better than the other but you’re dedicated talent group of this is what they do. So those gang members go off and get in trouble. Well all those guys are on there like you have nobody to go after them. Every day those guys that those task force are going after are on the street is another day somebody can die. It’s another day for another crime to happen. It keeps them on the street.


Well and it snowballs where more and more of that starts happening in your city because you can get away there. They’re gonna go to that city to do it because there’s no repercussions to it. The guys their feelings are not hurt. Go down to what I think should happen. But yeah in this article it was for down in Austin and I’m not sure what group of the fraternal order of police but it was the vice president and Joe Gamolty down there. He said there’s no one left to fill the shortages because the city council treats our officers like scum. Now response times are over ten minutes for emergency calls and some districts are left without staff. The city council should learn their lesson Over violent crime 2021 was the highest ever recorded murders and since then the murder rates continue to stay close to that high and doesn’t look like 2024 is gonna be any better. It says people are dying over bad decisions. And that’s at the heart of what it really all comes down to. And just like any other news story, people wanna pile on to the popular thing and I think most people and I don’t know whether it’s you know just because it’s politicized and on the news that makes it seem like a bigger deal but we’ve all known cops our whole life. And we deal with them on a daily basis and I do ninety nine point nine percent of them are great guys you know just salt of the earth want to do the best for people and it’s just unfortunate how it gets portrayed like everybody’s out there and you know, not to go too far into it but even if you want to talk about like the George Floyd thing and kicked it all off. There’s a lot of evidence that that was a fentanyl overdose. He was known criminal. He had drugs on him. And from to me what it seems like 88 the drugs to try and avoid going to jail and you know you go from there.


But that’s why Rogan was actually talking the other day. I need to find the exact one but they’ve got an adopt a cop program for jujitsu. And I’ll find the entire website because it was really cool but it was a cheap thing where you could donate a little bit or a lot of money and it goes all to getting police to a blue belt level at jujitsu and they recommend that because that’s it’s not really combat fighting but it’s using your opponent’s strengths against them. So it’s a lot of grappling a lot of wrestling it’s not you know you’re not gonna be Chuck Norris or what’s his name in Roadhouse doing the bat kick not curt going blank. But yeah I mean you’re not gonna be the best judo fighter ever but it’d be really great especially for female officers or you know smaller statute people anybody really, because you can get people that are a lot bigger than you and if you can use their body weight and leverage against them, You’d probably defend yourself where maybe the firearm wouldn’t be the first. And that’s kind of what their theory is some cops are more scared and you know, readily available to go to firearm is the first option.


But to that point if you look like police of the old days per se, those guys and I’m not saying everybody should be, but they knew they would get shot. Nowadays, these guys know they can’t shoot them. They know they can’t tase them Mhmm. Well and that’s why you got people out there. Everybody’s cell phone and they are daring the cops because everybody’s looking to see the police and get rich and not have to work anymore. So when you talk about the, you know jujitsu and all that stuff, it’s a great thing because the faster they can just take somebody down in the least volatile way. It just gets the whole situation over with. The longer it goes with them, recording and the back and forth. That’s when bad stuff happens you know it escalates the whole situation.


Well and even I know I heard I don’t know if it’s Rob O’Neil. It’s one of the seals I was listening to the other week and they teach all those guys jujitsu and it’s because you’re in a house and even with a gun somebody can hop out of a closet and they’re wrestling guys and trying to restrain them and even those guys are trying to be as less lethal as they can. And yeah I mean it’s nobody’s goal or shouldn’t ever be anybody’s goal you never won’t ever have to use your gun whether you’re a cop’s civilian it don’t matter. The military guys don’t want to go. They don’t go looking to go over there to go shoot everybody. You know it’s just it’s not what they want. So any way to make that better. So to interject on the jujitsu thing I learned something this weekend and I can’t believe I made it to almost forty one years old that knowing this. So I’ve got a friend who is a black belt in karate and was for years you know can break the board allegedly and all this stuff. Well she was telling me she’s like oh when I went through this belt and then she starts talking about her camo belt I was like you are a liar. There’s no such thing as a camo belt in karate. Yeah I swear I was a camo belt I’m like that if that was the thing I would have known about it years ago and I would have called it the redneck belt and I would have went and done karate I could say I was a camo belt. So start looking it up. You know there’s honestly such a thing as a camo belt in martial arts. Nope.


So we’re gonna start calling that the redneck belt so maybe instead of blue belt we all need to get redneck belts.All I can think about when you talked about having the muddy river team is Brett in a pair of those Napoleon dynamite where he’s like you wanna take a roundhouse kick from wearing these pants. The American flag. Yeah American flag Rex Quanda I was thinking Kung fu panda but maybe we can do Kung fu panda in Rex Quanda pants together Yeah. It’d be pretty good Brett. You guys are brutal. I don’t have to watch kung fu panda again. What they have they had like a tiger and a snake and ever since I’ve seen it I don’t know. All I can see is Napoleon dynamite. Oh he trained to be a cage fighter. Oh yeah Kip. Kip was gonna be a cage fighter I forgot about that.


So again we talked about you know kind of some of the reasons for the shortages and we’re not gonna go too far down yeah everybody’s got their own opinions but I think even the most left wing person or the most right wing person could all agree that we need some sort of order. We need some sort of police to keep people safe. How we go about that’s a, you know discussion for an entirely different show than ours. But what we’re focusing on is what you can do to help yourself from being a target because we can sit here and complain about it all day. It’s not gonna matter. The politicians are gonna do what they’re gonna do. You know we can put our voice out there say what we think but we just have to deal with the circumstances we’re in.


So what can you do to minimize being a target? I think it goes number one to Kevin’s train and be prepared. Would be the first thing I’d say. Yeah and that goes all the way from firearms training obviously which is what we’re into, but also just situational awareness on where you’re at what’s going on, you know different entrances exits all that stuff because like we talked about like on the parade thing, it’s not always a self defense situation. It’s sometimes it’s a get out of their situation you know, just being prepared and knowing what’s going on around you can make you see all too often nowadays and we’re all guilty of it because everything we do is on our phone or can computers including this for podcast and video and blah blah. You see people walking down the street nonstop with their head and down their phone. There’s so many things that you could have possibly seen ahead of time to get you out of a situation that you walked right into because you’re paying no attention to your surroundings you just, everybody’s got too comfortable.


And I’ve seen a meme on Facebook and it was funny I’ve seen it last night and it just made me think about it. But how the world is what it is because everybody’s used to doing and saying whatever they want and not getting punched in the nose. From social media phone you know I mean in the old days you’d go get your ass whooped where now oh you can say whatever you want and you can’t do nothing to me type of things. Two happy world absolutely Yeah. So when you’re at home, when we were getting ready for this episode it made me think of you know protecting the house and I went straight back to Jeff Foxworthy where the like late nineties had that totally committed stand up album and he had one of the funniest things on there. He’s talking about how guys have different strategies when it comes to home defense. He’s like, some guys like to have a nice manicured lawns and you know keep the shooting lanes open and he’s like me personally I like to let the grass grow this tall so they don’t even know there’s a house behind it. And then I’ll have a motor swinging in the tree and a dog chained to the front yard and he’s like, you know what that says. That’s a house where a gun lives and if you wanna know what kind just come in after dark. And there’s, you know you joke about it but there is some truth to that and there’s some things you can do to make your home a less appealing target. For sure.


Some of the things that I would say you know, in my neighborhood, I drive through all the time. There’s people with their garage doors wide open all the time. Well all that does is let everybody that drive by know that you’ve got this car or that bike or you know you’ll see people with their gun safes or deer heads and they’re all sorts of things like that. You know kind of the same thing along the lines at the garage door open leaving your blinds open. We do during the day. Once it gets dark we close our blinds and I know a lot of people don’t like that but it’s just one more thing where people can see and watch you know what you have inside. So things like that can really minimize, you know your risk of being a target. Well and outside of that I would also include just the social media presence. Absolutely. It can also be a huge thing because not exactly what you’re talking about but there’s situations where…some people are more active on social than others and whatever. They see what you got or younsee some of those investigation murder shows where the kids flaunt money and posted on Facebook and then ends up dead that night. Like you know don’t put yourself out there for everybody to see everything that’s going on and that social media is huge and I hadn’t thought about it but one thing I do is no matter when I go on vacation you won’t see pictures until I get back. And I’ll put hey we just got back from Jamaica because if I post today, pictures on the beach in Jamaica, that’s telling everybody who’s got access and it could be people to follow this show. It could be whoever that I’m not gonna be home for a few days and it’s a free for all.


I have a quick one. It’s not on our list. But out in public, one thing I really like to do. And my wife makes fun of me for this all the time. But in every restaurant when I sit down, I always try to face the door. I always have and it’s just it’s a weird little trick that I’ve always just watching what’s coming at you. And when that brings me into home she also makes fun of me because at home, as a man, I usually sleep on the opposite side of the room of the door. Closer to my gun safe. I have more time to react. She thinks it’s because I’m scared and I know it’s hilarious the spiders come through the door. Hey This is also the guy that let’s say y’all one episode he said that he is afraid of spidersmand the dark. Last episode he is afraid of the dark. I think Tabby may be the man in your house. She might. But I’m telling you we do the same thing Michelle sleeps by the door and her things like I wanna be close to the kids. I’m like that’s great because I’m gonna be close to get the gun.


Yeah and when you talk about being safe in your house, you one of the big things and I had a trainer say it once and it’s very true, if you do find yourself in that situation where you’ve got an intruder in your house at night, number one I’m gonna get to my kids. Make sure the wife and kids are okay. And then he always said you try and be the spider. You know let them come to you because the spiders going out and looking for the fly it’s the other way around. And you know your house they don’t. So the thing is if you find yourself in that situation call 911 and even if you don’t wanna talk, I’ve heard people say put it on speakerphone and just slide it across the floor. Mhmm and then that way it’s not making noise by you. You know most of my weapons have lights on them or lasers or one or the other, but just being ready and trying to defend yourself and I’m not saying what people should or shouldn’t do but I would be more apt to try and take a defensive role than an attack role. I think it depends though on the house because a lot of people just like getting too comfortable, never think it can happen to them so they never have a plan.


So if something happens in the middle of night and you have no plan, where’s the first place you’re going or I’m going anyways is it go get my kids. Well that may not be part of the plan. But that’s where you’re going. You know so everybody in the house should be on board with whatever that plan is and I know some people go oh you don’t wanna scare the kids. Yeah but you don’t want that your kids not to be prepared either and that’s part of what’s wrong with this world is they wanna hide everything from the kids. I was talking to Jenna had a friend over this weekend and her dad first time I met him that he’s actually a cop and believe it or not he’s a deputy in Polk County down by the farm. Really? Now they’re up here but that’s what we’re talking about is just how kids are raised different and hiding them and he’s like I know you own a gun shop and just talk about all that and he’s like well, how they’ve raised their kids. Kinda like what we talked about when we were growing up, not all the time but like deer season there’s guns in the corner and stuff. We are two years old and we knew not to touch that. Like that wasn’t even an option. Whereas if you hide all this from all the kids no different than even as simple as maybe you don’t let them know you have guns. Okay Whatever.


But from the plan of what could happen, don’t hide that from them. That’s reality. And if something happens even a fire, nothing do you have a meetup spot outside? What do you do because if you have no plan it’s gonna be mass chaos when you have kids involved. You mean the kids aren’t on their own? No. That’s not what you should do. And we’re lucky and our house is laid out in a way where my kids have a shared bedroom right next to my wife and I’s bedroom. And they’re all on the same hall. We got a really long ranch house but we talk to the kids. If there’s a fire you go outside but part of it’s reinforcement because before we had kids my wife and I were in our old house and we had an alarm system. And it starts going off at like three in the morning and ADT calls. And they’re like the backdoor in your garage triggered Is there VR Adam. Like I don’t know. So I grabbed my gun and I started going through the house to go check it out and before I left the bedroom I told myself like stay here and whatever happens don’t leave until I come back and get you. So I go check the whole house and the back door of the garage I think we just didn’t get latched all the way. It was windy and it blew it open whatever. There’s nobody there. So I come back through the house and I hear something in the bathroom I’m like is there something there. And she got up and went to the bathroom I was like what part of stay here. Sick Well I had to go to the bathroom I’m like so just reinforce it with people and go over it.


But finishing up kind of what you can do at home a lot of people do it now I think the days of people not doing intercom but making sure your doors are locked in secure making sure you’ve got good locks on your windows will help out help out a bunch. Alarm systems security lighting. We talked about earlier, knowing your neighbors is huge. My neighbors know me I know them and they pretty much know if somebody’s outside my house, it’s not but my house too is kind of an outlier because it’s really not in a neighborhood. It kind of sits off on its own but even in a neighborhood know your neighbors be friends with them those extra set of eyes. Talking about people who can be there maybe when the cops aren’t. Absolutely.


Then to get to you my last one would be ring cameras. Those things are huge. Everybody’s got them now. You can get motion alerts on them and a lot of times you know when the dogs start barking in the middle of the night before I can even get out of bed Michelle’s on her phone looking at the ring cameras and like oh there’s a raccoon or we get deer in our yard that the dogs are barking at all night. Well in like a garage if you pull in the garage and this is more neighborhood per se. But how many people get followed home, pulling the garage and they’re getting out of the car because they’re not paying attention and somebody’s rushing them in the garage. Yeah Yeah I mean it sent stuff as simple as hey don’t get out of the car until the garage door shut.


I would tell anybody listening to this right now If you have not seen it you need to go watch it. But if you have kids especially teenage kids are starting to drive or your spouse significant other, your mom, I would share or encourage everybody to watch the Kelsey Smiths video and if you’re not familiar with her she’s a young girl from out in Overland Park Kansas or Shawnee and she was abducted in a target. Target parking lot. And they ended up finding her and you know she would been victimized and had passed away by the time they found her. But if you watch this video, the guy is following her through the store and it took them a minute but Target had good enough security they could see. This guy followed her aisle to aisle out the store and it happens so fast even in this good security photo she goes out. She’s loading in her car and it looks like a blip goes across the screen. That passenger shoved her in the car had a gun, forced her into the passenger seat car and took off with her. I think parking lots are worse than houses nowadays with all the sex trafficking stuff. Oh that’s huge like if we’re at a store, and I even tell Julie. I’d tell them all to get in the car. I’ll put the shit in the trunk or whatever because I don’t want my kids staying in there.


It’s like that’s the same conversation Michelle and I had especially with when our kids were young I was like you do this and as I’m loading groceries I’m watching them. You get in there and lock the door and I’ll be out here. That’s it. And because you never know and people can get you just like that and it’s really hard to keep track of a whole parking lot and you know you got the kids being bad and people are like fine, I’m just gonna do it this one time. And you know not to even mention the other dangers of kids getting run over people on their phone driving through the parking lot. Just that situational awareness to be safe in all aspects of it. The other thing I’ve seen a lot of is and it goes around with different sheriff departments have posted it so there’s gotta be some truth to it where people will put like a sticky note on the outside your window shield or something where you have to get back out of the car. And they’ll urge you especially and it seems like it’s during like Christmas time and shopping time when people are trying to rob you but don’t get back out drive off use your windshield wipers. Well they’re putting strollers on the side of the road like on country roads. Oh really? They put a stroller on the side of the road knowing that people would get out and hoping that it would be a somebody that they thought they could take or want it or whatever the situation was but how many moms are gonna drive by a stroller on the road and not get out. And they wanna check it out and they know that and it’s just a…You gotta be not naive to know unfortunately everybody wants to hope the best for the world but realize not everybody in the world wants the best for everybody around them.


When you talk about being out driving around there’s a lot of stuff and one of the biggest ones I see well a couple of the biggest one is you come up to your stoplight and everybody wants to pull right up in front to the car right in front of them. But what happens if the people in front of you start having road rage and shooting at each other you’re stuck there where if you leave a car length you can get out or if somebody tries to car jack, leave that little bit of extra space It’s really small things like that can mean the difference and you get in the way or not. And you talk about road rage, you know concealed carry or not you should never be out looking for a fight and people it goes back to saying stuff you’d never say to somebody’s face It goes on in the car just as bad because you’re not having that face to face interaction with people.


So and that’s what I tell my kids all the time, I think Kyle heard or maybe it’s Brett who heard this story. My oldest and this has been a while, it’s been like six months ago. He is in trouble and he wasn’t listening to his mom so I got onto him and he won’t say nothing to me but he thought I couldn’t hear him walking down the hallway mumbling something. Well I came unglued because of the whole purpose of oh we just lost Kyle’s camera my SD card’s full demon. You can grab the other one in there while I’m talking if you want to we’ll finish your half. But the oh hell I forgot what I was saying. Oh the whole point of it is, hey if you’re not gonna say something to somebody’s face, don’t go running your mouth. You know no different than the road rage stuff. You see these people flipping each other off going down the road then they stop and then they don’t wanna say nothing. It’s like well just keep your mouth shut you know. More than at the end of the day there’s a time and a place for certain things. Even if you win, what are you getting? Nothing You’re not getting to your destination any sooner and is it worth spending time in jail? Even if you did beat somebody up do you wanna go to jail over some idiot that can’t drive in front of you? No. Just let them go. Let them do their thing and go on.


Last couple things I had about in traffic was playing in your route to avoid bad areas. Driving a truck for as many years as I did I used Google Maps all the time and that thing will send you down some of the sketchiest roads on earth through some of the worst neighborhoods on earth. So especially, you know, if you’re you know lady or you know, whatever even for us even if you’ve got a concealed carry there’s some neighborhoods you probably shouldn’t go to. And that kinda goes down to your responsibility. Just being prepared knowing where you’re going. You know doing a little bit of research if you’re going somewhere you’ve never been to. Maybe look it up see what people say and find the safe way to get there. Don’t just trust what Google Maps will tell you. Not only for where you’re driving but where you’re gonna park. Like if you’re gonna go down to some place in the city, know where you’re parking. You don’t wanna be walking by yourself back to some little parking lot behind some building at two in the morning or whatever you’re doing after a concert. Yeah You know and parking garages are just as bad I mean you’re a sitting target in a parking garage. Oh for sure. How many places people could hide and especially in areas like that try not to be by yourself if possible. You know if you’re with a group of people at a concert, don’t go walk by yourself especially a female to your car you know, have them bring you to your car or walk to your car first, try not to be by yourself situation.


Well and Michelle kinda makes fun of me sometimes but I mean you guys see it in Jamaica especially when I’m out of the country I’m not going anywhere without a group of people. So like when we went shopping in Jamaica it was all eight of us. And it’s like we’re not leaving without everybody. And just that safety and numbers no matter where you’re at makes a huge difference. Absolutely. Some of the best advice I’ve heard again was from another trainer and he’s talking about carjackings. And if you do find yourself unfortunately carjacked. He said the thing he tells everybody to do so if they’re trying to carjack in a parking lot and you can throw your keys, whatever you can do to not go with them is better because if they’re gonna shoot you in the parking lot there they’re gonna shoot you when they get you. It’s not yeah it’s not gonna keep you from getting shot so try and avoid it.


But if they hop in at your car at a stoplight or whatever, the thing he said that made a lot of sense is he tells people try and get in an accident. So if you can run into the side of a car or a cop car cause an accident because again if they’re gonna shoot you it’s happening either way. Or if that’s not possible he tells people to try and hit something hard like a bridge abutment or something that’s not gonna disable the vehicle. And the other part to that is most carjackers statistically won’t put on their seat belt. So they get in you should have your seat belt on if you’re driving anyway. You hit something hard there’s a chance they might be ejected or incapacitated enough for you to get along. So just something to keep in mind and you know maybe do your own research come to your own opinion but they’re pretty sound facts that I shared with my wife and I’ve kinda told her if you find yourself in that spot just be thinking you have options.


The last thing I’d tell you about do comply with them go where you wanna go. Yeah I mean like he said if they’re gonna do it they’re gonna do it anyways but a lot more bad things can happen when you’re isolated. God knows where with somebody like that compared to in public somewhere. Well I mean the best thing you do is just keep an eye out. Like, I get on my wife all the time driving down the road. She doesn’t pay attention to signs anything around her. She’s almost like in a wallow land and you know that’s one thing that she could do better is pay attention. That’s not just her that’s every forty I mean you can’t drive down the road, I see men, women everybody’s on their phone and I’m guilty of it as well. We’re always I mean I’m answering emails eighteen hours a day so I ain’t saying I’m not, guilty of it but just I don’t think in this day and age we realize how much stuff we do not see that we probably should see. Yeah


The dangers are definitely everywhere and you know like I said it’s never too early to talk to your kids about it and just keep reinforcing it. And my kids we live on a pretty busy street and every time they wanna go outside and play and when they were little I didn’t but now that they’re a little bit older I do. But you can ask them before they go out every time it’s like alright If somebody’s walking down the street and starts walking up into our yard what do you do we know dad we run-in the house. Okay If somebody pulls in the driveway and you’re at their way running out. Okay. But every time they go out there and I just refresh it and it was honestly funny because Michelle’s brother had just got a new Harley I think it was last summer, but he was riding by the house. He lived neighborhood just up from us but he comes pulling in the driveway on the Harley and these dudes dropped the basketball and they were gone. They were like a fart in the wind in the house but I was like goodness. And he was giving them shit I was like no don’t give them shit about it. That’s what I told him to do. They did exactly what I’d told them to do. So just keep on them because you don’t wanna wish you’d said something or you know that could have kept them safe. Absolutely.


So our viewer question of the week comes from Steven on Facebook. His question is what’s the best home defense weapon and what about people who can’t own guns? So it’s kind of a two parter again which I like these two parters, but I don’t know who wants to what are you guys thoughts? I’ll start I personally think for home defense pistol or not pistol home defense firearm. In my opinion a shotgun is the best home defense. For multitude of reasons,

your air factor is way less your chance of missing somebody with a shotgun are way less. The sound of a shotgun I don’t care if you’ve been around guns or not there’s nobody on the planet that doesn’t go oh shit when they hear a shotgun go off. You know what I mean A pump shotgun. Yeah That’s kind of the early warning system too if somebody hears it, they’re still going down the hallway, they got one coming to them. Yeah Sure. It’s on. Well there’s different rounds you can put in them too so I’d be more like on the shotgun like a double op buck instead of a slug. I’m wanting something that’s not gonna penetrate a wall and give me a little bit of spread and that’s where I think on the home defense stuff a lot of people don’t think too much as far as they think, oh AR is gonna be the best. Well AR is a great platform, but it’s going through the wall. So if you’re in a neighborhood or you’re anywhere your kids are in the bedroom or whatever, it’s not stopping on the wall. Yeah.


So that’s where I go, I wouldn’t use an AR in my house. I wouldn’t. Yeah. Pistol is even, you make sure you have an expanding bullet. Yeah Pistols bad enough I’d like to I can’t really add much to the what Kevin said I can kinda elaborate on the second one but I do wanna clarify the question. Is it that can’t own guns or don’t wanna own guns? It could be either. So for somebody who either can’t or does not wanna have a gun in the house. The can’t own gun part, you’ve got knives, you’ve got pepper spray, you’ve got bat, you got maybe not doing anything bad to where you can’t own guns. It’d probably be the best right starting solution. But let’s get beyond that don’t wanna own guns the proper plan to lock yourself in place that’s probably gonna be your best home defense is you know statistics show that if you lock yourself behind a door, I don’t know the numbers but it’s no different than schools is at home. They’re less likely to break that door down trying to get to you. They don’t have the time. So if they’re robbing you if they’re specifically coming after you then that may be a different story but they need to have a plan in place of locking themselves in place. And that’s what I would suggest.


Yeah And that kinda goes back to be in the spider and don’t be the aggressor. If you’re it’s just like playing hide and seek. If you’re sitting there waiting you’ve got a huge advantage on whoever’s coming in. It’s why the military does ambushes and they’re not out hunting everybody down because they’re at a huge tactical advantage that way. I would have to agree with the shotgun portion of things. Again research your different loads I wouldn’t put you know dove shot in your home defense shotgun. You know this turkey load’s gonna be better. Nothing. Yeah but it’s not gonna be good as a personal defense round. You know the manufacturing specs are just different on personal protection rounds and that’s what they’re designed to do. So when again a box of personal protection twelve gauge is what, twenty five thirty bucks? I mean you’re not in the big picture. In the big picture you hopefully never have to shoot one of them. So you buy one and you got it but the other thing I would tell people is to shoot one because I bought a home defense shotgun a while ago and I shot a few rounds through. You know and you should be training with it just like you should be your pistol know where the safety is, know how it racks. You also gotta know if it works. I mean absolutely you know functions.


Well like at the house I got the shockwave is what I got. But I got it in a four ten. For a couple reasons but so a four ten’s got plenty at a close range that it’s gonna take care of the situation but it’s less recoil in a shockwave those not familiar with the shockwave. You’re not shouldering it, so it’s more controllable. And it’s short enough. It’s got like that goose neck grip on the bottom instead of a stock. Right. So like if Julie had to use it or whatever it’s not a twelve gauge will knock that shit out of you when you’re trying to hold it like that. Yeah. So it’s a way more controllable platform and most of those have rails for lights I know mine did. Do the shock waves have on there? If not they probably got in the aftermarket at all times. You can if you want. For a home defense I’m not necessarily too worried about the light because of, like Brett said I ain’t going to search them. Anyways my kids are gonna be there and I know where my wife’s at so if they come through the door after all that then that’s their own problem you know because I have a plan for everybody else to be accounted for.


Yeah and I’ve seen when you get to the second part of the question what else can you do. And I would never recommend this as a sole deal but I’ve heard people do it. Have like cans of wasp spray or something that you can spray in people’s eyes. Air spray because it shoots about what twelve to twenty feet away. And bear spray it’s relatively inexpensive again you’re twenty five thirty bucks and if you’ve got that or nothing I would take that all day every day over not having anything. Absolutely. So we will get Steven another goodie bag. Kyle Tyson got his hats and shirts and was, he was our animal attack expert who proved Brett wrong. So he got a hat and a shirt for that answer.


I would add real quick just because it came to my mind on the house and sheltering in place or locking yourself somewhere. Make sure wherever that is you have a phone Correct. Absolutely. Make sure you’re locked and it seems like common sense but a lot of people don’t think about it. You know just assume they have their cell phone on them. You know make it somewhere where you know you’re gonna have a phone. Don’t lock yourself and be especially if you’re in the country because if you’re in the country I mean if you’re in the city chance of the neighbors being able to hear something or whatever. But if you’re in the country like say my house and I wasn’t able to call anybody, Brett was talking about how much time they have. Well they’d have all the damn time in the world because unless I had it it’d be days. The next day when you guys were like what the hell is in the head. Well hell we wouldn’t even know. We’d be like oh he’s just fishing the it’d be like a week on the excavators . We haven’t seen Kevin since last month. Yep. I think all of it boils down to just self awareness all the way around. I don’t think it matters what situation and even with the police even if there wasn’t self awareness will get you out of a lot of things.


Absolutely and for your specific situation I’m sure there’s a lot of companies that will do evaluations home security companies You might have a friend who’s a cop invite them over you know have them you know give them a few beers and you know most of those guys if you invited them over and said hey what can I do to make my home safer? Just about every one of my note would come over and give you some pointers or kinda show you your weak spots. So promo code. MRT Podcast will get you fifteen percent off holsters, pretty much everything on the web I don’t wanna say everything because some of the lights may not be most of the stuff on the website. Most of the stuff Yeah. Same thing in the gun shop. You’ll get fifteen percent off holsters, is that ammo or anything or is it just holsters. Just holsters on the promo code.


I do wanna add this week, we just started, we do have a website for the gun shop now. Oh excellent. Yes It is mrtgunshop.com. So we’ll probably have you add start adding that stuff to the things but it just got started up today. Yeah So bear with us. Bear with us on it. It should be up and running right now but we’re we are growing you know. So there’s gonna be growing and what are they gonna be able to find on there? Is it gonna be the light, the holsters? Yeah. This will be like anything like I don’t wanna say Bud’s guns or any specific website. Is there anything for like transfers and stuff too? No So it’s gonna be all ordered off the Internet? So we have four distributors. It’s gonna be what’s in stock. And they can order it and they can choose an FFL that they want to send it to across the country where they live or here locally. We are not putting our local inventory on it at this time. We are gonna get used to the website get everything worked out and then in the future you know shipping and everything else just isn’t possible right now with by myself but we’ll get there.


Well and we get that question a lot It’s like where can I go to see what you have in stock? Well unfortunately it changes every day. That’s a guy in itself updating the website. So now you can send them to our website and they can see most of everything I can order. What I have in stock they can just they’ll have all my contact information on the website. They can call me. They can get ahold of me there and that may help us in the future as well with you know not calling the gun shop or the holster shop as you know as much they’ll have our information on there. Well it helps because on the holster side you know over ninety nine percent of the holsters are not local. So it brings where somebody else that’s a customer of ours that wants to deal with us can buy guns from us. It comes straight ship to their FFL from the distributor. Bought off our website and then they can still do it that way instead of going to wherever and that is mrtgunshop.com. Yes sir Excellent.


Again follow us on all of the major social media platforms You’ll be able to find us there if you look up Muddy River Tactical. We air these episodes on podcast form in a video version. Every Thursday they come out four o’clock for the podcast six o’clock for the video versions. Yes Kevin’s got weekly gun reviews that are Mondays? Yes So I tried it. It’s been so damn busy I’ve tried to do every Monday I missed the last one. The one for this week posted on Sunday and I think I may switch them to Sunday because on Monday it’s just a weird day because not everybody it’s the first of the week stuff going on where Sunday gets better views because if more people are at home and able to watch them. So I’ll probably switch it to Sunday but Sunday, Monday for the gun reviews for the gun reviews but it’s always Thursday for the podcast. Excellent.


Links for everything we’ve talked about are on the website you go to muddyrivertactical.com and we’ve got I believe it’s a videos and media tab. But that’ll get you all of these podcasts as it have links to the gun reviews also on there. Yeah. So it’s got a link to the like welcome to the YouTube channel. You click on there you can subscribe or just click on the YouTube link and if you’re listening to this and if you can just if you made it this far and liked anything we’ve said if you can take three seconds run over to any of the socials, follow us, like us that is huge for us It helps get our target market out there more share it with your friends if there’s something that you didn’t like about it, well let us know. We’d be glad to talk to you about it or if you got app or episode ideas fewer questions of the week are huge. We send out stuff every week to people who just type us a line and the thing I’ve heard three times now is oh I didn’t think I was gonna get picked. Well yeah. We’ll pick him. We’ll send it out and they’re happy. That’s what we’ve talked about. The longer the podcast goes and the more popular it gets it’d be nice to have half the show be questions where we’re serving the people that are listening for whatever they’re listening.


Still have the news stories and you know the podcast stuff but the more the whole point of this is not to listen to our self talk it’s to help you. And when you’re hearing this a couple weeks from this episode it’ll probably episode ten maybe eleven, but we are gonna have a good friend of ours Brett from war horses for veterans on and they do a lot of really cool stuff with first responders and combat veterans pre and post deployment really hope helps with PTSD. I am really excited for him to talk to the people because I think it’s a great resource. That I had never heard of until they started going yeah they’re local to us and they’re huge. I mean their facility when we get them on here and talk they have an incredible facility and they’ve got you know special forces guys, seal team six guys, you know operators from everywhere coming in you know SWAT Police Department so that’ll be a good one if you’re listening to this make sure you tune in for that episode. It’ll be really good. So Kevin you wanna give her the old wrap up? Absolutely. Thank you guys for joining us and until next time keep practicing and always be prepared. See you. See you.

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