100% Handcrafted by in U.S.A. by hardworking Americans!  These Hybrid IWB Holsters are handcrafted one by one for unmatched quality and personal touch!  With this attention to detail we believe these are the best Hybrid IWB Holster on the market!

These hand-crafted Hybrid IWB Holsters are the perfect blend of kydex and leather.  We custom mold the kydex shell specifically to your specific firearm to ensure a perfect fit everytime!  Then we put that kydex shell onto a leather backing to create our Hybrid IWB Holster.  The leather backing comes standard with suede on the body side to ensure the comfort you deserve.  These holsters have two tuckable belts clips that can be adjusted for ride height as well as cant angle.  The belt clips will fit belts up to 1.75″ giving you plenty of versatility for occasion.

We design these hybrid IWB Holsters to have the perfect balance of retention.  Our hybrid holsters are made to have retention when being worn on the body, not when the holster is not being worn.  A lot of holster manufactures make hybrid holsters have retention when not being worn.  The problem with this is that when you put on the holster,  your body pushes against the leather backing.  This will cause excessive retention on hybrid holsters that are made to have retention off the body.  Excessive retention will cause your firearm to wear faster, as well as not give you a smooth and comfortable draw cycle.

When you receive your new Hybrid IWB Holster it will take approximately a week for your holster to break in.  Our leather backing will form to your body and get more and more comfortable over time.  After the break in period, this holster will be formed to your body shape and you will never even know you have it on!

Like all our products these holsters have our NO B.S. Lifetime Warranty.  Should anything ever happen to your holster, simply send back to us and we will either fix or replace it FREE of charge!

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