AIWB Holster – Inside the Waistband Holster


The best AIWB Holster on the Market!

.  Inside the Waistband Kydex Holster

. Now with Adjustable Retention!

. Fast Shipping!

. Proudly Handcrafted in the U.S.A.

. Custom Molded with CNC Machined and Engineered Molds for the fit your firearm deserves!

. Adjustable Cant Angle (0-15 degrees)

. Full Sweat Shield

. Lifetime Warranty

. 15 Day Risk Free Trial

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Are you looking for the best AIWB Holster on the market?  Well, the search is over, because at Muddy River Tactical our Concealed Carry Holster is our best seller!  Our holsters are handcrafted in the USA by hard working American Workers!  Your AIWB Holster will be custom molded to your exact firearm model.  This guarantees a holster that fits and secures perfectly!  Furthermore, by custom molding,  you get a holster that is thin and comfortable!  The custom fit will give you the perfect retention to keep it fully secure.  All while maintaining a easy and smooth draw.  Some addition features of this AIWB Holster include:

AIWB Holster – Inside the Waistband Kydex Holster Features:

.  Adjustable Retention now comes standard on all our Concealed Carry Holster!  We have engineered in dual adjustable retention with two screws to adjust your holster to exactly how you like it!  We use high grade hardware to secure your holster.  To adjust the cant angle or the retention you simply need a 3/32″ Allen wrench!

.  Fully Adjustable Cant Angle from 0-15 degrees.  Everyone likes to carry in different positions and angles, so with our adjustable cant angle you can carry anyway from appendix carry to 4-5 o’clock with the same holster.  To adjust the cant angle you simply loosen the two screws holding the belt clip on, move the belt clip to desired angle, then tighten the two screws back up.

.  If you need to take off your holster , you can have your AIWB Holster off in a fews seconds.  There is no need to undo your pants or belt, you can simply slide these holster on and off.

.  We only use top quality .080″ kydex on all our concealed carry holsters to ensure a holster that will last a lifetime.  This kydex thickness provides a sturdy holster that will not collapse, for easy re-holstering.  However, it is thin enough that you do not sacrifice comfort or add bulk to your Inside the Waistband Kydex Holster.  Watch the Comparison video below to see why all kydex is not created equal.

.  Our Inside the Waistband Kydex Holster comes standard with a FULL sweat shield.   Making the holster comfortable against your skin and protected from sweat and oil.

.  These holsters only weight a couple ounces, so they add no weight or bulk to your concealed carry set-up!

.  We can optic cut any of our holsters for you for FREE!  If you are in the market for an optic we also carry Holosun Optics.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE HOLOSUN OPTICS WE HAVE IN STOCK!

More options

.  You have four belt clip options when you order your Inside the Waistband Kydex Holster.  The standard clip, tuckable clip, ulticlip, or dual soft loops.  The video below will go over each belt clip to help you make the best decision for your situation!

.  Our Inside the Waistband Kydex Holster comes with the option to add a claw attachment.  The claw is designed to ride against your belt and push the grip into your body.  This eliminates printing and makes concealing your mid to full size models much easier for concealed carry!

.  We have over 40 color options to allow you to give your Inside the Waistband Kydex Holster a custom look just right for YOU!


.  Best Value in the Industry –  We have developed special systems in our production that have allowed us to build the BEST quality Inside the Waistband Kydex Holster on the market and give you the most bang for your hard earned money!

.  All orders will ship from our facility within 3 business days!  No longer do you have to wait 3-4 weeks to get a custom holster.   Our production systems allow us to create the highest quality Inside the Waistband Kydex Holster and get them to you QUICKLY!  If you allow us the opportunity to earn your business, we owe it to you to get your holster to you ASAP!

Below you can read why our Inside the Waistband Kydex Holster is the best on the market!


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